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Roll of Honour 1914-18 Library


D40.067 Names a to j



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File, approx. 13 inches high x 7 inches wide, (339mm x 177mm) of about 82 pages. The names are typewritten in lists.

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Darlington Roll of Honour



1. Believed to have been done by the Town Council some time in the 1920s, but this is not certain. It was never properly published.

2. A record was being compiled and was in the Library for examination so that any names of those who served, and in particular, could be added. It was hoped to publish the list in book form with a parchment record for preservation in the library.

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Photocopy of one page: C.Sanders

Darlington and Stockton Times 9/4/1921 carries information in Note 2 above.

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C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall; Brenda McMahon

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Stephen Nicholson is researching the names on this memorial

Roll of Honour 1914-18 Library (D40.067 Names a to j)

Abbott, Alfred         61 Belgrave Street         Private 588 C Co., N.E.R., N.F.
Abdale, Charles        72 Beaconsfield Street     L/Cpl. 202929 4th Yorks. 
                       Killed in action March 23 1918 in France
Abdale, J.             48 Beaconsfield Street     Sergt. Transport Section
                       R.A.M.C. 2nd Northumberland Field Ambulance.
Abel, E.               18 Mount Street            Pte. 1517 5th D.L.I. 
Abel, J.W.             43 Farrer Street           Driver 214779 128th Heavy Battery R.G.A. 
Adams, A.              Whessoe Street             Private 1211 5th D.L.I. 
                       Wounded at Ypres.
Adams, E.                                         Corporal 9337 F Co. 3rd D.L.I. 
Agar, J.W.                                        Private Lord Durham’s County Batt.  D.L.I.
Ainsley, C.            24 Charles Street          Private 57122 1st Lancashire Fusiliers
Adamson, Thomas        10 Valley Street North     Flight Sergt.  28039 R.A.F.
Airey, Percy           Westbrook Villas           Trooper Northd. Hussars Imperial Yeomanry
Aiston, ?                                         Private Lord Durham’s County Battalion D.L.I.
Akers, J.?             15 Carter’s Row            Pte. 15411 East Yorks.  Regt.
Akers, Matthew         20 Tubwell Row             Private D.L.I. Lewis Gun Section
                       Killed in action 14 April 1917
Alderson, Benson       Raby House Sadberge        1257  C Coy. 18th D.L.I.                     
Alderson, Charlie      3 Dickinson Street         Private 5714 16th Lancers
                       Killed in action Feb. 21st 1915
Alderson, C.?          1 East Street              2nd Lieut. 9th Northd. Fus. 4th West Yorks. 
Alderson, F.           10 Farrer Street           Pte. 388167 2nd Northumbrian F.A. 
Alderson, G.?          Sadberge                   18th Batt.  D.L.I.
Alderson, George William 12 Potter’s Yard Bondgate Stoker S.S. 107155
                                                  1st Class R.F.R. H.M.S. Broke
Alderson, H.?.                                    Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Alderson, J.           1 East Street              2nd Lieut. R.F.A. 82nd Brigade
Alderson, J.G.         32 New Model Place         Sapper 104319 234th Field Coy. R.E. 
Alderson, ?R.          Raby House Sadberge        Pioneer 183413 Special Batt. 
                       Died of wounds at Popperinge Oct. 19th 1917
Alderson, S.           10 Farrer Street           Pte. 10201 12th Yorks.  Regt.
Alderson, W.           32 New Model Place         Gunner 95014 R.G.A. 
                       Died of wounds near Ypres July 13th 1917
Alderson, William      10 Easson Road             Pte. 38533 3rd D.L.I. 
Alexander, A.G.S.      2 Victoria Street          Pte. 7155 2nd Batt.  Yorks.  R.
Alexander, A.C.        22 Napier Street           A Coy. 2nd Bn. Yorks.  Regt.
Alexander, K.H.        22 Napier Street           Gunner 5654 47th Anti Aircraft Brigade
Alexander, R.K.        22 Napier Street           L/Cpl. 16686 A Coy. 10th Hampshire Regt.
Allan, J.              32 Wilson Street           Driver 96366 R.F.A. 
Allan, R.              32 Wilson Street           Pte. 4258 5th D.L.I. 
Allcock, David         61 Chandos Street          Pte. 9739 1st Northd.
Havelock-Allan,  Major Sir Henry, Blackwell Grange 4th Bn. D.L.I. and 17th Lancs. Fusiliers 
                       Wounded at Battle of the Somme July 23rd 1916
Allinson, John James   9 Wales Street             Sapper 222927 458th Field Coy. R.E. 
                       Killed in action April 30th 1918
Allinson, R.           Corporation Hse Borough Rd Sapper 311138 R.E. 
Allinson, R.W.         60 Park Place              Private 18408 11th Yorks.  Regt.
                       Presumed killed on October 8th 1916
Allison, Andrew        12 Close Street            Pte. 203232 West Riding Yorks. 
                       Killed in action October 11th 1918
Allison, A.            Haughton le Skerne         Pte. 1979 D Coy. 5th D.L.I. 
Allison, A.M.          Haughton le Skerne         Pte. 1979 5th D.L.I. 
Allison, Frank         Lorne Terrace              Trooper Northd. Hussars Imperial Yeomanry
Allison, John          25 Charles Street          Pte. 14578 7th Border Regt.
                       Killed on Sept.29th 1915 at Brandock
Allison, W.                                       Gunner 151st Batt.  R.G.A. 
Allison, W.J.          25 Charles Street          Pte. 68890 14th Hussars  
Alnwick, Herbert       West Crescent              Sec. Lieut. 13th West Yorks. 
Alport, E.S.                                      Sapper 155274 R.E. 
Alport, J.T.           Clifton Road               Pte. 2012 5th D.L.I. 
Alton, Fred            25 Model Place             Pte. 2nd King’s Liverpool Regt.
Alton, James A.        25 Model Place             L/Cpl. 16441 2nd Batt.  Yorks.  Regt.
Alton, William         25 Model Place             Pte. 1st Kings Liverpools
                       Wounded at Mons
Amos, Henry Charlton   Abbey Road                 Royal Naval Division
                       Wounded in the Dardenelles
Amour, Fred            73 Cumberland Street       Private 388082 2nd Northumb.Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. 
Anderson, A.           Chellow Dale West Crescent 2/Cpl. WR/262530 R.E. 
Anderson, George       16 Fairfield Street        Pte. 51944 10th Lincolns
                       Missing April 17th 1918. Presumed killed on that date.
Anderson, H.           18 Brunswick Street        Pte. 1st Lincoln Regt.
Anderson, H.S.                                    Gunner 151st Batt.  R.G.A. 
Anderson, J.T.         6 Russell Street West      Lance/Sergt. 1182 86th F.A. R.A.M.C.
Anderson, Robert       64 Barningham Street       Pte. 21433 2nd N.F.  (M.M.)
Anderson, T.           64 Barningham Street       Pte. D.L.I.
Andrews, W.S.P.        65 Duke Street             Engineer S.S.O Kemsut
                       Torpedoed Feb. 1917
Angus, Charles         41 Dickenson Street        A.S.C.
Angus, S.              5 Outram Street            Pte. 1713 5th D.L.I. 
Angus, Thomas          9 Union Place              12760 A.S.C. 
Angus, Walter          41 Dickenson Street        12th D.L.I. 
Angus, William         41 Dickenson Street        Platoon 25, D.L.I. 
Ankers, A.             9 Falmer Road              Sapper 152414 Signal Corps R.E. 
Ankers, Bert           9 Falmer Road              Pte. A Coy. 18th D.L.I. 
                       Killed in action in France Sept. 3rd 1916
Appleby, Albert Edward 14 Valley Street           Gunner 15562 Royal Marine Artillery
Appleby, J.W.          28 Mount Street            Pte. 49906 North Staffs. Regt.
Appleby, T. H.         14 Valley Street North     L/Cpl. 2199 5th D.L.I. 
Appleton, A.           Smithfield Road            5th D.L.I. 
Appleton, L.C.         8 Smithfield Road          Private 1151 H Coy. 5th D.L.I. 
Appleton, R.H.         14 Montrose Street         Private 2597 H Coy. 5th D.L.I. 
Archbold, John         5 Princes Street           Sergt.  34447 R.F.A. (D.C.M.)
Archbold, W.           Brunton Street             2450 5th D.L.I. 
                       Killed at Ypres
Archer, Lewis Richard  49 Cobden Street           Pte. 268405 1/6th Royal Highlanders
                       Killed in action near Arras April 7th 1917
Armitage, Cornelius    Beaconsfield Street        Signaller 295961 151st Heavy Battery R.G.A. 
                       Died from gas poison October 18th 1917. Buried at Baileul Belgium
Armitage, G. Cyril     58 Orchard Road            5th D.L.I. 
Armitage, Harry        58 Orchard Road            39th Coy. R.G.A. 
Armitage, Herbert      58 Orchard Road            H.M.S. Hazard
Armitage, J. Willis    58 Orchard Road            G Coy. K.O.S.B. 
Armitt, Clarence       3 Anson Street           Pte. 1/4th Yorks.  Regt.
                       Died from wounds March 25th 1917
Armitt, E.             3 I’Anson Street           Pte. 1/4th Yorks.  Regt.
                       Killed near Albert 23rd March 1917
Armstrong, C.                                     Gunner 1493 R.F.A. 
Armstrong, G.          22 Chancery Street         Pte. 238203 2/4th West Riding Regt.
Armstrong, G.G.                                   Sapper 45028 Royal Engineers
Armstrong, Harold Bailey 31 Pierremont Cresc.     Pte. 53826 15th West Yorks. 
                       Gassed in France Aug. 9th 1918. Died in Dover Military Hospital August 30th 1918
Armstrong, H.P.                                   Gunner 151st Battery R.G.A. 
Armstrong, Horace Victor 31 Pierremont Cres.      Sergt. Major 128th Heavy Batt.  R.G.A.
Arrowsmith, R.B.       2 Grasmere Rd.             Pte. 1411 5th D.L.I. 
Ascough, P.            Dickinson Street           Pte. 1605 5th D.L.I. 
Ashton, Charles        65 Katherine Street        Pte. 351838 9th Batt.  Royal Scots
Ashton, D.             65 Katherine Street        Coy. Sergt.  Major 302014 2nd D.L.I. (D.C.M.)
Ashton, Jack           65 Katherine Street        I 76963 H.M.S. Westminster
Ashton, Thomas         65 Katherine Street        Pte. 7095 9th D.L.I. 
                       Killed in action Butt-de-Warlincourt, Somme Nov.5th 1916
Ashton, W.             24 Upper Archer Street     Driver 184602 R.F.A. 
                       Died from pneumonia in Salonica Dec.12th 1918
Atkin, R.              24 Salisbury Terrace       C.Q.M.S. 200286 1/5th D.L.I. 
Atkinson, Claude A.    10 Hawthorne Street        Trooper 3327 Yorkshire Hussars
Atkinson, C.           4 Shildon Street           Pte. 2172 5th D.L.I. 
Atkinson, Edward Thomas 19 Outram Street          Pte. D.L.I. 
Atkinson, Frederick    27 Hurworth Terrace        Driver 27084 14th Light Division R.F.A. 
Atkinson, G.           6 Milton Street            Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Atkinson, G.W.         4 Milton Street            Pte. 1519 5th D.L.I. 
Atkinson, Henry        12 Harcourt Street         Sergt.  18419 7th North Staffs. Regt.   
                       Killed in action in Mesopotamia Feb. 25th 1917
Atkinson, Jacob        2 Rocket Street            Pte. 30043 D.L.I. 
Atkinson, J.           5 Shildon Street           Sergt.  22546 10th D.L.I. 
                       Wounded St. Eloi March 18th 1917
Atkinson, Robert       1 Greenbank Cresc.         Pte. 2560 B Coy. 5th D.L.I. 
Atkinson, Ronald S.    21 Cartmell Terrace        Pte. 01073 1/8th Hants. Regt. 
Atkinson, R.R.         1 Stanley Terrace          Pte. 327104 9th D.L.I. 
Atkinson, Sidney       2 Rocket Street            Pte. 98291 Machine Gun Corps N.F.
                       Died of wounds Nov. 8th 1917. Buried at Douisans
Atkinson, W.           26 Walton Street           Pte. 24206 2nd Duke of Wellingtons Regt.
                       Killed May 3rd 1917
Auld, Edward           16 Beaumont Street         Gunner 203851 R.F.A. 
                       Killed in action March 21st 1918 at Holn Wood near St Quentin
Auld, J.               16 Beaumont Street         Pte. 1595 5th D.L.I. 
Aungle, George Henry                              N.E.R. Battalion N.F.
Auton, Robert          22 Beaumont Street         Pte. 1872 5th D.L.I. 
Awde, H.               2 Stephenson Street        Sergt. R.E. 
Ayre, F.               29 Swan Street             Pte. 2001 5th D.L.I.
Ayscough, A.           21 Florence Street         Pte. 1524 5th D.L.I. 
Ayton, W.              30 Cleasby Terrace         L/Cpl. 1312 18th D.L.I. 
Baglee, G.H.D.         75 Orchard Road            Sapper WR/270228 78th B.G.W. Co. R. Engineers
Bailey, Albert         5 Otley Terrace            Bombardier R.F.A.
                       Killed in action France Sept. 11th 1918
Bailey, George Edward  68 Dodds Street            Signaller 38710 2nd East Yorks. 
                       Reported killed on May 8th 1918
Bailey, Samuel         48 Borough Road            Pte. No 4 Section 3rd D.L.I. 
Bainbridge, Fred.                                 Private 268 A Squadron 3rd Division 15th Hussars
Bainbridge, H.         86 Barningham Street       Pte. 1525 5th D.L.I. 
Bainbridge, James      22 Union Row               Driver R.F.A. 
Bainbridge, Walter                                Pte. 44715 2nd N.F. 
Baker, George          28 King Street             Pte. 1439 Durham Royal Engineers
Bainbridge, T.W.       11 Stanley Street          N.F. 
Baker, H.E.                                       Private 18th D.L.I. 
Baker, John Joseph     43 Albion Street           Cpl. 8th Yorks.  Regt.
Baldwin, T.H.          35 East Raby Street        Pte. 32857 2/4th Yorks.  and Lancs. Regt.
                       Killed in action July 20th 1918
Bale, G. Watson        11 Coniston Street         2nd Lt. D.L.I. 
                       Wounded in July 1918
Ballinger, P.                                     Gunner 151st Batt.  R.G.A. 
Bamlett, T.            2 Lorne Terrace            Pte. 14269 Scots Guards
Banks, Arthur Byers    82 Orchard Road            Lieut. R.G.A. Awarded Portuguese decoration at
                       Avis 1918. Mentioned in Sir D. Haig’s dispatch 16th March 1919.
                       Died at Le Havre France of Bron. Pneu. 6th March 1919
Banks, Edgar Carlisle  82 Orchard Road            L/Cpl. 17645 1st Y. and L. Regt.
                       Reported killed May 8th 1915
Banks, J.G.            High Coniscliffe           Private 2225 5th D.L.I. 
Banks, E.C.                                       Corporal
Banks, William         9 Salisbury Terrace        2nd Lieut. 11th D.L.I. 
                       Died in hospital at Ham in German hands April 6th 1918
Bannerman, W.          47 Surtees St.             Private B Coy. 8th D.L.I. 
Barclay, David         22 Napier Street           Private 40740 1st Seaforth Highlanders
Barker, Alan           10 Beaconsfield Street     2nd Cpl. 19041 R.E. 
Barker Arthur          13 Upper Archer Street     Private 9th N.F. 
                       Killed in action July 7th 1916
Barker, ArthuR.E.      35 Pensbury Street         C.Q.M.S. 71482 Notts. and Derby Regt. (M.M.)  
Barkley, M.            60 Model Place             Gunner 64506 128th Battery R.F.A. 
                                                  50 Brigade Field Force
Barker, Ernest         13 Upper Archer Street     Driver 470653 R.E.
Barker, George Stanley 51 Park Street             Private East Yorks. 
                       Died at Giessenon Nov. 28th 1918
Barker, Gilbert William 51 Park Street            Able Seaman H.M.S. Cornflower
Barker, Herbert        25 Louisa Street           Private 1621 18th D.L.I. 
Barker, J.             41 Dodds St.               Private 1567 5th D.L.I. 
Barker, J.E.           Middleton Hse Greenbank Rd Gunner 117782 116th Siege Battery R.G.A. 
Barker, John           20 Milner Road             Private 25093 2nd K.O.R. Lancs.
Barker, R.W.           Middleton Hse Greenbank Rd R.N.V.R. T/2 11885
Barton, Charles        16 Wooler Street           Pte. 30227 2oth D.L.I. 
Barker, Thomas Edward  22 Dundee Street           Sapper 50184 91st Field Co. R.E. 
Barker, Wilfred        2 Dundee Street            Private A Coy. County Battalion
Barnes, George H       37 Howard Street           Private 9th D.L.I. 
Barras, A.             34 Green Street            Sapper 1248 1st/1st Durham T.R.E. 
Barras, E.E.           11 Model Place             Private 39471 Yorks. and Lancs.
Barras, John           34 Oxford Street           Pte. 6520 1st D.L.I. 
Barras, T.             4 East Mount Crescent      61658 R.A.F. L.A.C.
Bartle, G.             5 Cricket Field Row        Private 21074 12th West Yorks. 
                       Accidently killed in railway accident near Doulens Nov. 24th 1916
Bartle, Harold         49 Surtees Street          A.B. Royal Navy H.M.S. Orion
Bashford, T.           6 Bridge Terrace           Sergt.  14956 11th D.L.I. 
                       Killed in action March 29th 1918
Basham, Charles        29 Rockingham Street       Private 98630 14th Batt.  M.G.C. 
