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Roll of Honour 1914-18 Library


D40.067 Names k to y



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File, approx. 13 inches high x 7 inches wide, (339mm x 177mm) of about 82 pages. The names are typewritten in lists.

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Darlington Roll of Honour



1. Believed to have been done by the Town Council some time in the 1920s, but this is not certain. It was never properly published.

2. A record was being compiled and was in the Library for examination so that any names of those who served, and in particular, could be added. It was hoped to publish the list in book form with a parchment record for preservation in the library.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photocopy of one page: C.Sanders

Darlington and Stockton Times 9/4/1921 carries information in Note 2 above.

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C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall, Brenda McMahon

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Stephen Nicholson is researching the names on this memorial

Roll of Honour 1914-18 Library (D40.067 Names k to y)

Kay, C.F.J.             31 Surtees Street         L. Cpl. R15061 8th 60th Rifles
Kearton, Percy          16 Charles Street         Driver 165596 33rd Division R.F.A. 
Keech, G.F.             97 Brinkburn Rd.          Cpl. 11th D.L.I. 
Keech, H.               97 Brinkburn Rd.          Rifleman 49973 8th Batt. West Yorks. (Leeds Rifles)
Keech, S.               97 Brinkburn Rd.          Pte. 3404 1st Welsh Guards
Kell, A.                41 Park Place             Sapper 101272 225th Field Coy. R.E. 
Kell, J.T.              41 Park Place             9462 3rd West Yorks
Kell, W.                41 Park Place             Pte. 19634 12th West Yorks. Regt. 
                        Killed in Somme August 18th 1916
Kell, H.                Dickinson Street          Pte. 1736 5th D.L.I. 
Kell, R.                                          5th Batt. D.L.I. 
Kemp, John Thomas       54 Brunswick Street       Pte. 45803 20th D.L.I.
                        Killed on June 3rd 1917 at Dickie Bush Ypres
Kemp, John William      92 Park Street            Pte. 8493 N.F.
                        Killed in action April 24th 1915
Kennedy, J.G.           47 Brougham Street        Pte. 2462 5th D.L.I. 
Kensley, Geo.                                     108109 S.S. Grive Royal Fleet Reserve
Kent, Alan W.           ‘Ingleside’               2nd Lieut. 7th Northd. Fusiliers. 
                        Died of wounds received in action in France 26th April 1915
Kent, H.B.              ‘Ingleside’               Sec Lieut. 4th Batt. Northd. Fusiliers
Kent, R.                ‘Ingleside’               Rhodesian Horse
Key, R.W.               40 East Parade            L/Cpl. 57494 11th West Yorks
Kilbeck, H.S.                                     Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Kimbley, G.                                       Pte. 9299 1st Batt. Gordon Highlanders
King, S.                31 New Model Place        R.F.A. 
King, W.                31 New Model Place        Gunner R.F.A. 
King, C.                50 Reid Street            Pte. 1977 5th D.L.I. 
King, G.H.              4 West Powlett Street     Col Sergt. 7322 5th D.L.I. 
Kingsley, J.            5 Adelaide Street         Pte. 1572 5th D.L.I. 
Kipling, H.S.           Paradise Terrace          Sapper R.E.
Kirby, J.G.             76 Model Place            Cpl. 11th N.F. 
                        Killed in action July 29th 1916
Kirby, L.R.             ‘Glyn Isla’ Pierremont Rd. Sapper 477095 429th Field Co R.E. 
Kirby, T.H.             12 Barron Street          Pte. 2555 5th D.L.I. 
Kirby, R.               84 Yarm Rd.               L. Cpl. 1809 5th D.L.I. 
Kirkup, Richard Gerald  4 Harewood Grove          Mechanical Staff Sergt. Army Transport Corps
                                                  of the Yorks. West Riding
Kirkup, William Stanley 4 Harewood Grove          Trooper Northumberland Yeomanry
Kirsop, E.T.                                      Northumberland Hussars
Kirton, Thos. D.        69 Woodlands Terrace      Pte. 81406 110th F.A., R.A.M.C.
                        Killed in action August 7th 1917
Kitching, R.N.          26 Fairfield Street       Sergt. 80270 West Yorks. (late 12th South Staffordshires)
Kitching, Walter        High Northgate            Kings Own Royal Rifles
Knaggs, J.H.                                      Pte. B Coy. 8th D.L.I. 
Knaggs, R.W.            Harrowgate Gardens Harrowgate Hill Pte. 23663 40th Labour Coy. D.L.I. 
                        Died of wounds at Poperinge on April 29th 1918
Knight, W.H.            9 Harris Street           Pte. 17/1300 2nd N.F. 
Knowles, Harry          9 Hamsterley Street       Driver 174296 R.E. 
                        Died Feb.16th 1916
Lamb, Richard           41 Longfield Terrace      Pte. 9957 Lincolnshire Regt.
Lambert, Arthur         11 Silver Street          11590 2nd Batt. D.L.I.
                        Killed at Hooge on August 9th 1915
Lambert, Robert                                   Royal Leinster Regt. 
                        Wounded and gassed in 1918
Lambert, Sidney                                   Able Seaman K X99 Naval Division. 
                        Killed in France December 30th 1917
Lancaster, Arthur A.    43 Queen Street           Pte. 327525 9th D.L.I. 
Lancaster, G.H.         54 Archer Street          Pte. 12218 3rd D.L.I. 
Lancaster, G.W.         24 Chandos Street         Pte. 7751 West Yorks
Lancaster, G.H.         43 Queen Street           Pte. 7867 2nd Yorks. Regt. 
                        Killed on the Somme July 23rd 1916
Lancaster, J.G.         36 Honeypot Lane          Pte. 9546 Yorks. Regt.
Lane, T.                61 Archer Street          Gunner 7th Battery R.F.A. Indian Expeditionary Force
Langhorne, J.           48 Barron Street          Pte. 2203 5th D.L.I. 
Langhorn, Sidney        Post House Wynd           5th D.L.I. 
Langhorn, T.H.          58 Easson Rd.             Pte. 35453 West Riding Regt. 
                        Killed in action October 22nd 1918
Langhorn, Wilfred       Post House Wynd           Pte. R.F.A. 
Lane, Thomas            61 Archer Street          Bdr. 48374 7th Battery R.F.A. 
Langley, J.H.           15 Park Street            2014 Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Larman, C.W.            Redvers Terrace           Bug. 2210 5th D.L.I. 
Lawrence, A.C.C.        11 Victoria Rd.           Lieut. 2nd Northd. R.A.M.C. 
Laws, Geo.                                        Sergt. A Sub Section 162 Battery R.F.A. 
Lawson, Joseph          14 Major Street           Pte. National Reserve attached 9th D.L.I. 

Lawson, R.A.            7 Grosvenor Street        Sergt. A.O.C.
Lawton, H.              39 Green Street           Pte. 9th D.L.I. 
Lax, N.                 15 Pensbury Street        C.Q.M.S. 203082 13th D.L.I. 
Laybourne, J.           33 I’Anson Street         Petty Officer Kx4?2 R N D 
Laycock, Herbert        42 Milton Street          L/Cpl. 202552 6th D.L.I. 
Laycock, J.             Regent Street             Pte. 2004 5th D.L.I. 
