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Photo: James Pasby


Memorial 1914-18 1939-45 All Wars Market Place





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NZ 274517

Original Location

Market Place Chester-le-Street

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled October 2014. Dedicated Sunday May 10th 2015. Service led by Rev. David Tully Rector of St. Mary and St. Cuthbert Parish Church.

Memorial Description

Wall. At centre top is a Spitfire in silhouette. At each end is a soldier, also in silhouette, shown resting on reversed rifle. The Front wall has three panels placed on it, the centre panel being wider. The two outer panels have a quarter circle removed to allow for a small montage. The names are listed in five columns on the main panel and in two columns on each of the outer panels. An additional panel has been added to the back of the Memorial for additional names to be added in the future.

Materials used

Red granite.


Lest we Forget/ This memorial is erected in grateful remembrance/ of those from Chester-le-Street District/ who made the supreme sacrifice


Who commissioned

Chester-le-Street and District War Memorial Group.



How money was raised

Public subscription; local councillors’ neighbourhood budgets

Present condition


Ownership and maintenance

Chester-le-Street War Memorial Group to be taken over by Durham County Council.


1. Some of the names are of those who do not appear on other war memorials in the town.

2. It was proposed to have the memorial ready for August 4th 2014, but this wasn’t possible. It was ready for Armistice Day 2014.

3. The official dedication on May 10th 2015 was planned to coincide with the 70th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War. The Service was led by Rev. David Tully Rector of the Parish Church, Rev Adrian Perry Methodist minister and Major Michael Barker Salvation Army. Sue Snowdon the Lord Lieutenant of County Durham laid a wreath before being joined by other dignitaries for a march past by the armed services, Cadets, Scouts, Guides and Boys Brigade.

4. In 2016 a panel was added to the rear of the memorial with four further names; one from WW1 one from WW2 and two names for Post 1945.

5. The name B. Kitchen is incorrect it is suppose to be a Benjamin Hitchen.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Simon Glancey; James Pasby

Durham Times 24/10/2014 reports unveiling; 16/05/2015 reports dedication

Chester-le-Street Advertiser 16/05/2015 reports dedication

The Journal 05/11/2014 reports proposed unveiling

Durham Advertiser 25/10/2014 reports unveiling.

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Research acknowledgements

Dorothy Hall; James Pasby

Research In Progress

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Memorial 1914-18 1939-45 All Wars Market Place (C105.40)

