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Photo: J. Brown


Book of Remembrance 1914-18 1939-45 St. Mary pp 1-10





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NU 108339

Original Location

St. Mary's Parish Church, Church Street.
Beneath the pulpit, on south side of nave.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Memorial Description

Book of Remembrance, measuring 11 inches high x 8 inches wide (279mm x 203 mm) by 1 inch (25mm) deep. It is metal bound with a metal clasp. The vellum-type pages are handwritten in copperplate, using black ink. The regimental badges are painted in full colour above each name. Each entry records the name of the deceased, parentage, address, occupation, regiment, plus details of manner and place of death, and where buried.
The open book is in a display case, and beside it is a carrying case of wood decorated with silver Celtic-type bands and a silver cross on its top, bearing the inscription "St. Mary's Church, Belford" on the top face. Around the sides a silver band bears the inscription "Amimae omnium fidelium defunctorum per misericordium dei requiescat in pace" in elaborate lettering.

Materials used

Book with silver mountings


On case
"Amimae omnium fidelium defunctorum per misericordium dei requiescat in pace"


English Heritage Listing

In Grade II Listed Building

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Case made by Messrs. William Johnson & Son (Belford) Ltd.


1. The names in the Book are of people who came from other places as well as Belford.

2. The Latin "Amimae omnium fidelium defunctorum per misericordium dei requiescat in pace" (Should that be "requiescant" - plural?) ("May the souls of the faithful dead rest in peace through the mercy of God").

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown; Belford LHS; Tony Harding

A Short Guide for Visitors to the Parish Church of St. Mary, Belford, Northumberland.

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Research acknowledgements

George Rogerson, Belford Local History Society; P. Thirkell; Valerie Glass; Rev. A.J. Hughes; Tony Harding

Research In Progress

These names are being researched by a team led by Valerie Glass

Book of Remembrance 1914-18 1939-45 St. Mary pp 1-10 (B16.02)

BELFORD   St. Mary's Parish Church.  

