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Plaque 1914-18 St. Mary and St. Cuthbert





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NZ 275513

Original Location

Church of St. Mary and St. Cuthbert, Church Chare, DH3 3QB. In south aisle.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 26th February 1922 by Sir Arthur N.L. Wood, Bart. Dedicated by Dr. Hensley Henson, Bishop of Durham.

Memorial Description

Plaque of Gothic style with filigree top and pointed arch at centre top and pilasters at either side, measuring 10 feet 6 inches high x 9 feet 6 inches wide (3.20m x 2.76m) and weighing 1½ tons. In the middle of the top panel is a cross with crown against a sunburst. To its left a knight in armour is kneeling. To its right is a kneeling angel. Between them is a rectangle bearing the dedication. The main panel is divided into three panels by vertical dividers. The names are listed in two columns in each panel, listed under regiments.
The decoration and lettering are raised in sans serif capitals, the dedication in Roman capitals.

Materials used

Bronze and steel


To the glory of God / and in grateful memory / of the men of this Parish / who gave their lives in / the Great War 1914-1919
“Faithful unto death”.




Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed by Cox of Manchester (chosen from some 20 designs) Cast by Humphries Jackson & Ambler of Manchester.


1. It was originally hoped to demolish the Lambton chapel and replace it with a Memorial Chapel designed by Knowles, Oliver and Leeson, and the Faculty was granted. However, probably due to lack of funds, this did not happen.

Illustrated Chronicle “It has been decided to put forward a scheme that the War Memorial in Chester-le-Street shall take the form of the restoration of the north chantry of the parish church. The name of every Chester-le-Street man who died in active service is to be carved upon the walls of this Chapel of St.George as a lasting reminder of brave deeds and bitter sufferings. A sum of £1,300 towards the £2,000 required is in hand, £1,000 being the gift Sir Lindsay Wood, Bart, of The Hermitage, Chester le Street.”

2. According to Bunting and Brewster, the plaque was unveiled 11th November 1920, the cost being £1600, raised by public subscription.

3. The unveiling should have been performed by the Earl of Durham, but he had suffered a family bereavement.

4. It is reported that this was the largest casting ever made by the Manchester firm.

5. Pte Thomas Fairbain is Thomas Fairbairn.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Dorothy Hall; Ian Cooper; old postcard: Tony Harding

The Parish Church Chester-le-Street 1883-1983 Bunting and Brewster ISBN 09509152 03

Chester-le-Street Chronicle 24/02/1922, 03/03/1922 reports dedication

Illustrated Chronicle 01/09/1919 reports proposals in Note 1 above; 20/02/1922 states that the memorial will in all probability be unveiled by the Earl of Scarborough; 27/02/1922 reports unveiling with photos

Northern Echo 25/02/1922 reports proposed unveiling; 27/2/1922 reports unveiling.

Consett and Stanley Chronicle 03/03/1922 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 25/02/1922 reports proposed unveiling tomorrow; 04/03/1922 reports unveiling

Durham County Advertiser 03/03/1922 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 20/02/1922 and 27/02/1922 both report unveiling.

Restoration fund brochure 1967

The Monumental Brasses of County Durham William Lack H Martin Stuchfield and Philip Whittemore 2002 ISBN 095 4327101

Source of quotation
“Faithful unto death” Revelation 2 v.10

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Research acknowledgements

Dorothy Hall; Tony Harding; Ian Cooper; Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale

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Plaque 1914-18 St. Mary and St. Cuthbert (C105.12)

CHESTER-LE-STREET   Ss Mary & Cuthbert Church.  


   To the glory of God
   and in grateful memory
   of the men of this Parish
   who gave their lives in
   the Great War 1914-1919

