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Photo: Dorothy Hall


Statue 1914-18 1939-45 Roadside





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Original Location

On south side of Edward Street, near its junction with Middle Road and Front Street.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

The gates to the memorial ground were unlocked by Mr.T.V. Greener, agent for Craghead Collieries.
Statue unveiled 11/11/1922 by R.W. Cooper, Managing Director of the Colliery Company.
Dedicated by Dr. N. Quirk, Bishop of Jarrow

Memorial Description

Statue of Peace on top of a column on pedestal on granite steps, total height 22 feet, total weight 22 tons. At the top of the pedestal below the statue on each face is a wreath inside which are the intertwined figures of the dates “1914” and “1918” in Art Nouveau style. There are swags carved between the wreaths. The names from 1939-45 are incised into the top part of the plinth, in a single column on each face. Those from 1914-18 on incised into the lower part, in a single column on two faces and in a double column on the other two.
Three steps lead up to the statue, at the foot of which is a gate of upright bars on which are fixed in wrought iron (top) a crown (2) crossed swords (3) the badge of the R.A.F. (4) a laurel wreath. At the bottom there is a large ivy-leaved wrought iron plant which climbs up the gate on either side of the devices above.
The whole is in a site 10 feet square laid out with pathways and three steps.

Materials used

Statue of white marble; steps, pedestal and column of pink granite.


a. This memorial was erected / in honoured memory of those / who made the supreme / sacrifice in the Great War.
Bravely they fought, and well.
They died that we might live.
Let those who come after see to it
that they are not forgotten.




How money was raised

The site plus £400 were donated by the Colliery Company. Colliery workmen raised £921/9s/11d. Public subscription.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

J.W. Reed, Newcastle


1. One description of the figure on the top is “a winged figure of Freedom, standing on a blobe (?globe) with broken chains hanging from the wrists, emblematical of the freedom of the earth”.

2. The Cs and Gs are hard to distinguish in the Great War names

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Ron Carson; Simon Raine, Reg Hornsby; C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall; old postcard: Tony Harding

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 11/11/1922 reports proposed unveiling; 18/11/1922 reports unveiling.

Shields Daily News 03/11/1922; 16/11/1922

Illustrated Chronicle 13/11/1922 reports unveiling.

Northern Echo 08/11/1922 reports proposed unveiling;13/11/1922 reports unveiling.

Consett Guardian 17/11/2922 reports unveiling.

Consett and Stanley Chronicle 17/11/1922 reports unveiling.

Durham Chronicle 17/11/1922 reports unveiling.

Stanley and Chester-le-Street News 09/11/1922 reports proposed unveiling; 16/11/1922 reports unveiling.

Durham County Advertiser 10/11/1922 reports proposed unveiling; 17/11/1922 reports unveiling.

Blaydon Courier 18/11/1922 reports unveiling.

Durham County Council ref 505/1/11/33

Sources of quotations
“Bravely they fought and well” Not ascertained, but reminiscent of ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ by Alfred Lord Tennyson.
“They died that we might live” Hail! and Farewell! John Oxenham
“Let those who come after . . . “ Quoted from a certificate signed by King George V and sent to each bereaved family.

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; Ron Carson; Dorothy Hall; Durham County Council; Reg. Hornsby; Pauline Priano

Research In Progress

Annfield Plain Family History Society have researched the names on this memorial. Copies of the research are available from

All the WW1 names on this memorial have been researched. See Every Name a Story entries.