   In Memoriam
   To The Glory of God 
   and in loving memory of 
   Isabella Newbegin Jarvie, 
   who was born at Belford, 13 September 1810. 
   This Book is presented by her Children and 
   grandchildren living in the United States of America 
   to the Belford Parish Church for a permanent record 
   of the Benefactors of the Church and of the
   Soldiers & Sailors of this Parish who have given 
   their lives in the service of their Country in 
   The Great War    1914-1919+
Page 2. 
   (Badge of Northumberland Fusiliers)
   William Cameron. Son of George
   Cameron, Born 11th. March. 1893.
   Apprentice Joiner. Private Northd. Fus:
   Killed on the Electric Rail while
   training in Sept. 1914.
   James Clark. Son of William
   and Elizabeth Clark of Belford
   Station, Born 9th April 1894. Cycle 
   Mechanic No. 1927, Private Northd. Fus.
   Killed by a shell on June 1st 1915 at 
   S.Jean near Ypres.
Page 3. 
   (Badge of Northumberland Fusiliers)
   James Punton, husband of Annie
   Punton of Low Middleton Farm. Belford
   born Jany. 3rd. 1884. Agricultural Labourer,
   Private 2nd. Northd. Fusiliers. missing Oct 1st. 
   1915, believed to have died on that day.
   Harry Hill, son of Henry & Sarah Hill of 
   Belford Station: born Oct 13th. 1892.
   Passenger Clerk N.E.R. enlisted. Sept. 1914
   Sergt. "B" Coy. 1/7th. N.F. Killed by a 
   Shell near Sanctuary Wood Feb. 12th. 1916
Page 4. 
   (Badge of Northumberland Fusiliers)
   Ernest Currins son of John & Mary 
   Ann Currins of Belford. born 25 June.
   1892. Postman: joined 7th. N.F. Sept. 1914.
   later Private in Machine Gun Corps,
   Killed by Trench Mortar bomb May 16th 1916.
   and buried at Lotne.
   Robert Hunter son of Robert Hunter,
   Belford. born 19th. June 1896. Agricultural
   Labourer. No 3509. Private 7th. N.F. Was in
   action at the left of High Wood on 15th. Sept.
   1916 and was missing from that date.
Page 5. 
   Quo Fata Vocant
   Robert Hall, son of Richard & Marjory
   Hall and Husband of Elizabeth Jane Hall,
   of West St. Belford. Born 25th. Feb. 1883.
   Private, 7th. N.F. transferred to West Riding
   Regt. Killed 18th Sept. 1916.
   Thomas J. Anderson, son of John and
   Mary Anderson, of Easington Grange, and
   husband of Ellen Ann Anderson, Agricultural 
   Labourer. Born 2nd. Sept. 1890. Private 7th. N.F.
   later in 10th. Yorks Regt. Died on Sept 23rd.
   1916. of Wounds received in The Battle of the
Page 6. 
   (Badge of Northumberland Fusiliers)
   William Mabon Anderson. son of John
   & Mary Anderson of Easington Grange:
   born 23rd. Aug. 1894. Agricultural Labourer.
   Private 7th. N.F. Killed by Shell Fire on
   Butte de Warlencourt. Nov. 14th., 1916
   John Gray. son of Thomas & Jane Gray
   of Elwick. born Sept. 6th. 1896.
   Agricultural Labourer. Lance Corpl., 7th. N.F.
   Presumed Killed 14th. Nov. 1916. Near Baupaume
   & buried at the Cemetery at the Butte de Warlen-
Page 7. 
   George Taylor son of William & Mar-
   garet Taylor. Middleton Farm. Belford.
   born 23rd. 1883. Agricultural Labourer.
   Private 7th. N.F.
   Killed, Dec 15th. 1916.
   William Taylor son of William & Mar-
   garet Taylor. of Middleton Farm. Belford
   born 18th. May 1886. Agricultural Labourer
   Lance Corpl. 7th. N.F.
   Killed Dec 15th. 1916.
Page 8. 
   (Badge of Northumberland Fusiliers)
   George Dunlop son of Robert & Susan 
   Dunlop of Belford. born 7th. Sept. 1889.
   Goods Guard on N.E.R. Private 7th. N.F.
   later 1st. Batt. N.F. presumed killed about
   28th. March. 1918 in "The Great Push".
   Thomas John Rogers son of John & Lucy
   Rogers. of The Neuk. Belford. born 16th. Oct.
   1899. Gardner. Private 4th. N.F. Posted missing 
   30th. May 1918. Reported by the enemy to have 
   died of Wounds in a Bavarian Field Hospital. 8th June 1918.
   Thomas Collins son of the late William & Mary
   Collins of Belford. born 17th. January. 1882.
   Postman, Private N.F. Died on Feb, 13th 1919
   in Belford of Illness contracted on Active Service.
Page 9. 
   (Badge of Royal Garrison Artillery)
   William Turnbull. youngest son of John & Martha
   Turnbull of Belford. born Aug 18th. 1888. Butcher.
   Joined R.F.A. June 1915. Landed at the Dardanelles
   Oct. 8th. 1915. and was killed by a shell Oct 22nd. 1915.
   Buried at Shell Green Cemetry No. 2. Gallipoli about
