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Photo: James Pasby


Chapel 1914-18 1939-45 Durham School





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Original Location

Durham School, Quarryheads Lane, DH1 4SZ.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Foundation stone was laid in 1924.
Unveiled 30th September 1926 by Bishop of Durham Hensley Henson
The building project was completed in and dedicated 29th July 1956.

Memorial Description

Chapel building of Gothic style.
There is a plaque with raised plain border, with a small cross on each side of the first sentence. The lettering is raised in carving in a sunken panel using elaborate capitals throughout.
Inside the building, the stone pillars have the inward facing sides inscribed with the names of those who died from both 1914-18 and 1939-45. The panels are sunken with the lettering raised in half relief, using elaborate upper case lettering. At the top of each panel are. the words “Pro Patria” below which is the date in Roman numerals, followed by the names in a single column on each, sometimes overlapping onto the next line.

The 97 steps leading to it equal the numbers of those who died.

Plaque by steps 36 inches wide x 24 inches high overall 40 inches by 28 inches.

Plaque in chapel 44 inches wide by 24 inches high

Materials used



On plaque:
+ Ad maiorem dei gloriam +
forum qui de schola dunelmensi
in bello omnium maximo
mortem pro patria occubuerant
non immemoreis
aedem hanc excitarunt amic
The translation reads:
A meeting place for the greater glory of God and for those who met their death in the greatest war of all. Their friends, remembering them, built this shrine in 1926.
On columns:
Pro Patria.

On a plaque by the steps leading to the chapel:
Each step to the chapel
and Old Dunelmian who died
in the service of his country
The present stone steps were laid
in memory of the Old Dunelmians
who died 1939-1945
Lest we forget


Who commissioned

Durham School



How money was raised

Contributions from Old Boys and Friends of the School.

Present condition

Good. See Note 1 below.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Builders Rudd and Son of Grantham. Designer - Walter Brierley of Brierley and Rutherford of York.

Ownership and maintenance

Durham School


1. The 98 steps leading up to the chapel represent the number of the fallen in 1914-18. They were originally made of wooden railway sleepers, but these have been replaced with concrete in memory of those who died in 1939-45. These were refurbished in 2006.

2. The building was to have been twice as long, but funds did not permit.

3. Those names for the First World War are engraved on a series of eight pillars, and those for the Second World War were added above them. They are engraved in alphabetical order, starting from the North-west pillar and proceeding in a clockwise direction to the South-west pillar. Each section of names is head with “Pro Patria”, followed either by MCMXIV-XVIII, (1914-19) or MCMXXXIX-XLV (1939-45). The hyphen between the years is sometimes replaced with a cross – there appears to be no common pattern to that aspect of the engraving. The photographs illustrate this.

4. The stone laying ceremony was carried out on the same day as the school prizes were presented.

5. The design of the chapel was won in an architectural competition. The papers are in the Borthwick Institute.

6. A former pupil, killed on the Somme, was poet William Noel Hodgson. He attended the school from 1905-1911.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: John and Mavis Dixon; James Pasby

Durham County Advertiser 11/07/1924; 30/09/1926.

Sunderland Echo 29/09/1926 reports unveiling tomorrow. (Available on The British Newspaper Archive)

Hartlepool Northern Daily News 01/10/1926 reports unveiling. (Available on The British Newspaper Archive)

Illustrated Chronicle 04/07/1924 reports unveiling with photos inc. school prize giving.

Borthwick Institute, University of York holds papers and plans by Brierley and Rutherford 1923-35. Ref: 6/23.

Durham – the photographic Collection, Michael F Richardson – ISBN 0 75093282 1, carries a photo of the Chapel under construction.

Let Durham Flourish (A History of the school) pub. 1997, pages 40-44

Floreat Dunelmia 600 Years of Durham School John Malden 2013 Durham School ISBN 978-0-9528670-1-2

Source of quotation:
“Lest we Forget” Recessional 1897. Rudyard Kipling

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Additional Notes

Fassett Arborin Burnett - CWGC Database shows “Arbouin”.
Ernest John Robinson Briggs Gooderham - CWGC Database has Briggs-Gooderham.
John Edgar Hirst Hurst - CWGC Database has Hurst and Hirst reversed.

