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Photo: J. Brown


Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Guide Post





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NZ 253850

Original Location

“In a prominent position in Guide Post village, by the side of the main road”. At the corner near the Choppington Clinic.

Present Location

The memorial was moved to allow for road widening. from the corner of the Guide Post Choppington Road to Morpeth Road at the top of Sheepwash Avenue.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 2nd July 1921 by Mr. William Short of Monkseaton; dedicated by Rev. J. Burdon.
b. Unveiled and re-dedicated 19/10/1952. Unveiled by Mr T.H. Cruddis of Guide Post dedicated by Rev George H. Earle

Memorial Description

Cross on a pedestal "of cross and crown design". The whole monument stands about 22 feet high. The cross is about 3 feet high, standing on a shaft 6 feet high. The main square stone which bears the inscription is about 4 feet high by 2 feet wide. That stone has a splayed pedestal below it which also bears some names. The sandstone base is about 4 feet wide. The whole sits on three concrete steps, which suggest that the cross has been moved. The names from 1914-18 are on the main stone in the middle, while those of 1939-45 are on the sloping stone which lies beneath this and on top of the main base support. The letters are in sans serif capitals through.

Materials used

Red sandstone throughout from Doddington Quarries


They lived and died like Britons
For King and Country
Erected / in proud and grateful / remembrance of the men / connected with / Guide Post, Choppington / who laid down their lives / in the Great War / and whose names are / inscribed hereon / 1914 - 1919 / 1939 - 1945


Who commissioned

Choppington & District Soldiers’ and Sailors’ War Memorial Fund.


£230. (Builder W. Robertson £191/15/-; R. Gibson, monumental sculptor, £12/17/4d; Swinney Bros Ltd, paling, £10/10/-; Total £215/2/4d. the balance to be kept in the bank against repair bills.

How money was raised

Public subscription. The site was given by Mr. William Short of Epworth House, Choppington.

Present condition


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed by Mr. Maughan; Erected by Mr. Walter Robertson, Contractor, Guide Post. Inscriptions done by Mr. Gibson of Newbiggin. Painting of railings at the base of the monument painted by Mr. Dickenson.

Ownership and maintenance

Wansbeck District Council.


1. Information received suggested that a photograph showing the cross in its original position was in the hands of the butcher at the roundabout at Guide Post. However, the man in question has died since, and his widow is not sure where the photograph is now.

2. It is not yet clear whether the William Short of Monkseaton who unveiled the Cross and the William Short of Choppington who gave the site are the same person.

3. “Had it not been for the coal stoppage the £230 would have been realised, but under the circumstances £216 9s 8d was raised, leaving a deficit of £13.10s 4d.”

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: P. Thirkell; Janet Brown

Shields Daily News 04/07/1921 carries brief report of unveiling.

Morpeth Herald 11/04/1919 reports fund raising; 07/11/1919 reports fund raising football match; 05/11/1920 carries an appeal for funds, and states the donation of the site; 25/02/1921 reports subscribers to the fund; 25/03/1921 reports fund raising; 08/07/1921 reports unveiling; 21/03/1952 reports meeting; 23/05/1952 advertises for Tenders; 12/09/1952 removing taking place; 01/09/1922 reports final costings. 10/10/1952 gives notice of unveiling; 31/10/1952 reports unveiling. (Available on The British Newspaper Archive)

Alnwick & County Gazette 21/08/1920 reports donation of site by Mr. Short.

Newcastle Daily Journal 19/08/1920 reports donation of land, and memorial to cost £300.

Illustrated Chronicle 05/07/1921 carries photos of unveiling.

North Mail 19/08/1920 mentions briefly that Mr. Short has given the site.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 09/07/1921 reports unveiling.

Blyth News 04/07/1921 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 04/07/1921 reports unveiling.

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Research acknowledgements

Janet Brown; the late R.W. Gould; Wansbeck District Council; Michael Newrick; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

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Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Guide Post (C36.02)

South side
   They lived and died like Britons
   For King and Country
   in proud and grateful
   remembrance of the men
   connected with
   Guide Post, Choppington
   who laid down their lives
   in the Great War
   and whose names are
   inscribed hereon
South side 1939-45                            
   Pte.   E.Y. Adamson       Fus.   J.G. Parker         
   Sgt.   A.J. Crammond      "      N. Redpath           
   Pte.   T.R. Johnson       Sgt.   H. Stanton          
   Tpr.   W.C. Jordan        F.Sgt. S. Stuart         
   Pte.   L. Lynn.           L.Sgt. J.G. Whitfield    
                Sgt. L. Joisce.                        
South side 1914-18                            
   Pte.   R. Fish            Pte.   J. Hall             
   Sgt.   J. Graham          "      W.B. Johnson, MM    
   Pte.   R.W. Golden        "      J. Jameson, MM      
   "      H.H. Golden        "      J. Lamb             
   Bde.   G.R. Hawkins       "      T. Leece            
   Pte.   J.W. Hetherington  O.S.   H.O. Moore           
   "      R. Halcrow         Pte    A.E. Murray         
West Side 1914-1918          East side 1914-1918
   Pte.   J. Auld, MM        Pte.   H. Martin
   "      A.S. Adamson       "      T. Maxwell
   "      F. Baker           "      J. Middleton
   "      W. Brown           "      J. McCarthey
   "      W.R. Barnett       "      T.W. Mossman
   L.Cpl. J. Black           Sgt.   J.A. Patterson
   "      D. Bacon           Pte.   J. Pendrich
   "      T.W.M. Battensby   "      D. Porter
   L.Cpl. G. Barnfather      L.Cpl. R. Robson
   Sgt. Major T. Chrisp, MM  Pte.   H.C. Robson
   Pte.   T. Curry           "      J. Robson
   "      H.C. Clark         "      J.R. Robson
   "      J.H. Coppin        "      J. Reed
   "      C.W. Crame         "      H.M. Seymour
   Cpl.   W. Darling         "      J.W. Ternent
   AB.    J.J. Dickinson     "      E. Thompson
   Pte.   J. Dickinson       "      J. Thompson
   "      R. Dodds           "      R. Wood
   "      J. Fraser          "      P. White
   Pte.   A. Ford            "      W. Watson
West side, 1939-1945         East side, 1939-1945
   Pte.   W. Brown           Pte.   P.S. Winlow
   "      H. Price           "      J. Turner
   "      E.F. Sherrard

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