Layfield, F.            Blackwell Moor Farm       Pte. 2564 5th DL I 
Layfield, J.            11 Bridge Terrace         Gunner 287005 24th A.A. Coy. R.G.A. 
Layfield, J.                                      Gunner 287005 R.G.A. 
Layfield, J.H.          11 Bridge Terrace         Pte. 903 1/2nd N.F. Ambulance R.A.M.C.
                        Died of wounds in Fort Pitt Military Hospital Chatham June 30th 1915
Layton, J.W.            24 Vulcan Street          Driver 99593 R. Horse Artillery
Layton, R.              45 Stanley Terrace        Sergt. R.E. Railway Transport Section
Layton, Sam.            St Lukes Terrace          Cpl. A Squadron Yorks. Hussars
Layton, T.              1 St Lukes Terrace        L/Cpl. 3278 Yorks. Hussars
Lazenby, M.             95 Cumberland Street      Pte. 206 A Coy. 22nd D.L.I. 
Lazenby, R.             95 Cumberland Street      Pte. 51777 D Coy. 4th Duke of Wellingtons West Riding Regt. 
                                                  Transferred to 94507 100th Res. Coy. R.D.C. 
Leafe, Harry Vine       Princes Square            3942 D.L.I.
                        Killed in action Sept.16th 1916
Leake, Harry H.         50 Fairfield Street       Driver 20133 R.F.A. 
Leake, James H.         50 Fairfield Street       Signaller 262646 R.F.A. 
Leake, Joseph           50 Fairfield Street       S.S., E.R.A. 
Ledger, H.                                        Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Lee, Arthur             38 Mildred Street         Pte. 51 N.F. trans to East Yorks
Lee, Edward             Quebec Street             Pte. 18th Service Batt. D.L.I. 
Lee, G.                 26 Surtees Street         Sergt. 49850 R.E.
                        Killed in action August 7th 1916
Lee, Norman Winder      ‘Ardennes’ Staindrop Rd.  2nd Lieut. R.E. 
Lee, Walter             12 East Street            Pte. 7th Batt. Kings Border Regt.
Leng, Charles Harold    ‘Selborne House’ Gladstone St. 2nd Lieut. R.A.F. 
Lewin, G.S.             44 Trafalgar Street       Pte. 2561 5th D.L.I. 
Liddell, A.O.           Linden Avenue             Cpl. 18th Batt. D.L.I.
                        Killed at the bombardment of Hartlepool Dec.16th 1914
Liddle, J.W.            12 Westgarth Terrace      Cpl. 31223 154th Field Coy. R.E.
                        Killed on October 6th 1918 on the Cambrai Front
Liddle, W.              The Green Cockerton       Gunner 36072 R.F.A. 
Longstaffe, R.          78 Lewes Rd.              N.E.R. Batt. N.F.
                        Killed in action
Liddle, A.T.            17 Wilson Street          Pte. 1492 2nd D.L.I. 
Liddle, S.              17 Wilson Street          Pte. 1591 2nd D.L.I. 
Lindsley, Edward        45 Howard Street          Pte. D.L.I. 
Little, F.                                        Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Little, Harold D.       52 Beaumont Street        Pte. 136137 R.A.M.C. 
Little, Norman H.       52 Beaumont Street        Rifleman C 817 16th K.R.R.
Little, Stanley         17 St John’s Cresc.       Sapper 356553 R.E. 
Littlefair, W.          28 Longfield Terrace      Pte. 11th Division Ammunition Column Royal Field Artillery
Littlejohn, J.          41 Longfield Terrace      Sergt. 280256 R.E. 
Litton, Thomas          14 Hazel Avenue Sapper    45558 22nd Division Signal Coy. R.E. 
Lloyd, G.               85 Beaconsfield Street    Pte. 537 N.E.R., N.F. trans to Royal Fusiliers
Longbotham, Robert      40 Ridsdale Street        Pte. 23408 7th Border Regt. 
                        Died of wounds April 2nd 1917
Longstaffe, J.          9 Garden Street           L/Cpl. 1399 5th D.L.I. 
Longstaff, John         7 Haughton Rd Terrace     Q.M.S. 200029 5th D.L.I. 
Longstaff, Charlie C.   Grange Rd.                2nd Lieut. 12th Batt. D.L.I.
Longstaffe, James       1 Grange Rd.              2nd Lieut. 12th Batt. D.L.I. 
Loraine, Robert H.      11 Milton Street          Mech. Sergt. 16399 R.F.C. and R.A.F. 
Lowcock, Benson         21 King William Street    Pte. 13273 9th N.F.
                        Killed in action at Ypres on December 20th 1915
Lowe, Mark R.           39 York Street            Gunner 1862 R.F.A. 
Lowells, A.R.           29 Zetland Street         Bdr. 3rd Battery R.F.A.    
Lowery, J.              37 Chancery Street        Pte. 9th D.L.I. 
Lupton, Norman          16 Grasmere Rd.           Pte. 428297 3rd N.F. 
Luke, Ernest            46 Victoria Embankment    Sergt. 1265 5th D.L.I. 
Luke, John Norman       14 Easson Rd.             2nd Lieut. 5th (attached 15th) D.L.I.
                        Killed in action at Manancourt near Bapaume
Lumsden, Hodgson        17 Whessoe Street         Sapper 273351 R.E. 
Lupton, Charles Newark  16 Grasmere Rd.           Pte. 39948 7th Lincolns
Lupton, John George     16 Grasmere Rd.           Seaman H.M.S. Rother
Lyal, E.                                          R.A.M.C.  2nd NorthumbriaN.F. A 
Lynch, John             47 Brunswick Street       Pte. 1st Border Regt.
McArdle, –              28 Sun Street             315407 London Rifle Brigade
McClure, Thomas         24 Farrer Street          B.S.M. 45739, 516 Siege Battery R.G.A. 
McCrann, Bernard        7 Temperance Place        Stoker 1st Class H.M.S. Black Prince 
McCullagh, H.           35 Gurney Street          Pte. 5040 1st. Batt. R.I. Reserve
McCullagh, James        19 Freeman’s Place        Pte. 20718 10th Reserve Dublin Fusiliers.
                        Killed in action
McCullagh, John         19 Freeman’s Place        Pte. 7917. 
                        Killed in France June 17th 1915
McDermid, Clarence E.                             Sergt. 341st Field Ambulance. 
                        Drowned in Irish Sea when R M S Leinster was torpedoed Oct.10 1918
McDermid, Percy         38 Cobden Street          2nd Lieut. 6th N.F. 
McDermott, T.           28 East Raby Street       Pte. 2206 5th D.L.I. 
McEvoy, J.W.            14 Napier Street          Staff Sergt. 24327 A.V.C. attached B/108 Army F.A.
Macfarlane, A.          8 Windsor Terrace         Driver R.E. 
McGahey, Herbert        25 Allan Street           Pte. 2445 5th D.L.I.
                        Died of wounds at St Omer France April 25th 1915
McGinn, Charles         5 Church Street           Pte. 9612 D Coy. 1st Yorks. Garrison Regt.
McGinn, William         5 Church Street           Pte. 8079 2nd Batt. Yorks. Regt. 
                        Killed in action in France
McGovern, A.            12 Dodds Street           L/Cpl. 39004 2nd D.L.I. 