   Durham Light Infantry
   Capt.   Brock A.L.           Pte.     Hacker, W.H.            
           Curry, R.            “        Hall, G.         
           McLare, A.V.MC&bar   “        Hann, J.            
   RSM     Beveridge, E.F.      “        Hawe, R.         
   CSM     Dyson, J.            “        Hawker, A.         
           Robson, T.           “        Heads, J.H.         
   ASM     Rutter, A.G. D.C.M.  “        Holliday, F.               
   Sgt.    Hedley, E.J.         “        Hood, G.A.         
           Powell, W.           “        Hope, E.  D.S.O.      
           Todd, E.             “        Hurworth, J.            
   L.Sgt.  Purvis, J.H.         “        Laidler, F.         
   Cpl.    Alderson C.S.        “        Laidler, W.         
           Curry, T.            “        Laws, T.      
           Curry, T.            “        Laybourne, T.         
           Dixon, R.N.          “        Lockey, J.W.         
           Lake, J.E.           “        Lowes, J.         
           Punshon, H.F.        “        Maghie, A.         
   Lce Cpl Brown, F.            “        Manghan, J.H.      
           Clarke, A.           “        McIlwrath J.         
           Dawson, J.           “        Middleton, J.            
           Greenwell, J.W.      “        Morgan, C.E.         
           Rutherford, J.       “        Mulholland, T.B.         
           Scott, R.            “        O’Neill J.         
           Thompson, R.T.       “        Parker, W.         
   Pte.    Barker, B.           “        Pringle, J.H.         
   “       Bell, G.             “        Richardson, A.L.         
   “       Bellwood, J.         “        Riley, M.         
   “       Bousfield, R.W.      “        Robson, W.      
   “       Brown, F.            “        Rundle, J.W.         
   “       Brown, T.            “        Selkirk, J.         
   “       Brownell, E.         “        Smiles, G.W.      
   “       Bucknell, H.         “        Snaith, T.            
   “       Burnside, C.         “        Stearman, T.G.      
   “       Carr, T.H.           “        Stirling, J.         
   “       Carrington, T.       “        Stobbs, T.               
   “       Chipchase, H.        “        Sweeney, R.            
   “       Chrisp, A.L.         “        Tate, A.B.         
   “       Clasper, F.          “        Telfer, R.            
   “       Coates, A.           “        Thompson, J.M.         
   “       Coxon, W.            “        Thurloway, R.W.         
   “       Curry, J.S.          “        Topping, A.H.      
   “       Davis, A.E.          “        Tunney, F.            
   “       Dixon, J.A.          “        Tweddle, T.W.   
   “       Dolan, R.            “        Urwin, T.         
   “       Evans, G.            “        Wandless, H.      
   “       Fish, J.W.           “        Watson, A.         
   “       Fullerton, M.        “        Watson, J.      
   “       Gooch, J.G.          “        Weatherburn, J.R.         
   “       Grice, H.            “        Wilks, T.      
   “       Graham, M.           “        Willey, M.      
Column 3                     Column 4

      R.M.L.I.                     Northumberland      
   Cpl.    Shacklady, T.           Fusiliers      
   Pte.    Davidson, T.         Bty.Maj  Barrett, L.A. M.C.   
      R.N.D.                    2ndLieut.Low, J.J.   
   LgSea.  Donkin, C.           R.Q.M.S. English, J.R.      
   Signr.  Clasper J.           LceSgt.  Towers, L.      
   A.B.    Hutchinson, M.       LceCpl.  Davison, J.W.      
      R.N.V.R.                  “        Dodds E.
   A.B.    Hood, R.             Signr.   Graham G.      
      Mercantile Marine         Pte.     Barron J.   
   W.O.    Foster, J.           “        Bennet N.   
   Cook    Hall, M.S.           “        Cannon, F.      
   Ch.Off. Hollingsworth        “        Crawford F.      
   Appre.  Robinson, R.H.       “        Dickinson, J.N.      
      10th Hussars              “        Dyson J.      
   Pte.    Green R              “        Fairbairn, T.   
      11th Hussars              “        Georgeson, J.         
   Lieut.  Lumley, R.           “        Henderson, A.   
      18th Hussars              “        Hope, J.      
   Capt.   Wood G.L.            “        Horn, T.W.      
      R.F.A.                    “        Hubble, J.   
   Bdr.    Cole, P.S.           “        Kennedy, W.      
   Gnr.    Gettings, J.S.L.     “        Logan J.   
   “       Gilder F.            “        Mallaby W.      
   “       Healer, W.E.         “        McAvoy, J.   
   “       Maddison, A.         “        McAvoy, W.      
   “       Thompson, E.         “        McCann   
   Dvr.    Pick, G.W.           “        Morson, W.E.      
   “       Radcliffe, F.        “        Mowbray, J.W.      
      R.C.A.                    “        Oliver, S.A.      
   Bdr.    Cowey, J.            “        Pearson, T.      
   Gnr.    Armstrong, N.        “        Philipson, H.L. M.M.      
   “       Rowland, F.          “        Simpson, J.   
   Dvr.    Padett, G.W.         “        Smith, J.W.      
   “       Pearson, S.          “        Stephenson, H.   
   “       Whitmore, J.         “        Stubbs, W.
      R.E.                      “        Tooley, G.   
   Capt.    Thornton, F.A.      “        Tweddle, R.      
   Spr.    Bullock              “        Wardle, R.   
   “       Clark, G.            “        Watson, J.   
   “       Elliott, J.          “        Wilson, W.   
   “       Logan, R.W.          “        Witherspoon, H.S.   
   “       Longstaff, T.        “        Young, E.   
   “       Neave, E.               ROYAL FUSILIERS   
   “       Scott, J.            LceCpl   Stubbs J.W.      
   Dvr.    Wray, W.             Pte.     Carruthers, A.J. M.M.      
      Coldstream Gds.           “        Coltman, W.      
   Cpl.    Atkinson, S.J.          LINC. R.
   LceCpl. Cooper, W.B.         Sgt.     Case R.J.      
   Pte.    Adamson, J.E.        LceCpl.  Lowery, J.W.         
                                Pte.     Ingram, T.H.
 Column 5                       Column 6