Basham, Leo            29 Rockingham Street       Pte. 30370 22nd D.L.I. 
                       Died from wounds April 16th 1918
Basham, Thos. E.       29 Rockingham Street       Leading Seaman Tz/4564 Hawke Batt.  R.N.D. 
Bateman, R.P.          Abbey Road                 Sapper Royal Engineers
Bateman, Norman        Abbey Road                 Trooper Northd. Hussars
Bateman, S.E.          67 Stanhope Road           L/Cpl. M2/136941 M.T., R.A.S.C. 
                       Attached 1st Australian Siege Battery
Bates, S.R.            14 Green Street            Pte. 2nd Northumberland F.A. R.A.M.C. 
Batterworth, Bert      53 Grainger Street         Pte. 209 Battery R.F.A. 
Battison, Fred         36 Grasmere Road           Sapper 223296 R.E. 
                       Died of wounds at the 2nd Canadian C.C.P. France
Baty, Edward           Cleasby Terrace            Gunner 63rd R.F.A. 
Baty, Joseph           Cleasby Terrace            Bdr. 52nd B.  R.F.A. 
Batty, C. F.           Tower Road                 2nd Lieut. 10th Service Batt.  D.L.I. 
Baxter, William        4 Silver Street            534639 R.A.M.C. 
                       Died September 25th 1919
Beadle, John W.        37 Lowson Street           Sapper 65733 R.E. 
Beal, Joseph           22 Model Place             Cpl. 12739 10th D.L.I. 
                       Killed in action at Ypres Sept. 4th 1915
Beaumont, C.H.         1 Low Wooler Street        Pte. 1394 5th D.L.I. 
Beaumont, W.           3 Model Place              Gunner 96699 3rd Battery R.F.A. 
Beck, Sidney           98 Bedford Street          Pte. 12591 3rd D.L.I. 
Bedford, H.W.          14 Yarm Road               Private 145839 20th Coy. R.A.M.C. 
Bee, Alfred            6 Spring Street            Sapper 42746 R.E. 
Beesley, W.            Neasham Road               Pte. 2205 5th D.L.I. 
Bell, C.A.             Corporation Rd.            Lieut. 7th Siege Battery
Bell, Henry            37 Pierremont Crescent     Pte. 132359 31st Batt.  M.G.C. 
Bell, Herbert Arthur                              Boy 1st Class H.M.S. Berwick R.N. 
Bell, Herbert          3 Kearton’s Yard           Pte. 11295 2nd Batt. Yorks. R
Bell, J.               Eldon Street               Private 414 5th D.L.I. 
Bell, John Harold      35 Thirlmere Road          Private 15724 1st East Yorks. 
                       Killed on Somme battlefield July 1st 1916
Bell, Robert           36 Pierremont Crescent     Sergt/Instructor 102770 3rd D.L.I. 
Bell, T.               16 Rosebery Street         Pte. 10771 2nd Border Regt.
                       Killed in action April 19th 1916
Bell, William          36 Pierremont Crescent     Sergt. 308323 4th Supply Coy. Tank Corps
                       Killed in action Sept. 27th 1918
Bell, W.E.             122 Bedford Street         Rifleman 1454 16th K.R.R. 
                       Killed in action High Wood Somme July 15th 1916
Bellbrooke,            Myrtle Grove               Private 2006 5th D.L.I. 
Bellwood, H.           1 Hollyhurst Rd.           Sapper 104093 R.E. 
Bellwood, William      1 Hollyhurst Rd.           Pte. 163882 M.T., A.S.C. 
Benjamin, J.D.         64 Eastbourne Rd.          Lt. R.N.R. 
                       Killed whilst in charge of convoy by being mined in the North Sea
Benjamin, S.J.         34 Cobden Street           Cpl. 39590 H.L.I. 
Benjamin, W.B.         60 Cobden Street           Co. Q.M.S. Tank Corps  
Bennett, A.G.          Bank Cottage               A.B. H.M.S. Daffodil
Bennett, Geo.                                     Sergt.  Major R.A.M.C. East Coast Defences
Benson, H.             Linden Avenue              Pte. 205059 22nd D.L.I. 
Benson, J.K.           Linden Avenue              2nd Machine Gun Corps
Berry, W.              36 Trafalgar Terrace       Private 1546 5th D.L.I. 
Benson, Wm.            Linden Avenue              Pte. 32005 R.A.O.C.
Best, J.               24 Brougham Street         Pte. 389772 A.S.C. 
Bethell, G.R.          Glenthorne Coniscliffe Rd. Private R.G.A. 
Bethell, J.F.          Glenthorne Conicliffe Rd.  Gunner R.F.A. 
Betts, ArthuR.E.       6 Prebend Row              Lieut. R.A.F. 
Bexfield, J.E.         17 Hercules Street         Pte. 2039 5th D.L.I.
Bird, Albert J.        34 Bright Street           Provost Sergt. 25609 R.D.C.
Birdsall, F.W.         29 Barningham Street       Sapper 131401 234th Field Co. R.E. 
Biggs, Charles E.      2 Richmond View            4th Dragoon Guards
Biggs, B.G.D.          Sunniside                  Major 5th D.L.I. (Territorials)
Biggs, Thomas Albert   3 Richmond View            Pte. R.E. 
Biggs, W.              3 Richmond View            Pte. 49970 10th West Yorks. 
Billam, A.             7 Duke Street              Driver A.S.C. 
Billam, F.             7 Duke Street              Private 2030 D Co. 5th D.L.I. 
Billam, T.             3 Greenwell Street         Pte. 2030 5th D.L.I. 
Binks, H.              Waverley Terr.             18th Batt.  D.L.I. 
Binks, W.              16 Brunton Street          Pte. 1743 5th D.L.I. 
Birch, J.H.G.          St Hilda’s Clergy House    Chaplain D.L.I. 
Bird, J.               11 East Terrace            Gunner 50773 28th Battery R.F.A. 
Birdsall, J.H.                                    Private 1507 B Section 2nd Northumbrian Field Ambulance
Birkbeck, H.J.         41 Brinkburn Rd.           Sergt. 55090 R.E. (Railway Transport)
Birkbeck, W.O.         38 Cleasby Terrace         Sergt. 40042 2nd Tank Batt.  Tank Corps
Bissell, J.W.          1 Cricket Field Row        L/Cpl. 5th Yorks. 
                       Presumed killed May 27th 1918
Black, J.M.                                       Lance Sergt. 15th Batt.  N.F. 
Black, John Thomas     29 Forster Street          Sapper 478662 456th Field Coy. R.E. 
Blackbourn, J.W.       14 Rockingham Street       Pte. 1691 2nd Northumbrian Field Ambulance
Blackett, Thomas       16 Zetland Street          Pte. 205537 Royal West Kents
                       Killed in action May 5th 1918
Blacklin, R.           Heighington                Army Service Corps
Blacklock, W.          5 Middleton St.            1638 5th D.L.I. 
Blackman, R.           40 Cartmell Terr.          Pte. 2480 5th D.L.I. 
Bladen, Harold Akers   32 Salisbury Terrace       Signaller 295902 151st Heavy Battery R.G.A. 
                       Died from gas poison 27th October 1917. 
                       Buried Wimeraux Cemetery France
Blades, W.                                        Gunner 151st Batt.  R.G.A. 
Blair, H.              Haughton le Skerne         Pte. 2025 5th D.L.I. 
Blair, J.              30 Belgrave Street         Stoker R.F.R.  H.M.S. Sapphire
Blake, Joseph          3 Rockingham Street        1st Class Aircraftsman Royal Naval Air Service
Blake, J.H.            29 Vine Street             Cpl. 131448 234 Field Coy. 39th Division R.E. 
Blakey, W. Wm.         26 China Street            Cpl. 276934 190th Siege Battery R.G.A. 
Bland, H.P.            9 Garbutt Square           L/Cpl. 1st Cameronians
Bland, John            43 New Park Street         Sapper 7900 11th Field Coy. 2nd Div. R.E. 
                       Killed in action Nov.13th 1914
Bland, Roy             40 Albion Street           250831 Pte. 6th D.L.I. 
Bland, T.              5 Crabtree Yard            Pte. 9th D.L.I. 
Blaylock, Percy        Greenbank Crescent         2nd Lieut. D.L.I. 
Blaylock, Richard      38 Salisbury Terrace       L/Cpl. 13465 12th N.F. 
                       Died from wounds Feb.7th 1916. Buried at Bailwell Cemetery
Blaylock, T.H.         38 Salisbury Terrace       Sapper 43802 92nd Field Co. R.E.
Blewitt, A.            17 Queen Street            Pte. 1515 5th D.L.I. 
Blewitt, James         20 I’Anson Street          Pte. 12241 Border Regt.
                       Killed in action 22nd Oct.1918 at Cambrai
Blumer, B.             Haughton le Skerne         Qtr. Master Sergt. Northd. Hussars Imperial Yeomanry
Blumer,                Carmel View Carmel Rd.     Captain D.L.I. 
Blythman, C.S.         87 Eastbourne Rd.          Sapper 301899 R.E. 
Blytheman, Thos. W.    20 Victoria Embankment     Gunner 117511 544 Household Siege Battery R.G.A. 
Bower, F.              6 Fry Street               Pte. 102715 7th Notts. and Derby Regt.
Bolton, Arthur F.      2 Westbrook Villas         Signaller 202553 6th D.L.I. 
Bolton, G.             1 Sedgwick Street          L7321 2 Section 56th D.A.C. 
Bolton, H.C.           2 Westbrook Villas         Trooper 2900 B Squadron Yorkshire Hussars
Bolton, J.             11 Chestnut Street         Pte. 38th Canadians
Doddy, T.W.            1 Herbert Street           Pte. 41940 Machine Gun Corps
Boggan, H.             79 Shildon Street          Pte. 2087 5th D.L.I. 
Bolton, R.H.C.                                    Yorkshire Hussars
Bone, J.?R.?           24 Duke Street             Second Aircraftsman 164547 Royal Air Force
Booth, Joseph William  9 Nelson Terrace           2nd Lt. R.F.A. 
                       Died from wounds on October 8th 1918. Buried at Anneaux
Borrowdale, J.         9 Chestnut Street          Pte. 65094 24th Canadians
Botterill, Frederick   18 Belgrave Street         Pte. 2nd Northumbrian Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. 
Bowes, Arthur          10 Wales Street            Pte. 4199 5th D.L.I. 
Bowes, C.T.            74 Cumberland Street       1741 5th D.L.I. 
                       Wounded at Ypres
Bowes, Edwin           10 Wales Street            Pte. 4405 5th D.L.I. 
Bowes, H.              Elmhurst                   Lieut.-Col. Commanding 18th D.L.I. 
Bowes, J.A.                                       Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Bowes, William         10 Wales Street            Pte. 205091 4th East Yorks. 
Bowker, Richard                                   Sergt. 35782 15th D.L.I. 
                       Shot by sniper at Kemmel Hill April 18th 1918
Bowness, Cecil Hubert  40 Kingston Street         Gunner Royal Horse Artillery
Bowness, L.            Dickinson Street           Pte. 2009 5th D.L.I. 
Bowran, Albert         4 Pattison Street          Pte. 42853 1st Lincolns
Bowran, Charles E.     4 Pattison Street          Driver 90769 R.E. 
Bowes, G.H.            74 Cumberland Street       Pte. 4095 3rd 5th D.L.I. 
                       Died on July 13th 1918
Bowes, R.W.            26 Victoria Embankment     Pte. 41958 2/6 South Staffordshire Regt.
Bowe, Wilfred H.       51 Park Place              Sapper 131830 R.E. 
Bowe, William B.       7 British School Yd.       Sapper 131449 R.E. 
Bowman, Alexander Y.   7 Denmark Street           Signaller 21/240 15th Div. D.L.I. 
                       Killed between March 21st and 31st 1918
Bowran, Thos. Darling  14 Dixon Terrace           Pte. 16 18th D.L.I.
                       Killed in France April 12th 1918.
Bowran, Walter         14 Dixon Terrace           Driver T/1/675 163 Coy. R.A.S.C. 
Boyd, G.W.             52 Barron Street           Pte. N.F. 
                       Killed in action
Boyd, E.               22 Bedford Street          C.S.M. 201514 5th D.L.I. 
Boydell, J.            5 Nelson Terrace           Pte. 15th London Regt.  (M.M.)
Boylan, Peter          13 John Street             Pte. 657069 Border Regt. 
                                                  Trans. to Royal Munster Fusiliers
Boylan, Vincent        13 John Street             Pte. 22/212 22nd D.L.I.  
                       Killed in action
Boyle, A.              Hanover Street             2125 Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Bradford, James        Milbank Road               Northd. Huss. Imp. Yeomanry
Bradford, B.                                      Lieut. 2nd D.L.I.  (M.C.)
Brack, John            35 Farrer Street           Pte. 28000 K.O.R. Lancaster Regt.
                       Killed at Ypres on Sept.20th 1917
Bradley, Arthur        55 Shildon Street          Pte. 203441 1/4th Yorks. and Lancs. Regt.
Braithwaite, Frank     14 Vulcan Street           Pte. 8575 10th West Yorks. M.G. Section
                       Killed in action Feb.16th 1917
Braithwaite, J.R.      14 Vulcan Street           A.B. H.M.S. Birmingham
Braithwaite, Joseph    26 Swan Street             2nd A.M. 109007 R.A.F. 
Braithwaite, William   26 Swan Street             Sergt. 2639 5th D.L.I. 
Braithwaite, Joseph H. 26 Swan Street             2nd A.M. 109007 R.A.F. 
Braithwaite, John      26 Swan Street             Sergt. 200284 D.L.I. 
                       Killed in action April 23rd 1917
Brand, C.B.            ‘Westbourne’ Pierremont Cresc. Pte. 2453 5th D.L.I. 
Brand, G.H.             3 Belgrave Street         Pte. 1530 5th D.L.I. 
Bray, James             27 Vulcan Street          34711 R.F.A. 
Bray, Sam.              27 Vulcan Street          148 Batt. Kitchener’s Army
Brebner, C.                                       Major R.A.M.C. 1st London Field Hospital
Brennan, James                                    Corporal 2nd Northumbrian Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. 
Brennan, J.J.                                     Pte. 1314 2nd Northumbrian Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. 
Brennan, John                                     Private 2nd Northumbrian Field Ambulance A Section R.A.M.C. 
Brennan, Thomas Vincent                           Private 2nd Northumbrian Field Ambulance A Section R.A.M.C. 
Brentley, Arthur        2 Kitchen Street          Stoker H.M.S. Peshawar
Broadfoot, A.           22 Oaklands Terrace       Sapper W R/273882 Light Railways R.E. 
Broadley, W.            36 Upper Victoria Street  Pte. Army Ordnance Corps
Broadley, William Sidney 80 Orchard Road          1st Air Mechanic 7000 R.A.F. 
Broadwith, Herbert      59 Hargreave Terrace      Sapper 47096 81st Field Coy. R.E. 
                        Killed in action March 29th 1916 at St Vaast near Neuve Chapelle
Brogan, J.                                        Pte. 1450 5th D.L.I. 
Brookes, J.             41 Chatsworth Terrace     Pte. 1871 5th D.L.I. 
Brotton, Frederick      24 Farrer Street          Stoker H.M.S. Venerable
Brotton, John George    24 Farrer Street          Stoker H.M.S. Superb R.N.R.
Brotton, Joseph Henry   24 Farrer Street          Pte. 2478 D.L.I. 
Brown, Albert Edward    18 Rydal Road             Sapper 218706 R.E. 
Brown, Charlie          38 North Lodge Terrace    L/Cpl. 72137 R.A.S.C. M.T. Armoured Cars
Brown, Alan George      8 Swinburne Rd.           Lieut. 10th N.F. 
                        Killed in action crossing the Piave Oct.27th 1918
Brown, James Rayne      8 Swinburne Rd.           Trooper Canterbury (N.Z.) Mounted Rifles
Brown, Colin Marley     8 Swinburne Rd.           Pte. Black Watch Regt.
Brown, E.               15 Roslyn Street          Sergt. 30667 Grenadier Guards
Browne, E.              26 Percy Street           Pte. 19394 8th Yorks. Regt.
                        Killed in action Sept.28th 1918
Brown, George H.        82 Dodds Street           Sapper 46531 R.E. Signals
Brown, H.               27 Glebe Rd               Pte. 238 A.S.C. 
Brown, H.                                         Gunner 151st R.G.A. 
Brown, Henry R.         2 Cleveland Terrace       Pte. 4th East Yorks
Brown, Henry            69 Victoria Embankment    Bdr. 58336 130th Heavy Battery R.G.A. 
Brown, Horace           2 Cleveland Terrace       J 61439 H.M.S. Saracen
Brown, J.G.             Bartlett Street           Pte. 1430 5th D.L.I. 
Brown, J.T.                                       E.R.A. 4th Class H.M.S. Fortune 
                        Died May 31st 1916
Brown, J.W.             2 Newfoundland Street     Pte. 23037 2nd K.O.Y.L.I.
Brown, J.W.             5 Wallis’s Yd.            Driver 168 Sub. Section R.F.A. 
Brown, Norman Watson    36 Bracken Rd.            1st Lt. 3rd East Lancs. R. attached Machine Gun Corps. 
                        Died from Wounds May 1st 1917 at Arras
Brown, Reginald         2 Cleveland Terrace       J 75996 H.M.S. Spey Bay
Brown, R.H.             15 East Mount Crescent    Pte. 36543 14th Kings Hussars
Brown, Robert           5 William St.             232368 Aoll R.N.A.S. and R.A.F. 
Brown, Sidney           Orchard Road              L.Cpl. 14th Yorks.  
                        Wounded at Ypres
Brown, T.               51 Green Street           Gunner 20592 R.F.A.
                        Killed in action 1917
Brownbridge, C.         58 Dodds Street           Pte. 42477 53rd Coy. R. Defence Corps
Brownbridge, Robert     73 Barningham Street      6th D.L.I. 
Brownbridge, R.         58 Dodds Street           Pte. 21691 778 Area Emp. Co.
Browning, A.                                      Gunner 151st Batt.  R.G.A. 
Browning, John          2 Queen Street            Pte. 8021 3rd N.F.  
                        Invalided home
Brownless, E.           38 Vancouver Street       Sergt. A Coy. County Batt. D.L.I. 
Bruce, A.               66 Falmer Rd              Pte. 11194 H Coy. 2nd D.L.I. 
Bruce, T.               66 Falmer Rd.             Sergt. 8934 7 Double Coy. 2nd D.L.I. 
Bruce, W.H.             77 Falmer Rd.             1634 Cpl. 5th D.L.I.
Brydon, John E.         ‘Milburn’                 Captain R.A.M.C. 
