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Stained Glass Window and Panels 1914-18 Barnard Castle School





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Original Location

Barnard Castle School, Newgate DL12 8UN.

Which war

a. 1914-18

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Dedicated on Whit Monday 24th May 1920 by the Bishop of Jarrow in place of Bishop Moule who had died very suddenly.

Memorial Description

Stained glass east window. Panelling 3 feet high x 14 feet long.
Stained glass window depicts:
Upper lights (1) The Lord in glory; (2) Archangel Michael; (3) Archangel Gabriel; (4) St. George; (5) St. Andrew.
Lower lights (1) Crucifixion; (2) Virgin Mother; (3) Presentation in the Temple; (4) Annunciation; (5) The Centurion; (6) Christ and the doctors; (7) Sons of Zebedee.
At the base of the higher lights are coats of arms including those of John Baliol and Benjamin Flounders. In the lower lights, the coats of arms in the canopies are of British Dominions; those at the base are those of School Houses.
The five panels cover most of the walls themselves. Each panel bears the names in raised gold elaborate lettering.
A wood panel in the Ante Chapel gives one dedication for 1939-45, with the lettering in Roman capitals.

Materials used

Oak panelling.


On window :
To the Glory of God and in loving memory of the sons of this school who gave their lives for their Country in the Great War 1914-1919

Above panelling : O not in vain has been your great endeavour / for by your dyings life is born again / and greater love hath no man tokened ever / Than with his life to purchase life’s high gain (Oxenham).
On Thanksgiving panel: In thankfulness to God for the safe return of / many sons of the school from the perils of the / Great War.
Grant that they may live to see / Fruits of their victory / All nations drawn to Thee.
The silver cord - the golden bowl - / Unbroken - whole - / Renewed - restored / We thank Thee, Lord.



Estimated £1,700.

How money was raised

Public subscription

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed by W.D. Caroe, FSA., FRIBA; SGW made by Mr. Horace Wilkinson of London., panelling by Dast and Francis of Crediton.


1. There was also a gun placed at the top of the drive.

2. The original panels and stained glass window were memorials for 1914-18. The panels were extended for 1939-45 and Falklands. These are on a separate file, B135.19

3. From the school, about 800 served with the colours, exclusive of those who were released under the Military Service Acts. From these, four masters and 129 pupils were among the fallen. Distinctions gained total 73, and include a Victoria Cross, won by Lt.Com. G.N. Bradford at Zeebrugge.

4 In St.George’s Church, Ypres, there is a brass plaque bearing the school crest underneath which is: “Barnard Castle School / In memory of the 144 gallant Old Barnardians who died in the Great War / of whom 116 died in the Ypres Salient and at the Battle of the Somme./ We will remember them. / Parvis imbutus tentabis grandia tutus. (Once you have accomplished little things,you can attempt great things.)

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: John and Mavis Dixon; C. Sanders; Simon Raine; Jim Sewell

O.B. Records of the Great War 1914-1919 containing preliminary list of names for the panels.

War Memorial in the chapel of the North Eastern County School.

Illustrated Chronicle 08/12/1919 reports items in Note 3 above; 25/05/1920 reports unveiling.

Northern Echo 25/05/1920 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 25/05/1920 reports unveiling.

Sources of quotations
“O not in vain has been your great endeavour . . .” “The Vision Splendid” John Oxenham.

“Grant that they may live to see . . .” Not ascertained, but Ecclesiastes 12 vv 6-7 gives “Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern. Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it."

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; John and Mavis Dixon; Mr. A.R. Farrar, BA, Head of Classics, and Benjamin Wilkins, Year 9 York House; Tony Scorer; Jim Sewell; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

Pat Burgess is researching the names on this memorial Contact:

Stained Glass Window and Panels 1914-18 Barnard Castle School (B135.04)



   In thankfulness to God
   Grant that they live to see
   Fruits of their victory
   All nations drawn to Thee
   For the safe return of many sons of the school from the Great War
   The silver cord - the golden bowl
   - unbroken - whole -
   - renewed - restored -
   We thank Thee, Lord.
West side, from west side, northwards