   1150 yds. south of Anzac Cove.
   James Edmund Hall, son of Richard & Marjory Hall
   of Belford, born 21st Aug 1896. Butcher. Gunner in 
   160th. Siege Battery R.G.A. killed June 23rd. 1917 and
   buried in the New Military Cemetry at Dickebush.
   William H. Clothier. husband of Annie May Clothier,
   born at Whitstable 18th. July 1886. B. Litt: of University
   of Durham. Headmaster of Belford Presbyter-
   ian School. Bombardier in the 352nd. Siege
   Battery R.G.A. killed 24th. July 1917. Ypres &
   buried in the Cemetery at Belgian Battery
Page 10. 
   (Badge of Army Cyclist Corps)
   James Forrest son of John Alexander
   Forrest of Gateshead. Husband of Blanche
   Mary Forrest of Belford. Painter and Decorator
   Joined Northern Cyclists Battalion Oct 1914.
   and was killed at Contalmaison near Albert
   on Sept. 4th 1916. Aged 24 years.
   (Badge of Durham Light Infantry)
   George Learmouth Hope, son of
   Alexander & Georgina Hope of Outchester,
   Belford. born at Chesterhill. Ploughman,
   Private. Durham Light Infantry. killed
   in Action on or about Oct. 23rd. 1918.
Page 11. 
   (Badge of East Yorks Regiment)
   James Lee. son of John & Margaret Lee of
   Blue Bell Farm. Belford. born May 7th. 1897.
   Ploughman. Private, 1st East Yorkshire Regt.
   missing after Battle of Passchendale Ridge 
   Oct. 4th. 1917.
   John Harvey son of John & Elizabeth
   Harvey of Elwick. born July 17th 1878.
   Farm Labourer. Private 6th East Yorks
   Regt. Died at Keppaloes on Jany. 23rd.
Page 12. 
   (Badge of Coldstream Guards)
   John Taylor. son of James & Isabella Taylor
   of Whitely. born 14th May 1895.
   Policeman. Lanc. Corpl. in Coldstream
   Guards. killed at St. Leger on August 27th
   1918 and was buried in the New Churchyard
   at St. Leger.
   (Badge of King’s Own Scottish Borderers)
   Robert Gray son of Thomas & Jane Gray of
   Elwick. born 28th Oct 1894. Shepherd
   No. 1810. Private K.O.S.B. killed by a sniper
   12th August 1915. Buried at Carnoy.
Page 13. 
   (Badge of Royal Scots)
   Alexander Rutherford son of Robert and
   Elizabeth Rutherford of Low Middleton Farm
   Belford. born 13 May, 1895. Gardener.
   Lance Corpl. 9th. Royal Scots. Died of Wounds
   Nov. 15th 1916 & buried Puchevillers. British
   Alfred Wyllie. husband of Mary Wyllie
   of Kettleburn. born March 1886.
   Gamekeeper. Private in the 13th. Royal 
   Scots, reported missing.
Page 14. 
   (Badge of Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve)
   Reginald David Rogers, son of David & 
   Sarah Rogers. Post Office. Belford.
   born 22nd Nov. 1898. Temporary worker
   in the service of the Post Office.
   A.B.H.G. Hawke Battn. R.N.D. died in France
   on 19th. Oct. 1918 of wounds received in 
   action on 9th. Oct. 1918. Buried in Grevillers
   Cemetery one mile west of Baupaume.
   George W. Young son of James & Mary Young
   of Belford and husband of Margaret Young (nee Taylor)
   born Jan 28th. 1880. Grocer. Joined Royal Navy
   in Jan. 1917 and died of Pneumonia at
   Portsmouth Naval Hospital on Feb. 18th. 1917
   buried in Belford Church Yard.
Page 15. 
   (Badge of Northampton Regiment)
   William Smith son of Robert & Ellen Smith
   of Holborn and nephew of Margaret & Mary Ann 
   Smith of Easington Grange, Belford.
   born 1st Sept. 1902, Ploughman.
   Private Northampton Regiment was killed
   near La Bassée on 20th. April 1918 by hand 
   Grenade & was buried in La Bassée Cemetery on
   N.side of La Bassée canal.
   (Badge of Lancashire Fusiliers)
   Andrew English, son of George & Agnes
   English, Plantation Farm Belford. born
   at Seahouses. Farm servant. Private in
   2/8 Lancashire Fusiliers. Killed in action by
   Machine Gun Bullet 30th. Sept. 1918 and buried
   in Uplands British Cemetery. Magny-la-Fosse
   near S. Quentin.
Page 16. 
   (Badge of Highland Light Infantry)
   Ernest Falla, son of Thomas & Mary 
   Falla of Belford, born 8th. March 1892.
   Footman. Joined Sept. 1914,
   Sergeant in Highland Light Infantry.
   Transferred to M.G.C. Killed on Ypres
   front. Oct. 12th 1917.
   (Badge of West Riding Regiment)
   Thomas Hunter son of Thomas &
   Mary Ann Hunter of Bricksheds Farm
   Belford. born 11th. June 1890.
   Agricultural worker. Private 9th. Batt.
   West Riding Regt. Killed in action at