Left hand panel:
   WORLD WAR 1       Hall G
   Alderson CS       Halliday F        
   Archer J          Hann J
   Barker B          Harbron I (DCM)   
   Bell G            Hawkes A
   Bellwood J        Heads JH
   Beveridge EF      Hedley EJ
   Bousfield RW      Hood GA
   Brock AL          Hope E (DCM)
   Bromley G         Hurworth J
   Brown F.          Hutchinson I
   Brown F           Hutchinson J
   Brown T           Jackson A
   Brownell E        Laidler F
   Bucknell H        Laidler W
   Burnside C        Lake JE
   Carr TH           Laws T
   Carrington T      Leybourne TW
   Chipchase H       Lockey JW
   Chrisp AL         Lowes J
   Clark A           Maghie A
   Clarke A          Marshall N
   Clarke J          Maughan JH
   Clasper F         McCann TE
   Coates A          McClare AV (MC & Bar)
   Cowie R           McIlwrath J
   Coxon W           Middleton J
   Curry JS          Moody G
   Curry R           Morgan CW
   Curry T           Morgan EE
   Curry T           Mulholland TB
   Davis AE          O’Neil J
   Dawson J          Parker W
   Dixon G           Powell W
   Dixon JA          Pringle JH
   Dixon RN          Punshon HF
   Dolan R           Purvis JH
   Dyson J           Richardson AL
   Evans G           Riley M
   Fish JW           Robson W
   Fletcher J        Robson T
   Francis T         Rundle JW  
   Fullerton M       Rutherford J
   Gooch JG          Rutter AG (DCM)
   Graham M          Scott R
   Greenwell JW      Selkirk J
   Grice H           Simpson RG
   Hacker WH         Smiles GW
                     Snaith T
                     Stearman TG 
                     Stirling J
                     Stobbs T
                     Sweeney R
                     Tate AB
                     Telfer R
                     Thompson JM
                     Thompson RT
                     Thurloway RW
                     Todd E
                     Topping AH 
Centre Panel
Column 1           Column 2            Column 3
   Tunney F          Whitmore J          Tucker W
   Tweddle TW           R.ENGINEERS         YORKS. & LANCS.
   Urwin T           Bullock J           Evans W
   Wandless H        Clark G             Mowbray W    
   Watson A          Elliott J           Sanderson J
   Watson J          Logan RW            Thompson JC
   Weatherburn JR    Longstaff T         Waugh R
   Weatherspoon JP   Neave E             Woodcock N
   Wilks T           Scott J                LANC. FUS.
   Willey M          Thornton FA         Hendry JWE
      N.FUS          Waugh GM            Johnson G
   Barrett LA (MC)   Wray W              Middleton J
   Barron J             R.A.M.C.          Riddell A
   Bennett N         Atkinson F          Ritson HE
   Cannon F          Bird J                 LOYAL N.LANCS. 
   Chapman J         Hall W              Longbottom WB
   Crawford J        Stephenson W           STH. STAFFS
   Davison JW        Tennant J           Scott JE
   Dickinson JN         R.A.S.C.            R. BERKS.
   Dodds E           Haddock WG          Watson W
   Dyson J           Laws W                 SOMERSET L.I.  
   English JB        Morgan JW           White JW
   Fairbairn T       Phaup EW               R.D.C.
   Georgeson J       Renwick M           Ritson G
   Graham J          Russell T              CANADIAN
   Henderson A          R.N.D.           Ferguson GS
   Hope J            Clasper J           Gray CH
   Horne TW          Donkin G            Gray HT
   Hubble J          Hutchinson H        Hunter ES
   Kennedy W            MERC. MARINE     Mole W
   Logan J           Forster J              V.A.D.
   Low JJ            Hall MS             Lowes Lily L.
   Maddison JA       Hollingsworth H        1. R.L. HUSSARS 
   Mallaby W         Robinson RH         Green R
   McAvoy J             R.N.V.R.            11 HUSSARS	   
   Morson WE         Henderson R         Lumley RJ
   Mowbray JW        Hood R                 18.HUSSARS
   Oliver SA            R.M.L.I.         Wood CL
   Pearson T         Davidson T             20. HUSSARS
   Philipson HL (MM) Shacklady T         McVay T
   Saint T             YORKS RGT.           NORTHAMPTS.
   Simpson J         Taylor R            Hall J
   Smith JW          Warnes J               DORSETS 
   Stephenson H         K.O.Y.L.I.       Winter AD
   Stubbs W          Henderson JR          LINCS
   Tooley G          Moffitt C           Case RJ
   Towers L          Gustard FB          Ingram TH
   Tweddle R         Turnbull GS         Lowery JW
