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Photo: Dorothy Hall


Clock Tower 1914-18 1939-45 Village





Original Location

In village centre.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 27th August 1921 by Lord Joicey, Chairman of Lambton & Hetton Collieries Ltd.
b. 9th November 1952 unveiled by Cllr. J. Hudson, rededicated by Rev. R.A. Beddoes, address by Mr N.D. Dodds RBL

Memorial Description

Clock tower, square, 55 feet high, 12 feet square at base, of six stages. It has an ogee -shaped leaded dome and weathervane. The clock is in the second stage from the top.
There are several plaques in the walls at ground level bearing different inscriptions. In each wall is an arched recess containing a panel of polished marble bearing the names in two columns using sans serif capitals.

Materials used

Sandstone and marble.


In memory of / the fallen / and in honour of / the returned members of all / H.M. Forces / of Easington Lane / who served in the / Two World Wars (Names)


Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee


Total cost of tower, bells and clock, £2,000

How money was raised

Site given by H. F. Bowes-Lyon; Lambton & Hetton Co. built the tower; the cost of the clock, panel & inscriptions was paid for by public contributions.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Tower designed by Jonathan Coxon, chief architect to Lambton and Hetton Colliery Co. who also supervised its building.
Clock made by Messrs. Lister of Newcastle;


1. The stone was taken from Hetton Hall which had been demolished.

2. The original front plaque read: "In memory of the fallen and in honour of the returned sailors and soldiers of Easington Lane and Elemore Colliery who fought in the Great War 1914-1919”

3. The dedication after 1939-45 read “In memory of / the fallen / and in honour of / the returned members of all / H.M. Forces / of Easington Lane / who served in / the Second World War 1939-1945 (Names)” but this must have been changed subsequently.

4. The memorial is depicted on a banner which is now in the North of England Open Air Museum, Beamish.

5. After the foundation stone laying ceremony, a public tea was held to raise funds for the memorial.

6. The foundation stones were laid as follows:

Right front corner stone: This / stone was laid by / Austin Kirkup, Esq., / of Manor House, Penshaw.
(Mr. Kirkup was Chief Agent of the Lambton and Hetton Collieries);

Right rear corner stone: This / stone was laid by / Thomas Hopper Esq./ ?? (Thomas Hopper of Easington Lane, was a Councillor; one report says he was a Canon; he was Chair of the War Memorial Committee);

Left front corner stone: This / stone was laid by / J.G. Joicey, Esq., / Newcastle-on-Tyne;

Left rear corner stone: This / stone was laid by / James Robson / Durham (James Robson, President of the Durham Miners’ Association)

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Simon Raine; Dorothy Hall

Sunderland Echo 27/08/1921 page 3; 29/08/1921 page 3

Auckland and County Chronicle 02/09/1920 reports laying of foundation stones; 01/09/1921 reports unveiling.

Illustrated Chronicle 29/08/1921 reports unveiling.

Durham Chronicle 03/09/1920 reports laying of foundation stones; 01/09/1921 reports unveiling.

Northern Echo 27/08/1921 reports proposed opening this afternoon.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 03/09/1921 reports unveiling.

Stanley News 01/09/1921 reports unveiling;

Durham County Advertiser 02/09/1921 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 29/08/1921 reports unveiling.

Durham County Record Office Order of Service 1952 EP/EL SM 2/45

Source of quotation
“Lest we forget” Recessional Rudyard Kipling

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; the late Dr. R.A. Gould; James Pasby; Dorothy Hall; George Nairn; Yorkshire Regiment Remembrance

Research In Progress

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Clock Tower 1914-18 1939-45 Village (E71.01)

EASINGTON LANE   In village centre.