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; Headmaster, staff and pupils of Durham School; John and Mavis Dixon; Dorothy Hall; Alan Farrar for the Latin translations; Edward Waterson; Tyne and Wear Museum and Archive Services

Research In Progress

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Chapel 1914-18 1939-45 Durham School (D47.020)

DURHAM  Durham School.  
Note: MCMXIV-XVIII is Latin for 1914-18; MCMXXXIX-XLV is Latin for 1939-1945
On each pillar, the names for 1939-45 are above those for 1914-18.
Pillar 1 (lower panel) 1914-18 Pillar 1 (upper panel) 1939-45
   PRO PATRIA                    PRO PATRIA
   MCMXIV-XVIII                  MCMXXXIX-XLV
   Charles Young Adamson         Peter Mestaer Aldridge
   Francis Douglas Adamson       Charles Thomas Roderick
   Robert William Adamson                       Anderson
   Newton Wynne Apperley         George Christian Ashworth
   William Boyd                  Roger Henry Johnson Baily
   Alan George Brown             Alan Thornton Bain
   Alexander Buchannan           Maurice James Banister
   Robert Hugh Burkitt           Ian Aitken Bansall
   Ernest Lister Burnett         Edward Denis Tootal Barff
   Fassett Arborin Burnett       John Richard Barnley
   Charles Patrick Caesar        Sidney Bates
   Frank Clagget Caird           Arthur Colin Bell
   Thomas William Callinan
Pillar 2 (lower panel) 1914-18  Pillar 2 (upper panel) 1939-45
   PRO PATRIA                    PRO PATRIA
   MCMXIV-XVIII                  MCMXXXIX-XLV 
   Victor Francis Carr           James Elliott Bell
   William Charlton              Charles Robert Ingram
   Arthur Stewart Churchyard                  Besley
   Herbert Golightly             Henry Guy Boyd
                  Constantine    Patrick Francis Crossman
   George Edward Craven                       Brown
   Arthur James Dingle           Geoffrey Laurence Burgess
   Hugh John Dingle              Donald Fernie Campbell
   Cave Bradburne Dodds          James Ogilvie Carter
   Walter Melborne Dodds         John Geoffrey Clapham
   Ronald Dundas                 Michael Crawley
                Falconar-Stewart	Donald Wilfrid Cockburn
   Cuthbert Fosbrooke
Pillar 3 (lower panel) 1914-18  Pillar 3 (upper panel) 1939-45
   PRO PATRIA                    PRO PATRIA
   MCMXIV-XVIII                  MCMXXXIX-XLV
   Henry Harley Fownes
   Norman Gawan-Taylor           Kenneth Day
   Peter Gedge                   William Robert Barkas
   Reginald Claud Moline Gee                  Dickinson
   John Gibson                   James Edgar Dobbie
   Herbert Reginald Gladstone    George Gilhespy Dunn
   Ernest John Robinson Briggs   Harold Alexander Dunn
                Gooderham        Derek Balfour Elliott
   Humphrey Blaikie Goudie       John Taylor Ellis
   Max Greville Jones            George Ennis
   Wynne Austin Guest-Williams   William Garbutt Farrow
   Ronald William Craig Gunn     John Charles Frater
   Ronald Lidderdale Guy
Pillar 4 (lower panel) 1914-18  Pillar 4 (upper panel) 1939-45
   PRO PATRIA                    PRO PATRIA
   MCMXIV-XVIII                  MCMXXXIX-XLV 
   William Hall                  Edward Trevor Gedge
   Bernard St. George Hamilton   John Foster Gedge
   George Kenneth Hampton        James Gilbertson
   Gerald Montague Hedley        John Stewart Gillan
   Joseph William Smith Hird     Peter Beckford Gough
   William Noel Hodgson          Ronald Graham
   Cyril Gordon Hosking          Paul Brian Green
   Herbert Edward Hosking        John Geoffrey Errington 
   George Alan William Hulley                 Greenwood
   John Theodore Gordon          Harold Patterson Hall
                  Humphreys      Richard Arthur Leycester
   Noel Forbes Humphreys                      Haymes
   John Edgar Hirst Hurst               