                        Died from gas in France June 27th 1917
Buck, C.                7 Auckland Rd.            Sergt. S4/146677 R.A.S.C. 
Buck, George Henry      9 St. Andrew’s St.        L/Cpl. 6th Northd. Fusil.
Buckle, Harry           88 Eastbourne Rd.         Signaller 272 8th D.L.I. 
Buckle, March           88 Eastbourne Rd.         Pte. 40386 Yorks. and Lancs. Regt.
Buckton, W.F.           24 Aldam Street           Pte. 73544 R.A.M.C.  
                        Killed January 1st 1917
Bulmer, P.W.            27 Victoria Rd.           C.Q.M.S. 102767 D.L.I. 
Bulmer, T.              Haughton le Skerne        Cpl. P2530 Military Police
Burn, A.                Hammer Street             Pte. 12th N.F.
                        Missing after Loos Sept. 1915
Burn, G.H.              27 Selbourne Terrace      Pte. CH 21810 Royal Marines
Burn, J.W.              27 Selbourne Terrace      Signaller 859 20th D.L.I. 
                        Killed at Messines June 8th 1917
Burn, John William      27 Selbourne Terrace      Signaller 859 20th D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action at Messines June 8th 1917
Burn, L.H.              27 Selbourne Terrace      Signaller 273027 19th D.L.I. 
Burn, R.H.              27 Selbourne Terrace      Signaller 276026 19th D.L.I. 
Burn, Ralph             4 Hammer Street           Pte. 12th N.F.
                        Killed in action Sept. 25 1915
Burnley, Walter         9 Hilda Street            Pte. 6114 3/2 Scottish Horse
Burns, John             28 Mount Street           Pte. 3rd Northd. Fusiliers
Burndside, G.           9 Mount Street            Driver 150 Battery R.F.A. 
Burnside, J.W.          9 Mount Street            Pte. 8903 G Coy. West Yorks. 
Burnside, M.            10 Model Place            Cpl. 9th D.L.I. 
Burnside, William       9 Old Model Place         Pte. 9th D.L.I. 
Burr, T.                                          6430 R.A. 
Burton, Charles Richard 61 Brunton Street         A.C. 231539 R.A.F. 
Burton, Francis W.      18 Sun Street             Sapper NR/270227 78th B.G.W. Coy. D.G.T.T., R.E.
Burton, Harold          18 Sun Street             Sergt. 167845 X Coy. R.A.S.C. 
Burton, George          Bowman Street             Pte. 96415 13th D.L.I. 
                        Killed on October 27th 1918
Burton, H.G.N.          23 East Raby Street       Pte. 200562 1/5 D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action at Lange March Oct. 27th 1917
Burton, Fred            Bowman Street             Sapper 104072 227th Field Coy. R.E. 
Burton, Harry           Bowman Street             Cpl. 104139 227th Field Coy. R.E. 
Butler, E.J.            79 Marshall Street        Gunner 295907 21st Heavy Battery R.G.A. 
                        Killed in action in France March 18 1918
Buttery, Thos. W.       Kendrew Street            1774 5th D.L.I. 
                        Wounded at Ypres
Burnett, R.             71 Hercules Street        Pte. 1701 5th D.L.I. 
Burnip, Wilfrid         7 Hilda Street            Pte. 23rd R.F. 
                        Killed in action
Burnip, William         Escombe House Durham Rd.  Armourer/S.Sergt.  A.O.C. att. 85 Siege Btty.  R.G.A. 
                        Killed in action France
Baynes, Harry                                     Pte. 3rd D.L.I.  
Baynes, Fred.                                     Pte. 2nd West Yorks.  
                        Died of wounds in France Feb.16th 1918. 
                        Buried at Nine Elms Cemetery Poperinghe
Cain, Albert Irving     10 Sedgewick Street       Cpl. 268676 1/6th Batt.  Black Watch R. Highlanders
Calvert, Ernest         25 Greenbank Rd. North    Gunner 95th Battery R.F.A. 
Calvert, William        25 Greenbank Rd. North    Bdr. 126th Battery R.F.A.
Calvert, Alfred         49 Surtees St.            Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Calvert,-               27 Columbia Street        O.S. Royal Navy
Campbell, K.W.D.        High Coniscliffe          21st (Public Schools) Batt. R. Fusiliers
Campbell, W.            6 West Raby Street 
                        Killed June 1915
Cann, H.B.              14 Carters Row            L/Cpl. 5th D.L.I. 
Carberry, E.                                      Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A.
Carberry, M.                                      Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A.
Carlton, George         66 Dodds Street           Pte. 17646 25th Coy. A.S.C. 
Carlton, J.W.           30 Albion Street          Rifleman 1244 16th Batt. K.R.R.C.
Carlton, Thomas         66 Dodds                  Driver 2nd Horse Transport Section A.S.C. 
Carlton, J.W.           11 Dalton Street          Pte. 8th Batt. Border Regt.
Carney, David           69 Hercules Street        A/C 112214 R.A.F.  
Carney, James           69 Hercules Street        Q.M.S. 388088 2nd Northumbrian Field Amb. R.A.M.C., T.F.
Carpenter, William      3 Fry Street              Pte. 23547 1st East Lancs.
                        Killed in action Sep. 13 1917
Carr, T.H.              28 Major Street           Pte. 43756 19th D.L.I.
                        Died May 8th 1917 at Nerle
Carr, Edward            19 Lambton Street         Sapper 506571 R.E. 
Carr, M.                62 New Park Street        Sergt. 1227 N.F.
Carter, Edward          John St. Saw Mills        Pte. 200511 1/5th D.L.I. 
                        Died of wounds at Arras April 26th 1917
Carter, Frederick       6 Crabtree Yd. Tubwell Row Pte. 2015 5th D.L.I. 
Carter, G.R.            8 Dickinson Street        Private D.L.I. 
Carter, Joseph H.       31b Guerney Street        Staff Sergt. Instr 3/4th Seaforth Highlanders
Carter, W.              1 Upper John Street       Pte. 1526 5th D.L.I. 
Carter, William         John Street Saw Mills     Sergt. 200042 1/5th D.L.I. 
Carter, W.J.            6 Harewood Terrace        2nd Lieut. A.P.W.O. Yorks. Regt.
Cartwright, A.E.        19 Queen Street           Stoker H.M.S. Bristol
Cartwright, Herbert M.  7 South Terrace           Sergt. 9th Div Gas School
                        Killed in Flanders April 18th 1918. 
                        Buried at Scherpentorg 2 miles west of Kemmel Hill (D.C.M.)
Castling, Rufus         31 Greenwell St.          Pte. 210534 126 Labour Corps. 
                        Killed in action in France August 17 1917
Catchpole, A.           46 High Northgate         Pte. 388054 B Section 1st Northumbrian Field Amb. 
                                                  R.A.M.C. 50th Division.
                        Died a prisoner of war Sept. 26th 1918 at Worms Germany
Cemmik, E.              39 Green Street           Pte. 200353 5th D.L.I. 
Chandler, T.                                      Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Chapman, Harry          The Hill Cockerton        295910 151st R.G.A. 
                        Killed in action at Ypres
Chapman, Wm.            Vane Terrace              Pte. R.F.A. 
Chapman, W.             9 Northumberland St.      Pte. A.S.C. 
Chapman, –              Ivy Cottage Tubwell Row   Pte. 9th D.L.I. 
Charleton, Alfred       14 China Street           S./O S J 27591 H.M.S. Lion 
                        Died Feb. 26th 1916 of exposure in North Sea 
Charlton, C.            51 Trafalgar Terrace      Pte. 2127 5th D.L.I. 
Charlton, H.            5 Green St.               Pte. 31942 2nd D.L.I. 
Charlton, R.N.          Dalton on Tees            Pte. 1749 5th D.L.I. 
Charlton, T.            21 Adelaide Street        Rifleman 2nd Kings Own Royal Rifles. 
                        Killed in action May 1915
Charlton, William       5 Green Street            Pte. A Section 2nd N.F.A. R.A.M.C. 
Cheetham, Herbert       6 Arkendale Street        Driver 27326 R.F.A. 
Chilton, A.F.           Langholme Crescent        R.F.A. 
Chipchase, C.J.                                   Pte. 411/11 D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action December 19th 1916 at Ganichy
Chipchase, W.H.         18  Wooler Street         Pte. 017191 R.A.O.C. 
Christie, Herbert       10 Oakland Terrace        1st Class Stoker H.M.S. Opal 
                        Drowned on January 12th 1918
Clapham, W.H.           25 Japan Street           Cpl. 205039 20th D.L.I. 
Clapham, William Thos.  Hurworth Moor             Pte. 17th Service Batt. N.E.R. Pioneers Northd. Fusiliers
Clark, A.G.             35 Mowden Terr.           Bdr. 90039 160th Battery R.F.A. 
Clark,-                                           Pte. 19th D.L.I. 
Clark, E.               7 Vulcan Street           Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Clark, John             Hanover House Victoria Rd. Trooper 3325 Yorks. Hussars
Clark, Richard T.       Haughton le Skerne        Pte. 2085 4th Batt. Border Regt.
Clarke, Richard W.      36 New Model Place        Driver 083472 A.S.C.
                        Drowned through the sinking of the Cameronian June 2 1917
Clarkson, J.            24 Outram Street          Bdr. R.F.A. 
Clarkson, J.            28 Barningham Street      Pte. 112836 R.A.F. 
Clarkson, R.            28 Barningham Street      Pte. 375570 5th D.L.I. 
Clarkson, W.F.          10 Kitchener Street       Guardsman 19880 1st Coldstream Guards
Clayton, Chas.          39 Freeman’s Place        Pte. Grenadier Guards.
                        Wounded 24th Dec. --at La Bassee
Clement, George         Aldbrough                 Pte. 8th Batt. 2nd Brigade Canadians 90th Rifles. 
                        Prisoner of war
Clement, George         Spring Street             Gunner 18990 C Batt. R.F.A. 
Clement, John L.N.      4 Mount Street            102717 Notts and Derby Regt.
Clement, Robert W.      4 Mount Street            Driver Royal Engineers
Clements William        47 Harcourt Street        Bdr. B Battery 46th Brigade R.F.A. 
Cleminson, Charles      Oxford Street             Pte. R.A.M.C., D.L.I. Ter.
Cleminson, Charles Norman                         Pte. B Coy. 5th Platoon 18th D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action on July 1st 1916 at Sausage Valley Fricourt
Clemison, E.            27 Freeman’s Place        Pte. 1400 5th D.L.I. 
Cleminson, E.E.         20 Falmer Rd.             Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
                        Wounded at Ypres April 28th 1915
Cleminson, George       27 Freeman’s Place        Pte. 35159 Duke of Wellingtons Regt.
Cleminson, John         48 Lewis Rd.              Pte. 34260 5th Duke of Wellingtons West Riding Regt.
Cleminson, John William 100 Thornton Street       Driver 96427/D/51 Bde R.F.A. 
                        Killed in action July 21st 1916
Cleminson, R.D.         100 Thornton Street       Pte. 47023 15th Lancs Fusiliers
Clough, A.              19 Wooler Street          Pte. R.A.M.C. 
Clough, J.              3 Bloomfield Rd.          R.S.M. 388018 D.C.M. M.S.M. R.A.M.C. 
Clues, S.               15 Princess Square        Pte. 12036 2nd West Riding Regt.
                        Killed in action 1st July 1916
Coates, George          11 Zetland Street         Sergt. 991 5th D.L.I. 
                        Wounded May 1915
Coates, G.H.                                      Captain 5th D.L.I. and 2/9th D.L.I.
                        Died on December 25th 1915
Coates, H.              Major Street              Sergt. 9th D.L.I. 
Coates, Henry M.        3 Bell’s Place            Gunner Indian Expeditionary Force 4th Gurkhas
Coates, W.N.                                      Captain R.G.A. 
Coates, William         3 Danesbury Terrace       Gunner 146 Heavy Battery R.G.A. 
Cockburn, Thomas        30 Chandos Street         Pte. 42158 2nd K.O.Y.L.I. 
                        Killed in action Sept. 29th 1917
Cocker, J.              5 Union Street            Pte. 166690 R.A.S.C., M.T.
Cockfield, J.           40 Havelock Street        4415 3rd Batt. K.O.R. Lancaster Regt.
Cockfield, James Henry  14 Stanley Street         Pnr. 131384 R.E. 
                        Killed in action on Somme July 2nd 1916
Cockfield, J.R.         40 Havelock Street        Pte. 260141 2nd Yorks. Regt.
                        Killed in action July 31st 1917
Cockfield, Thomas       14 Stanley Street         Pte. 1585 D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action in France
Cole, George Edward     85 Clifton Rd.            L/Cpl. H.Q’s 12th Kings Liverpool Regt.
Colebrooke, Arthur                                Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Colebrook,-             17 Wales Street           11688 2nd Seaforth Highlanders
Colebrook, R.A.         Wales Street              Pte. 2013 5th D.L.I. 
Colgrave, W.H.          23 Craig Street           Able Seaman served on H.M.S. Russell, Myngs,
                                                  Osbourne, Stroud and H.M.S. Foyle
Collier, John           14 China Street           54893 R.G.A. 
Collier, Percy          14 China Street           R N 
Collier, Reginald       14 China Street           Gunner 96426 R.F.A. 
                        Killed in France St Julien August 7th 1918
Colling, Anthony A.     29 Freeman’s Place        1542 Signaller 5th D.L.I. 
                        Wounded near Ypres May 1915
Collinson, E.           50 Kingston Street        Gunner 295950 R.G.A. 
Collinson, J.J.         72 Harrison Terrace       Pte. 32/153 17th N.F. 
Collingwood, A.W.       2 Auckland Road           Pte. 2021 5th D.L.I. 
Conlon, Joseph          56 Leafield Rd.           Pte. 325875 1/9 D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action April 13 1917 at Wancourt Towers 
Connor, H.              Brunswick Street          Pte. 1606 5th D.L.I. 
Cook, Cyril C.          14a Dixon Terrace         388154 2nd Northumbrian F.A. 
Cook, H.                14a Dixon Terrace         Pte. 1981 5th D.L.I. 
Cook, J.                14a Dixon Terrace         Pte. 2246 5th D.L.I. 
Cooper, J.E.            Garden Suburb             2nd Officer
Cook, J.H.                                        Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Cooper, A.G.            Garden Suburb             Pte. West Yorks. Regt.
Cook, L.J.              7 Nelson Terrace          L/Cpl. 41072 West Yorks. Regt.
                        Killed at Paschendale Ridge on Oct. 27th 1917
Cooper, Maurice         Staindrop Rd              Warwickshire Yeomanry
Cook, -                                           Gunner 214th Battery R.F.A. 
Cooper, Harold          49 Clifton Road           Pte. 110110 52nd D.L.I. 
Cooper, J.D.            21 Spring St.             Pte. 409 3rd Batt. K.O.Y.L.I. 
Cooper, James           20 Lawrence Street        Pte. 32144 25th N.F. 
Cooper, R.A.                                      Sergt.  Rand Rifles
Cooper, Wilfred Binks   29 Dodds Street           Pte. 1398 R.A.M.C. .
                        Wounded at Ypres April 1915. Died two days later
Cooper, R.                                        R.G.A.
Cooper, W.W.            Garden Suburb             C.Q.M.S. Lancs. Fusiliers
Corby, Thomas Wm.       11 Potter’s Yard          Sapper 131377 R.E.  234th Co.
Cordwell, Henry J.A.    30 Salisbury Terrace      306168 2 a/m R.A.F. 
Cordwell, W.D.          23 Grange Rd.             Airman 97902 1st Pte. R.A.F. 
Cornforth, S.           75 Wilson St.             Pte. 1598 5th D.L.I. 
Corner, C.W.            8 Dickinson St.           Pte. 3751 5th D.L.I. 
Corrigan, J.                                      Pte. B Co 4th West Yorks
Cossins, F.             31 King William St.       Pte. 1237 5th D.L.I. 
Costello, Thomas                                  Pte. 2nd D.L.I.
                        Killed in action April 26th 1918 Chater Ridge Ypres
Coulon, J.              22 Oxford Street          Pte. 1561 5th D.L.I. 
Coulson, –              22 Bartlett Street        Pte. 9th D.L.I. 
Coultish, Edward        5 Brighton Rd.            A.B. Gunner H.M.S. Benbow
Cousins, A.C.           16 Green Street           Sergt. 2nd Northumberland F.A., R.A.M.C. 
Coverdale, H.           2 Wallis’s Yard           Pte. 3rd D.L.I. 
Cowe, J.                                          Sapper 43617 82 Company R.E. 
Cowling, T.             97 Cumberland Street      L-Acm 403747 23rd Squadron R.A.F. 
Cowper, Frank Moore     32 Southend Avenue Darlington Lieut. A.S.C. 
Cowper, G.M.            Southend Avenue           Lieut. R.A.M.C. 
Cox, Francis James Cecil 3 Dodds Street           117870 R.G.A. 
Cox, W.                                           Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Cox-Walker, N.          Linden Avenue             2nd Lieut. 12th Batt. A.P.W.O. Yorks. Regt. 
Craggs, A.                                        Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Craggs, F.              4 King William St.        Pte. 1570 5th D.L.I. 
Craggs, J.              7 St Georges Square       Seaman H.M.S. Granerweal
Craggs, J.F.            75 Lewes Rd.              Driver R.F.A.
Craggs, Robert          20 Hazel Avenue           Pte. 1st Northd. Fusiliers
                        Died of wounds Bailleul France 8th April 1915
Craggs, Robert Henry    Maiden Dale Cottages      Pte. 17th Service Batt. Northd. Fusiliers