McGovern, H.            12 Dodds Street           Pte. 51978 R Irish Fusiliers
McGovern, P.            12 Dodds Street           Cpl. 2470 5th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action in France Sept.24th 1916
McGovern, T.            12 Dodds Street           Driver 214652 R.G.A. 
McGregor, R.            15 Grainger Street        Pte. 2230 5th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action on the Somme Sept.17th 1916
McGregor, R.            15 Grainger Street        Pte. 2230 5th D.L.I. 
McGregor, J.            15 Grainger Street        Pte. 330604 Yorks. Hussars
McGregor, Alister       36 Clifton Rd.            Pte. 503 Royal Marine Artillery
McGregor, Robert        36 Clifton Rd.            Pte. 9?2 Royal Marine Light Infantry
McGregor, W.                                      Pte. Lord Durhams County Batt. D.L.I. 
McGuirl, James          5 Hird Street             Gunner 52460 9th Heavy Battery R.G.A.
                        Killed in action April 26th 1918 N.W. of Ypres
McGuire, James          11 Freeman’s Place        Pte. Northd. Fusiliers 3rd Batt.
Mackenzie, E.           88 Beaconsfield Street    Pte. 6530 2nd Dragoon Guards. 
                        Died at Rouen on Nov.2nd 1915
Mackenzie, Ernest       Fife Rd.                  Q.M.S. Northd. Hussars
McLaren, William        Mowden Cottages Staindrop Rd. Pte. 5801 1st Scots Guards. 
                        Missing on November 23rd 1914
McLaughlin, J.          Brunswick Street          Pte. 1624 5th D.L.I. 
McLean, G.T.            Drinkfield                Pte. 729 5th D.L.I. 
McLean, J.              Middleton St George       Pte. 1748 5th D.L.I. 
McLeish, Francis S.     21 Guerney St.            Cpl. 5th D.L.I.
McLeod, H.              59 Leafield Rd.           Pte. 1717 5th D.L.I. 
McLoughlin, W.          7 Dalton Street           Pte. 23960 N.F. 
McLoughry, Ivan         High Row                  Pte. 38560 20th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action and interred at No 2 Military Cemetery Dickebusch June 7th 1917
McLoughry, Neal         High Row                  Pte. 39411 2nd D.L.I. 
McLoughry, Vincent                                Pte. 50845 9th Batt. Manchester Regt. 
McLuckie, Alex          128 Thompson Street West  Driver 99714 11th Division Ammunition Corps R.F.A. 
McMahon, Thomas         16 Wycombe Street         J 12858 H.M.Submarine M 2
McMain, E.              55 Eldon Street           Pte. 1582 5th D.L.I.
Macmillan, Tom          Horse Market              Pte. 8691 1st West Yorks
McNello, Patrick        28 Eldon Street           3rd A.M., R.A.F.
McNello, William        7 Lock Street             Pte. 363911 2nd N.F.
                        Missing presumed dead
McNichol, John.                                   Gunner 99752 R.F.A.
                        Killed in action October 17th 1916 on the Somme
MacQueen, S.            19 Chestnut Street        Pte. 46925 2/6 D.L.I.
Madderson, W.A.         16 Craig Street           Gunner 94553 2nd Siege Batt. R.G.A.
Maddison, M.E.          49 Woodland Terrace       L/Cpl. 3rd Army Corps D.L.I. 
Mafham, H.              25 East Raby Street       Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Magson, Albert          18 Leafield Rd.           Pte. 8483 7th Seaforth Highlanders
Magson, Charles         18 Leafield Rd.           Pte. 62810 37th M.G.C. 
Magson, Saul            18 Leafield Rd.           Pte. 14575 4th Dragoon Guards
Magson, William B.      18 Leafield Rd.           41332 12th Londons K.R.R.
                        Died from wounds Sept.18th 1919
Maguire, James          11 Freeman’s Place        Sergt. 8491 1st Batt. N.F.
                        Died May 25th 1918 at Etaples
Maher, Thos. William    70 Kitchener Street       D.L.I. 
Mais, Thomas W          16 Clifton Rd.            L/Cpl. 2493 5th D.L.I. 
Major, H.               11 Chelmsford Street      Pte. 203163 1/4th Yorks. Regt. 
                        Killed in action July 16th 1916
Mallabourn, Richard     84 Kitchener Street       L/Cpl. 40820 3rd Duke of Wellingtons Regt.
Mangle, James Temple    61 Bondgate               Pte. 51861 2nd Lincolnshire Regt.
Mann, G.                                          R.A.M.C. 
Manners, R.             49 High Northgate         3rd Air Mechanic 304534 R.A.F. 
Mark, H.                24 Crosby Street          Pte. 101231 13th D.L.I.
                        Killed in France October 24th 1918
Markham, Henry Baldwin  14 John Street            Pte. 16262 9th Batt. West Yorks.  
                        Killed at Ypres
Markham, William        51 Green Street           Pte. 18850 2nd R. Dublin Fusiliers
Marley, C.D.            Marton Grove Abbey Rd.    Lieut. 5th Batt. D.L.I. 
Marley, T.              Marton Grove Abbey Rd.    Captain 5th Batt. D.L.I.
                        Killed at Arras 1917
Marran, Michael         44 Brighton Rd.           Blacksmith Army Ordnance Corps
Mardsen, –              Cockerton                 Pte. 1615 5th D.L.I. 
Marshall, W.            17 Bridge Street          Sapper 149073 R.E.R.Troops
Martin, Christopher     3 Backhouse Street East   Pte. 16th Cheshire Regt.
Martin, Christopher     3 Backhouse Street        306374 Driver R.A.S.C.
                        Died while on leave at home from France Nov.28 1918
Martin, D.                                        Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Martin, Edward          3 Backhouse Street East   Pte. 16th Cheshire Regt.
Martin, G.W.            3 Backhouse Street East   Sapper 101288 R.E.
                        Killed in action Aug.30th 1918
Martin, Joseph          16 Park Place             Rifleman 318245 5th City of London Batt.  
                        Killed in action March 28 1918
Martin, L.R.            6 Lead Yard               Pte. 9549 1st Batt. Coldstream Guards
Martin, Richard         3 Backhouse Street East   Driver 4953 11th South Lancs Regt. 
                        Accidently killed at Cambrai April 28th 1919
Mason, N.               Market Place              Gunner Y23 Trench Mortar Batt
Masterman, Arthur Henry Rokeby Villas Eastbourne  2nd Lieut. R.G.A.
Maughan, A.Sapper                                 1201 1st London Wireless Coy. R.E. 
Maughan, John George    61 Brunton Place          Pte. 9340 1st N.F. 
May, F.                 4 Wolsingham Terrace      Pte. 7272 9th Batt. D.L.I. 
Meehan, Arthur          36 Greenwell Street       Pte. Kings Own Liverpool Regt.
Meehan, H.              36 Greenwell Street       Pte. 1324 21st Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. 
Meehan, Miles Wm.       36 Greenwell St.          R.E. 
Meek, A.E.              3 Elton Gardens           Captain 5th Batt. D.L.I.  
Meek, –                 3 Elton Gardens           Captain Yorks. Regt.
Megson, W.              ‘The Mead’ Garden Suburb  L/Cpl. 1865 5th D.L.I. 