Statue 1914-18 1939-45 Roadside (C120.01)

CRAGHEAD   Edward Street, 
Front Upper pedestal
     F/L.   N. Ainsworth      R.A.F.               
     L/C.   H. Blayney        D.W. Rgt.          
     O/S.   G. Blakey         R.N.                
     O/S.   S. Blakey         R.N.                
     L/S.   D.W. Carr         R.N.                
     Pte.   G. Copeland       S.L.Inf.
     L/A.   A. Cruddas        R.A.F.               
     Gds.   P. Curry          G.Gds.            
     Tpr.   W. Cuthbertson    D.Gds             
     C.S.M. J. Darwood        D.L.I.               
     Cpl.   F. Draper         D.L.I.               
     Pte.   E. Gill           D.L.I.               
     Pte.   R.W. Cummings     H.L.I.                    
Front lower pedestal (1914-18)
     This monument was erected                 
     who made the supreme                      
     Pte.   T. Atkinson       D.L.I.                           
     Sig.   J.W. Bainbridge   R.F.A.                           
     Pte.   T.R. Bainbridge   K.O.Y.L.I.                         
     “      T. Bamborough     D.L.I.                           
     “      C. Barnes         “                             
     “      J. Bell           N.F.                            
     Sgt.   W. Blackburn      Dorsets                       
     Pte.   F. Bowman         E. Yorks                      
     A.B.   A. Boyes          R.N.D.                           
     Pte.   J. Bristo         K.O.S.B.                          
     Cpl.   R. Brown          N.F.                            
     Pte.   T. Calvert        R.A.S.C.                          
     “      T. Carr           N.F.                            
     A.B.   W. Carr           R.N.D.                           
     Pte    A. Carter         R.Inn.F.                    
     “      A. Coates         N.F.                            
     “      A. Corbett        N.F.     Pte. E. Binney R.A.M.C.    
     “      R. Craggs         D.L.I.      
Front base
     Let those who come after see to it    
Right side upper pedestal   
     G/S    R. Gardner        R.N.         
     Gds.   F. Grix           S.Gds.      
     Cpl.   S. Grix           D.L.I.         
     Pte.   J. Heal           D.L.I.         
     Cpl.   V. Heavisides     R.We.R.
     O/S    T. Hudspith       R.N.   
     Cpl.   J. Hunter         E.Yks.      
     Pte.   J. Ingram         D.L.I.         
     W/O    J.W. Jones        R.A.F.         
     Bdr.   T. Jones          R.A.         
     Gnr.   L. Keers          R.A.         
     O/S    D. Laverick       R.N.
Right lower pedestal (1914-18)
     in honoured memory of those         
     sacrifice in the Great War.              
     Pte.   J. Craigs         7th Yorks      
     “      J.T. Curtis       1st Norfolks   
     “      S. Darwood        N.F.         
     “      J. Davison        R.Inn.F.      
     L/C.   R. Davidson       S.Gds.      
     Pte.   C.E. Dazley       N.F.         
     “      J.J. Dickinson    D.L.I.         
     “      T. Dixon          R.Inn.F.   
     “      T. Dyson          N.F.         
     “      J. Ellis          W.Yorks      
     A.B.   L. Ellison        R.N.D.         
     Cpl.   R. Ellison        R.N.D.         
     Pte.   T. Emery          C.B.         
     Driv.  J. Flowers        R.F.A.         
     Pte.   D. Freeman        R.Inn.F.      
     Lieut. H. Greener        D.L.I.         
     Cpl.   J.W. Greener      N.F.      
     Pte.   W. Grundy         N.F. 
Front base
     that their names are not forgotten.
Rear upper pedestal 
     Sgt.   H. Laybourne      R.A.F.      
     Pte.   W. Liddle         D.L.I.   
     Gnr.   T.W. Martin       RA   
     Sgt.   D. Maughan        R.A.F.
