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Pulpits & Screen 1914-18 St. Hild and St. Helen





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NZ 429482

Original Location

Church of St. Hild and St. Helen, Melbury Street. (Closed)

Present Location

St. Hild and St. Helen Christian Fellowship now own and use the building.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 24th July 1921 by Lt.Col. K.J.W. Leather, CBE, 4th DLI, dedicated by Rev. E.W. Bolland, rector of Southwick, formerly vicar of Dawdon.

Memorial Description

Dwarf screen 3 feet 6 inches high x 6 feet 6 inches wide. It has twin pulpits, (“ambones”) one at each end, each 5 feet high x 3 feet 9 inches wide x 2 feet 5 inches deep. The dedication is carried on the front of the left hand pulpit, the prayer on the front of the right hand pulpit.
The screen is divided by pillars into eight panels, four on either side of the steps, each measuring 9 inches high x 1 foot 2 inches wide. The names are listed in two columns on each of these panels in Roman capitals.

Materials used



Left hand pulpit:
To the glory of God / and in memory of / those from this parish / who gave their lives / for their country / in the Great War / 1914-1918 / this screen was erected / by the parishioners.
Right hand pulpit :
Rest eternal / grant unto them, / O Lord, and let / perpetual light / shine upon them.
Their name liveth / for evermore.




How money was raised

Public subscription; Lord Londonderry gave £75.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Window designer - W.H. Wood, F.R.I.B.A.; made by Messrs. H. Brown and Sons, Newcastle.


1. “West rose window. Apparently, the glazing in the west end was a parish First World War memorial, devised by Wood. All that survives is the west rose window which was installed in 1917, dedicated to Charles Stuart, 6th Marquis of Londonderry, who died 1915. The window was dedicated by his daughter. There is also supposed to be a drawing of the plan at the rear of the church. The glass was designed by Burlison and Grylls and was inspired by late Flemish late medieval design." (This information has not been confirmed by the Advisory Board for Redundant Churches).

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Simon Raine; ABRC (copyright); Dorothy Hall

Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail 22/07/1921; 25/07/1921 give details of the memorial. (Available on The British Newspaper Archive)

Auckland and County Chronicle 28/07/1921 reports unveiling.

Durham County Advertiser 29/07/1921 reports unveiling.

Northern Echo 23/07/1921 reports proposed unveiling; 25/07/1921 reports unveiling.

North Mail 14/09/1920 briefly reports proposals.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 18/09/1920 reports briefly on proposals.

Seaham Weekly News 22/07/1921 reports unveiling; 29/07/1921 reports unveiling.

Sunderland Echo 22/07/1921 gives memorial and window description 25/07/1921 reports unveiling. (Available on The British Newspaper Archive)

Source of quotations
“Rest eternal grant . . .” Mass for the Dead;
“Their name liveth for evermore” Apocrypha, Ecclesiasticus 44.

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; Alan Vickers; Anne McNair, Advisory Board for Redundant Churches; Dorothy Hall

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Pulpits & Screen 1914-18 St. Hild and St. Helen (D41.04)

Dawdon St Helen and St. Hild Church.
    Eastern pulpit                   Western pulpit
    To the glory of God              Rest eternal 
    and in memory of                 grant unto them, 
    those from this parish           O Lord, and let
    who gave their lives             light perpetual 
    for their country                shine upon them.  
    in the Great War                 *   *   *
    1914-1918                        Their name liveth 
    this screen was erected          for evermore.
    by the parishioners.  
    First panel                      Second panel              
    Allard C.B.   Burney D. Senr.    Bell S.          Coxen J.     
    Aitchison J.  Burney D.          Barrow T.        Cahill F.M.  
    Armstrong R.  Bernett G.         Bolton S.        Carting E.   
    Armstrong F.  Buckley G.         Barksby H.       Cowell C.S.  
    Anderson C.   Buckley T.P.       Clint R.         Childs W.J.  
    Ather W.      Brammer G.         Carr E.          Chesney R.   
    Allen W.      Bailey S.          Carr T.          Conroy W.    
    Appleby N.    Button W.          Cummings W.H.    Crake J.     
    Boad R.       Bresnen J.W.       Cummings R.H.    Crake R.     
    Batey J.      Burnett G.         Clennell Fk.     Daglish J.B. 
    Barker E.     Burns W.           Clennell Fr.     Daglish A.   
    Bryan T.                         Jones G.
    Cuthbert J.W.              
    Third panel                      Fourth panel               
    Duckworth J.  Frater F.B.        Harley W.        Hunter G.
    Devine E.R.   Finlay F.          Hutchinson J.    Hughes J.F.
    Dixon A.      Foster W.          Hutchinson G.H.  Johnson I.
    Duffy F.      Foster J.W.        Hindmarch M.     Jackson E.
    Dickinson E.  Foster H.          Hindmarch F.     Keegan C.
    Davies G.     Garnham E.T.       Hills B.         Kelly J.
    Dixon T.      Garnham H.F.       Henry J.         Knowles J.
    Dawson T.     Green G.           Harvey A.        Knowles W.P.
    Dent G.       Gilroy J.          Harris E.        Kirtley R.
    Dawson W.H.   Gallagher T.       Huntley G.       Kavanagh W.
    Edwards J.    Griffiths C.       Hunter T.W.      Laws J.B.
    Fifth panel                      Sixth panel                 
    Lowerson J.R. Moore L.           Proud T.         Robinson R.D.  
    Lowery J.     Nichol D.          Potter T.        Robinson T.W.  
    Martin W.R.   Newton H.L.        Preston T.       Robson G.      
    Miller R.     Ogden J.           Preston S.       Ramshaw R.H.  
    Miller F.     Pearson H.         Pattison T.E     Rowe N.        
    Miller W.N.   Pearson G.         Purvis R.        Richardson T.  
    Millar G.     Parker R.          Reed W.          Ritchie W.     
    Markham A.    Price W.           Reed R.          Ritchie J.     
    McChesney R.  Percy H.           Reed F.M.        Stoves J.      
    McAllister A. Poole T.S.         Reedshaw W.P.    Swinney H.F.   
    McDonald J.B. Phelan M.N         Ritson G         Southward E.   
    Seventh panel                    Eighth panel
    Swan W.       Summers J.         Winter J.        Whitwell J.
    Smiles J.R.   Turnbull R.        Wilkinson C.     Wright R.R.
    Stoker R.     Turnbull J.B.      Wilkinson N.     Willis R.P.
    Smith W.      Telford J.         Wilkinson R.     Westgarth H.
    Smith L.      Thornton J.        Wilkinson G.     Wilde F.
    Stout G.W.    Thornton O.        Walter R.H.      Wood L.G.
    Smales F.     Thornton S.        Walter J.T.      Wood J.
    Scollen J.    Taylor R.          Watson R.        Walsh A.
    Shaw W.B.     Thompson W.        Watson C.W.      Young J.
    Shaw W.C.     Thompson E.        Watson W.J.      Meek J.
    Shaw J.       Usher A.           Beech Martha Hannah
                                     Reed S.          Scales C.
Names D41.04

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