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Plaque Members Served 1914-18 St. Cuthbert





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Original Location

St. Cuthbert's Church. At the junction of Wellington Street and Plessey Road, Blyth. On porch wall.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 15th December 1920 by Lt. Col. J.H. Nicholson; dedicated by Rt. Rev. Bishop Ormsby.

Memorial Description

Plaque, 52 inches high x 36 inches wide, with gabled top in which are the dates and the church name. The main panel is divided into three sunken panels with arched tops on each of which the names are painted in a single column in gold Roman capitals.
At the bottom left hand corner is a brass plate indicating the source of the timber used.

Materials used

Wood from H.M.S. "Britannia"


The / Great War / 1914-1919 / St. Cuthbert's Church. /
Roll of Honour /
For God, King and Country.



1. In a booklet presented by Hughes Bolckow to their staff when the firm was taken over in 1961, there is a long piece about the break-up of the "Britannia". The salvaged material went to making up all kinds of things (see font made from binnacle at Blyth B42.09). A sentence reads : "Folding chairs on offer were designed with wounded soldiers in mind ('their high back is very restful, but does not interfere with the hat when seated'); tea trolleys were advertised ('in hospitals and nursing homes they ease the extra work brought by the war'); and there were three patterns of memorial shrine with space for names of up to 150 dead; the names could be added 'in black at a halfpenny a letter, or in gold at a penny a letter'".

2. On the opposite wall is a similar plaque which is made from the timbers of the “Mauretania”.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo: Jack Tait

Illustrated Chronicle 16/12/1920 reports unveiling.

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Research acknowledgements

The late Jack Tait, Blyth Local History Society; Dorothy Hall

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Plaque Members Served 1914-18 St. Cuthbert (B42.34)

BLYTH, St. Cuthbert's Church.
     Great War
     St. Cuthbert's Church

     Alderson, A.S.   Godfrey, J.G.     Parker, F.
     Airey, E.J.      Godfrey, R.       Partridge. J.A.
     Atkinson, W.     Godfrey, T.       Paul, P.R.
     Barker, S.       Hall, F.          Paul, R.
     Beaden, T.       Hall, J.W.        Percy, S.
     Beaden, W.       Hall, M.          Pringle, A.
     Bell, A.E.M.     Harris, A.H.      Pringle, J.R.
     Bell, J.         Harris, J.A.      Raffle, F.W.
     Blackburn, T.B.  Harris, T.W.      Raffle, J.R.
     Blackburn, W.    Harrison, G.      Raffle, W.T.
     Blyth, W.A.      Harrison, T.H.    Reay, J.W.
     Bower, H.        Harland, J.D.     Redford, J.
     Bower, S.        Hedley, G.        Redford, R.P.
     Bowman, J.       Hedley, W.R.      Richardson, J.
     Bragg, G.        Hill, A.          Richardson, J.R.
     Brown, A.R.      Hill, E.G.        Richardson, R.
     Brown, J.H.      Hill, F.G.        Roach, G.
     Brown, W.        Hogg, R.          Roach, J.
     Carr, H.G.       Hope, R.          Roach, T.
     Carr, J.P.       Hunter, H.A.      Robson, G.
     Carr, R.         James, W.R.       Robson, T.E.
     Carr, W.         James, J.R.       Robson, D.S.
     Charlton, J.L.   Kelsey, J.G.      Robson, J.
     Crawford, J.A.   Kinghorn, C.T.C.  Schofield, J.C.
     Crawford, M.P.   Lansdale, F.J.    Scott, J.
     Davison, G.      Lansdale, J.D.    Stephenson, J.G.
     Dickinson, H.    Lansdale, R.G.    Straker, A.G.
     Dobson, J.D.     Liddle, R.        Straker, V.
     Dodds, P.        Meffen, W.        Swinbanks, E.M.
     Dodds, R.S.G.    Middlemas, R.     Taylor, A.
     Dodds, T.        Middlemas, T.     Thompson, F.J.
     Elliott, A.J.    Middleton, E.     Thompson, M.
     Elliott, A.S.    Middleton, R.     Thompson, R.W.
     Elliott, J.      Middleton, S.     Turner, W.
     Elliott, W.K.    Middleton, W.     Turpin, E.
     English, G.      Middleton, J.R.S. Turpin, R.
     English, W.      Mitchell, J.      Tweddle, G.
     Ensly, A.E.V.    Mitchell, W.      Walton, J.E.
     Essen, W.        Moffatt, A.E.     Warren, J.
     Fairless, A.     Moffatt, C.       Warwick, C.R.
     Fawcett, J.      Morgan, J.        Webster, J.W.
     Field, A.R.      Morgan, T.W.      Wilkinson, F.H.
     Field, J.R.      Newstead, B.R.    Wilkinson, J.W.
     Fowler, R.       Newstead, F.L.    Wilkinson, R.H.
     Fulcher, G.      Newstead, G.      Wilson, W.
     Fulcher, J.A.    Nicholson, A.L.   Wray, J.
     Gibson, C.H.     Nicholson, I.     Wright, J.
     Gibson, G.H.     Nicholson, J.H.   Yarrow, T.
     Gibson, W.       Nicholson, R.     Young, H.
                                        Younger, E.
                                        Younger, W.
     For God, King and Country.

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