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Photo: James Pasby


Plaque 1914-18 Hatfield College





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NZ 275422

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Hatfield College, North Bailey, Durham DH1 3RQ. In the chapel, part of wall panelling.

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Dedicated 19th June 1921 by Rev. Canon J.T. Fowler, former vice-principal and chaplain of the college.

Memorial Description

Plaque with frame 3 feet 6 inches high x 7 feet wide comprised of three panels, each 3 feet high x 2 feet wide, very simple.
The dedication is carried at the top of the centre panel, with the names in a single column below the dedication and carried on in a single column on the other two panels. Lettering is hand painted in black Roman capitals.

Materials used



In memory / of Members of this College / who in the years 1914-1918 / laid down their lives / in the Great War



1. The Northern Echo reports “There is already beautifully carved oak reredos and organ screen” but does not make it clear whether these were part of the memorial.

2. The funds had a surplus of £14 which was used to complete the Chapel panelling.

3. The name of C.R. Martyn B.A. 1919 has been added recently - it is not visible on the photograph taken by Simon Raine.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Simon Raine; James Pasby

Durham County Advertiser 7/6/1921; 24/6/1921

Northern Echo 17/6/1921 reports proposed unveiling on Sunday; 20/6/1921 briefly reports unveiling.

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Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall

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Plaque 1914-18 Hatfield College (D47.024)

Centre column
   In memory                             
   of Members of this College
   who in the years 1914-1918 
   laid down their lives
   in the Great War     
   Armstrong R.V.   B.A.  1911 
   Bradley W.A            1912 
   Brown P.A.       M.A. University Staff 1912
   Dickinson H.     M.A.  1907 
   Forman F.        B.A.  1908 
   Gifford-Wood L.K.      1913 
   Mutimer R.             1905
Left hand column  
   Hall G.S.        B.A.  1915   
   Harris R.J.            1912   
   Heath W.R.       M.A.  1901   
   Hatfield A.P.    B.A.  1911   
   Heyward H.N.           1910   
   Jones D.L.             1913   
   Joyce F.P.       B.A.  1913   
   King H.S.        B.A.  1914   
   Lester G.J.      B.A.  1910   
   Lister R.W.            1910   
   Martyn C.R.      B.A.  1919
Right hand column
   Lockett W.H.     B.A.  1914
   Mighell P.             1913
   Mottram O.A.C.         1912
   Ormerod A.       B.A.  1914
   Turner E.S.      B.A.  1907
   Williams C.E.          1913
   Wordsworth J.C.D.      1913
   Nesbitt C.W.           1915
   Smith Y.         B.A.  1908
   Vasey J. College Servant
The following is copied from a printed list compiled by Dr. Frank Byron Jevons, Master, 1897-1922
It can also be found in Moyes, Arthur; Hatfield 1846-1996: a history of Hatfield College, the University of Durham. Durham, Hatfield College Trust, 1996.  ISBN 0 903324 01 6. 
It is from page 110 Fig.164: Further information on the fallen.
  Armstrong, R.  B.A. 1911; 2nd Lt. Camel Transport Corps; 
     Drowned in Sinai
  Bradley, W.A.  1912; M.C. Staff Capt. Civil Gov. of Bonn; 
     Died on service 1919
  Brown, P.A. (Staff) M.A. 1912; Lt. 13th D.L.I.; Killed in action 1915
  Dickinson, H.  M.A. 1907; Chaplain Artists’ Rifles; 
     Killed in action 1917
  Forman  F.  B.A. 1908; Lt. 3rd Dorset Rifles; Killed in action 1916
  Gifford-Wood, L.K.  1913; 2nd Lt. 6th Yorks. Rifles; 
     Killed in action 1915
  Hall, G.S.  B.A. 1915; Pte. Served in France; Killed in action 1917
  Harris, R.J.  1912; Lt. Durham L.I.; Died on service. 1918
  Hatfield, A.P.  B.A. 1911; Chaplain; Died 1918
  Heath, W.R.  M.A. 1901; Capt. P.E. and Drill Inspector; 
     Killed in action 1916
  Heyward, H.N.  1910; 2nd Lt. D.L.I.; Gassed 1915; Killed in action 1916
  Johnson, E.E.  M.A. 1909; Chaplain; Died 1918
  Jones, D.L.  1913; Capt. Lincs. Regt. Gallipoli & Egypt; 
     Killed in action 1917
  Joyce, F.R.  B.A. 1913; 2nd Lt. Border Rifles. Wounded; 
  King, H.S.  B.A. 1914; M.C. Capt. Northd. Fus. Cambrai; 
     Killed in action 1918
  Lester, C.J.  B.A. 1910; Chaplain; Died 1918
  Lister, R.W.  1910; Pte. 14th Batt. Royal Montreals; 
     Killed in France 1916
  Lockett, W.H.  B.A. 1914; Acting Capt. D.L.I.; Killed in France, 1916
  Mighell, P.  1913; Lt.9th E. Surrey Regt., R.F.C. Arras; 
     Died of wounds 1917
  Mottram, O.A.C.  1912; Capt. Liverpool Regt.; Killed in France, 1916
  Mutimer, R.  1905; Royal Fusiliers. 
  Needham, O.  1908; New Zealand Rifles, France; Died of wounds, 1919
  Nesbitt, C.W.  1915; Pte. 8th Lincs. Reg. France; Died of wounds 1918
  Omerod, A.  B.A., 1914; 20th Royal Fus. Wounded 1916; 
     Killed in action 1917. 
  Potts, N.R.  B.A. 1913; Lt. Staffordshire Regt.; Killed.  No date. 
  Renwick, J.C.  B.A. 1905; Chaplain; Died of wounds. 1918
  Smith, Y. B.A.  1908; Royal Fus. ; Missing presumed 
     Killed in action 1916
  Swan, J.H.F.R.  1908; Pte. Gordon Highlanders; Missing 1917
  Turner, E.S.  B.A. 1907; 2nd Lt. R.G.A.; Killed in action 1916
  Williams, C.E.  1913; 2nd Lt. R.A.S.C.; Died of wounds. 
  Wordsworth, J.C.D.  1913; 2nd Lt. 8th D.L.I. France; 
     Killed in action 1917
  Vasey, J.  (College servant). 

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