   Ypres on 26th. August, 1918
Page 17. 
   (Badge of Northumberland Fusiliers)
   John White, son of George & 
   Frances White of Cragmill
   Private 7th. Northd. Fus 149th. M.
   G.C. Joined Sept. 1914. Fell
   in action at the battle of the
   Somme Oct. 3rd. 1916.
Page 18. 
   The Second World War
Page 19. 
   (Badge of Royal Northumberland Fusiliers)
   George Robert Hedley Bell   
   High Street, Belford. Born 17th May, 1912, at Belford.
   Tailor. Fus. 9th. R.N.F. Died a prisoner of war in 
   Thailand, 1st August 1944.
   John Charles Chapman  
   Middleton Home Farm. Born 24th. July 1920, at
   Mousen. Forester. Fus. 9th. R.N.F.  Killed in action
   at Steinbeque, 24th. May 1940
Page 20. 
   Thomas William Chisholm
   Cornhill-on-Tweed. Born 26th June, 1920, at Hetton
   Hall. Farm worker. Fus. 9th R.N.F. Died a 
   prisoner of war in Thailand, 1st December, 1943.
   John Dunlop
   North Road, Belford. Born 16th October, 1910, at
   Belford. Clerk. Fus. 9th R.N.F. Died a prisoner of 
   war in Japanese hands, 10th October, 1944.
   Andrew Murdie Fleming
   Belford. Born 21st. October 1916, at Ashington.
   Quarryman. Fus. 9th R.N.F. Killed in action at
   Steinbek Ridge, 24th May, 1940.
Page 21. 
   Mark Newton
   Outchester. Born 25th February 1920, at Acklington. 
   Farm worker. Fus. 9th R.N.F. Died a prisoner of   
   war in Malaya, 28th October 1943.
   Robert Robertson
   Fenwick Steads. Born 17th April 1919 at Kelso.
   Forester. Fus. 9th R.N.F. Died a prisoner of war
   at Bankok, 4th. September 1943.
   John Henry Ryan
   Easington Village. Born 24th. January 1920 at
   Newham Hall. Quarryman. Fus. 9th R.N.F. Killed 
   in action on board ship at Singapore, 5th Feb. 1942.
Page 22. 
   George Edward Smith
   Smeafield Lodge. Born 29th March 1914, at Embleton.
   Joiner. Corporal 9th R.N.F. Died a prisoner of
   war in Japanese hands, 23rd May 1943.
   James Dickson Waldie
   West Terrace, Belford. Born 3rd August 1914, at
   Kelso. Drapers' Traveller. Fus. 9th R.N.F. Missing 
   at Dunkirk, 2nd June 1940.
Page 23. 
   (Badge of the Royal Air Force)
   Alan Joseph Ainsley Dodd
   Brixton. Born 1st September 1921, at Twizell North
   Lodge. Civil servant. Sergt. Pilot, R.A.F. Killed in a 
   flying accident.  28th March 1942.
   Henry Mordue
   Sun Hotel, South Shields. Born 3rd. August 1921 at
   South Shields. Clerk G.P.O. Flying Officer R.A.F.
   Killed in a raid over France, 29th December 1943.
Page 24. 
   Cuthbert Edward Shield
   Wellingborough, Northants. Born 10th April 1915, at
   Whitburn. Schoolmaster. Sergeant Wireless Operator
   Airgunner, R.A.F. Killed in a flying accident in Kent,
   10th November 1941.
   Charles Leonard Murray
   St. James, Manitoba, Canada. Born 11th November 1918
   at Biggar, Saskatchewan. Concert Singer. Flying Officer,
   434 Squadron R.C.A.F. Killed in a raid over Leipzig,
   20th February 1944.
   Francis John Nixon
   South Garage, Belford. Born at Belford. Pilot Officer.
   61 Squadron R.A.F. Killed over Liesse on a raid to
   Augsburg, 25th February 1944.
Page 25. 
   (Badge of Royal Navy)
   Alexander Cockburn
   Cosham, Hants. Born 18th May 1905, at Southsea.
   Royal Navy. Warrant Engineer, H.M. Submarine
   "Seahorse". Lost at sea, Heligoland Bight, between 1st and 
   5th January 1940.
   John Gibson Moody
   Fenwick. Born 16th June 1918 at Fenwick. Royal Navy.
   Naval Photographer. Fell in naval action off Narvik,
   8th June 1940.
Page 26. 
   (Badge of King’s Own Scottish Borderers)
   John Ord, M.M.
   Fenwick. Born 19th January 1914, at Fenwick.
   Labourer. Corporal 6th K.O.S.B. Killed in action
   near Bougy, 8th August 1944.
Page 27. 
   (Badge of Royal Artillery)
   James Nairn
   Waren Mill. Born 8th April 1918, at Murton Farm,
   Berwick-on-Tweed. Miller. Gunner 3rd Medium 
   Regt. R.A. Killed in action in Italy, 31st August 1944.
Page 28. 
   (Badge of Royal Army Service Corps)
   Horace Percival Weir
   The Meadows, Belford. Born 23rdApril 1925, at Belford.
   Sawyer. Driver R.A.S.C. Died in hospital at Celle,
   1st. December 1945.
Page 29. 
   Alexandra Fairley Davidson
   Adderstone. Born 15th. March 1916 at Earlston.
   Nurse. Sister, Colonial Nursing Service. Lost at 
   sea, 19th August 1941.

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