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Photo: Morris Robinson


Plaque 1914-18 Mechanics Institute





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NZ 259818?

Original Location

Mechanics Institute

Present Location

Salvaged from the Institute
and placed in Beamish Museum in 1979.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 5th December 1921 by Mr. J. Caine, J.P., President of the Institute.

Memorial Description

Plaque of two panels with wide framework, and elaborately shaped top, 39 inches high x 42 inches wide. A wreath has been carved to stand proud at the centre top in which are the dates 1914-1918. The names are listed in a single column on each of the two sunken panels, painted in gilded sans serif block capitals. The dedication is on the bottom frame, carved in Roman capital letters, with the letter u replaced by a v.

Materials used



1914 - 1918 / To our glorious dead. / Members of this Institute who fell / in the Great War.


Who commissioned

Mechanics Institute

Present condition

Could do with some restoration.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Messrs. Watson and Burgan, Bedlington.


1. From the Institute, 60-70 members joined.

2. The list of names reported in the Morpeth Herald does not tally exactly with the memorial as seen. The number of names is the same, but there are differences in spelling.

3. The name Richd. P. Oliver looks as if it was a later addition.

4. A transcript in a feature 75 years ago in News Post Leader 5/12/96 reports that the memorial tablet has "the figure of a soldier on top"

5. Morris Robinson visited Beamish in 2004 to take photographs. There is a thought to try and have it returned to Bedlington, but it seems that a duplicate will have to be created. He confirmed Note 3 above by saying that there looked as if something had been there at one time.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Morris Robinson; Dorothy Hall

Blyth News 08/12/1921 reports unveiling ceremony.

Morpeth Herald 09/12/1921 reports unveiling.

Illustrated Chronicle 06/12/1921 reports unveiling

Northern Echo 25/11/1919 reports proposal to erect a memorial.

North of England Open Air Museum, Beamish Ref: 1979-551.13

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Research acknowledgements

Nan Smith (Ryton); the late Jack Tait (Blyth L.H.S.); J. Brown; Morris Robinson; Caroline Weir (Beamish Regional Resource Centre); Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

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Plaque 1914-18 Mechanics Institute (B15.01)

BEDLINGTON, Mechanics' Institute
     Frank Batchelor           Thomas Hinson
     Edward Colpitts           Geo. Hindhaugh
     Thomas Cowans             Chris. Jobson
     Leslie Crickmore          John Lamb
     John Docherty             Thomas Orange
     George Ferrier            John Patterson
     George Gibson             Josh. Potter
     Randolph Green            Thomas Smyth
     William Hall              Andrew White
     Richd P. Oliver
  To Our Glorious Dead
  Members of this Institute who fell
  in the Great War
  The Morpeth Herald has differences to the names:
  B. Batchelor instead of F. Batchelor
  T. Cowan instead of Thomas Cowans
  J. Gibson instead of George Gibson
  J. Farrier instead of George Ferrier
  P. Green instead of Randolph Green
  J. Hindhaugh instead of George Hindhaugh
  T. Orange is given twice
  C. Johnson instead of Chris. Jobson
  W. Hill instead of William Hall
  T. Gibson instead of George Gibson
  C. Wight instead of Andrew White
  W. Colpitts instead of Edward Colpitts
  J. Crickmere instead of Leslie Crickmore.

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