Melginn, Charles        13 Park Street            9612 1st Yorks. Garrison Batt
Melliss, S.             3 Chestnut Street         Cpl. 1064 5th D.L.I. 
Melymont, Andrew        33 Sheraton Street        Pte. 139587 R.E.
                        Killed in action in France April 19th 1917
Merryweather, T.J.      ‘Calvola’ Dene Grove      Gunner 800778 R.E. 
Metcalfe, A.            69 Park Street            Trooper 6236 2nd Life Guards
Mitcalfe, Anthony       West Crescent             Pte. 4th Yorks
Metcalfe, J.H.          6 West Powlett Street     Sergt. 8473 6th Yorks. Regt.
Metcalfe, N.            Leafield Rd.              Pte. 277 5th D.L.I. 
Middleton, S.H.         102 Borough Rd.           Sapper 471227 R.E. 
                        Killed in action May 8th 1918
Middleton, S.W.         53 Hargreave Terr.        Pte. 063187 53rd Squadron Remounts A.S.C. .
                        Died December 12th 1919
Millar, John T.W.       56 Glencroft Terrace      225726 Scottish Horse
Miller, C.F.            19 Clay Row               Stoker H.M.S. Amphirithe mine sweeping
Millar, A.              36 Reid Street            Pte. 21044 N.F. 
Miller, E.S.            13 Surtees Street         A.B. Royal Navy H.M.S. Penelope
Miller, James           46 New Model Place        2nd Cpl. 131414 R.E. 
Miller, J.G.            35 Durham Rd.             Pte. 1540 5th D.L.I. 
Miller, J.G.            193 Durham Rd.            Signaller 1540 5th D.L.I.
                        Died in hospital in France November 29th 1915
Miller, T.W.            19 Clay Row               Pte. 17660 M.G.C. 
Miller, James           19 Clay Row               Pte. R.E. 
Miller, Joseph          19 Clay Row               Pte. 12854 K.R.R.
                        Died of wounds in Liverpool
Miller, R.W.R.          10 West Terrace           2nd Lieut. 11th Service Batt. South Lancashire Regt.
Miller, T.W.            13 Surtees Street         L/Cpl. R.E.
                        Invalided home
Miller, Willam          3 Adelaide Street         Pte. 17725 1st Border Regt. 
                        Killed in France July 1st 1916 
Miller, William         19 Clay Row               Pte. K.O.B. Regt. 
                        Killed in action in France
Milne, J.               17 West Raby Street       Cpl. 619253 9th Batt. West Yorks. Regt.
Milner, J.              Park Place                Sec Lieut.
Miskelly, J.A.          12 Four Riggs             Sergt. 14213 7th East Yorks. Regt.
Mitchell, G.P.          42 Hume Terrace           Pte. 17595 12th Northd. Fusiliers
Mitchell, J.H.          22 Harrison Terrace       Pte. 2nd N.F. Ambulance R.A.M.C. 
Monkhouse, Bartholomew  62 Surtees Street         Sergt. 7790 A.P.C. and R.S. Fusiliers
Monckton, Tom           8 Hammer Street           Lieut. 18th D.L.I. 
Monument, J.W.          30 Montrose Street        Trooper 4th Dragoon Guards
Monument, R.            30 Montrose Street        Pte. 1643 5th D.L.I. 
Moon, H.S.              Morningside Linden Avenue Lieut. R.G.A. 
Moon, W.                32 Havelock Street        Pte. 1539 5th D.L.I. 
Moon, W.                21 Oxford Street          5th D.L.I.
Moore, A.               1 Whessoe Street          Sergt. 604 5th D.L.I.
Moore, Albert           41 East Raby Street       Pte. R.A.M.C. 
Moore, A.W.             N.E.R. Institute North Rd. Sergt. 604 5th D.L.I. 
Moore, Arthur Wilfrid   46 Pease Street           Pte. 388170 2nd Northumbrian F.A., R.A.M.C. (T.F.)
Moore, Charles          43 Brunswick Street       Gunner 98847 221st Battery R.F.A. 
Moore, Chas. Vincent    38 Belvedere Rd.          Pte. 127 22nd D.L.I.
                        Killed in action at Combles Jan.9 1917. 
                        Buried at St Pierre Vaast Wood. 1 ½ miles east of Combles France
Moore, Daniel           14 Back Eldon Street      Pte. 252309 102nd Canadian L.I. 
Moore, F.               5 Valley Street           Pte. 131 22nd Batt. D.L.I. 
Moore, F.H.             N.E.R. Institute North Rd. Trooper 1246 2nd Cheshire Yeomanry
Moore, G.               41 East Raby Street       6th Batt. Northampton Regt. 
                        Killed in action May 9th 1915
Moore, G.                                         Pte. 4th section E Coy. D.L.I. 
Moore, H.               5 Valley Street           Pte. 78684 6th D.L.I. 
Moore, P.               5 Valley Street           Pte. 2nd K.O.Y.L.I. 
Moore, P.               8 King William Street     Pte. 490 2nd Batt. K.O.Y.L.I. 
Moore, R.E.             14 Back Eldon Street      Pte. 1/7th H.L.I., D Coy.
Moore, T.W.             14 Back Eldon Street      Driver A.S.C.
                        Died near Ypres on Feb.26th 1916
Moore, Thomas           41 East Raby Street       Pte. 1st Northd. Hussars
Moore, W.                                         Pte. 19th D.L.I. 
Morgan, R.              5 Skerne Row              Pte. 2008 5th D.L.I. 
Morgan, Thomas          Park View                 Cpl. R.F.A. 
Morland, M.             33 Greenwell Street       Bdr. A/129 Brigade R.F.A. 
Morley, T.              1 Model Place             Cpl. R.F.A. 
Morris, J.H.            Hammer Street             Pte. No 4 Coy. 14th Batt. D Border Regt.
Morris, John Herbert    44 Hammer Street          12211 18th Border Regt. 
                        Killed July 3rd 1916 Battle of Somme
Morris, Thomas          15 China St.              Pte. The Kings Regt.
Morrison, James         South Parade Croft        Bdr. 151 R.G.A.
Morrison, Thomas Jones  The Park                  Sergt. 151 R.G.A. 
Morriss, A.B.           48 Craig Street           Rank Sergt. 9th Batt. D.L.I. National Reserves
Mortimer, L.                                      Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Moscrop, W.N.J.         ‘Ashcroft’ Coniscliffe Rd. Capt. and Adjutant 5th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action May 27th 1918 near Maizy 
Moses, Albert           27 Russell St. East        Gunner 64533. 
                        Killed in action October 17th 1918. Buried in Valencie
Mosley, R.W.            16 Pensbury Street        Chief Mechanic H.M. Coastal Motor Boat 65A
Moss, Alfred            70 Park Place             Driver 6568 151st Heavy Battery R.G.A.   
Moss, Frederick         70 Park Place             Gunner 52781 R H A 
Moss, George            57 Branksome Terrace      Gunner 154510 R.G.A. 
Moss, John Raymond      1 Mildred Street          Pte. 81483 22nd D.L.I.
                        Killed in action on April 26th 1918 at Villiers Brittoneux France
Moss, Thomas            70 Park Place             Pte. 16322 Coldstream Guards
Moss, W.H.              71 Woodlands Terrace      Bdr. 18739 13th Battery R.F.A. 