Pillar 5 (lower panel) 1914-18  Pillar 5 (upper panel) 1939-45
   PRO PATRIA                    PRO PATRIA
   MCMXIV-XVIII                  MCMXXXIX-XLV
   Gwynne Jacob                  Dudley Ormston Hobbis
   George Kirkhouse              Brian Hunter
   Frederick Henry Lawson        Denis Lascelles Iremonger
   Ian Alister Leeson            Matthew Graham Johnson
   Ralph Hawksworth Legard       Charles William Laing
   Ernest William Longden        Charles Scott Latimer
   Frederick Cecil Longden       John Macpherson Macdonald
   Bertram Lionel Maddison       Ian Ainsley Maggill
   William Marley                Henry Douglas Mackenzie
   Horace Frost Marris           Graeme Mclean
   Hubert Graham Hamilton        Arthur Mozley Kemp Martin
   Alfred William Maughan
Pillar 6 (lower panel) 1914-18  Pillar 6 (upper panel) 1939-45
   PRO PATRIA                    Pro PATRIA
   MCMXIV-XVIII                  MCMXXXIX-XLV
   Alfred Frederick Maynard      Robert Howard Tidswell
   William Miles Morant                         Maughan
   Arthur Morgan                 George Savory Metcalf
   William Noel Jobson Moscrop   Peter Alexander David
   Thomas Muir                                  George Nelson
   Nathaniel Clark Nielson       Guy Humble Nicholson
   George Newby                  John Humphrey Nicholson
   Frederick Lisle Newstead      Michael George Pascalis
   Nowell Oxland                 David Layton Petrie
   Frank Paterson                Frederick Stuart Piddocke
   Idris Knox Patton             Gerald Douglas Rayner
   Mowbray Proctor*
   Ryde Guild Rayner
   *The Durham School Register gives “Procter”.
Pillar 7 (lower panel) 1914-18  Pillar 7 (upper panel) 1939-45
   PRO PATRIA                    PRO PATRIA
   MCMXIV-XVIII                  MCMXXXIX-XLV 
   Henry William Ternent Reed    William Grainger Richards
   Basil Hulton Richardson       Douglas Yeoman Richardson
   Martin James Richardson       Bryan Glendenen Robinson
   Bertram Langhorne Robinson    Henry Granville Scott
   Charles Lawson Robinson       Walter Edward Battle
   George Sydney Robinson                       Silva-White
   Thomas Oxendale Robson        John Mackenzie Smith
   Gerald Gloag Sadler           Ivan Gerald Sopwith
   Arthur Duncombe Shafto        Maxwell Wilson Stephenson
   Herbert Stewart               Thomas Richard Howard Stubbs
   Hilton Roberts Telford        Edward Graham
   Harold Kenyon Temperley                    de Twenebroke Symons
   Arthur Weatherhead Thompson
Pillar 8 (lower panel) 1914-18  Pillar 8 (upper panel) 1939-45
   PRO PATRIA                    PRO PATRIA
   MCMXIV-XVIII                  MCMXXXIX-XLV
   Spencer Thomson               Norman Saurin Temple
   Kirton Tindle                 Henry Lionel Francess
   Alick Todd                                 Thompson
   John George Todd              John Andrew Furnivall
   James Douglas Tombs                        Thompson
   Francis Edward Steavenson     Patrick Godfrey Thompson
               Townsend          Ian Stuart Turnbull
   Ernest Wilberforce Trevor     Harry Waggott
   Thomas Tweddell               George Basil Willis
   John Pattinson Walker         William Henry Willis
   Clement Arthur Wilkinson      Martin Dunsmore Winning
   Harold Forbes Clarke Winch
   Bertram Howard Wodeman
The Durham County Advertiser 30/9/1926 carries a Roll of Honour, 
some of it obscured by blots on our copy, as follows:
   Captain C.T. Adamson, 29th N.F.  
   Lieut. F.D. Adamson, 2nd Border Regiment       
   Sec.Lt. R.W. Adamson, 7th D.L.I.                
   M’shipman N.W. Apperley, Royal Navy               
   Lieut. W. Boyd, 8th D.L.I.                
   Lieut. A.G. Brown, ? N.F.                   
   Capt. ?  Buchanan, 6th West Yorkshire Regt.  
   R.H. Burnett.          
   Pte. F.A. Burnett, H.A.C.                   