Craggs, S.              5 Palace Yd.              Pte. 24 Platoon
Craggs, H.W.                                      E.R.A.   H.M.S. Minatour
Craggs, J.B.                                      Captain Northd. Fusiliers
Craggs, T.              Whessoe St.               Sergt. 204 5th D.L.I. 
Craggs, Wm. H.          Maiden Dale Cottages      Pte. Northd. Fusiliers
Craig, Stephen          I’Anson St                5th D.L.I. 
Craggs, J.W.            72 Harrison Terrace       Sapper 505517 R.E.D. ?
Craig, J.                                         Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Craighill, George Edward 69 Orchard Rd.           Sergt. 204037 4th East Yorks. Regt.
Crawford, E.            58 Archer Street          Pte. 93829 3rd Sherwood Forresters
Crawford, H.W.          16a Larchfield Street     Pte. 4376 2/8th D.L.I. 
Crawford, J.H.          58 Archer Street          Pte. 22/260 22nd D.L.I. 
Crawford, Robert        7 Lucknow Street          Sergt. 10361 2nd Kings Liverpool Regt.
Crawford, Samuel        7 Lucknow Street          L/Cpl. 11590 1st Kings Liverpool Regt. 
                        Killed in action at Givenchy
Crawford, Samuel        Alan Street               Pte. 1st Kings Liverpool Regt.
                        Killed in action at Neuve Chapelle
Crawford, W.            58 Archer Street          8034 R. Marine Engineers
Crawford, William James 10 Hercules Street        L/Cpl. 10557 1st Border Regt.
                        Killed in action April 23rd 1917
Creasor, E.             1 Borough Rd.             Pte. 2229 5th D.L.I. 
Creasor, J.W.           22 Brunton Street         Pte. 38532 3rd D.L.I. 
Crisp, R.                                         Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Crissey, P.             8 Foundry Street          Pte. 6326373 2nd Northumbrian Field Amb. R.A.M.C. 
                                                  and 2/20 London Regt.
Crissey, J.W.           1 Sprouts Yd Church St.   Pte. 1430 2nd Northumbrian Field Ambulance R.A.M.C.
Croft, T.G.             Havelock Street           Staff Sergt. Army Ordnance Corps
Croft, W.R.             75 Brunton Street         Sapper 126th Field Co. R.E. 
                        Missing from May 29th 1918. Reported to have died on that day
Crosling, John          8 Fern Street             Pte. Royal Engineers
Crowther, T.W.          34 Eskdale Street         C.S.M. 202964
Crowe, George           Fernville West Crescent   L/Cpl. 337212 9th D.L.I. 
Crowe, George           Haughton le Skerne        Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Crowe, T.               Grey Horse Inn Haughton le Skerne Pte. 1531 Darlington Territorials
Crowe, William          42 Greenwell Street       Pte. 48192 2/5th North Staffs
Cruddas, B.             8 Sun Street              Sergt. 7202 12th D.L.I.    (D.C.M.)
Cummins, Albert         Queen St.                 Sergt. 15052 1st N.F.    (M.M.)
Cummins, R.W.           63 Lewis Rd.              Pte. 19701 10th Northd. Fusiliers
Curry, B.W.             16 Stanhope Rd            L/Cpl. 239 1st Div. Sig. Coy. Australian I.F. 
                        Killed near Ypres 30 Sept.1917  (M.M.)
Currey, Frederick                                 Pte. A Coy. County Batt. D.L.I. 
Curry, C.M.             Stanhope Rd.              So. African Field Force
Curtis, J.E.            42 Jane Street            Pte. S/11831 Seaforth Highlanders
Curtis, T.              30 Havelock Street        Pte. D.C.L.I. 
Cuthbertson, J.G.       60 Duke Street            Cpl. 63640 R.A.F. Egypt
Dalby, John Ernest      43 Falmer Rd.             L/Cpl. 83174 Northd. Fusiliers
Dalby, Cecil            46 Falmer Rd.             Pte. 2016 H Coy. 5th D.L.I. 
Dalby, Cecil            46 Falmer Rd.             Sergt. 200143 5th D.L.I. 
Daley, J.               67 Harrison Terrace       Pte. 14864 11th N.F. 
Daley, Daniel           15 Howard Street          Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Daley, James            15 Howard Street          Stoker H.M.S. Lauriston
Daley, Joseph           15 Howard Street          Stoker H.M.S. Queen Mary
Dalkin, Thomas          Crosby Street             Pte. 15505 R.A.M.C. 
Dalking, James V.       24 Crosby Street          Cpl. R.A.M.C. 
Darbyshire, J.          5 Oaklands Terrace        Sapper 53048 R.E. 
Davey, A.W.             2 Ridsdale Street         Pte. 2000 5th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action near Ypres 25th April 1915
Davey, T.E.             2 Ridsdale Street         Bugler 1383 2nd Northd Field Ambulance R.A.M.C.
                        Killed in action near Ypres May 1915
Davey, Walter                                     R.A.M.C.  
                        Killed in action May 1915
Davidson, H.E.          Union Offices             Gunner R.G.Artillery
Davies, Archibald       Stanhope Rd.              Trooper Northd. Hussars
Davies, Wm. H.          Coniscliffe Rd.           2nd Lieut. 8th Batt. K.O.S.B. 
Davies, Wm. T.                                    Stoker R.N.R. 
Davies, H.                                        Pte. 18th D.L.I. 
Davison, Arthur         54 Barningham Street      C.S.M. 1489 5th D.L.I. 
Davison, Fred           Tubwell Row               Bdr. 17 Bde. R.F.A. 
                        Died July 28 1918
Dawes, B.               17 Zetland Street         238 A.S.C. 
Dawson, H.B.            14 Gibson Tce.            Sergt. 5th D.L.I. 
Day, J.                 6 Russell West            Pte. 61465 1/4 Hallamshires  Y and L’s
Dearing, J.L.           Bright Street             Lieut. R.A.F. 
Deighton, G.            40 Brunton Street         Gunner R.G.A. 
Deighton, Frank         Valley Street             Driver R.E. 
Deighton, E.A.          39 New Park Street        Sergt. R.A.F.  (D.C.M.)
Dennison, W.            Osborne Terr.             Sergt. R.F.A.
Denison, Wm. G.         1 Richmond View           Gunner 34713 R.F.A. 
Dent, Edward            Beaconsfield Street       Sergt. 1st D.L.I. 
Dent, F.W.              64 Brighton Road          Pte. 41797 15 Royal Scots.
Dent, Joseph            Zetland Street            L/Cpl. 17th D.L.I. 
Dent, Henderson         Zetland Street            Pte. 17th D.L.I. 
Dent, –                 Windsor Terrace           Bdr. R.F.A. 
Dent, George William    Church Row Hurworth on Tees Leading Stoker H.M.S. Attentive
Devey, John Thomas      21 Beaumont Street        165 Battery 51 Brigade R.F.A. 
Devonport, F.N.         3 Lucknow Street          Signaller 8725 1st West Yorks
                        Missing March 21st 1918. Presumed killed on that date
Dickinson, Abel         17 Upper Archer Street    9th D.L.I. 
Dickinson, E.           Technical College         Capt Dublin Fusiliers
                        Killed in action Gallipoli Peninsula July 1915
Dickinson, R.W.         6 Salisbury Terrace       Pte. 27611 3rd Grenadier Guards
                        Died at homeon April 18th 1919 from gas poisoning
Dinsdale, Arthur        70 Vancouver Street       Pte. Yorkshire Dragoons
Dinsdale, E.            8 Willow Rd.              Pte. 1436 5th Batt. D.L.I. 
Dinsdale, Fred          10 Willow Rd.             Pte. 2/4 Northd. Fusiliers 
Dinsdale, W.            8 Willow Rd.              Pte. 2423 5th D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action near Ypres April 25th (1915)
Ditchburn, T.L.         20 Major Street           L/Cpl. 23061 A Coy. 2nd Batt. K.O.Y.L.I. 
                        Killed in action Jan.26th 1916 near Albert 
Ditchburn, A.           20 Major Street           Pte. S/4067 148th (R.N.) Field Ambulance 63rd Div. R.N.
Dixon, A.               30 Albion Street          Pte. 1st Batt. Northd. Fusiliers
Dixon, F.               16 Lambton Street         Pte. 1st N.F. 
                        Died January 14th 1916 at 14th General Hospital Wimereux France  
Dixon, S.C.             8 Brook Terrace           Sergt. 44 18th D.L.I.
Dixon, C.E.             73 Chandos Street         Pte. 5807 17th Lancers
Dixon, J.J.             8 Chestnut Street         Pte. 24631 5th Dragoon Guards 
Dixon, G.W.             8 Chestnut Street         Pte. 328434 4th D.L.I. 
Dixon, J.H.             57 Cumberland Street      Pte. 2204 5th D.L.I. 
Dixon, R.H.             Gladstone Street          L/Cpl. 2201 5th D.L.I. 
Dixon, F.               16 Lambton Street         Pte. 8575 A Coy. Northd. Fusiliers
Dixon, Arthur           Lawrence Street           Pte. 6th Durhams
Dixon, Harold           86 New Model Place        Gunner R.F.A. 
Dixon, Ivan             86 New Model Place        Sergt. R.A.M.C. 2nd Northd. Transport Section
Dixon, J.T.             7 St Andrews Street       L/Cpl. 18/1552 14th D.L.I. 
Dixon, J.H.             7 Temperance Place        Pte. 9th D.L.I. 
Dixon, F.               Thornton Street           2nd Lieut. 9th Batt. K.O.Y.L.I. 
Dixon, T.G.             32 Trafalgar Tce.         Pte. Royal Marine Light Infantry
Dixon, F.W.             1 Walker Terrace          Pte. 18/1551 14th D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action October 12th 1916
Dixon, Herbert          12 Willow Rd.             Pte. 105283 5th D.L.I. 
Dixon, Charles          12 Willow Rd.             Sapper 327148 R.E.B 
Dixon, H.E.             6 East Mount Terrace      Rifleman K.R.R.C. 
Dixon, G.               14 China Street           Pte. 20783 N.F. 
Dixon, J.A.                                       510 D Coy. 1st Batt. Northd. Fusiliers
Dixon, R.E.             28 Victoria Embankment    Sergt. R.A.S.C. 
Dixon, R.J.             6 East Mount Terrace      C.Q.M.S. R.A.S.C. 
Dixon, R.G.             1 Walker Terrace          Cpl. 30704 1st East Yorks. Regt. 
Dixon, R.J.             29 Ada Street             Sapper 166179 R.E. Wireless
Dixon, T.W.                                       Gunner 64958 24th Batt. R.F.A.
Dixon, J.H.                                       Gunner 65512 59th Batt. R.F.A. 
Dixon, A.S.                                       Pte. 43115 2nd D.L.I.
                        Killed in action at Loos April 19th 1917
Dobson, F.H.            12 Stewart Street         Pte. 3884342/2 Northumbriam Field Ambulance
Dobson, P.              12 Stewart Street         Sergt. Major A.O.C. 
Dobson, W.J.                                      Cpl. 4th Batt. A.P.W.O. Yorks. Regt.
Dobson, Percy           26 Elmfield Terrace       2nd Lieut. 7th D.L.I. 
Docherty, Arthur        41 Greenbank Rd.          Pte. 2nd Northumbrian Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. 
Docherty, Fred          ‘Ivythorne’ Greenbank Rd. Pte. 13th Yorks. Regt.
Docherty, Ernest        ‘Ivythorne’ Greenbank Rd. L/Cpl. 2nd D.L.I. 
Docherty, George        ‘Ivythorne’ Greenbank Rd. Coy. Sergt. Major 11th Northd. Fusiliers
                        Killed on the Somme July 7th 1916
Dodds, Harrison         2 Killinghall Street      Pte. 2592 5th D.L.I. 
Dodds, W.               58 Trafalgar Terrace      Pte. 1532 5th D.L.I. 
Dodds, Wm. P.           5 Dixon Terrace           L/Cpl. 02841 29th Service Coy. Army Ordnance Corps
Dodsworth, Frederick    3 Lambton Street          M 18200 Engine Room Artificer
Dodsworth, J.W.         11 Selborne Terrace       Sergt. 4030 5th D.L.I. 
Dodsworth, T.                                     Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Donald, James B         57 Greenbank Rd.          Cpl. 16170 1st Batt. Scots Guards
Donnison, F.W.          35 King Street            Pte. 9th D.L.I. 
Dorr, Charles           31 Brighton Rd.           Pte. 850 22nd D.L.I. (Pioneers)
Dorr George William     31 Brighton Rd.           Pte. 950 22nd D.L.I. (Pioneers)
                        Died of wounds Feb.16th 1918. Buried at Ypres
Douthwaite, H.          18 Jane Street            Pte. 9002 2nd D.L.I. 
Dover, Sydney           67 Gurney Street          Bdr. 27544 R.F.A.  
                        Wounded at Harlebeke Oct.19th 1918. Died of wounds Oct.20th 1918
Dowding, Bernard        St Lukes Terrace
Downs, F.               39 Havelock Street        Pte. 1575 5th D.L.I.
Dowson, R.W.                                      Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Dowson, L.              140 Craig Street          70 Brigade R.F.A. 
Dredge, Stanley.                                  Lieut. 23 M.G.C. Italian E.F. 
                        Killed in action June 15th 1918
Dresser, Wilfred        Cleveland Terrace         Pte. 4th Yorks
Drew, W.G.              2 Bowes Street            Pte. 316333 Scottish Labour Corps
Drewery, Donovan        High Coniscliffe          Trooper Northd. Hussars
Dunlop, F.              13 Wycombe Street         Pte. 9th D.L.I. (Reserves)
Dunn, Robt. J.          15 Zetland Street         Pte. 57647 4th East Yorks. Regt.
Dunn, Austin            41 Longfield Terrace      Flight Sergt. 9988 R.A.F. 
Dunn, Robert            15 Zetland Street         Pte. 57647 4th East Yorks. Regt.
Durham, W.                                        Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Dwyer, C.J.             Lewes Rd.                 5th D.L.I. 
Dyer, James             16 Henry Street           F Coy. 4th D.L.I. 
Dyson, Geo. B.          20 Leonard Street         Pte. 2/2 N.F.A., R.A.M.C. 
                        Reported to have died at Erfurt Germany 
                        whilst a Prisoner of War October 21st 1918
Earnshaw, E.            17 Major Street           1250 Cpl. 5th D.L.I.
Earnshaw, James H.      17 Major Street           Cpl. 5th D.L.I. 
Earle, Henry            26 Rocket Street          Sapper 204518 R.O.D., R.E. 
Earle, John William     26 Rocket Street          Pte. 1460 17th N.F. 
                        Died of wounds in France on July 5th 1918
Easby, F.T.                                        3rd Northumbrian Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. 
Eastbury, G.A.          11 Louisa Street           1999 Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Easter, Horace E.                                  Pte. 287 N.E.R. Batt. N.F. 
Eccles, Edwin           15 Henry Street            Sergt. 6454 2nd Dragoon Guards
Eccles, E.                                         Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Edmondson, F.           11 Russell St East         Cpl. 22952 K.O.Y.L.I. .
                        Killed in action May 29th 1918. Buried at Rheims
Ebdale, Harold          Haughton Lane Coal Depot   Pte. 271892 6 or 9th Yorks. R
Edmondson, J.L.         11 Russell East            C.Q.M.S. 1/5th D.L.I.  
                        Died of pneumonia in France Nov.5th 1918. Buried at Rouen
Eddy, Fredk.            60 Borough Rd              R.M./81282 R.A.M.C. 
Eglin, W.               Beechwood Avenue           2nd Lieut. 6th D.L.I. 
Elders, Charles D.      34 Clifton Rd.             2nd Writer R.N., H.M.S. Osiris
Elders, Harold B.       34 Clifton Rd.             2nd Writer R.N., H.M.S. St Vincent
Elgey, Alfred Wm.       3 Luck’s Terrace           Sapper 78806 Army Signal Coy. R.E. 
Elgey, John George      37 Park Place              Sapper 149041 98th Infantry Bgde Signals.
                        Killed in action April 19th 1918
Ellerby, A.V.           2 Shildon Street           Pte. 1578 R.A.M.C. 
Ellerby, A.V.           36 Cumberland Street       R.A.M.C. 2nd Northd. Fusiliers
Ellerby, H.             36 Cumberland St.          Cpl. 5th D.L.I. 
Ellerby, H.             12 Edmund Street           L/Cpl. 1581 5th D.L.I. 
Ellerby, H.             2 Shildon Street           Sergt. 1581 1/5th D.L.I.
                        Killed on Hill 60 March 23rd 1916
Elliott, J.R.           35 Aldam Street            Trooper 6303 Scottish Horse
Elliott, J.R.           4 Chancery Lane            Pte. 8598 10th D.L.I. 
Elliott, W.             Dolphin Hotel Market Place Cpl. 2202 5th D.L.I. 
Ellis, Alfred           54 Bedford Street          1st Army Cycle Corps
Ellis, Arthur           54 Bedford Street          18th Batt. D.L.I. 
Ellis, -                                           Cpl. Bugler Lord Durham’s County Batt. D.L.I. 
Ellis, Herbert          54 Bedford Street          1622 5th D.L.I. 
Ellison, Cuthbert                                  Pte. 22/930 22nd D.L.I. (Pioneers). 
                        Reported missing March 26th 1918
Ellison, John Richard                              Staff Sergt. 388163 86th Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. 
Ellison, Thomas Henry                              Pte. 051381 133 Coy. A.S.C., M.T.
Elsworth, John George   18 Church Street           Driver 33/026240 A.S.C. .
                        Died June 11th 1918
Ensor, Herbert          Middleton St George        Major 5th Batt. D.L.I. 
Ensor, Howard           Middleton St George        Lieut. Col. (D.S.O.) R.A.M.C. 
                        (Twice mentioned in despatches)
Entwhistle, George Wm   19 Ann’s Terrace           Mech. Staff Sergt. D M 2 – 179393 R.A.S.C. 738 M T Coy.
Etherington, James      11 Yarm Road               Pte. 3/5 D.L.I.
Etherington, Reginald J. 22 Brunton Street         Pte. 17320 13th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action August 4th 1916