   Wardle R             EAST YORKS.         WELSH RGT.
   Watson J          Chalmers J          Lowes F
   Wilson W          Nixon F             Walker GR
   Witherspoon HS    Watson JR              SHERWOOD FOR.
   Young E              WEST YORKS.      Wind JJ
      R.G.A.         Bankhead J.            STH.WALES BORD.
   Armstrong N       Bell H              Wilson TA
   Cowey J           Husthwaite T           R. FUS.  
   Curry MS          Nesham T            Carruthers AJ (MM)
   Padgett GW        Nicholson R         Coltman W
   Pearson S         Robertson G         Stubbs JW 
   Rowland F         Routledge W                
Centre Panel
Column 4           Column 5       
                     WORLD WAR II
      ROYAL IRISH       D.L.I.
   Keough J          Betts G
      LEINSTER       Burnside JT
   Shaw R            Coulson JN
      I.INISK.FUS.   Cree S
   Barron E          Cullen AE
   Barrow E          Denny J
   Weatherburn TE    Dodds W
     COLDSTREAM GDS. Edwards J
   Adamson JE        Green WH
   Atkinson SJ       Hall J
   Cooper WB         Handley J
      K.O.S.B.       Hankinson JR
   Anderson JA       Huscroft N
   Davidson JG       Jackson G
   Howe JG           Knox W
   Turnbull JW       Marsden TS
      ARGYLL & SUTH. McKitten A.
   Gray GV           Morton JG
   Hindmarch RG      Proctor N
      BLACK WATCH    Streeter W
   Stephenson W      Thirtle R
      R.F.A.         Turnbull IS
   Cole PS           Vasey JC
   Gettings JSL      Virgo FC
   Gilder F          Waggot H
   Gilder TW         Wake JE
   Healer WE         Wardle S (MM)
   Maddison A           A. & S. HGHLNDRS.
   Murry J           Bain EJ
   Pick GW              R.A.F.
   Radcliffe F       Blight J
   Reeve N           Brennan JB
   Selkirk P         Brennan KB
   Thompson E        Bruce J
      M.G.C.         Calvert EH
   Stephenson A      Carr J
   Taylor T          Colville F
      STH. LANCS.    Cruddas A
   Spoors AE         Davison CC
      HANTS.         Donald HA
   Porter A          Dowlon NF
   Stephenson J      Elgy A
      R.N.R.         Forster W.  
   Fairley JC        Hadden A
      MUNSTER FUS.   Hepple R
   McAvoy T          Hetherington GD
   McAvoy W          Hollingsworth W
      N.F.           Johnson G
   Armstrong WA      Kerr ST
                     Lodge CS
                     Marshall TR
   Doneyham C        Mowbray J
   Kitchen B         Murray M
                     Padden GT
                     Peary CD
                     Rawlings DR
                     Rowland E
                     Sherwood CH
                     Simpson CH
Right panel
   Spark JH          Oaks M
   Telford C         Southwick GS
   Toase GR             R.A.S.C.
   Tremain JH        Ashurst T
   Watson AW (DFC)   Goldstraw JH
   Watson JG         Sheavills W
   Witherspook SG       OXF. & Bucks L.I.
      MERCHANT NAVY  Haynes GB  
   Bowman IGA        Moore HV
   Clarke CH            PARACHUTE RGT.
   Clarke DO (GC)    Gascoigne J
   Coates GH         Hillier FJ  
   Davison R            FLEET AIR ARM
   De-Smet O         Kirk AA
   Lillystone H         Q. ROYAL RGT.
   Moralee J         Lawton WBG
   Burns CM          McGowan G
   Carr MS           Wales W
   Carr TH              G.HIGHLANDERS
   Cowan N           McKellar AR
   Forster J            R. ARMED CORPS
   Gibbons JW        Morris M.
   Hindson JW           BORDER RGT.
   Hodgson J         Yorke JG
   Jefferson H          R. ENGINEERS
   Johnson JR        Healet F.
   Lewcock J         Mason G
   Owers TJ             R. SIGNALS
   Ranson J          Adamson T
   Russell J         Boyd EJ
   Smith AG          Nicholson R
   Stott JH          Ridley TE
   Witham GL            PIONEER CORPS
      R. NAVY        Pride TS
   Armstrong JC         R. TANK REGT.
   Collins WM        Rawlins RM
   Curry R              RIFLE BRGD.
   Dagg LD           Smith WA
   Davison G            D.O. WELLINGTON
   Hakin W           Thornton W
   Hepworth WK          YORKS. & LANCS.
   Hodgson J         Wilks MH
   Huscroft RW       Wilson J
   Long J
   Minto GH
   Moody ER             POST 1945
   Nixon FN          Cpl. Gaskell F (1967) 
   Price EH
   Quigley C
   Stennett L
   Thirtle J
   Place FE
      R. MARINES
   Nation H
   Virgo W.
   Brown E
      R.N. FUS.
   Cree N.A.   
Rear of Memorial
   Wardle W
      A.C. CORPS
   Washington WA
   POST 1945
      R.R. FUS
   Cpl Agar TH (1984)
   Flt Lt Revell G (1974)


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