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Photo: Simon Raine


Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Korea 1951 Ainsley Terrace





Map ref

NZ 109514

Original Location

Ainsley Terrace

Present Location

In Consett Leisure Centre car park (formerly Civic Centre car park). Moved from Ainsley Terrace in 1958

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45
c. Korea, 1951

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled Sunday September 30th 1923 by Maj.Gen. F.A.Dudgeon, C.B.; dedicated by Rev. W.C.D. Fedden, M.A., Vicar of Consett.
b. Rededicated Sunday 15th June 1958 at 3pm by Major the Earl Haig of Bemersyde DL

Memorial Description

Cross of wheel type on tall slender octagonal column. The column rests on a platform which has a wreath raised in half relief on all four sides. The names are carried in four columns on each face of the pedestal. The names for 1939-45 are carried in four columns on each face of the lower pedestal. The one name for Korea is added to those for 1939-45 on the front face of the pedestal. All lettering is in Roman capitals.


a. To the glory / of God and / in memory of / the men of / Consett / who gave their lives in / the Great War 1914-1918Their name liveth for evermore.
b. 1939-1945
c. Korea 1951


Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee

How money was raised

Public subscription

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed by Mr. H.S. Knopp, architect, Neville’s Cross; made by Messrs. J.G. Gradon and Sons, Durham.

Ownership and maintenance

Deed of site handed over to Cllr. Carruthers, Chair of Consett Urban Council at the unveiling.


1. The site of this memorial is to be sold by Derwentside Council. A call from War Memorials Trust indicates that this memorial is to be demolished (a) on the advice of a local mason who says that it would not survive shifting and (b) more names are required to be added and there is no room. Derwentside Council say they are proposing to build a brand new memorial, which allows for more names, to be placed in the park. WMT are suggesting that it be moved to a local park, with a surrounding wall to bear any further names. In 2016 the War Memorial has not been moved but is now in the car park of the newly built Consett Leisure Centre.

2. The final balance sheet showed that individual subscriptions with bank interest raised £305 2s 4d; Consett Iron Co. Ltd. donated £284 10s. Costs of erection was £498 12s 6d; architect’s fees £31 11 6d; advertising, printing etc. raised the total expenditure to £589 12s 4d.

3. Consett had a loss of 292 men from a town population of 12,151

4. The following has been submitted by Dorothy Hall, who has compared the names on the memorial with those on:

a. The Order of Service for the unveiling of Memorial 1923
Gibson, C.R. is Gibson, C.E. in Programme
Hope, I.W. is Hope, J.W. in Programme
Johnson, F.C. is Johnson F.G. in Programme
McGarth, P. is McGrath, P. in Programme
Slagar, H. is Seagar, H. in Programme
Stoddart, N. is Stoddart, H. in Programme
Welford, T. is Welford, T.H.B. in Programme
Wright, R. is Wright, P. in Programme

b. The Service of Rededication in 1958.
There is no W. Anderson on the Dedication list at all.

Bradley, K. reads Broadley, K. (CWG agrees with Broadley)

Coombes, S.T. reads Coombe, S.T. (CWG agrees with Coombe)

Hannant, N. reads Hannant, N.J. (CWG agrees with Hannant, N.J.)

McCullough, J. reads McCullouch, J. (Cant find anyone definite in CWG with either spelling).

Tarn, W. reads Tarn, T.W. (CWG agrees with Tarn, T.W.)

The Korean death is not mentioned.

Allen, F. is not in 1923 or 1958 Programme

Harris, J.D. is not in 1923 or 1958 Programme

4 names are listed as being added from 1914-1918: Croft, R., Harrison, T.W. , Mulligan, D., Thorpe, J., and are listed in the correct places alphabetically -so from this it would seem to me that when the cross was moved from Ainsley Terrace to the Civic Centre the name panels were replaced and new ones put up and these mistakes occurred then.

5. Consett Iron Company stated that it was prepared to make a contribution of a fifth of the money raised i.e. if £5,000 was raised they would add another £1,000.

