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Photo: Errol Broomfield


Cenotaph 1914-18 1939-45 Park





Map ref

NZ 169511

Original Location

Annfield Plain Park

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. 25th April 1925. Unveiled by the Earl of Durham, dedicated by Rev. F. Ferguson.

Memorial Description

Obelisk. At the top of the front and back faces are the words “To Our Glorious Dead”. On the front face is a black sword in the style of a cross crowned with a wreath. The dates “1914” and “1918” are at the top of the left and right faces.
The names for 1914-18 are on a single column on the sides and double column on the rear.
The names for 1939-45 are on the base of the column. Lettering is in sans serif capitals.

Materials used

Portland Stone or grey granite.


A symbol of gratitude / to the men / of / Annfield Plain / who died / in defence of / Freedom and the Empire / 1914-1918.
"To him that overcometh will I give the Crown of Life”.


Who commissioned

Memorial Committee, Chairman Mr. P. Ewbank Lee.



How money was raised

Public subscription; a shilling fund;

Present condition

Well maintained. Some lettering could be clearer.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Made by Messrs. A. & F. Manuelle of Throgmorton Street, London.


1. A photo sent by Jennifer Britton was taken in 1928, only five years after the park was established. It shows three children looking at the memorial, these are: Mrs. Britton’s father Jack Cruddas, his brother Bill and his older sister Nancy.

2. At the annual drumhead service in November 1923 the Rev. Fisher Ferguson declared that "The amount received towards the Memorial Fund is unworthy of Annfield Plain and an insult to the 200 mean belonging to the place who are sleeping in foreign lands."

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Errol Broomfield; Ron Carson; Simon Raine; John and Mavis Dixon; Dorothy Hall; old photo: J. Britton

Durham County Advertiser 01/05/1925

Chester-le-Street Chronicle 29/07/1920; 15/02/1924 reports fund raising concert.

Illustrated Chronicle 25/04/1925 reports proposed unveiling; 27/04/1925 has photo of ceremony.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 07/02/1925 reports approaching completion; 02/05/1925 reports unveiling.

Blaydon Courier 10/11/1923 reports fund raising progress and lists those who collected and those who donated; 15/11/1924 reports proposals and cost; 07/02/1925 reports proposed opening and lists names of the fallen; 07/03/1925 reports fund raising entertainment.

The Story of Annfield Plain F.J. Wade. page 83.

Durham County Council ref 505/1/11/32

Annfield Plain and District by Jack Hair (People’s History) 2002

Newcastle Daily Chronicle and North Mail 12/11/1923 reports the quotation in Note 2 above.

Sources of quotations:
“To him that overcometh . . .” occurs several times in Revelation 2 ;
“I will give the crown of life” Revelation 2 v 10

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; Errol Broomfield; Ron Carson; John and Mavis Dixon; Dorothy Hall; Durham County Council; Jennifer Britton

Research In Progress

Annfield Plain Family History Society have researched the names on this memorial. Copies of the research are available from

Cenotaph 1914-18 1939-45 Park (A38.01)




   A symbol of gratitude
   to the men
   Annfield Plain
   who died
   in defence of
   Freedom and the Empire

   “To him that overcometh will I give the Crown of Life”.

   1939 – 1945
   Allison E.        Cowan R.
   Armstrong A.      Cox F.W.
   Bates M.          Errington J.B.
   Beck O.           Gallagher M.
   Bell J.L.         Gilbert W.
   Bell J.           Goldsborough G.
   Burton L.C.       Goldsborough W.
   Carr E.H.         Gordon B.
   Coils C.          Green P.W.
   Collin W.         Green S.
   Cornell D.        Gregg J.T.

   Carr A.J.R.W.     Earl R.W.
   Evans J.          Knox J.
Panel 2 (right-hand side) 1914-18

   Anderson W.J.         
   Atkinson J.               
   Atkinson J. W.         
   Atkinson R. W.         
   Atkinson S.               
   Bailey A.                  
   Bailiff S.A.               
   Bance S.                  
   Bandtock J.               
   Beckham A.J.            
   Beckham H.            
   Bell J.                     
   Bell J.                     
   Bell P.                     
   Bell R.C.                  
   Bell W.                  
   Bell W.
   Bell W.C.                  
   Bentick J.W.   
   Bird I.
   Birtle J.H.
   Birtley J.
   Blakey J.E.
   Blenkinsop T.J.
   Blight J.J.
   Body R.
   Body W.
   Bowes J.
   Bowes P.
   Brown G.T.
   Brown J.
   Brown J.
   Brown J.H.
   Brown T.
   Brown W.W.
   Brydon E.
   Buckle E.
   Buckle J.
   Buckle R.W.
   Bulmer E.
   Burnage N.
   Burrell W.
   Bushby A.
   Carr E.
   Carr H.
   Carr J.W.
   Carr W.
   Carrick R.
   Carrol R.
   Carruthers G.
   Castling R.
   Champney R.P.
   Charlton T.
   Chaytor G.
   Christon J.W.
   Christopher W.
   Chorley J.
   Clark E.
   Clarke J.
   Connor F.
   Cook T.
   Cook W.
   Cragie B.
   Cragie D.
   Crawford G.
   Cummings T.H.
   1939 – 1945