   O not in vain has been your great endeavour 

Panel 1                Panel 2             Panel 3   

   J.S. Allen          J.S. Bainbridge     C.H. Bentham
   C.P. Almond         E. Barker           M.H. Bettison
   J.F.G. Aubin        R.E. Barker         C. Binns
   R.C. Bailey         A.G. Bell           J.E. Blake
Panel 4               Panel 5             Panel 6   

   M.A. Blenkinsop     W.J. Buckley        R.M. Chisholm
   G.N. Bradford       A.R. Burn           T. Coulson
   W.H. Brown          E.T. Champness      W. Crabtree
   W.A.R. Brown        R.B. Chatt          H.W. Cummins
Panel 7                Panel 8             Panel 9   

   T. Cuthbertson      C. Edwards          W. Farrow
   C.E. Darney         J.H. Emmerson       J.H.T. Farrow
   A.H. Davidson       J.B. Errington      A.B. Fawcett
   W.A. Dobson         F. Errington        A. Forbes
Panel 10

   W.G. Forbes
   F. Forman
   J.H. Forster
   G.E. Fowler
   For by your dying life is born again 
Panel 11               Panel 12            Panel 13                  

   S.D. Fulton         A. Graham           W.J. Hedley       
   G.E. Gent           C.S. Hall           W. Henderson       
   C.H. Gibbon         W.N. Harle          A.M. Henderson   
   W. Golder           S.G. Harris         F. Henderson     
Panel 14               Panel 15            Panel 16   

   G.G.M. Higginbotham J.W. Hughes         G.S. Kewney     
   H.H. Hill           H. Jefferson        B. Kidd       
   J.A. Hopper         G.E. Jemmeson       J.M.T. Kinloch   
   R. Huggup           P.B. Junor          J.S. Kirby       
Panel 17               Panel 18

   E.I. Lowes          T. Lant     
   F.W. Kirkland       E. Lant     
   C.A. Lowes          F.D. Lockey   
   A.E.C. Lund         P. MacCoy   
East side, working from the altar, southwards

   and greater love hath no man tokened ever 
Panel 19               Panel 20            Panel 21         

   J. Mackenzie        A.V. McLare         R. Mutimer         
   G. Manners          D. McLeod           J.J. Myers            
   W.E. Mather         C.B. Miller         M.A.B. Neligan     
   C.C. Matthew        G.F. Murphy         T.G. Noble     
Panel 22               Panel 23            Panel 24         

   J.E. Noton          C.A. Patterson       R. Raynes
   S.B. Olsen          F.P. Paynter         H.S. Richards
   H.R. Page           T.W. Porteous        G.W. Richardson
   A.E.L. Parker       C.W. Raine           T.A. Robson   
Panel 25               Panel 26

   F. Rodriguez        W. Sewell     
   H.S. Rudman         W. Sheriff     
   T.E. Sayer          E.C. Simpson   
   W.P. Scott          W.K. Simson   
   Than with his life to purchase life’s high gain 
Panel 27               Panel 28            Panel 29

   T.M. Smith          W.W. Swann          I. Thoren   
   L.B. Smith          J.E. Sweeney        H.R. Tully
   T.H. Snowdon        C.M. Thompson       A.V. Truttman
   C.H. Spence         E. Thompson         W. Turnbull   
Panel 30               Panel 31            Panel 32
   H.J. Vipond         W.H. Walton         F. Whaley
   G.M. Waggott        F.N. Watson         T. Wiggins
   J.N. Walker         A. Welford          H. Wild
   E.H. Walls          T.G. Wellwood       S.W. Wilkinson   
Panel 33               Panel 34            Panel 35

   T.H. Wilkinson      A.O. Wraith          W.H. Sowerby 1923   
   E.R. Wilson         W. Manners       
   J. Winn             C. Ward         
   C.E. Wood           C. Ward
   C. Crombie          E. Gibson
   A. Wallis           C. Graham
   H. Thorne           J.P. Waugh
Panel 36

   W.J. Clappen
   I.D. Claughton
   A.N.C. Kittemaster
   A. MacKenzie

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