   E.L. Burnett, South African Scottish   
   Lieut. C.P. Caesar, 7th Shropshire L.I.       
   Lieut. F.C. Caird, 2nd R. Inniskilling Fusiliers   
   Lieut. T.W. Callinan, 8th D.L.I.
   Capt. V.F. Carr, Royal Garrison Artillery
   Sec.Lt. W. Charlton, 4th East Lancashire Regt.
   Capt. A.S. Churchyard, 3rd Rifle Brigade
   L.c. H.G. Constantine, 7th Border Regiment
   Rev. G.F. Craven, Chaplain to the Forces
   Capt. A.J. Dingle, 6th East Yorkshire Regt.
   Surg.Prob. H.J. Dingle, R.N.Y.R.
   Sec.Lt. C.B. Dodds, 12th N.F.
   Lt.Col. R.D. Falconar-Stewart, 12th A. and S. Highlanders
   Sec.Lt. C. Fosbrook, 6th D.L.I.
   Major H.H. Fownes, Royal Garrison Artillery
   Sec.Lt. N. Gawan-Taylor, 3rd Yorks and Lancs Regt.
   Lieut. P. Gedge, 7th Suffolk Regt.
   Capt. R.C.M. Gee, 15th D.L.I.
   Sec.Lt. J. Gibson, 7th Devon Regt. Attached Royal Flying Corps
   Capt. H.R. Gledstone, N.F.
   Sec.Lt. F.J.R.B. Gooderham, Royal Irish Rifles att.Machine Gun Corps
   Sec.Lt. H.B. Goudie, 7th Cameron Highlanders
   Lt. M. Greville-Jones, 1st N.F. attached R.A.F.
   Capt. W.A. Guest-Williams, 2nd Royal Berkshire Regt.    
   Sec. Lt. R.W.C. Gunn, 3rd Notts and Derby Regt.    
   Lieut. R.L. Guy, 6th N.F.                     
   Rev. W. Hall, Royal Navy                  
   Lt. B.St.G. Hamilton, 15th Batt., M.G.C.           
   Lieut. G.K. Hampton, 4th Norfolk Regt.            
   Capt. G.M. Hedley, Royal Engineers             
   Sec.Lt. J.W.S. Hird, 9th North Staffordshire Regt.
   Pte. J.F.A. Hirst, 29th R.F.                    
   Lieut. W.N. Hodgson, 9th Devonshire Regt.        
   Lieut. C.G. Hosking, R.A. and R.F.C. 
   Capt. H.F. Hosking, 66th Punjabis, I.A.
   Pte. G.A.W. Hulley, 4th K.O.Y.L.I.
   Sec.Lt. J.T.G. Humphries, 40th Pathans, I.A.
   Capt. N.F. Humphries, Tank Corps.
   Lieut. G. Jacob, 1st East Yorkshire Regt.
   Capt. G. Kirkhouse, 8th D.L.I.   
   Capt. F.H. Lawson, 5th N.F.
   Capt. Y.A. Leeson, 11th D.L.I. attached M.G.C.
   Capt. R.H. Legard, 2nd D.L.I.
   Major E.W. Longden, 4th Yorks. and Lancs. Regt.
   Capt. F.G. Longden, 4th D.L.I.
   Lt.Col. B.L. Maddison, 8th Yorks. and Lancs. Regt.
   Capt. W. Marley, 5th D.L.I.
   Lieut. H.F. Marris, Royal Engineers
   Sec.Lt. H.G.H. Marshall, Tank Corps.
   Sec.Lt. A.W. Maughan, R.G.A.
   Lieut. A.F. Maynard, R.N.V.R.
   Capt. W.M. Morant, 7th D.L.I.
   Sec.Lt. A. Morgan, Royal Air Force.
   Capt. W.N.J. Moscrop, 5th D.L.I.
   Lce.Cpl. T. ?Moor, 3rd Canadian Infantry
   Corpl. M.C. Neilson, 21st R.?
   Capt. G. Newby, R and L.I., S.A., Def. Forces
   Capt. F.L. Newstead, 3rd D.L.I.
   Lieut. N. Oxland, 8th Border Regt.
   Sergt. F. Paterson, R.G.A.
   Sec.Lt. I.K. Patton, R.A.F.
   Sec.Lt. M. Procter, 5th Yorks. and Lancs. Regt.    
   Sec.Lt. R.G. Rayner, 8th N.F.
   Sec.Lt. H.W.T. Reed, 2nd Monmouthshire Regt.
   Sec.Lt. B.H. Richardson, 8th D.L.I.
   Lieut. M.J. Richardson, R.A.M.C.
   Capt. B.L. Robinson, R.A.S.C.
   Lt.Col. C.L. Robinson, 1st Monmouthshire Regt.
   Pte. G.S. Robinson, 1st East Kent Regt.
   Sec.Lt. T.O. Robson, R.F.
   Capt. G.G. Sadler, 3rd Dragoon Guards
   Capt. A.D. Shafto, 2nd Royal Scots Regt.
   Lieut. H. Stewart, 3rd D.L.I.
   Capt. H.R. Telford, 21st N.F.
   Lieut. H.K. Temperley, 8th N.F.
   Capt. S. Thomson, R.F.
   Arthur Weatherhead Thompson. 
   Sec.Lt. K. Tindle, 7th D.L.I.
   Lieut. A. Todd, 4th D.L.I. attached R.F.C.
   Capt. J.G. Todd, 23rd N.F.
   Lieut. J.D. Tombs, 7th Border Regt.
   Lieut. F.E.S. Townsend, 5th D.L.I.
   Rev. E.W. Trevor, Chaplain to the Forces.
   Lieut. T. Tweddell, 3rd Yorkshire Regt.
   Pte. J.P. Walker, R.F.
   Major C.A. Wilkinson, 3rd Shropshire L.I.
   Pte. H.F.C. Winch, 3rd Infantry Batt., Australian Imperial Forces.
   Flt.Paymaster B.H. Wodeman, Royal Navy

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