Mounsey, Herbert                                  Pte. 24208 D.O.W. West Riding Regt. 
                        Killed in action April 13th 1918
Mounsey, John Robert    13 Bondgate               Gunner 184864 1/1 Welsh Battery R.G.A.
                        Died of wounds May 27th 1918 in France
Mounsey,W.D.                                      Pte. 204311 13th D.L.I. 
Moutrey, H.                                       Sapper. 
                        Killed in action August 24th 1918
Moutrey, Harold         1 Hammer Street           Sapper 146547 R.E.
                        Killed August 24th 1918
Moutrey, Joseph         19 Ann’s Terrace          Cpl. 1299 Signal Service R.E.(M.M.)
Mudd, Harold            25 Rockingham Street      A.B., H.M.S. Champion
Mudd, Herbert           25 Rockingham Street      Pte. 51747 Duke of Wellingtons Regt.
Muir, George Andrew     Greenbank Rd. Nth.        Pte. 200576 5th D.L.I. attached 2nd D.L.I.
                        Killed in action March 21st 1918 at Peronville
Muir, Hedley            7 Greenbank Rd. Nth.      Cpl. R.E.
                        Wounded 1916
Mullett, James          39 Howard St.             Sergt. 33138 R.F.A. 
Mullet, J.              39 Howard St.             Pte. 332654 H.L.I. 
Murray, J.A.B.          42 Beaumont St.           Pte. 1373 5th D.L.I. 
Mutimer, D.                                       Pte. Lord Durhams County Batt. D.L.I. 
Mutimer, R.             Victoria Embankment       4th (Public Schools) Batt. Royal Fusiliers
Myers, J.S.             56 Gurney Street          Pte. 20348 3rd Kings Own Hussars
Myers, W.C.             56 Gurney Street          Sapper 47159 80th Field Coy. R.E. 
Naisbett, George        26 Grey Street            Pte. 8829 2nd Batt. Coldstream Guards. 
                        Killed November 6th 1914 in Routel Woods Belgium
Naseby, J.H.                                      Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A.  
Nassan, C.H.            27 Beaumont Street        Pte. M2/223099 M.T., A.S.C.
Nattrass, C.E.          19 Swan Street            Pte. 26813 1st Batt. Grenadier Guards (King’s Coy.). 
                        Killed in action in France July 29th 1917
Nattrass, W.J.          19 Swan Street            Sapper 283858 R.O.D., R.E. 
                        Drowned at sea December 30th 1917
Naylor, L.              28 Clifton Rd.            Bdr. 62528 131st Heavy Battery R.G.A.
Neary, William          36 Brunswick Street       Pte. 9th D.L.I. 
Nelson, O.A.            91 Bowman Street          Pte. 316741 R.H. Late trooper of the Scottish Horse. 
                        Killed in action near Catelet Oct.3rd 1918
Nelson, Robert          2 Jobling’s Yd.           L/Cpl. 9541 10th Yorks. and Lancasters. 
                        Died of wounds in France January 11th 1916
Nelson, T.              Cockerton                 Pte. 1649 5th D.L.I. 
Nesbitt, Arthur         12 Leonard Street         Pte. 268801 1/6th Batt. Royal Highlanders
Nesbitt, Bert           12 Leonard Street         Pte. 102240 5th Batt. Reserve D.L.I. 
Nesbitt, R.             12 Leonard Street         Cpl. 1740 5th D.L.I. 
Nesbitt, Robert Wm.                               Sergt. 1740 5th Batt. D.L.I.
                        Killed at Armentieres August 16th 1915
Nevison, J.C.           90 Victoria Rd.           Pte. 383811 M.T., A.S.C.
                        Died from effects of gas on November 19th 1918 in France
Newell, -               10 Eskdale Street         Pte. 2nd Northd. R.A.M.C. 
Newton, Fred A.         6 Sheraton St.            Pte. 142243 A.S.C. 
Newton, G.              3 Close Street            Pte. 109 19th D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action October 19th 1918
Newton, George          22 York Street            Pte. 110 19th D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action October 19th 1918 at Courtney
Newton, J.              98 Westmoreland Street    Leading Seaman K X 378 Hood Battalion R.N.D.
Newton, J.              Rise Carr                 Cpl. 2nd Kings Own Yorks. Light Infantry. 
                        Killed in action
Newton, J.              3 Close Street            Driver 997?99 R.F.A. 
Newton, John            6 Sheraton Street         Cpl. 470 K.O.Y.L.I.
                        Killed in Belgium December 30th 1914
Newton, Walter E.       6 Sheraton Street         Gunner 230639 Mountain Battery R.G.A. 
Newton, Willie A.       6 Sheraton Street         Pte. 3882 5th D.L.I. 
Nichol, Arthur          31 East Raby Street       Pte. 2nd Northumbrian F.A., R.A.M.C.  
Nichols, J.             8 Elmfield Terrace        Cpl. 19th D.L.I. 
Nichols, Walter         14 Sun Street             Pte. 40819 11th East Yorks. 
Nicholson, A.           5 Lansdowne Street        L/Cpl. 25602 9th D.L.I. 
Nicholson, E.           21 Crosby Street          Squadron S. Major 1/1 Northd. Hussars
Nicholson, G.?.         The Hill Cockerton        Pte. D Coy. 5th D.L.I. .
Nicholson, G.W.         The Hill Cockerton        1174 5th D.L.I.
                        Wounded at Ypres
Nicholson, John G.      28 Cleasby Terrace        Pte. 279305 2/4th London Regt.
Nicholson, J.V.         1 Maidendale Cottages     366 Battery 146 Brigade
Nightingale, Wm. James  70 Hargreave Tce.         L/Cpl. 39228 2nd Yorks. Regt. 
                        Reported wounded and missing March 22 1918. 
                        Reported killed on that date
Nixon, J.H.             72 Westmoreland Street    L/Cpl. 21191 12th and 13th Yorks. Regt. 
Noble, A.               44 Lansdowne Street       Driver 149648 R.F.A. 
Noble, Albert E.        27a Queen Street          Pte. 9790 3rd Batt. West Yorks
Noble, C.C.             44 Lansdowne Street       A.B., H.M.S. Renown
Noble, J.R.             44 Lansdowne Street       H.M.S. Brittania
Noble, S.               29 Queen Street           Gunner 3321 168 Batt. R.F.A. 
Noble, T.H.             9 Wycombe Street          Bdr. R.F.A. 
Noonin, Eric William    13 Oakdene Avenue         Trooper Northd. Hussars
Noonin, John C.         13 Oakdene Avenue         Bdr. R.F.A. 
Noonin, Tom             13 Oakdene Avenue         Trooper Scottish Horse
Noutch, James Wm.       39 Surtees Street         Cpl. 10526 2nd Batt. Grenadier Guards. 
                        Killed in action at Ypres October 30th 1914
Nunn, P.H.              60 Brighton Rd.           Pte. R.F.A. 
Nunn, Walter            98 Westmoreland St.       Driver 149170 R.F.A. 
Nutbrown, G.            Throstle Nest             Pte. 1533 5th D.L.I. 
Oakes, J.E.             5 High Row                Pte. 250575 6th D.L.I. 
