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Photo: Simon Raine


Statue 1914-18 1939-1945 Garden





Map ref

NZ 287328

Original Location

Council garden between North Street and Chapel Terrace.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled Saturday 31st January 1925 by Brig.Gen. H.C. Surtees, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., M.V.O.

Memorial Description

Statue of a Durham Light Infantry soldier resting on his rifle. He stands on a squared pedestal with three-stepped base, the middle one of roughened stone. The dedication is incised on the front of the plinth. The words “To the Glory of God” are in Gothic script, the rest is in Roman capitals. The names are listed in two columns on two sides and rear of the base, and are carried onto the base riser. All lettering is incised and gilded.

Materials used

Aberdeen grey granite pedestal, marble statue


On main plinth:
To / the Glory of God / and / in thankful remembrance / of the men of / Ferry Hill / who gave their lives / for their country / in the Great War / 1914-1918 / and in the Second World War / 1939-1945.
On riser below :
Pass not this stone in sorrow but in pride / and may ye live as nobly as they died.


Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee



Ownership and maintenance

Accepted at the unveiling by local Parish Council.


1. Between 2,000-3,000 joined the forces.

2. The money had been raised by the time of the unveiling.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Simon Raine; Dorothy Hall; old postcards: Tony Harding; George Nairn; John Grainger

Durham County Advertiser 05/02/1925

Durham Chronicle 07/02/1925 reports unveiling.

Illustrated Chronicle 02/02/1925 reports unveiling with photos.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 07/02/1925 reports unveiling.

Source of quotation
“Pass not this stone in sorrow . . .” : Not ascertained

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Research acknowledgements

C. Sanders; Durham County Council; Tony Harding; Kath Allison; Andy Denholm; George Nairn; Dorothy Hall

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Statue 1914-18 1939-1945 Garden (F38.02)

FERRYHILL   Roadside
On main pedestal:

   the Glory of God 
   in thankful remembrance 
   of the men of 
   Ferry Hill 
   who gave their lives 
   for their country 
   in the Great War 
   and in the second World War 
On riser below
   “Pass not this stone in sorrow but in pride 
    and may ye live as nobly as they died”
First side
   Arnett W.           Chaplow C.H.        
   Adams S.            Curwin T.         
   Allcroft J.         Carmady S.          
   Alliston E.         Crozier A.           
   Atkinson W.         Davison J.S.           
   Airey J.            Davis T.              
   Bayles W.H.         Davy J.         
   Bennett A.          Dixon N.              
   Benson J.           Dring G.              
   Betton W.E.         Dickenson S.           
   Blenkin A.          Elgey F.              
   Bowran F.           Emmerson J.W.           
   Bowsell J.          Etherington W.       
   Bradley J.          Elsey C.              
   Buckley P.          Fodden M.              
   Burney J.           Fletcher J.J.           
   Burns W.            Fletcher W.                
   Charlton J.W.       Ferry W.R.                 
   Cheek J.            Graham T.             
   Corner A.H.         Graham W.                
   Coulthard R.H.      Gill J.C.                 
   Cockayne G.J.       Gittons R.                 
   Cowans J.           Gibson G.     
On riser (1939-1945)
   Alliston W.   Brown T.W.   Davies E.A. 
   Flanagan J.   Hodgson H.   Oliver J 
                 Walker G.H. 
Second side
   Gouch C.            Lazenby J.          
   Hamilton J.         Lewens J.           
   Hartley W.          Linsley W.          
   Henderson E.        Lovelass J.          
   Hodgson I.W.        Lowther J.       
   Hodgson J.W.        Malpas E.       
   Hopkins J.W.        Maughan R.       
   Hunter C.R.         Monks H.G.    
   Hutchinson R.       Milligan T.    
   Ingle G.            Morrison W.    
   Ingram J.H.         Morday C.       
   Jackson G.          Moody T.       
   Jones E.            McDonough R.       
   Jones H.            McDermott T.    
   Jones H.T.          Murray W.       
   Jones R.            Nixon J.R.       
   Jones  T.           Oakley F.    
   Jordan R.           Oxley W.T.
   Kell T.             Oscuthorpe J.    
   Kelly W.            Pearce T.    
   Kiteley E.          Pinkney J.    
   Lawson F.           Pinder L.    
   Lake T.             Pradnell T.
Third side
   Pickering A.J.      Stewart R.
   Pocklington S.      Strange F.
   Pratt J.W.          Spark A.
   Priestnall R.       Spark N.
   Purdy W.            Taylor R.
   Richardson R.D.     Tonge R.
   Rivers R.           Teasdale W.
   Riley E.            Thompson J.
   Robinson J.         Urwin R.S.  
   Robinson G.         Vickerstaff R.
   Robertson T.        Wall H.
   Sawyer J.H.         White C.H.
   Snaith F.           Welch A.
   Sellors W.          Williams A.
   Siddle A.           Williamson A.
   Scott J.A.          Wilkinson G.
   Sinclair R.         Woodward F.
   Simpson J.W.        Woodward A.  
   Smith H.            Wynn R.
   Stoddart W.J.       Yare T.
   Stephenson J.W.     Young J.
   Stephenson J.H.     Walton E.
   Stephenson E.H.     Wilkinson A.   

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