6. At a meeting in 1921, it was suggested that the fund had gone dead and was not doing its duty – they had not struck the iron while it was hot – something should be done to stir up interest in the project.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Simon Raine; Dorothy Hall; old photo in former location Graham Stewart; George Nairn; photo of 1958 re-dedication: Beamish Durham Advertiser Series

Illustrated Chronicle 11/09/1922 reports proposal to erect a memorial; 22/09/1923 has photo of cross to be unveiled; 01/10/1923 reports unveiling with photos.

Northern Echo 11/10/1923 and 15/10/1923 reports final accounts and balance sheet.

Consett Guardian 28/09/1923 reports proposed unveiling; 05/10/1923 reports unveiling with photos.

Stanley News and Consett Chronicle 27/09/1923 reports proposed unveiling; 04/10/1923 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 06/10/1923 reports unveiling with photos;

Durham County Advertiser 05/10/1923 reports unveiling.

Blaydon Courier 28/09/1923 reports unveiling proposals; 6/10/1923 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 17/12/1920 reports proposed donation in Note 5 above; 04/11/1921 reports the stagnation of the fund in Note 6 above.

Source of quotation:
“Their name liveth . . .” Apocrypha Ecclesiasticus 44

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Research acknowledgements

Dorothy Hall; Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; Graham Stewart; War Memorials Trust; Tony Harding; George Nairn; Beamish Open Air Museum; Margaret Matthews

Research In Progress

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Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Korea 1951 Ainsley Terrace (C101.01)

