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Roll of Honour 1914-18 Constitutional Club





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NZ 380392

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Constitutional Club

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Unveiled August 1915

Memorial Description

Roll of Honour on paper behind glass. At centre top is the Union flag. There is a border of roses and ribbons. The lettering calligraphed. The words “Roll of Honour” are in red capitals, the rest is in black lower case. The names are in two columns, with the names of the fallen in red.

Materials used

Paper behind glass


Wheatley Hill / Constitutional Club / Roll of Honour
The Great War 1914-1918
For Gallantry and Patriotism.



1. Margaret Hedley writes:

“In 1915, the Constitutional Club here in Wheatley Hill provided an illuminated scroll of members who enlisted to the war. Over the years, it disappeared, probably thrown out during a refurbishment.

Anyway, I found details of the scroll in one of our mining books that we published some time ago and on the Constitutional Club national website found a picture of the design used - it looks like the central headquarters provided these scrolls to clubs that wanted them and as a result, we have re-created the scroll and presented one to our local Constitutional Club which is hanging in their premises now and we have one in the Wheatley Hill Heritage Centre.”

2. This memorial sounds identical to the one unveiled in August 1915 in the Conservative Club. The names are the same, wxcept that one newspaper includes "George Hall" and the other includes "George Hull".

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo: Margaret Hedley

The Employees and Residents of Thornley, Ludworth and Wheatley Hill. Their contribution in the Great War 1914-1918 Fred Bromilow and Owen Rowland. Wheatley Hill History Club, 2006.

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Research acknowledgements

Margaret Hedley;

Research In Progress

Wheatley Hill History Club have researched the names on this memorial. See book details above.

Roll of Honour 1914-18 Constitutional Club (W114.11)

On the original the names of the fallen are in red.
Here they are marked with *

   Wheatley Hill
   Constitutional Club
   Roll of Honour
   The Great War 1914-1918
   For Gallantry & Patriotism.

   Aspinall, Jonathan     Gray, John E.
   Armstrong, Joseph      Hall, George
   Barker, Ephraim        *Huggins, John W., Pte.
   Barker Richard         McKie, Robert
   Blaney, Arthur         McMillan, Charles S.
   *Blaney, Hugh, Dvr.    Robinson, Thomas
   Bovill, William        Ruth, James
   *Brazier, John, Pte.   Simpson, Joseph A.
   Chapman, Harry, Pte.   Smith, William
   Clish, Thomas          Thompson, Thomas
   Cook, Nathan           Turton, Henry
   Davies, Henry          Westgarth, Joseph W.
   Douglas, George        Williamson, B.
   *Fairless, Ralph, Pte. Wilson, Thomas
   Gordon, George         Winter, Robert  



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