   Robinson J.       Temperley H.
   Robinson W.H.     Thompson S.
   Ross L.           Thompson T.W.
   Ross W.A.         Tulip J.
   Rudd W.H.         Tulip T.E.
   Sawyer N.         Turnbull D.L.
   Southern L.       Welsh S.
   Spence F.         Warwick F.
   Stobbs R.         Whitney J.T.
   Stuart J.         Willan T.D.
Panel 3 (rear panel) 1914-18

   Doe C.            Irwin R.      
   Donald R.         Jackson J.
   Dover J.R.        Jackson J.M.
   Dyson J.B.        Jacobs B.W.
   Eddy A.           Johnson M.
   Edgar J.J.        Kelly K.
   Elderfield H.     Kirtley S.
   Elliott J.        Knowsley W.
   Elliott J.        Lakey W.
   Elliott J. E.     Ledger J.
   Elliott J. W.     Lewis J.W.
   Farclough J.R.    Lewis W.
   Farclough R.H.    Lightburn R.
   Fenwick J.T.      Lincoln A.
   Fettis J.         Longstaff A.
   Fettis T.         Lowes J.
   Fisk W.           Lowes J.J.
   Flowers J.        Madden J.
   Gaffney P.        Maude R.H.
   Gair R.           Millward E.
   Gallagher J.      Morecroft D.
   Gallirhir G.W.    Morgan F.
   George H.B.       Morton A.
   Gerry A.          Mowbray F.C.
   Glanville A.S.    Murray A.
   Glendinning J.    Murray T.
   Gould M.          McArdle W.
   Green A.E.        McGorry W.
   Green M.          McKee A.
   Greenwell T.      McKenzie H.
   Hall J.           McPherson J.
   Hall T.           Ness H.
   Halliday J.       Norton J.
   Hanson J.         O’Neill J.
   Hardiman H.F.     Palmer T.
   Harding G.        Parkin G.G.
   Hardy C.          Parlett P.W.
   Harrison R.       Parks J.
   Hartiss J.E.      Parrish W.A.
   Hartiss J.        Patterson E.
   Hartley R.        Peadon H.
   Haughey J.        Pearson L.
   Hebdon C.         Pearson S.
   Hebdon N.         Pendlebury E.
   Henderson D.      Pendleton G.A.
   Hendry C.         Pendleton H.
   Hendry S.G.       Perryman T.
   Hepplewhite R.    Pigford E.L.
   Herman A.         Pitt R.W.
   Heron J.          Platten R.T.
   Heslop J.         Plummer H.
   Hetherington T.   Potter T.Y.
   Hinds J.          Pratt A.
   Hocking G.E.      Pratt G.
   Hodgson J.R.      Pratt T.
   Hodgson T.W.      Price J.
   Holding J.        Reece F.
   Honey J.T.        Reynolds A.
   Hood A.           Richardson M.
   Hope P.           Richardson W.E.
   Hudson T.         Robertson S.
   Hunter E.         Robertson S.H.
   Hunter P.         Robinson R.
   Hunter V.         Robson F.
   Hurry S.          Robson F.
   Hutchinson H.     Robson W.
   Hutchinson S.     Rooney W.
Panel 4 1914-18
   Rutherford J.            
   Rutherford T.            
   Rutherford T.W.            
   Scorer C.               
   Scott R.                  
   Short W.H.               
   Siddle J.               
   Simpson L.               
   Simpson R.H.            
   Smiles R.               
   Smith J.               
   Smith L.               
   Smith S.               
   Smith T.               
   Smith T.               
   Smith W.
   Snowdon W.
   Statt J.
   Stephenson G.
   Stephenson G.S.
   Stobbart R.
   Stoker O.
   Stoneman W.
   Storey G.
   Storey F.W.
   Summerscales J.
   Summerville J.
   Summerville T.
   Tallentire J.
   Taylor B.
   Taylor T.
   Taylor T.
   Teasdale T.
   Thomas J
   Thompson R.
   Tighe J.T.
   Todd W.
   Towers H.
   Tucker W.
   Wailes G.T.
   Wanless J.
   Ward W.
   Waterson H.
   Waterson J.
   Watkins (initial missing)
   Watson F.
   Watson W.
   Weatherill W.J.
   Weightman G.
   White H.
   White J.
   Whitfield R.
   Williamson S.
   Wilson J.
   Wilson J.
   Wilson R.
   Wilson T.
   Wilson W.
   Woods J.G.
   Woolcock J.E.
   Wright W.
   Wrightman G.
   1939 – 1945

   Hall K.G.         Mavin J.S. 
   Hanson J.         Macpherson S.
   Hawthorne F.      McVittie J.D.
   Hunter J.C.       McVittie W.T.
   Hutchinson M.A.   Middlemist W.
   Johnson R.R.      Middleton J.
   Kay W.            Miles R.W.
   Knox H.           Pearson J.N.
   Leighton A.       Pearson J.T.
   Lumley J.         Pearson L.
   Mahaffey G.       Richardson G.

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