      Som.L.I.                     Black Watch
   Pte.    White, J.W.          Pte.     Stephenson, W.
      W.York.R                     Sherwood F.
   Sgt.    Husthwaite T.        Pte.     Wind, J.J.
   Signr.  Nicholson R.            L.N.Lanc.R.
   Pte.   Bankhead J.           Pte.     Longbottom, W.B.
   “       Bell, H.                North R.R.
   “       Nesham, T.           Pte.     Hall, J.
   “       Robertson, G.           R.Berks.R.
   “       Routledge, W.        Pte.     Watson, W.
   “       Tucker, W.              K.O.Y.L.I.
      E.York.R                  Sgt.     Henderson, J.R.
   Sgt.    Chalmers, J.         Cpl.     Turnbull G.S.
   Pte.    Nixon, F.               York & Lanc.R.
   “       Watson, J.R.         LceCpl.  Mowbray, W.
      R.Irish R.                Pte.     Evans, W.
   Pte.    Keough, J.           “        Sanderson, J.
      York.R.                   “        Waugh, F.
   Pte.    Taylor, R.           “        Woodcock, N.
   “       Warnes, J.              Arg.& Suth. Hldrs
      Lan.Fus.                  Pte.     Gray, G.V.
   LceCpl  Hendry, J.W.E.          Leinster R.
   Pte.    Johnson, G.W.        Pte.     Shaw, R.W.
   “       Middleton, J.           R.A.S.C.
   “       Riddell, A.          LceCpl.  Renwick, M.
   “       Ritson, H.E.         Pte.     Morgan, J.W.
      S.Wales (Bord).           “        Russell, T.
   Pte.    Wilson, T.A.         Dvr.     Phaup, E.W.
      K.O.S.B.                     M.G.C.
   Cpl.    Turnbull, J.W.       Pte.     Stephenson, A.
   Pte.    Anderson, J.A.       “        Taylor, T.
   “       Howe, J.G.             R.A.M.C.
      R.Innis. Fus.             Pte.     Atkinson, F.
   Cpl.    Weatherburn, T.E.    “        Bird, J.
   Pte.    Barron, E.           “        Hall, W.
      Hamps.R.                  “        Stephenson, W.
   Pte.    Porter, A.              V.A.D.
   “       Stephenson, J.       Nrse.    Lowes, Lily L.
      S.Staffs.R.                  Canadian Contgt.
   Pte.    Scott, J.E.          Pte.     Ferguson, G.S.
      Dorset R.                 “        Gray, C.H.
   Pte.    Winter, A.D.         “        Gray, H.T.
      S.Lancs.R.                “        Mole, W.
   Dvr.    Spoors, A.E.            R.D.C.
      Welsh R.                  Pte.     Ritson G.
   Pte.    Lowes, F.         
   “       Walker, G.R.

   “Faithful unto death”.

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