Etherington, Thomas     6 Belgrave Street          18/54 15th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action April 9th 1917 in France
Evans, G.               5 Fry Street               Pte. 7466 Signaller M.G.C. 
Evans, J.W.             5 Fry Street               K x 194. Ord Seaman R.N.V.R. Howe Batt. R N D .
                        Killed in action June 4th 1915
Eynon, Ernest Meredith  7 Melville Street          L/Cpl. 18412 Lewis Gun Section 2nd Yorks.  Regt.

Eynon, Cecil L.         7 Melville Street          Cyclist 22683 Army Cyclist Corps
Faber, William A.       74 Harrison Terrace        Pte. 2nd Northumbrian Field Ambulance RAMC
Fairbairn, John         5 Springfield Rd.          Pte. 3746 1/5th D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action on Somme Sept. 15th 1916
Fairless, James         23 John Street             Pte. 7419 H Coy. 3rd D.L.I.
Farey, G.A.             5 Model Place              Gunner 152729 R.F.A. 
Farey, J.S.             5 Harrison’s Square        Gunner 90403 R.F.A. 
Farey, J.W.             5 Model Place              Gunner 8253 V/3 T.M.B., R.F.A. 
Farey, R.H.             5 Model Place              Pte. 10859 Northd. Fusiliers. 
                        Killed in action in France 
Farey, T.H.             5 Model Place              Pte. 34652 R. Warwick
Farrow, A.              37 Eldon Street            Pte. 116431 R.E. 
Fawcett, George W.      33 Zetland Street          2nd Cpl. R.E. Signals (M.M.)
Fawley, Arthur          60 Salisbury Terrace       Signaller B Coy. 9th Yorks. Regt. 
                        Killed in action in France Oct. 5th 1918
Featherstone, J.H.      17 Stanhope Rd.            Lieut. 12th Yorks. Regt.
Feetham, O.J.           105 Stanhope Rd.           Captain 5th Border Regt. M.C.
Feetham, Rev. F.G.C.F.  105 Stanhope Rd
Feetham, Alan           105 Stanhope Rd.           2nd Lieut. 5th Border Regt. 
                        Killed in action on the Somme Sept. 18th 1916
Fellows, J.             23 Chestnut Street         Driver 131495 75th Field Coy. R.E. 
Feunce, John J.                                    Pte. Engine Room Artificer H.M. Torpedo Boat No 31
Fenton, William                                    Petty Officer 220180 R.N. 
Fenwick, T.             Croft                      18th D.L.I. 
Ferguson, A.            3 Lorne Terrace            Petty Officer R.N. Aydraphone Service
Ferguson, G.E.          3 Lorne Terrace            Petty Officer R.E. Signals (M.M.)
Ferguson, T.E.          39 Beaumont Street         Pte. 17794 9th Yorks. Regt.
                        Killed in action October 1st 1917 in France (M.M.)
Finch, W.H.             38 Ridsdale Street         Pte. 5th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action at Ypres March 26th 1916
Finlay, Fred            15 Albion Street           S.Q.M.S. 2/1 Yorks. Hussars
Firth, Henry            39 Lansdowne Street        Pte. 12172 K.O.S.B. 
Fisher, D.L.            ‘Lauriston’ North Rd.      Major Northd. R.A.M.C. (Territorials)
Fitt, George            12 John Street             Pte. 40765 6th Northamptons
Fitt, James             12 John Street             Pte. 388087 2/2 N. Field Ambulance
Fitt, John Wm.          12 John Street             Gunner 771205 4th Reserve Bgde. R.F.A. 
Fitzsimmons, J.A.       25 Larchfield Street       1482 Cpl. 5th D.L.I. 
Fleet, E.S.                                        Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Fletcher, A.E           4 Hanover Street           Driver 73313 R.F.A. 