     Dvr.   M. McMahon        R.A.S.C.
     Pte.   C. Meakin         W Regt.
     Pte.   N.G. Meakin       Midds.Rgt.
     Fus.   J. Metcalfe       R. Fus
     Sgt.   D. Mortimer       R.A.F.   
     O/S    T.T. Mortimer     R.N.
     C.S.M. G. Morton         D.L.I.   
     Sgt.   J.W. Morton       D.L.I.   
     Fus.   M. Oakes          R.N.F.   
Rear Lower pedestal (1914-18)
     Pte.   A. Hands           K.O.Y.L.I. Sgt.   V. Lathan       K.O.S.B.
     Pte.   J. Harold          N.F.       Pte.   W. Lewis        D.L.I.
     Pte.   C. Haw             N.F.       Pte.   J. Lockie       R.Inn.F.
     Pte.   G. Henderson       R.Inn.F.   Pte.   M. Lonsdale     D.L.I.
     A.B.   J.E. Hetherington  R.N.D.     “      R. Lowery       N.F.
     “      H. Horne           “          Lieut. T. Lowery       D.L.I.
     Pte.   G. Holmes          D.L.I.     Sgt.   H. Mansell      “
     “      J. Horsley         R.S.       Pte.   W. Martin       “
     “      W. Hunt            H.L.I.     “      H. Mather       R.N.D.
     “      R.W. Jacques       S.W.B.     “      T. J Maughan    L.C.
     “      W. Johnson         N.F.       “      H. McDonald      D.L.I.
     “      A. Kennedy         “          “      J. McGuire      Bdr. Regt.
     “      A. Lancaster       “          “      R. McGuire      N.F.
     L/C.   J. Lancaster       “          “      T. Mortimer     “
     “      C. Lancaster       N.H.       A.B.   J. Mountain     R.N.
     Pte.   G.E. Larmouth      R.Inn.F.   Pte.   J. Newman       C.R.
     “      R. Larmouth        D.L.I.     A.B.   G. Nichol       R.N.D.
     Tpr.   L. Latham          Sc.Horse.  “      E. Ormston      “
                Pte. W. Davidson   N.F.
Rear base (1914-18)
     Bravely they fought and well.  
Left side Upper pedestal
     L/A.   L. O'Grady     R.A.F.
     Pte.   R. Patterson   R.A.O.C.
     Dvr.   R. Peart       R.A.S.C.
     L/S.   W.G. Pounder   R.N.
     O/S.   A. Scott       R.N.
     Tpr.   J.L. Shields   R.A.C.
     L/C.   J. Simpson     D.L.I.
     Dvr.   J.T. Snaith    R.A.S.C.
     O/S.   H. Stout       R.N.
     Dvr.   R. Thompson    R.A.S.C.
     Gnr.   T.D. Tomlinson R.A.
     Sgt.   L. Whittle     R.A.F.
     Cpl.   J. Wharton     R.A.F.
Left side lower pedestal (1914-18)
     Pte.   T. Owens           D.L.I.     Pte.  J. Snow          R.N.D.
     “      A. Parker          “          “     T. Staff         N.F.
     “      S. Pearson         “          “     W. Staples       G.Gds.
     Sgt.   P. Price           “          “     R. Stewart       W.Rg.
     A.B.   J. Pounder         R.N.D.     “     J. Talbot        N.F.
     “      C. Rackham         “          “     T. Taylor        R.A.M.C.
     Pte.   T. Ramshaw         N.F.       “     W. Tearney       D.L.I.
     “      W. Robinson        “          “     E. Thirlaway     N.F.
     “      W. Rutherford      “          “     J. Turner        D.L.I.
     “      T. Salkeld         “          “     J. Wallace       C.B.
     “      G. Savage          “          “     T. Walton        N.F.
     A.B.   J. Scaife          R.N.D.     “     J.W. Ward        D.L.I.
     Pte.   J. Scott           D.L.I.     “      W. Ward         “
     “      N. Silk            “          “      B. Watson       “
     “      E. Simpson         “          “      J. Watson       R.N.D.
     L/C.   J. Simpson         N.F.       Capt.  F.A. Weeks      D.L.I.
     Pte.   T. Smith           S.Gds.     Pte.   J. Wheatman     7 Yorks
     “      W. Smith           N.F.       “      N. White        D.L.I.
               Pte. J. Wilkinson   R.Inn.F.   
Left side base.  
                      They died that we might live.  


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