Oates, E.               6 Fern Street             Col. Sergt. 6 5th D.L.I. 
O’Brien, Allan          14 Greenbank Crescent     2nd Lieut. R.F.A. 
O’Brien, Harry          14 Greenbank Cresc.       2nd Telegraphist H.M.S. Dartmouth
O’Connell, J.W.         1 Marriner’s Yd.          Sergt. 14189 Yorks. Regt.
O’Dowd, A.L.            Damesbury Terrace         Cpl. 43618 82nd Field Coy. R.E. 
O’Neill, James          ‘Throstle Nest’ Haughton Rd. Sergt. 2016 6th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action Nov.5th 1916
Oliver, Hugh            26 Thornton Street        Cpl. 131439 234th Field Coy.
Oliver, J.F.            51 Charles Street         Pte. Grenadier Guards (Canadian)
Oliver, G.R.            36 Greenwell Street       Pte. 2431 5th D.L.I.
                        Wounded 28th April at Ypres
Ord, J.W.                                         Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Ord, T.S.                                         Pte. 
                        Killed in action October 12th 1916
Orton, R.G.             4 Bondgate                Pte. 1314 18th D.L.I. 
Otley, Albert           35 North Lodge Terrace    Gunner R.F.A. 
                        Died of wounds June 26th 1917
Overend, D.             Durham Rd.                Pte. 1614 5th D.L.I. 
Owen, F.                39 Thirlmere Rd.          Cpl. 198129 R.O.C.R.E. 
Owen, G.                19 Yarm Rd.               Driver 83602 94th Bgde R.F.A. 
Owens, F.               19 Falmer Rd.             5th D.L.I. 
Owsnett, J.                                       Pte. Lord Durhams County Batt. D.L.I.
Oxborough, M.                                     Sergt. 388017 R.A.M.C. 
Oxley, Alfred E.D.      78 Pensbury Street        Pte. 2253 5th D.L.I. 
Oxley, Charles J.       2 Elton Terrace           Bdr. 2486 Motor Machine Gun Service
Oxley, T.W.             81 Park Street            Pnr. 364658 R.E. 
Page, George                                      Bandsman 8327 1st Batt. P.W.O. Yorks. Regt.
Page, James             45 Lowson Street          Pte. 9516 2nd Batt. 19th P.W.O. Yorks. Regt.
Pallister, G. Cairns    89 Brinkburn Rd.          Pnr 325992 199th Infantry Bdge R.E. Signals
Pallister, John Raymond 89 Brinkburn Rd.          Pte. R.A.M.C. 
Pallister, Roy          89 Brinkburn Rd.          Pte. 18th D.L.I.  with 2nd Durhams. 
                        Missing March 21st 1918. Officially reported killed on that date
Pallister, Thomas       11 Brook Terrace          L/Cpl. 45386 19th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action April 22-23 1918, supposed at Mortinsart north of Albert France
Parkinson, A.W.         50 Dodds Street           Pte. 20733 N.F. 
Park, Arthur Harry      25 New Park Street        Pte. 154168 R.A.M.C. 
Park, Ed. George        25 New Park Street        Pte. 80412 4th D.L.I. 
Park, J.G.              4 Pease Street            Pte. 1st Kings Liverpools. 
                        Invalided home
Park, John R.           11 High Northgate         Sergt. 12015 21st Batt. K.R.R.
                        Killed in action July 20th 1916 near Plooge St
Park, J.W.              37 East Raby Street       Pte. attached 9th D.L.I. 
Park, L.                58 New Model Place        Pte. 22347 A Coy. 11th Northd. Fusiliers
Park, Percy             25 New Park Street        Pte. 42519 1st West Yorks
Park, S.                25 New Park Street        Pte. 1564 5th D.L.I. 
Park, Sidney            25 New Park Street        L/Cpl. 1564 5th D.L.I. 
Park, T.A.              6 Shildon Street          Cpl. 135 18th D.L.I. 
Park, Thomas            11 High Northgate         Bdr. 127856 b/175 Bgde R.F.A. 
Park, William           39 Nestfield Street       Pte. 18th D.L.I. 
Parkin, J.              7 Peaceful Valley         Pte. 25675 D.L.I. 
Parkinson, Harold       49 New Park Street        Pte. 421984 3rd Batt. D.L.I.
Patrick, A.                                       Pte. 2244 5th D.L.I. 
Patterson, R.H.         8 Thomas Street           Pte. 8756 2nd D.L.I.
                        Died in France October 2nd 1918
Patterson, R.M.         Danby Lodge               Lieut. R.F.A. 
Pattison, -             ‘Uplands’ Burdon Gardens  75636 4th Batt.  
                        Killed in action in France 
Peacock, A.J.           29 East Raby Street       Driver 225th Coy. R.E. 
Peacock, F.             3 Union Row               L/Cpl. D.L.I. 
Peacock, George Alfred  10 Louisa Street          Sapper 31105 E Coy. R.E. 
Peacock, J.S.           47 Borough Rd.            Pte. 36751 16th York and Lancasters
Peacock, James          18 York Street            Pte. National Rreserve
Peacock, R.             47 Beaumont Street        Pte. 42166 15th West Yorks
Peacock, R.                                       Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A.  
Peacock, W.             36 Dodds Street           Pte. 1640 5th D.L.I. 
Pears, G. Reginald W.   Denmark Street            18th D.L.I. 
Pearson, Alfred         50 Louisa Street          Sapper R.E.
                        Killed in action
Pearson, Arthur         50 Louisa Street          Pte. 6th Yorks
Pearson, D.             1 Winston Street          Sergt. 510 1/5th D.L.I. 
Pearson, F.             1 Winston Street          L/Cpl. 1900 1/5th D.L.I. 
Pearson, J.                                       Pte. 2335 5th D.L.I. 
Pearson, R.             1 Winston Street          Pte. 1924 M.T., A.S.C. 
Pearson, R.             42 New Model Place        Cpl. 447 3rd Reserve Batt. K.O.Y.L.I. 
Pearson, T.W.           64 Brunton Street         Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Pearson, Tom            6 Brighton Rd.            Pte. 34108 5th K.O.Y.L.I.
                        Killed in action in France July 20th 1918
Peart, Joseph Arthur    35 Wales Street           Pte. 20th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action Sept.1916. 
                        Buried at Longueval 2 ½ miles from Maricourt
Peat, Frederick         20 Beaumont Street        Bdr. X 9 Trench Mortar Battery R.F.A.
                        Killed in action Jan.13th 1917 near Arras
Peet, Henry             20 Dublin Street          Pte. 8363 Worcester Regt. 
                        Killed in action Nov.7th 1914
Peirson, R.W.           Cumberland Street         Pte. 1418 5th D.L.I. 
Peirson, Taylor         82 Westmoreland Street    Sergt. 21426 12th Yorks.  
                        Wounded at Bac St Maur April 9th 1918. 
                        Died April 10th 1918 and is buried at Foret de Niepe
Peirson, Thomas         27 Cumberland Street      Gunner R.F.A. 
Pelmear, Charles        94 Craig Street           Signaller 48137 20th Bn. Manchester Regt.
Pemberton, A.A.         Dartford House Maude St.  Pte. 2nd North. Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. 