Fletcher, Harold        10 Leafield Rd.            Pte. 2nd Northd. Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. 
Fletcher, Jack          10 Leafield Rd.            Pte. 2nd Northd. Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. 
Fletcher, J.J.          4 Hanover Street           Pte. 28815 1st Border Regt.
Fletcher, J.R.          57 Green Street            Driver R.F.A. 
Fletcher, P.            4 Hanover Street           Pte. 62162 K.O.Y.L.I. 
Fletcher, S.            4 Hanover Street           Pte. 36914 3rd D.L.I. 
Fletcher, Thos. Andrew  4 Hanover Street           Pte. 9935 2nd D.L.I. .
                        Killed in action March 11th (1915) at Armentieres
 Florentine, P.C.        6 Four Riggs               Pte. 9th D.L.I. 
Fogg, R.A.              88 Gurney Street           Pte. 1173 5th D.L.I. 
Fogg, W.                12 Livingstone Bdgs.       Pte. 9th D.L.I. 
Ford, Thomas            32 Pease Street            11070 Band L/Cpl. 52nd N.F. 
                        Died Nov.12th 1919
Ford, H.                4 Pensbury Street          Staff Sergt. 146728 R.G.A. 
Forrest, R.S.                                      5th Batt. D.L.I.
                        Wounded at Ypres
Forrest, W.R.           20 Pierremont Rd           2nd Lt. 9th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action Sept. 12th 1918 at Arrincourt
Forster, G.T.           55 Gurney Street           Sapper 101091 R.E. Signals
Forster, John James     81 Marshall Street         Sergt. 022431 1Coy. R.A.O.C. 
Forster, J.T.           Pensbury Street            Sergt. 1673 5th D.L.I. 
Forster, Thos.          2 Montrose Street          Driver A.S.C. 
Forster, William        92 Park Place              Pte. 205908 6th Royal West Kents. 
                        Killed in action in France Sept.21st 1918
Freeman, Ernest         11 Prospect Place          Sapper 254286 112th Coy. R.E. 
Foster, Arthur          7 Havelock Street          Pte. 2nd West Yorks. Regt.
                        Killed in action in France Jan.6th 1915
Foster, C.              6 Grass Street             Pte. 8620 F Coy. 4th West Yorks
Foster, J.?W.           43 Falmer Rd.              Pte. R/383983 A.S.C. 
Foster, P.W             142 Cumberland Street      Sergt. 9248 2nd D.L.I.
                        Killed in action Sept.16th 1916
Foster, R.T             31 King Street             Pte. 1146 5th D.L.I. 
Foster, T.W.            1 Harcourt Street          L/Cpl. 290 5th D.L.I. 
Foster, W. Hayden       Westbrook                  Cpl. 29040 Signal Co. R.E. 
Forthergill, J.         Haughton le Skerne         L/Cpl. A.S.C. 
Fothergill, R.          Haughton le Skerne         9?491 Pte. 4th D.L.I. 
Frankland, F.           13 Harcourt Street         Pte. 2444 5th D.L.I. 
Fraser, Alex.           49 Hurworth Terrace        Pte. 2nd Northumbrian Field Ambulance R.A.M.C.
Freeman, Ed.            21 Park Place              2nd Cpl. R.E.
                        Died at Ypres. Buried at Kemmel
Freestone, P.V.         22 Eskdale Street          Pte. 12th N.F. 
Fryer, C.J.             25 Wooler Street           L/Cpl. 1438 5th D.L.I. 
Galigher, –                                        19th D.L.I. 
Gallogly, Bernard       31 Branksome Terrace       Sapper 164725 R.E. 
                        Killed at Arras August 23rd 1917
Gallogly, Dan.          31 Branksome Terrace       Sgt 3342 6th Field Coy. R.E.
                                                   Australian Imperial Force
Gallogly, Felix         33 Branksome Terrace       L/Cpl. 59685 3rd Batt. 4th West Yorks
Gallogly, Felix         Tubwell Row                Pte. G 24 B Coy. 1st N.F. 
Gallogly, James         Tubwell Row                Pte. 10698 2nd D.L.I.
                        Drowned while on duty
Gallogly, James         Archer Street              Pnr. 115620 4th Labour Corps C Coy. R.E.
Gallogly, Y.            8 Upper Archer Street      Pte. R.E. 
Gardiner, S.            4 Studley Row              R.F.A. 
Gardner, H.             25 Branksome Terrace       Pte. Gordon Highlanders
Gardner, J.             81 Cartmel Terrace         Flight Sergt. R.A.F.
Gardener, R.            19 Wooler Street           1st Northumbrian Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. 
Gargett, H.J.           18 Grosvenor Street        Sergt. R.E. 
Garget, Norman          139 Victoria Rd            H.M.S. Defence. 
                        Killed in Battle of Jutland 1916
Garnett, A.             Wishe House Eastbourne Rd. Pte. 2nd Batt. R.A.M.C. 
Garnett, H.             45 Eastbourne Rd.          Pte. 2nd Batt. R.A.M.C. 
Garrett, Roland B.      43 Cumberland Street       Sapper 204727 Transportation R.E. 
Garry, Ernest           13 Grass Street            Sapper 131379 R.E. 
                        Killed in action in France May 10th 1918
Garry, Frederick        13 Grass Street            Pte. D.L.I.
                        Killed in action in France Sept.16th 1916
Garry, William          13 Grass Street            Sapper 236563 R.E. 
Gascoyne, George Fred   8 China Street             Pte. 78512. 
                        Died of wounds at C.C. Station Revancourt France October 8th 1918
Gascoyne, George F.     8 China Street             Sapper 471103 2/3rd Durham R.E. 
                                                   Attached Indian Air Force
Gay, Horace             7 West Raby Street         Gunner 18610 R.F.A. 
Gay, John Arthur        63 Thornton Street         Pte. 32122 B Coy.4th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action at Delville Wood (Somme) August 29th 1916
Geddes, John W.         13 Beaumont Street         99502 2nd Battery R.F.A. 
Geldard, C.W.           17 York Street             Driver 162 Battery R.F.A.
Geldard, George W.      17 Model Place             2038 H.M.S. Formidable
Gell, Harry             81 Beaconsfield Street     L/Cpl. 96618 52nd Batt. N.F. 
Gell, Robert            81 Beaconsfield Street     Pte. 205591 5th Batt. K.O.Y.L.I.
                        Killed in action in France July 20th 1918
Gent, B.                6 Potter’s Yard            Cpl. 2473 5th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action April 24th 1917
Gent, F.                6 Potter’s Yard            Pte. 33528 14th Batt. York and Lancaster Regt.
                                                   also 2nd York and Lancaster Regt.
Gibson, G.H.            41 Eldon Street            A.B. H.M.S. Pheaton
Gibson, John            41 Eldon Street            6th Yorks. Regt.
                        Died of wounds
Gibson, Mansfield       41 Eldon Street            Canterbury Infantry New Zealand
Gibson, Ronald          Grainger Street            Pte. 11616 48th Mobile Vetenary Section
Gilbert, Joseph         11 John Street             Gunner 71497 57th Battery R.F.A. 
Gilbert, J.W.                                      Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Gilfellan, John         4 Eldon Street             Sapper 254880 Royal Engineers
                        Dem. Feb.13th 1919. Died Feb.26th 1919
Gilfellan, Andrew       36 Whessoe Lane            Pte. 20301 Essex Regt.
                        Killed in action November 30th 1918 (1917)
Gilfellan, George       126 Bedford Street         Sapper 157037 R.E. 
Gilfellan, Henry        36 Whessoe Lane            Pte. 19605 Yorks. Regt.
                        Killed in action July 3rd 1916
Gilfellan, James        36 Whessoe Lane            Seaman A.B. K/499R N.V.R.  Hood Battalion
Gilfellan, John Thomas  36 Whessoe Lane            Pte. 27498 2nd D.L.I. .
                        Killed in action October 12th 1917
Gill, J.C.                                         Cpl. Bugler Lord Durham’s County Batt. D.L.I. 
Gill, P.T.              39 Victoria Rd.            Pte. 17988 Coldstream Guards
Gill, Thomas H.         Portland House Eastbourne  2nd Lieut. 17th D.L.I. 
Gilligan, M.            Bridge Street              1621 5th D.L.I.
                        Invalided out March 10th 1916
Gillott, Arthur William                            Pte. 19522 2nd West Yorks. Regt.
Gladwin, William.                                  Gunner 74691 127th Siege Battery R.G.A.
                        Died of Bronchial Pneumonia in Salonica Jan.6th 1919
Glancey, J.R.           68 Lansdowne Street        Pte. 1570 5th D.L.I. 
Glass, J. Gordon        6 Stanhope Rd.             L/Cpl. 4th Batt. A.P.W.O. Yorks. Regt.
                        Killed in action Nov.1st 1915 at Armentieres
Glover, E.              72 Thornton Street         Sergt. 1808 5th D.L.I. 
Glover, F.B.            72 Thornton Street         Cpl. A.S.C. 
Golding, A.H.           12 Queen Street            Pte. 78863 1/5th D.L.I. 
Golding, C.T.           12 Queen Street            Pte. 015038 A.O.C. 
Golding, F.                                        2nd Lieut. 17th Londons attached 2/1st Londons. 
                        Killed in France May 21st 1917
Goldsbrough, John Wm.   16 Wycombe Street          Gunner 23034 Lewis Gunner 2nd K.O.Y.L.I. 
Goldsborough, –         6 Chestnut Street          Col. Sergt. 5th D.L.I. 
Goldsbrough, R.W.       6 East Mount Terrace       Captain M.G.C. 
Golightly, A.W.         ‘Avondale’ The Mead        16944 2nd Hampshires
Golightly, S.           36 Thompson Street         Cpl. 1456 5th D.L.I. 
Gollicker, William      32 Chancery Street         Pte. attached 9th D.L.I. National Reserve
Goodwill, Herbert       27 Victoria Embankment     Pte. 18th D.L.I.
                        Wounded at Neuve Chapelle Buried at Merville August 3rd 1916
Goodwill, Lambert       13 East Raby Street        Gunner 99909 R.G.A. 
                        Killed in action August 11th 1917
Goodwin, H.T.           21 Jane Street             Pte. 1549 5th D.L.I. 
Gowling, A.             38 Locomotive Street       Pte. 1440 5th D.L.I. 
Gowling, Arthur         4 Mildred Street           Pte. 66 18th D.L.I.
                        Killed October 26th 1916 at Sailly-aw-Bois
Gowling, Edward         4 Mildred Street           Sergt. 
                        Killed July 19th 1918 in France
Gowling, R.             5 Katherine Street         Pte. 10th Batt. N.F.
Gracinto, T.            4 Fairfield Street         Pte. 79710 9th N.F. 
Graham, J.H.            Balmoral Terrace           Capt R.A.M.C. Gordon Highlanders.
                        Prisoner of war at Magdeburg
Graham, R.W.            23 Borough Rd.             Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Graham, J.              23 Borough Rd.             Driver Transport Section 2nd Northd. Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. 
Graham, B.              44 New Model Place         Driver 64905 32nd Bgde. R.F.A. 
Graham, George          13 Archer Street           Rifleman 627 K.R.R.C.
                        Killed in action July 10th 1917
Graham, George          44 New Model Place         Pte. 8347 N.F. 
Graham, H.              53 Forcett St Cockerton    Pte. 43121 15th D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action August 24th 1918 
Graham, H.A.            Princes Street             Pte. 1523 5th D.L.I. 
Graham, T.W.            Spring Street              Pte. 1608 5th D.L.I. 
Grainger, Alfred        62 Brighton Rd.            Pte. 2500700 3rd Canadian Reserve Batt
Grainger, George        62 Brighton Rd.            Pte. 17350 11th D.L.I. 
Grantham, W.C.          58 Green Street            Driver 093365 194 Coy. H.T., R.A.S.C. 
Green, F.G.             24 Victoria Embankment     Staff Sergt. Major R A.S.C. 
Green, G.T.             22 Falmer Rd.              Pte. 5808 17th Lancers
Green, J.               16 Lawrence Street         Cpl. 5th D.L.I. 
Green, N.               Haughton le Skerne         Cpl. 1554 5th D.L.I.
                        Died of wounds at Wimereux Hospital April 22nd 1916
Green, R.N.             30 Belvedere Rd.           Cpl. 270888 25th Light Railway Workshop Coy. R.E. 
Greenland, A.W.         63 Cumberland Street       Driver 27737 R.F.A. 
Greenland, Wm.          63 Cumberland Street       E.R.A., R.N. 
Greenland, J.H.         63 Cumberland Street       Sergt. 388021 2/2 N.F.A., R.A.M.C. (D.C.M., M.M. and Bar)
Greenland, A.W.                                    Driver 164 Battery 51st Bgde R.F.A. 
Greenland, J.H.                                    Cpl. 909 2nd N.F.A., R.A.M.C. 
Greenwood, B.           Throstle Nest Avenue       Pte. 2024 5th D.L.I. 
Greenwood, T.           29 Gurney Street           Pte. 9th D.L.I. 
Greer, W.               9 Brougham Street          Sapper R.E.
                        Died of wounds at the Dardanelles
Gregory, Harry Johnson  5 Otley Terrace            Cpl. 169341 R.F.A. 
Greyson, James          2 Jobling’s Yard           Pte. 261202 R.A.F. 
Griffiths, Thomas       8 Ann’s Terrace            Pte. 10153 1st Border Regt.
Groves, E.W.            32 Columbia Street         Pte. 36599 D.L.I.
                        Died of wounds received in action August 26th 1917
Griffiths, E.H.         7 Farrer Street            Pte. 19631 9th West Yorks.  
                        Died of wounds
Griffiths, F.N.         7 Farrer Street            Pte. 97370 1st Sherwood Forresters
Griffiths, John George  7 Farrer Street            Gunner 216567 R.G.A. 
Groves, Charles         3 Primrose Street          L/Cpl. 325969 1/9th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action April 23rd 1917 near Arras
Grover, Thomas          64 Eldon Street            Sergt. 12303 10th Scottish Rifles
Groves, Frank           94 Greenbank Rd. North     Sapper 161093 R.E. Signals
Guthrie, Edmund         29 Zetland Street          L/Cpl. 22985 K.O.Y.L.I.
                        Killed in action in France Aug.18th 1916
Hackett, Thomas         2 Church Street            Pte. 7?0020 7th East Yorks. Regt. and 10th Yorks
Hacking, J.A.           69 Harrison Terrace        Pte. 203146 7th D.L.I. 
Hadrick, W.             61 Aldam Street            Pte. 22045 2nd Batt. Cameron Highlanders
Haigh, Alex G.          48 Montrose Street         Pte. 13482 12th Batt. N.F.
                        Missing at Battle of Loos
Haig, D.V.              Stanhope Rd.               Major 2nd Northd. R.A.M.C. 
Haigh, Harold           48 Montrose Street         E.R.A. , H.M.S. Repulse
Haigh, Joe              48 Montrose Street         Pte. 93936 52nd Batt. N.F. 