CONSETT   Car park.
Front face
   To the glory 
   of God and 
   in memory of
   the men of 
   who gave their lives in
   the Great War 1914-1918
   Their name liveth for evermore.
 Front pedestal (1914-18)  
   Ackerman, G.E.    Bellamy, T.     Chilton, T.E.   Dixon, W.
   Adamson, A.T.     Bennison, J.P.  Clark, H.       Dodd, W.H.
   Aitchison, S.G.   Blair, R.       Clark, P.       Donaghie, D.
   Allison, W.       Blemings. J.    Clarke, J.      Donaghty, A.
   Anderson, J.W.    Borthwick, F.   Clarke, J.A.    Doran, J.
   Applegate, G.W.E. Bowery, F.      Coburn, W.A.    Douglas, I.H.
   Applegate, W.     Bowes, B.       Coleman, A.     Dowden, J.
   Asbridge, T.      Brady, J.       Colling, A.     Doyle, W.
   Askew, W.R.       Brennan, A.     Cook, J.T.      Drugan, J.
   Atkinson, A.H.    Brewerton, W.   Coxon, E.       Dunne, C.
   Allen F.
   Atkinson, E.      Brodie, W.      Cranney, J.
   Atkinson, J.      Browbank, A.    Croft, R.
   Armstrong, G.     Brown, J.A.     Croft, R.       Eales, F.
                     Brown, M.       Cullen, P.      Eales, F.T.
   Barnett, J.       Brown, T.                       Eccles, R.
   Barron, A.T.      Burrell, W.                     Edwards, R.
   Barron, J.W.                      Dailey, J.C.    Ellis, J.E.
   Bell, E.S.                        Darnton, J.A.   Ellison, J.F.
   Bell, G.          Cain, D.        Davies, D.      Emmerson, G.R.
   Bell, H.          Campbell, T.    Dimmock, A.
   Bell, W.          Carr, J.        Dixon, R.W.K.
                     Chapman, A.     Dixon, T.H.
  Front face lower pedestal (1939-45)
   Aldred E.S.       Bell, W.        Chilton, S.     Dale, J.D.
   Allen, C.D.       Bernard, K.     Clayton, W.     Davidson, W.
   Anderson, L.A     Boyd, P.N.      Clifford, P.    Davison, H.
   Angus, C.W.       Brady, W.       Clough, L.W.    Davison, S.
   Anderson, W.      Bradley, K.     Coates, H.      Doyle, H.
                     Brown, A.       Coleman, T.
   Bamber, J.W.      Brown, R.       Colwell, W.
   Bardwell, J.      Bunney, J.G.    Conroy, L.      Edmunds, L.
   Bell, A.          Byrne, T.       Coombes, S.T.   Edwards, J.G.
   Bell, J.T.                        Cornforth, S.   Edwards, J.M.
   Bell, J.W.                        Cowie, J.       Edwards, W.R.M.
   Bell, L.E.        Campbell, G.W.  Craggs, T.
   Bell, T.A.        Cant, J.L.      Clarke, G. Korea 1951
Second face upper pedestal (1914-18) 
   Emmerson, J.J.    Gill, R.        Heaviside, J.H. Jacques, W.
   Etherington, D.   Gladders, S.    Heslop, W.S.    Jeffrey, J.
                     Glasgow, H.E.   Hickford, A.    Jeffrey, J.
                     Gledstone, H.R. Higham, P.      Johnson, F.C.
   Finlay, J.        Goldsmith, E.R. Hill, C.        Johnson, J.W.
   Finnigan, J.      Graham, J.      Hinds, J.       Johnson, T.
   Finnigan, T.      Greenwood, S.   Hope, I.W.      Joyce, R.W.
   Finnigan, T.J.    Griffiths, T.   Hornsby, H.
   Foreman, D.                       Hudson, H.
   Forster, G.H.                     Hullah, J.L.    Keenan, P.
   Forster, G.        Hall, J.       Hunt, W.        Kirk, J.
   Fowler, R.         Hand, J.       Hurson, P.      Kirkhouse, G.
   Foy, W.            Harris, A.D.S. Hurst, C.       Kirkup, G.W.
   Frere, F.J.H.T.    Harris, S.J.H. Hutchinson, A.  Kitchen, W.
   Frere, L.B.        Harrison, H.   Harrison, T.W.
   Fuller, W.         Hart, A.       Harris, J.D.
                      Harwood, J.                    Lamb, R.W.
   George, E.B.       Haughey, J.    Irwin, C.       Lamb, T.
   Gibson, C.R.       Haughey, M.    Ivey, J.        Ledger, T.W.
   Gibson, J.         Haughey, T.                    Lee, J.W.
   Gill, C.H.         Haworth, C.                    Lewis, J.
   Gill, J.J.                        Jackson, E.
 Second face lower pedestal (1939-45)
   Ferguson, T.E.    Green, R.N.     Hauxwell, J.W.  Hurson, V.
   Finlay, G.R.      Gribbin, R.     Hayward, J.N.   Hutton, J.D.
   Forster, E.       Griffiths, G.W. Hedley, J.A.    Humphry, E.H.
   Friek, J.         Grogan, P.      Henderson, R.
   Fulton, J.        Gunnion, W.N.   Henderson, R.
                                     Henderson, S.   Jarvis, F.
                                     Heppell, H.     Jones, C.
   Gallacher, H.E.   Hall, J.        Heslop, T.      Jopling, J.W.
   Gardner, J.       Hall, J.L.      Hetherington, R.
   Gent, R.          Hanna, W.       Hodgson, E.
   Gettings, F.      Hannant, N.     Hogg, A.        Keegan, W.