Front Upper Stone: 
     memorial unveiled by 
     Lord Joicey 
     August 27th 1921.
Stone Centre Front (Lower) 
     Lest We Forget
     August 28th 1920
Front plaque
     In memory of 
     the fallen 
     and in honour of 
     the returned members of all 
     H.M. Forces 
     of Easington Lane 
     who served in the 
     Two World Wars 
     Adams J.           Jones G.
     Atkinson J.        Kelly J.M.
     Brown A.           Kent J.
     Bryce M.H.         Lowes J.
     Cook R.W.          Milner F.
     Coxon J.           Morgan F.A.
     Dawson C.  D.F.M.  Myers D.
     Dorn W.            Oswald J.H.
     Eggleston, E.      Richards T.
     Foster G.          Rippon J.
     Girven L.          Ritchie J.H.
     Heslop T.          Rose R.
     Hutchinson F.      Roxby R.
     Johnson M.G.       Shaw C.B.
             Wharton R.  
Left Plaque
     Anderson T.F.G.    Fife W.
     Appleby G.         Fishburn J.
     Bagley F.          Forster J.
     Ball T.            Gallagher M.
     Barlow Jno.        Gardner R.W.W.
     Barnfather A.      Gibbon W.
     Barnfather J.      Gibson T.
     Bell R.L.          Gibson Wilf.
     Bell Geo.          Grayson W.
     Bennett N.         Green G.
     Bolton T.          Hall J.W.
     Booth T.W.         Hall R.B.
     Bourne A.E.        Hall T.
     Bourne A.J.        Handslip J.
     Bowen M.           Hardy Wm.
     Bradley H.         Harker J.T.
     Brummell T.        Harrison Jas.
     Bunt J.H.          Hepple T.B.
     Burn J.E.          Heslop J.M.
     Calvert D.H.       Higgins J.
     Carter C.F.        Hingley Fr.
     Carter W.C.        Hingley L.
     Charlton J.W.      Hopper A.E.
     Coils C.           Hudson J.
     Collidge W.        Hunter A.
     Connor Jno.        Jackson J.E.
     Cook Jno.          Jobey A.M.
     Cradduck R.        Johnson E.
     Cradduck T.H.      Johnson F.
     Cummins S.         Johnson W.
     Dixon J.           Kay H.
     Dodds J.           Kent J.
     Dolphin Geo.       Knapper Jos.
     Elliott J.         Knowles Jno.
     Ellis J.F.         Larmer W.
     Errington A.       Laverick S.
     Evans J.           Lawson R.
     Fawcett W.I.       Lawson W.
     Ferguson C.M.      Liddle M.H.
Right plaque
     Lydon A.           Scott T.
     Lyons R.           Sharr Wm.
     Mackie Jno. T.     Short R.
     Mallam J.          Slack R.
     Main Alex.         Snowdon T.
     Marshall C.P.      Speed R.W.
     Mason J.G.         Spence T.
     Mather Wm.         Stanley T.A.
     McCullock Wm.      Stobbart Geo.
     Meek H.            Storey I.B.
     Middleton J.       Strachan L.
     Middleton T.       Swan S.
     Milburn E.         Tattersdale B.
     Morrison A.E.      Taylor J.H.
     Murphy E.          Taylor Wm.
     Nairn J.J.         Teasdale M.
     Nattrass J.W.      Thomas T.E.
     Nelson T.H.        Thompson F.
     Newsome N.         Thompson G.T.
     Nicholson W.       Thompson T.C.
     Oldham N.          Thompson W.C.
     Parker J.W.        Tilley M.
     Phillips J.W.      Walker T.T.
     Price J.           Walls G.
     Pringle E.         Wardle P.
     Purvis J.          Welsh M.
     Raine J.           West H.
     Ramshaw G.         Whittle T.
     Ramshaw W.         Whitton G.
     Reay J.            Wile J.G.
     Richards T.H.      Wills P.
     Richardson G.      Wilson A.
     Richardson T.L.    Wilson G.
     Richardson W.S.    Wilson H.
     Riddle J.          Wilson J.
     Robson T.          Wilson J.
     Robson W.          Wiseman E.
     Rossiter H.        Wright W.
     Rushworth H.       Young L.
     Scott B.           Young J.G.

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