Percival, E.            Victoria Rd.              Capt 1st Batt. Bedfordshire Regt. E.A.M.C. 
Percival, J.E.          Maida Vale Maude Street   54919 R.G.A. Sergt
Percy, W.H.             14 Wilson Street          Pte. 1420 5th D.L.I. 
Petley, A.P.            40 High Northgate         L. Sergt. 60 20th D.L.I. 
Petter, N.              32 Stanhope Rd.           Lieut. 5th Batt. D.L.I. 
Peverell, R.            Vane Terr South           Trooper 1st Life Guards. 
                        Died at Cork Hospital through wounds received in Flanders
Phillips, B.            12 Park Place             Pte. 2244 5th D.L.I. 
Phillips, C.            10 Hargreave Terrace      Pte. 2249 5th DL I 
Phillips, C.            13 Prior Street Cockerton Gunner 170 Batt. R.F.A. 
Phillips, W.            48 Hargreave Terrace      Driver 5th Cavalry Brigade Field Ambulance A.S.C. 
Phoenix, J.             35 Louisa Street          Pte. 2189 5th D.L.I. 
Picken, Robert          66 Bedford Street         Pte. 18th D.L.I. 
Picken, Thomas          66 Bedford Street         Pte. Scottish Rifles
Picken, William         66 Bedford Street         Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Pigg, T.                6 Leonard Street          2207 D.L.I. 
Pike, Charles           8 Union Place             Pte. 8256 N.F. 
Pike, James                                       Pte. Bandsman 1st Batt. Hampshire Regt. 
                        Killed in action on April 26th 1915 at Ypres
Pike, John William      16 Silver Street          Pte. 5918 9th Batt. Border Regt.
Pilbin, Thomas          1 Vaughan Street          Sapper 43616 M 82 Coy. R.E. 
Pinder, J.W.            22 Farrer Street          Pte. 1131 2nd North Field Ambulance R.A.M.C.
                        Gassed in France and died Sept.1917
Pinder, Walter          9 John Street             Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A.
                        Died of wounds in France October 13th 1917
Pinkney, J.             22 I’Anson St.            Able Seaman K X 468 R.N.D.
                        Killed in action June 4th 1915 at Galipoli
Plews, G.               27 Harding Street         Pte. 1559 5th D.L.I. 
Plews, J.                                         Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Plews, R.               41 Albion Street          Pte. 130 A Coy. 18th D.L.I. and N.F. 
Plumpton, Sydney        31 Allan Street           Pte. 78353 19th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action March 5th 1918
Popple, H.              7 Lambton Street          Pte. 1527 5th D.L.I. 
Porteous, A.                                      Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A.
Porter, Arthur          Woodlands Terrace         Sergt. 2622 5th D.L.I. 
Porter, F.C.            14 East Mount Crescent    Pte. 26607 2nd Batt. Duke of Wellingtons Regt.
Porter, T.F.            34 Rockingham Street      A.S.C. 
Porter, H.              34 Rockingham Street      Pte. 39081 1/5th Somerset L I 
Pottage, C.M.           52 Dodds Street           101039 5th D.L.I. 
Pottage,H.              52 Dodds Street           2nd Coldstream Guards
Pounder, William        2 Eskdale Street          Pte. 205664 11th Hants Regt.
Powell, C.H.                                      Pte. 22135th D.L.I. 
Powell, G.              69 Wilson Street          Pte. 2454 5th D.L.I. 
Powell, J.              69 Wilson Street          Pte. 7th Seaforth Highlanders. 
                        Killed in action near Bapaume October 12th 1916
Power, R.B.             13 Backhouse Street       Pte. 61072 15th West Yorks
Power, T.A.             13 Backhouse Street       L/Cpl. 76187 3rd D.L.I. 
Poynter, Walter         Osmotherley nr Northallerton Pte. 4th Batt. Yorks. Regt. 
                        Died March 28th 1916
Poyzer, Charles         65 Lewes Rd.              Pte. N11.099 1st Batt. Seaforth Highlanders
Pratt, John H.          12 Leafield Rd.           L/Cpl. 2209 D Coy. 5th D.L.I. 
Preston, G.A.           5 Model Place             Rifleman 6477 K.R.R.
                        Killed in action
Pretty, Harold          8 Dickinson Street        A.B. KP/896 Anson Battn R.N.D. 
Pretty, W.              11 Garden Street          Pte. 1560 5th D.L.I. 
Priestly, P.            36 Devonshire Terrace     Pte. 1436 5th D.L.I. 
Pringle, J.D.           17 Ann’s Terrace          Sapper 58267 80th Field Coy. 
                        Missing since August 6th 1918. Presumed killed Aug.1919
Priestley, Henry        17 Dodds Street           Pte. 80188 1/8th D.L.I.
                        Killed at Armentieres April 12th 1918
Prior, Felix Cuthbert   Nestfield Street          Cpl. Tyneside Irish
Prior, John Peter       Nestfield Street          Cpl. Green Howards 2nd Lieut. in N.F.
                        Killed in action  April 1917
Prior, Miles Dr.                                  Surgeon Royal Navy
Proud, Fred             Victoria Rd.              Trooper Scottish Horse
Proud, J H              9 Grainger St.            C.Q.M.S. 25593 460 Coy. R.D.C. 
Prudhoe, Norman         Union Row                 Sergt. 5th D.L.I. 
Pryke, Bertram Victor   29 Forster Street         Pte. 29664 Royal Dublin Fusiliers. 
                        Killed in Action Oct.17th 1918 at Le Cateau
Purves, John            387 North Lodge Terrace   Sapper 234938 1st H.B.B., R.E. 
Pyman, T.               72 Grey Street            Pte. 6002321 18th Batt. London Regt.

Quincey, Albert E.      Penny Yard Priestgate     Pte. 4/2nd D.L.I.
                        Killed in action February 13th 1916
Quincey, Alfred         Penney Yard Priestgate    Driver Motor transport A.S.C. 
Quincey, Eric           Penney Yard Priestgate    L/Cpl. 4/2nd D.L.I. attached to Tank Corps
Quincey, George         Penney Yard Priestgate    Pte. N.F.
Quincey, George Frederick 4 Oxford Street         Pte. 2675 8th N.F. 
Quincey, Herbert        Penney Yard Priestgate    Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Quincey, Lawrence       Penney Yard Priestgate    Pte. Scottish Horse
Quinn, Thomas           16 Park Street            Pte. 12567 10th Yorks. Regt.
Race, A.                104 Fairfield Street      W.R. 274286 16th Coy. R.E. 
Race, C.                8 Kingston Street         Pte. 1562 5th D.L.I. 
Railson, George         17 Union Row              Q.M.S. (O.R.S.) 8859 14th N.F. 
Race, S.                104 Fairfield Street      A.M.3. 261621 R.A.F. 
Rachkind, F.            62 Glencroft Terrace      Rifleman 200953 9th R B
Raine, Arthur           22 Belgrave Street        Pte. 22868 22nd D.L.I.  Pioneers. 
                        Died of wounds in France 
Raine, A.               Haughton le Skerne        Pte. 1565 5th D.L.I. 
Raine, H.               Beaumont Street           Pte. 2025 5th D.L.I. 