   Gill, J.          Hardy, J.       Holmes, E.      Kenny, B.
   Glew, W.          Harris, L.      Hopper, K.
Third face upper pedestal (1914-18)
   Lister, A.        McGough, A.     Murphy, H.      Perry, A.
   Lowdon, M.        McGough, J.     Murray, J.W.    Perry, M.
   Linskey, M.       McGarth, P.                     Pickering, H.
                     McGuckin, P.                    Pogue, N.
                     McIntyre, D.    Nesbit, J.H.    Purvis, J.T.
   Mackin, H.        McIntyre, J.    Newbigging, R.
   Makepeace, F.     McKenna, M.
   Malone, H.        McKenna, O.                     Rafferty, J.
   Malpass, A.       McKie, T.       O’Connor, F.    Redshaw, G.
   Marshall, J.      McNally, J.     O’Hanlon, H.    Redshaw, T.W.
   Martin, G.        Merritt, G.J.   O’Neill, D.     Redshaw, W.
   Martin, P.        Moffitt, A.     Ormston, J.     Reed, T.
   Martin, W.C.      Moffitt, J.G.                   Rice, T.W.
   Massey, J.L.      Monaghan, F.                    Ridley, F.
   Maughan, W.       Moore, H.       Park, J.        Richards, T.
   McBride, P.       Moore, J.       Parker, J.W.    Richards, T.R.
   McCarthy, J.      Moore, J.T.     Parker, M.F.    Richardson, J.T.
   McCaughey, J.W.   Morgan, D.      Patterson, J.   Richardson, J.W.
   McCourt, M.       Morgan, H.      Patterson, J.T. Richardson, W.
   McCusker, H.      Moyle, H.E.H.   Pearson, T.E.   Richardson, W.M.
   McDonald, F.      Mulhearn, A.    Pattison, E.    Roberts, J.
   McGeoghegan, J.   Mulligan, D.
Third face, lower pedestal (1939-1945)
   Lamb, E.          Loy, F.         Millhouse, M.E. O’Hagan, J.
   Lamb, S.          Loy, O.         Mitchell, K.    O’Hanlon, W.
   Lee, O.                           Monaghan, T.    O’Leary, A.V.
   Lee, W.                           Morgan, J.A.    Oliver, D.
   Lilley, T.        McBride, P.     Muldoon, D.     Oliver, J.R.
   Lisle, A.         McCullough, J.  Mulligan, T.    O’Neill, H.
   Lisle, F.         McDonald,F.G.R. Mullin, B.      Oxley, R.
   Little, J.W.      McGuckin, J.
   Lonsdale, W.      McKay, J.
   Loughran, B.      McKeown, G.     Nattrass, F.    Page J.
   Low, G.           Mackenzie, H.D. Newbould, J.    Page R.
   Lowson, M.        Meegan, F.      Nichol, J.H.    Page T.
Fourth face, upper pedestal (1914-18)
   Robinson, A.W.    Shannon, M.     Surteess, R.R.  Walker, J.
   Robinson, H.      Sherry, B.      Symington,J.H.C.Walker, T.
   Robinson, R.W.    Shield, J.J.                    Walker, W.
   Robinson, W.      Shorter, A.G.                   Wall, J.
   Robson, E.        Siddle, W.C.    Taylor, A.      Walton, B.T.
   Robson, G.        Smith, A.N.     Taylor, E.      Ward, E.
   Robson, J.J.      Smith, J.E.     Taylor, J.      Ward, T.H.
   Robson, R.        Smith, M.D.     Teasdale, T.A.  Welford, T.
   Robson, R.J.      Spencer, J.     Thackwray, W.T. Werry, H.S.
   Robson, T.        Spencer, J.H.   Thomas, S.      Whaley, G.
   Robson, W.        Stadius, C.M.   Thompson, H.    White, C.
   Rolfe, J.G.       Stafford, J.R.  Thorpe, J.      White, J.
   Reed, W.          Stafford, W.J.  Tinkler, W.     Whitfield, W.E.
                     Stoddart, A.    Todd, J.H.      Wilkinson, J.J.
                     Stoddart, N.    Tucker, J.G.    Williamson, G.
   Scott, A.D.       Stokoe, H.      Turnbull, F.    Wilson, B.
   Slagar, H.        Storey, W.      Turnbull, T.    Woods, J.G.
   Selby, W.         Straugheir, R.W.Turner, J.J.    Wright, R.
   Shaw, C.          Stephenson, R.W.                Wynnie, C.
Fourth face, lower pedestal (1939-1945)
   Pape, E.W.        Redshaw, T.     Smith, W.       Walkington, R.J.
   Parker, J.W.      Renshaw, A.     Snowdon, E.I.   Walsh, T.
   Parkinson, W.A.   Richardson,J.A. Stephenson, H.  Ward, J.J.
   Patterson, R.     Ridley, J.W.    Stephenson, J.  Watchorn, R.
   Pearson, R.H.     Robson, J.      Stephenson, W.  Watson, P.E.H.
   Pegram, F.A.      Rowland, E.     Stobbs, R.      Wedderspoon, P.
   Pegram, T.H.      Russell, R.     Sutton, E.C.    Welsh, J.
   Penrose, H.P.                     Swainston, J.C. Westthorp, G.A.
   Pooley, W.T.                      Swan, J.        Westthorp, K.
   Proud, W.         Scarlett, A.                    White, J.A.
   Proud, J.         Simpson, W.                     White, J.
   Plummer, W.C.     Slater, J.A.    Tarn, W.        Wigham, M.
                     Smith, C.       Toole, W.       Winter, N.C.
                     Smith, J.F.                     Wintrell, W.R.

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