Hahn, Fred              5 West Raby Street         Pte. 2/4 N.F. 
Hall, A.                61 Thornton Street         Pte. 40912 1st Batt. Royal Munster Fusiliers
Hall, Dennis            Wales Street               Driver R.F.A. 
Hall, E.                                           Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Hall, F.                5 Model Place              5th Batt. D.L.I. 
Hall, G.                5 St Hilda’s Terr.         Pte. Special Service Artificer Army Ordnance Corps
Hall, George A.         47 Bondgate                Stoker 1st Class H.M.S. Conqueror R.N. Reserve
Hall, R.                43 Harcourt Street         1589 L/Cpl. 5th D.L.I. 
Hall, Robert            30 Surtees Street          Air Mechanic Royal N.A.S. 
Hall, R.M.              34 Swan Street             Pte. 2/4 Northumberland Fusiliers
Hall, Thomas            13 Union Street            Sapper 498486
Hall, Thomas            2 Polam Avenue             Cpl. 2241 D.L.I. 
Hall, Thomas            2 Polam Avenue             2nd Lieut. 4th attached 6th N.F. 
                        Missing March 27th 1918. Officially reported killed on same date 
Hall, W.                Mildred Street             Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Hall, W.A.              35 Columbia Street         Sergt. A.S.C. 
Hamer, Stanley Herbert  2 Henderson Street         81022 1/7th D.L.I.
                        Taken P.O.W. May 27th 1918. 
                        Died in military hospital at Coblenz Germany Oct.24th 1918
Hammersley, Fred        2 Cricket Field Row        Pte. 8016 1st M.G. Section 13th N.F. .
                        Died of wounds in France 21 June 1917
Hammersley, Samuel Brice                           Seaman H.M.S. Vanguard. 
                        Killed by explosion July 9th 1917
Hammersley, Wm. Henry   2 Cricket Field Row      Seaman H.M.S. Vanguard. 
                        Killed by explosion July 9th 1917
Hamilton, Chas. J.      31 Wilson Street           Pte. 14128 Border Regt.
Hamilton, Sidney        31 Wilson Street           Sapper 33123 Royal Engineers
Hammond, Fred           11 Belvedere Rd.           11th Batt. Northd. Fusiliers
Hancock, M.A.           1 Harewood Hill            Captain R.A.F. 
Hancock, R.G.           1 Harewood Hill            2nd Lieut. R.E. 
Harland, John H.        11 Edmund Street           Sapper 280367 R.E. 
Harness, J.             36 New Model Place         Pte. 17379 12th D.L.I. 
Harburn, Malcolm        60 Beaconsfield            Pte. 11th D.L.I. 
Harding, George         3 Pleasant View            Cpl. 203021 1/5th D.L.I. 
Harding, H.             16 Shildon Street          Cpl. 200264 1/5th D.L.I.
                        Missing from 27 May 1918
Harding, W.             11 Granville Terrace       L/Cpl. P17494 M. Police
Hardy, J.               6 Raby Terrace             Pte. 82761 R.A.M.C.
Hardy, John Wm.         31 Thornton Street         Pte. 168169 351 Labour Corps
Hardy, R.T.             22 Kensington Terrace      Pte. 14736 3rd Batt. Gordon Highlanders
Hardy, R.T.                                        2nd Lt. 7th Batt. D.L.I. 
Harker, J.W.            1 Freeman’s Terrace        Signaller 294796 146 Heavy Battery R.G.A. 
Harman, H.              6 Park Place               Sapper 480189 457th Field Coy. R.E. 
Harrington, Frederick   8 Lewes Rd.                Cpl. 123166 M.G.C. 
Harrington, T.A.        2 Swan Street              Pte. 12204
Harris, E.              19 Thornton Street         Sapper 1272 1/3rd Durham Field Coy. R.E. 
Harris, Govan           37 North Rd.               Pte. 1928 7th Dragoon Guards
Harris, Herbert         98 Whessoe Lane            645521 54th Canadians. 
                        Killed in action April 9th 1917
Harris, Percy           37 North Rd.               Sapper 18869 R.E. 
Harris, Samuel P.       19 Thornton Street         Pte. 918 N.E.R. Batt. N.F. 
Harbron, M.             Eldon Street               Pte. 2598 5th D.L.I. 
Harrison, B.C.          1A Victoria Embankment     Cpl. 8837 R.G.A. 
Harris, Samuel P.       8 Fairfield Street         Pte. 685153 Q.R.W.S.
Harrison, B. Isaac      45 Victoria Embankment     Rifleman 1089 16th K.R.R.
                        Killed in action June 10 1916
Harrison, Christopher   5 High Boyne Street        Pte. 23107 15th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action August 26th 1918
Harrison, Edward        63 Leafield Rd.            L/Cpl. M2/120401 A.S.C., M.T.
Harrison, G.W.          Leafield Rd.               Pte. 1611 5th D.L.I. 
Harrison, H.            14 Arthur Street           Pte. 94 County Batt. D.L.I. 
Harrison, Harold        14 Arthur Street           Pte. Darlington ‘Pals’ Batt
Harrison, Henry         12 Lewis Rd.               Blacksmith Royal Engineers Army Ordnance Corps
Harrison, John Lee      5 High Boyne Street        19395 6th Yorks. Regt. 
                        Killed in action Sept.29th 1916 at Thiepval
Harrison, John William  63 Leafield Rd.            L/Cpl. 200061 1/5th D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action at Arras April 23rd 1917
Harrison, J.W.          63 Leafield Rd             5th D.L.I. 
Harrison, N.            92 Borough Rd.             Pte. 48247 24th N.F. 
                        Killed in action April 9th 1917. Buried at Robincourt Military Cemetery
Harrison, Slater        45 Victoria Embankment     Rifleman 14682 8th K.R.R.C. 
                        Killed in action in France May 5th 1917
Harrison, T.H.          19 Chandos Street          Pte. 2200 5th D.L.I. 
Harrison, Wilfred       92 Borough Rd.             L/Cpl. 45015 3rd Yorks. Regt.
Harrison, W.M.          Dunoon House Greenbank Road Lieut. 17th Manchester Regt.
Harrow, Alfred A.       Priestgate House           1st Class Air Mechanic 53137 R.A.F. 
Hartley, Harry          Allerton House Clifton Rd. Pte. 90983 D.L.I. 
Hastie, Arthur          53 Wolsingham Terrace      Bdr. R.G.A. 
Hastie, H.              15 Japan Street            Air Mechanic 250787 R.A.F. 
Hastie, W.              Easson Rd.                 Pte. 1625 5th D.L.I. 
Hauxwell, F.H.          26 King William Street     Pte. 1901 5th D.L.I. 
Haw, Thomas             54 Killinghall Street      Pte. 81st Field Cp R.E. 
Haw, William            16 Fairfield Street        Sergt. 245031 18th D.L.I.
Hawdon, L.              23 Barningham Street       Pte. 413 5th D.L.I. 
Hay, Arthur             2 Bell’s Place             Pte. 15901 2nd Batt. Coldstreanm Guards. 
                        Killed in action October 9th 1917
Hayes, William Joseph   40 Thompson Street East    L/Cpl. 200248 1/5th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action December 16th 1917 at Passchendaele Ridge 
Hayton, Thomas William  4 Leadyard                 Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Hayward, R.                                        City Batt. Kings Own Liverpool Regt.
Healey, R.                                         Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Hearfield, A.           106 Easson Rd              Sergt. 153 5th D.L.I.
Heathwaite, T.          56 Westmoreland Street     Rifleman Kings Royal Rifles
Heathwaite, Thomas      56 Westmoreland Street     Rifleman 2508 1st Batt. K.R.R.C. 
                        Died of wounds on Nov.4th 1914 at Boulogne
Hebdon, C.              33 Greenwell Street        Bdr. 133483 R.G.A. 213 Siege Battery
Hebdon, J.A.            53 Brunton Street          Rifleman S27407 1st Batt. Rifle Brigade
Hedley, Archie          38 Hammer Street           Pte. 4110 6th D.L.I.
                        Drowned whilst in training at Morpeth Aug.9th 1915
Hedley, Joseph Edmund   38 Hammer Street           Pte. 9146 K.R.R.
                        Killed in action May 13th 1916 in Flanders
Height(e)ley, A.        17 I’Anson Street          Acting Cpl. Lincolnshire Regt. 
                        Killed in action May 9th (1915)
Heightley, John William 17 Farrer Street           96469 R.F.A.
                        Wounded in Galipoli Nov.10th 1915
Heightley, Walter       17 Farrer Street           Border Regt. 
                        Killed in action at the Dardenelles (19 August 1915)
Helm, John              5 Reid Street             Driver 202184 463 Battery R.F.A. 
                        Wounded in France August 1917
Henderson, B.C.                                   Pte. 351855 C Coy. 9th Batt. Royal Scots. 
                        Killed in action
Henderson, T.           Westgarth Terrace         Pte. 1648 5th D.L.I. 
Herring, E.             1 Brougham Street         Sergt. 280 5th D.L.I.  
Heseldine, J.           106 Easson Rd.            Sergt. 4 5th D.L.I. 
Heslop, Alfred          87 Brunton Street         Pte. N.F.
                        Killed at Arras April 9th 1917
Heslewood, W.                                     5th Batt. D.L.I. 
Heslop, T.F.            93 Eastbourne Rd.         Cpl. 388529 2nd Northumbrian Field Ambulance
Heslop, V.W.            ‘Ivelet’ Oakdene Avenue   Pte. M/415088 A.S.C., M.T. 
Heslop, W.B.            ‘Ivelet’ Oakdene Avenue   Pte. 51582 22nd Batt. Manchester Regt. 
Hesse, Albert A.        23 Upper Archer Street    Pte. 205709 12/13 N.F.
                        Killed in action
Hesse, G.               23 Upper Archer Street    Sergt. 241554 1st Yorks. Regt.
Hesse, F.               23 Upper Archer Street    Sergt. 306441 5th Yorks. Regt.
Hewitt, H.              7 East Mount Cresc.       Pte. 1726 5th D.L.I. 
Hewitson, James Edwin   11 Prospect Place Rise Carr Pte. 13227 N.F. 
                        Killed in action March 21st 1918
Hewitson, T.            24 New Park Street        Pte. 264998 1st East Surrey Regt. 
                        Killed in action April 15th 1918
Hicks, G.H.             5 Ada Street              40852 4/5th Black Watch. 
                        Died of wounds received in action July 23rd 1918. Buried at Mortefontaine
Higginbottom, C.A.      68 Henry Street           Gunner 55400 7?97th Siege Battery R.G.A. 
Hind, John T.           30 Peel Street            Pte. 1522 B Coy. 25th N.F. 
Hind, Thomas Rupert     22 Rockingham Street      O.S., H.M.S. Bulwark. 
                        Killed on Nov.26th 1914
Hindle, Thomas Arthur   6 South Street            Pte. 2466 5th D.L.I.
                        Killed April 1915
Hildreth, Alfred        19 Eastbourne Rd.         Trooper 57083 Lancashire Hussars
Hickman, E.J.           66 Cumberland Street      Cpl. 6833 East Yorks. Regt.
Hildreth, John          19 Eastbourne Rd.         Gunner 90414 R.F.A. 
Hildreth, William       19 Eastbourne Rd.         Pte. 16048 East Yorks. Regt.
Hildreth, Wilson        19 Eastbourne Rd.         Signaller 196724 R.F.A.
Hill, J.A.                                        Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Himsworth, Alfred       17 Eskdale Street         Pte. 13370 9th N.F.
                        Killed on July 7th 1916 at Fricourt Woods
Himsworth, J.R.         17 Eskdale Street         Sapper 101125 R.E. 
Hindle, W.              10 Valley Street          Pte. 36163 D.L.I.
                        Died from gas poison at Colchester on Sept.29th 1918
Hinks, Walter           18 Southend Avenue        Sapper Engineering Section Royal Naval Division. 
                        Killed in action June 30th (1915) Dardanelles
Hird, A.                7 Eskdale Street          Rifleman 2323 1st Batt. K R R 
Hird, E.                6 East Backhouse Street   Pte. 1994 5th D.L.I. 
Hird, W.                11 East Backhouse Street  Pte. 1578 5th D.L.I. 
Hird, W.                4 East Backhouse Street   Pte. 1260 5th D.L.I. 
Hirstwood, A.           34 Lewes Rd.              Sergt. 42206 15th Leeds West Yorks
Hobson, C.                                        Royal Marines
Hodgson, E.P.           11 Bowman Street          Pte. 2658 5th D.L.I. 
Hodgson, A.K.           22 Coburg Street          Pte. 96835 3rd D.L.I. 
Hodgson, F.             22 Coburg Street          Pte. 14755 East Yorks. Regt.
Hodgson, Robert Greaves 22 Coburg Street          1st Division R.F.A. 
Hodgson, Charles        69 Skinnergate            -
Hodgson, J.W.           5 Four Riggs              Driver 1554 5th Batt. D.L.I.
Hodgson, Robert William 7 Chancery Street         Pte. 10th N.F. 
Hoey, John J.           4 Kitchener Street        Sapper 352286 R.E. 
Hoey, William P.        4 Kitchener Street        Driver 295884 151st R.G.A. 
Hogarth, C.             10 Belvedere Rd.          Pte. 086952 A.S.C. 
Holburn, Henry          33 Backhouse Street       Sapper 142759 R.E. 
Holburn, Thomas         33 Backhouse Street       Pte. 1/5th D.L.I.
                        Late P. of War in Germany. Came home Dec.1918. Died March 8th 1919
Holmes, R.              29 Lock Street            Pte. 1597 5th D.L.I. 
Honeyman, J.G.          64 Lansdowne Street       No 3 Mess H.M.S. Nottingham  
Honeyman, R.            64 Lansdowne Street       Pte. No 4 Troop A Squadron 18th Hussars
Hooker, W.              2 Harrison Terrace        Pte. 1149 5th D.L.I.
Hope, Fred              24 Lansdowne Street       Pte. 201173 18th Queens R.W.S. Regt. 
Hopkin, Bertie          1 Springfield Rd.         Pte. 40793 3rd Batt. Duke of Wellingtons Regt.
Hopkin, Fred            1 Springfield Rd.         Gunner 91846 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Horley, J.G.T.          School House Leadyard     1st Class Boy H.M.S. Donegal
Horley, A.V.            10 Bridge Street          Driver 1523 Australian Transport
Horley, J.W.            10 Bridge Street          Cpl. 235 A.T. Coy. R.E. 
Horn, John William      44 Louisa Street          Pte. 140246 13th Devons
Hornby, B.E.            88 Eastbourne Rd.         Driver 4127 28th Batt. Australian Imp Forces 2nd Division
Horner, G.H.            15 Brinkburn Rd           1446
Hornsey, C.R.           24 West Powlett Street    Sapper 1848?7 Signal Coy. R.E. 
Hornsey, W.H.           24 West Powlett Street    Pte. 22769 M.G.C., D.L.I.
                        Killed in action July 1st 1916
Horseman, A.W.G.        70 North Rd.              Gunner 295892 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Hoskins, W.H.           2 Henry Street            2514 Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Howard, William         ‘Swan House’ Clifton Rd.  E.R.A. M26073 H.M.S. Inconstant
