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Monument 1914-18 1939-45 Roadside





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NU 106338

Original Location

West Street, in front of Belford Community Centre.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled March 26th 1922 by Dr. James McDonald, M.D. Dedicated by Rev. F. Goodburn Buffey.
b. Restored memorial rededicated October 2005 by Rev. Adrian Hughes.

Memorial Description

Monument 4 feet high x 10 feet wide (1.21m x 3.04m) made of sandstone blocks, to which another course of blocks has been added later. Flanking panels of sandstone curve forward in front to give a frontage about 14 feet (4.26m) wide, which is paved with square red tile bricks, and has a wrought iron fence in front. On the main sandstone wall are four tall, narrow bronze plaques, each 12¼ inches high x 21 inches wide, (3111mm x 533mm) bearing the names from 1914-18 in a single column on each. On the upper course is another plaque, 12 inches high x 36 inches wide, (304mm x 914mm) laid at right angles to the four below, and this bears the names from 1939-1945, listed in three columns divided by a vertical line. The lettering throughout is in raised elongated Roman capitals.

Materials used

Local freestone.


a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45



b. Restoration cost approx. £4,000

How money was raised

Public subscription

Present condition

The bronze plaques have recently been cleaned, this being arranged by the local branch of the Royal British Legion.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Mr. Tully of Belford.
Designed by G.H. Lawson, of Lawson & Simpson, Newcastle.

Ownership and maintenance

Formally accepted by the Belford Parish Council following the sale of the Memorial Hall.


1. The Memorial Hall and Memorial are featured on the Belford 2000 tapestry, which was displayed in the 'Unique Northumberland' exhibition at Alnwick Castle in June 2000.

2. The War Memorials Trust donated £1,000 towards the cost of restoration. Belford Development Trust led the fund-raising.

3. Children from Belford Middle School laid a wreath at the rededication service.

4. Two further names from 1914-18 and another two from 1939-45 were added in October 2005.

5. “Belford is to erect a hall and institute as its war memorial. On the walls, in letters of gold, will be the names of the fallen from the district; in letters of silver the names of all wounded; and thirdly, names of local men who fought in the world’s war.” Illustrated Chronicle 24/01/1919, page 6”

6. According to St. George’s Gazette:
“The wall facing West Street has been renovated, and a piece about 12 feet long taken out of the centre of it. Here has been erected of red sandstone a miniature cenotaph flanked by pilasters and carved wings of the same material. The monument stands back about six feet from the line of the wall, and the intervening space is tiled. Four bronze tablets inserted into the front of the monument commemorate the names of the fallen. Above the tablet, and cut out of sandstone, are the dates 1914-18, and below, the words “Their name liveth for evermore”. A foot from the ground a narrow ledge runs the whole length of the monument, and this is intended for flowers.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown; Rev. W.S. Nicholson, Belford Local History Society; P. Thirkell); tapestry photos: J. Brown; photos showing new names added: Valerie Glass; old postcard: Tony Harding

Northumberland Record Office letters circulated by Belford Development Trust appealing for funds (ANLHS War Memorials Project)

Morpeth Herald 31/03/1922 reports the unveiling.

Alnwick & County Gazette 25/02/1922 reports discussions re unveiling; 01/04/1922 reports unveiling.

Alnwick Gazette Almanack 1916 carries portrait of Pte. J. Clark, killed in action

Berwick Advertiser 13/02/1930 reports children playing round the war memorial. Proposals to put rails round the memorial was rejected in favour of explanation to the children concerned. A letter would be written to the school.

Illustrated Chronicle 27/03/1922 carries photos of the unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 01/04/1922 reports unveiling.

St.George’s Gazette Vol. XL (1922) reports information in Note 6 above.

Northumberland Gazette 17/11/2005 carries reports of the rededication with photos.

War Memorials Trust Newsletter No. 28 Winter 2005/6 carries photo of memorial and award of grant.

Further Aspects of Belford; Belford Local History Society. This contains a very well researched chapter on the Great War. It is available from the Community Shop, Belford Newsagents, Sunnyhills Farmshop, price £12.

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Additional Research documents (click to download)

Research acknowledgements

George Rogerson, Belford Local History Society; Janet Brown; Berwick upon Tweed Town Council; P. Thirkell; Jane Bowen, Belford; P. Craig, Belford; Valerie Glass; Tony Harding; Dorothy Hall; Patrick Easen

Research In Progress

These names are being researched by a team led by Valerie Glass

Monument 1914-18 1939-45 Roadside (B16.01)

BELFORD, West Street.
        Fus. G.R.H. Bell          Fus. J. Dunlop           Cpl. J. Ord
        "   J.C. Chapman          "   A.M. Fleming         Fus. R. Robertson
        "   T.W. Chisholm         J.G. Moody, R.N.         "   J. Ryan
  1939  Wt. Eng. A. Cockburn      Ft. Off. H. Mordue       Sgt. Gnr. C.E. Shield  1945
        N. Sister A.F. Davidson   "    C.L. Murray         Cpl. G.E. Smith
        Sgt. Pilot A.J.A. Dodd    Fus. J. Nairn            Fus. J. Waldie
        *Ft. Off. F.J. Nixon      “   M. Newton            *Dvr. H.P. Weir
  Major Ernest A. Leather    L.Cpl. A. Matthewson    Pte. Robert Hall     Pte. James Punton
  Capt. Edward W. Leather    Bombdr. Richard Pringle "    John Harvey     "    John Thos. Rogers
  Lieut. Christopher Leather Pte. Thomas J. Anderson "    John Harvey     "    William Smith
  Sergt. Ernest Falla        "   Wm. Mabon Anderson  "    William Hall    "    George Taylor
  "     Harry Hill           "   Wm. Cameron         "    James Hogg      "    John Thompson
  Corpl Thomas Cuthbertson   "   James Clark         "    William Hogg    "    James Wealleans
  "     John Fife            "   Thomas Collins      "    William Hood    "    Robert Wilson
  "     J.R. Gibson          "   Ernest W. Currins   "    George L. Hope  "    Alfred Wylie
  "     John Gray            "   George Dunlop       "    Thomas Hunter   "    R.E. Younger
  "     Joseph E. Lingford   "   Andrew English      "    Robert Hunter   Gnr. James Edmund Hall
  "     Alex. R. Rutherford  "   James Forrest       "    James Lee       "    William Turnbull
  "     George Shiell        "   William Gray        "    John McDougall  Dvr. James Crammond
  "     William Taylor       "   Robert Gray         "    David McNichol  R.D. Rogers, R.N.
  "     John Taylor          +“  John White          +Bdr. Wm. H. Clothier George W. Young, R.N.

  + Two names on the 1914-18 plaques and * two names on the 1939-45 plaque were added in 2005

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