Howe, Fred              Station House Barton      Bdr. 251st Brigade R.F.A.
                        Killed in action May 27th 1918
Howe, G. Hunter         14 Lowe Street            Gunner 176100 R.G.A. 
                                                  (Home address Station House Barton)
Howe, Wilfred           Station House Barton      Bdr. 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Howe, W.                                          Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Howes, F.J.             14 Gladstone Street       Cpl. 362833 R.G.A. 
Howe, E.                59 Barron Street          Pte. 35259 13th Gloucesters
Huck, Thos. Wm.         1 Elmfield Terrace        L/Cpl. G/29834 2nd Middlesex Regt. 
                        Missing since May 27th 1918. 
                        Now reported killed on that date at Berry-au-Bac
Hudson, Frederick Wm    Tees Valley Water Works   Lieut. 13th Yorks. Regt.
Hudson, John Eugene     44 Marshall Street        Pte. 17th Batt. N.F. 
Hudson, Matthew         38 Brougham Street        Pte. 525 17th N.F.
                        Killed Nov.1st 1917 at Ypres.  Buried at St Jean
Hughes, I.W.            45 Hurworth Terrace       Lieut. 2nd Duke of Wellingtons Regt. 
                        Killed April 15th 1918
Hughed, W.              11 Taylor Street          2134 5th D.L.I. 
Hughff, A.              2 Friends Meeting House Skinnergate Sergt. 1207 5th D.L.I. 
Hughff, Reginald        Skinnergate               Lieut. 21st Northd. Fusiliers
Huitson, Bertram        11 Mowden Terrace         Pte. 6168 1/5th Yorks. and Lancs Regt. 
                        Killed in action October 1917
Huitson, Ernest         11 Mowden Terrace         Pte. 58th Labour Coy.
Huitson, S.             30 Brougham Street        Sergt. 08419 M.T., A.S.C. 
Hullah, M.              39 Freeman’s Place         Sergt. 1316 5th D.L.I. 
Humble, Charles Richard 14 Woodlands Terrace      Pte. 24268 D.O.W. (West Riding 2nd). 
                        Killed in action May 7th 1917. Buried at Doussons near Arras
Humble, Frederick Robert 15 Vulcan Street         Pte. 17388 13th D.L.I. 
Humble, Thomas R.       11 Vulcan Street          Driver 96519 15th Division R.F.A. .
                        Killed in action July 17th 1917
Hume, Percy             High Coniscliffe          Trooper 18th Hussars
Humpries, Sidney        65 Surtees Street         Pte. 1129 19th D.L.I. 
Hunter, Harry Wilfred   61 Wycombe Street         Pte. 1555 5th D.L.I.
                        Died in France Jan.29th 1917
Hunter, J.W.            Kendal House Harrowgate Hill Pte. 17th Northd. Hussars
Huntington, John        5 Polam Avenue            Lieut. 5th Border Regt. (M.C.). 
                        Died from wounds received in action on August 12th 1918. 
                        Interred at the British Cemetery Croug France 
Hutchinson, C.          85 Surtees Street         Pte. 322778 13th N.F. 
Hutchinson, J.J.        40 Montrose Street        Pte. 33586 D.L.I. and Yorks. Regt. 
                        Killed in action at Messines June 8th 1917
Hutchinson, L.                                    Cpl. Dispatch Rider R.E. 
Hutchinson, W.          Croft Spa                 Pte. 1601 5th D.L.I. 
Hutchinson, D.          9 Stewart Street          Pte. 7726 1st West Yorks. Regt.
Hutchinson, Sidney G.   53 Elton Parade           Pte. 79 18th D.L.I.
                        Wounded March 1st 1917 and lost left arm
Hutchinson, Harold      26 Pierremont Rd.         Trooper 56656 18th Machine Gun Squadron 12th Cavalry Brigade
Hutchinson, David       26 Pierremont Rd.        Pte. 87 A Coy. 18th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action at Gommecourt March 1st 1917
Hutton, R.              7 Devonshre Terrace       Pte. 388104 2nd N.F. Ambulance R.A.M.C. 
Hutton, T.H.            7 Devonshire Terrace      Pte. 185 20th D.L.I.
                        Died August 20th 1919
I’Anson, F. W           6 Grass Street            Gunner Ammunition Column 48 Brigade R.F.A. 46 MQS
I’Anson, H.             10 Brook Terrace          Pte. 1547 5th D.L.I. 
Ibitson, –              7 Princes Street          Cpl. 54472 25th Batt. D.L.I. 
Ibitson, J.G.           15 Union Street           Pte. 201449 5th D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action with 10th D.L.I. Aug. 23rd 1917
Ibbotson, J.G.          Union Street              Pte. 2592 5th D.L.I. 
Ibbotson, William       30 Union Street           Pte. D.L.I. 
Iceton, David           74 Park Place             L/Cpl. 20709 4th Green Howards. 
                        Died of wounds received in Somme July 3rd 1916
Iceton, Frederick       94 Borough Rd.            Driver A.S.C. 
Iceton, Frederick       10 Union Place            Pte. 201864 1/5th Manchester Regt.
Iceton, William.                                  Pte. 21st Coy. Canadian Forrestry Corps. 
                        Killed in action March 4th 1917
Iides, William          24 Fry Street             Pte. 11732 W.R. 9th D.of W. Regt. 
                        Killed in action Aug. 27th 1918
Iley, Fred              1 Kitchener Street        Pte. S/41646 1/4 Gordon Highlanders. 
                        Reported missing on March 22nd 1918. 
                        Officially reported killed on above date.
Iliffe, G.K.                                      West Riding R.E. Sig Co
Iliffe, T.              17 Bright Street          2nd Lieut. 2nd Batt. K.O.Y.L.I.
                        Killed in action in France Sept.10th 1918
Ingham, Ellis           11 King William Street    Driver 27919 C50 Brigade R.F.A. 
Ingham, Fred            11 King William Street    Pte. 21167 6th Chelsea Regt.
Ingham, Tom             11 King William Street    Driver 3094 R A.S.C. 
Ingleden, W.            7 Bridge Terrace          L/Cpl. 9th D.L.I. 
Ingram, W.E.            48 Bedford Street         Pte. 7063 3rd Yorks. Regt.
Irvin, Fred             4 Railway Terrace         Pte. 200149 4th Yorks. Regt.
Iveson, E.              29 Chelmsford Street      L/Cpl. 1421 5th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action
Iveson, Fred            97 Pensbury Street        Pte. Royal Engineers
Iveson, Tom             97 Pensbury Street        20th Yorks. Hussars
Iveson W                29 Chelmsford Street      L/Cpl. 1635 5th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action
Jackson, Albert Ernest  5 Temperance Place        Pte. 72789 5th D.L.I. 
Jackson, Charles W.     63 Skinnergate            Cpl. M/205571 906 Coy. M.T., A.S.C. 
Jackson, Frank          14 Wycombe Street         Sergt. 32124 4th D.L.I. 
Jackson, Clarence Henry 57 Charles Street         L/Cpl. 1615 5th D.L.I.
                        Killed on Dec.16th 1916 N.W. of Combles
Jackson, Fred           58 Charles Street         Pnr 273810 R.E. 
Jackson, James          83 Thompson Street        L/Cpl. 20560 2nd Yorks.  
                        Killed in action July 1st 1916
Jackson, John           50 Killinghall Street     Pte. 59427 K.O.Y.L.I. 
Jackson, John William   2 Beaumont Street         Pte. 14180 East Yorks
Jackson, John George    5 Temperance Place        Driver 260871 A.S.C. 
Jackson, Joseph Henry   41 Havelock Street        Pte. 26342 12/13 N.F. 
Jackson, R.G.           5 Temperance Place        Pte. R.F.A. 
Jackson, Thomas Summers 46 Beaumont Street        Pte. 5920 36th N.F. 
Jackson, Thomas         35 Havelock Street        Driver I4/040916 A.S.C. 
Jackson, William        Sadberge                  Pte. 12595 2nd D.L.I. 
Jackson, Walter                                   Driver 90260 165 Battery 51st Brigade
Jackson, W.A.           50 Killinghall Street     Sapper 131408 234th Field Coy. R.E. 
Jaques, E.E.            25 Henry Street           Sergt. 25583 D.L.I. 
Jaques, Frederick Wm.   8 Barron Street           Pte. 5719 1st Border Regt.
Jacques, John           1 Carters Row             L/Cpl. 4025 5th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action at Arras June 26th 1917
Jacques, J.A.           9 Railway Terrace         Pte. 2553 5th D.L.I. 
Jacques, Robert         3 Brighton Rd.            Pte. 15947 11th Batt. N.F.
                        Killed in action April 10th 1916 near Bully Graney France
James, A.               82 Salisbury Terrace      Pte. 37504 20th D.L.I. 
James, Arthur           26 Wales Street           Driver R.F.A. 
James, Arthur           50 Westmoreland Street    Rifleman 1451 16th K.R.R.
                        Killed in action on the Somme July 15th 1916
James, John Henry       50 Westmoreland Street    Pte. 48468 North Staffs. 
                        Taken prisoner April 17 1918
                        Died during captivity August 1st 1918 at War Camp Hospital Trelon
James, Thomas William   50 Westmoreland Street    Rifleman 22717 3rd New Zealand Rifles. 
                        Died in Casual Clearing Station in France March 23rd 1917 from sickness
James, Walter           50 Westmoreland Street    Pte. 73329 2nd D.L.I.
                        Killed in action March 21st 1918 in France
Jameson, George         The Green Cockerton       Pte. D.L.I. 
Jameson, John Francis   58 Shildon Street         Gunner R.F.A.
Jameson, Tom            Dundee Street             2nd Lieut. 14th West Yorks
Jameson, William Nicholson 38 Napier Street       Pte. 169294 D.L.I. 
Jamieson, Alfred        Spring Cottage Tubwell Row Pte. 36675th Yorks. Regt.
Jamieson, Edward        Spring Cottage Tubwell Row Cpl. 96476 47th Battery R.F.A. 
Jamieson, Frederick     Spring Cottage Tubwell Row Pte. 2308 Coldstream Guards. 
                        Died in hospital at Boulogne of wounds on October 31st 1914
Jamieson, Herbert       Spring Cottage Tubwell Row Pte. 24831 R.A.V.C. 
Jamieson, Richard       Spring Cottage Tubwell Row Pte. R.A.F. 
Jamson, Arthur          1 Gladstone Street         Pte. 12759 10th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action on August 22nd 1917
Jamson, Thomas          1 Gladstone Street         Pte. 7013 2nd D.L.I.
                        Killed in action Oct.13th 1914
Jarmain, J.B.           7 Duke Street              Pte. 5988 D Coy. Gloucester Regt.
Jebson, Edmund Atkinson 74 Surtees Street          Sergt. 312237 R.E. 
Jebson, George Wilfred  61 Archer Street           Pte. 398265 M.T., A.S.C. 
Jefferson, Arthur       22 Model Place             Sapper 470700 526th Field Coy. R.E.
                        Killed in action near Arras July 20th 1917
Jefferson, A.           22 Model Place             Pte. 2256 5th D.L.I. 
Jenkins, C.L.           51 Langholme Cresc.        Pte. R.H.A. 
Jenkinson, Walter       51 Charles Street          Pte. 2nd Northd. Field Ambulance
Jewitt, G.F.            21 Derwent Street          100281 2nd D.L.I.
                        Killed in action
Jobling, S.             15 St Johns Crescent       Driver 96527 154 Battery R.F.A. 
Jobling, W.             3 Guerney Street           Pte. 11302 1st Kings Liverpool Regt. 
                        Killed in action 20th Jan.1915
Jobson, Frederick       7 Green Street             Pte. A Section 2nd N.F. Amb R.A.M.C. 
Johnson, Andrew Brown   8 Church Street            Sergt. 2741 2nd N.F. (M.M.)
Johnson, A.             36 Thornton Street         Pte. 1616 5th Batt. D.L.I. 
Johnson, A.                                        3rd Dragoon Guards
Johnson, Ben            58 East Mount Terrace      3rd Engineer 895986 Merchant Service. 
                        Torpedoed and drowned March 13th 1917
Johnson, E.G.           5 Cartmell Terrace         Pte. 28746 180th Coy. M.G.C.
                        Killed in action August 20th 1916
Johnson, E.J.           5 Cartmell Terrace         Pte. 28746 180th Coy. Machine Gun Corps. 
                        Killed in France August 20th 1916
Johnson, E.S.           9 Chancery Street          Pte. 369236 5th D.L.I. 
Johnson, J.W.           13 Adelaide Street         Driver 11446 60 Coy. Ammunition Pk A.S.C. 
Johnson, L.C.           78 Beaconsfield Street     Pte. 1364 B Section 2nd Northumbrian Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. 
Johnson, L.E.                                      Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Johnson, R.L.           9 Chancery Street          Gunner 30th Battery R.F.A.
                        Awarded the M.M. Oct.23rd 1918. 
                        Died of wounds Nov.1st 1918. Buried in Buvcon
Johnson, Reginald       58 East Mount Terrace      Pte. 25734 20th Hussars
Johnson, R.C.           Stanhope Rd.               Sec. Lieut. 13th Batt. D.L.I. 
Johnson, Tom            7 Chancery Street          Sergt. 69159 21st Lancers attached to D Coy. 9th Battery R.F.A.
                        Killed on March 27 1918 in France
Johnson, Robert Thomas  15 Raby Street             Cpl. R.F.C. Instructor Cairo
Johnson, Alfred         36 Thornton Street         Pte. 1/5th D.L.I.
                        Killed at Ypres March 19th 1916
Johnson, Thomas         24 King William Street     Pte. 5939 3rd Leicester Regt.
Johnston, J.            21 Brunton Street          Pte. 9th D.L.I. 
Johnston, T.W.          21 Brunton Street          Pte. 2187 5th D.L.I. 
Johnstone, Stewart      10 Napier Street           Signaller 9736 1/5th West Yorks.  
                        Died of wounds Nov.5 1918 at Rouen. 
                        Buried at St Seves Cemetery Rouen Nov.7 1918
Jolly, Herbert          31 Union Street            Sergt. 1520 18th D.L.I. 
Jolly, J.               12 Hargreave Terrace       Pte. 2228 5th D.L.I. 
Jones, B.               22 Coburg Street           Stoker K 44707 H.M.S. Implacable
Jones, Edmund           16 Union Street            Pte. 10532 Seaforth Highlanders. 
                        Died of malaria in Mesopotamia
Jones, Frances          16 Union Street           Pte. 13485 N.F.
                        Killed in action at Arras 1917
Jones, J.               23 Upper Archer Street    Cpl. 3rd Yorks. Regt.
Jones, T.               16 Surtees Street         Pte. 1571 5th D.L.I. 
Jones, William          94 Whessoe Lane           Pte. 1058 R.A.M.C. 9th Field Ambulance 9th Brigade
Jopson, V.W.            15 Brook Terrace          Pte. 32158 2nd D.L.I. Machine Gun Corps. 
                        Missing June 27th 1917. 
                        Presumed killed on that date between Loos and Lens

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