Raine, John             9 Paradise Street         Sergt. 1516 6th Armoured Car Battery
Raine, Wm. E.           25 Chatsworth Terrace     L/Cpl. 2520 4th Batt. A.P.W.O. Yorks. Regt. 
                        Killed in action at Monchy on April 23rd 1917  
Raine, Wm.              Chatsworth Terrace        Pte. 4th Yorks
Raine, William          23 Windsor Terrace        117th R.F.A. 
Ramsdale, H.            44 Lodge Street           Driver 36481 R.E. 
Rangecroft, George Benjamin 9 Barron Street       Pte. 66070 1st Batt. Yorks. Regt.
Rangecroft, John W.     9 Barron Street           L/Cpl. 21467 1st Batt. N.F.
                        Killed in Flanders May 9th 1916
Raper, A.               12 Henry Street Pte. 15423 9th N.F. 
Raper, C.               12 Harry Street           Cyclist 366610 2/1 Northern Cyclist Batt
Raper, G.               12 Harry Street           Driver 14442 552 Coy. A.S.C. 
Raper, J.               12 Harry Street           Pte. 19845 10th N.F. 
Raper, R.               12 Harry Street           Sapper 29631 R.E. attached R.O.D.E. 
Raper, T.               12 Harry Street           Trooper 82195 2nd Hussars
Raper, E.               12 Harry Street           Driver 57412 A.S.C. 
Railton, G.                                       Pte. Lord Durhams County Batt. D.L.I. 
Railton, Robert         8 Station Rd.             Pte. County Batt. D.L.I. 
Ramsdale, A.E.          3 Dresser’s Yard          Pte. 9th Batt. D.L.I. 
Ramsdale, G.            1 Abbott’s Yard Bondgate  Pte. 26 Platoon D.L.I. 
Ramsdale, R.                                      Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Ransome, W.             9 Pattison Street         R.A.M.C. 5th D.L.I. 
Ranson, J.              32 Jane Street            Pte. 8008 6 Platoon X Coy. N.F. 
Ranson, J.W.            9 Pattison Street         Pte. 731 R.A.M.C. 
Ranson, Norman          32 Jane Street            Stoker H.M.S. Matal
Ranson, Thomas E.       32 Jane Street            A.B. K X 437 Hawke Batt
Raven, F.G.             ‘Grantly’                 Captain R.E. 
                        Died of wounds at Havre March 24th 1917
Rayner, H.W.            14 Milner Rd.             Cpl. 295911 151st Heavy Battery R.G.A. 
Readshaw, S.                                      Engineer H.M.S. Marlborough
Reed, C.W.                                        Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Reed, G.H.              20 Beechwood Avenue       Pte. 90th Winnipeg Rifles
Reed, J.                52 High Northgate         Pte. 1621 A Coy. 1st Northd. Fusiliers
Reed, T.                Beechwood Avenue          Pte. ‘Pals’ D.L.I. 
Reed, T.                ‘High View’ Clifton Rd.   Pte. 2124 5th D.L.I. 
Reed, Thomas            North Lodge Terrace       2nd Northumbrian F.A., R.A.M.C. 
Reese, D.G.             23 Chestnut Street        Pte. 65206 1st N.F.
                        Killed in action
Reese, J.H.             23 Chestnut Street        1252 16th Batt. K.R.R.
                        Died of wounds
Reese, Walter           23 Chestnut Avenue        Sergt. 9796 9th Batt. West Yorks. Regt. 
                        Killed in action
Reeks, Frederick        30 Parkgate               Able Seaman H.M.S. Renown
Rees, William                                     Pte. 235537 8th Batt. Yorks. and Lancs. 
                        Killed in action October 1st 1917
Reeves, William Alfred  16 Model Place            Pte. 24484 10th N.F. 
Reid, A.A.S.S.          91 Cumberland Street      R.A.O.C. 
Reid, Stephen           114 Westmoreland Street   2nd Lieut. R.G.A. 
Rennard, –              22 Edmund Street          Pte. 9865 2nd D.L.I. 
Rennison, D.                                      Pte. Lord Durhams County Batt. D.L.I. 
Rennison, W.                                      Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Reynolds, Bernard       Windsor Terrace           Trooper Scottish Horse
Richardson, George G.   62 Fairfield Street       Pte. 42189 7th Batt. K.O.Y.L.I.   
Richardson, H.          34 Lansdowne Street       Pte. 2208 5th D.L.I. 
Richardson, James Henry Drinkfield                Pte. 4086 3rd Bn. Border Regt. 
                        Died of wounds on July 3rd 1916
Richardson, Wm. R.      2 Cleveland Terrace       Pte. 7th Batt. D.L.I.
Richmond, W.            66 Honey Pot Lane         Pte. 12356 Border Regt. 
                        Killed in Italy August 9th 1918 
Richmond, John Robert   Drinkfield.               Pte. 35682 10th Batt. K.O.Y.L.I. 
Richmond, J.W.          31 Back Gurney Street     Pte. 1444 5th D.L.I. 
Richmond, Robert        63 North Rd.              Pte. 21/260 18th D.L.I.
                        Missing Sept.3rd 1916 near Thiepval officially presumed killed
Richmond, R.            22 Allan Street           Pte. 1518 5th D.L.I. 
Richmond, Thomas        16 Whessoe Lane           Driver 20247 11th Division Ammunition Column R.F.A. 
Richmond, W.H.          3 Foster Street           Pte. 1236 5th D.L.I. 
Riddell, Alfred         57 Eastbourne Rd.         Pte. 20824 Tees-side Batt. 12th Yorks
Riddle, Robert Gordon   6 Thomas Street           Driver 27358 Lincolnshire Regt. Later 46 Labour Coy.
                        Died of pneumonia in France July 4th 1918
Ridley, Alfred          1 Devonshire Terrace      Pte. 2nd N.F.A 
Ridley, C.E.            East Mount Farm, Valley St Nth. Pte. 54533 23rd Lancashire Fusiliers
Ridley, T.              11 Chelmsford Street      Pte. 12238 8th Batt. Border Regt.
Ritchie, J.             15 Model Place            Driver 11041 R.F.A.  1st section attached to A.V.C. 
Robertson, A.           157 Eldon Street          Sergt. 572 5th D.L.I. 
Robertson, R.           91 Cumberland Street      Pte. Transport Section 11th D.L.I. 
Robinson, A.            40 New Model Place        Pte. 3914 5th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action at Battle of Somme Oct.28th 1916
Robinson, A.            55 Park Street            Pte. 2nd Coy. 12th Yorks
Robinson, Alfred Francis                          Pte. King Edward’s Horse
Robinson, A.F.          1 Stanhope Rd.            Assistant Paymaster R.N. 
Robinson, Douglas Eric  11 Langholme Cresc.       2nd Lieut. D.L.I.
                        Killed in action in France Sept.15th 1916
Robinson, A.K.          Rokeby Villa Eastbourne   Col. Sergt. 158 5th D.L.I. 
Robinson, F. W.                                   Pte. 740 8th Batt. Canadian Infantry 1st Canadian Contingent
Robinson, H.            Assembly Hall             L/Cpl. 302032 8th D.L.I. 
Robinson, H.            55 Park Street            L/Cpl. 104005 2nd 27th Batt. R.E.
Robinson, H.            7 King William Street     Pte. 2563 5th D.L.I. 
Robinson, H.G.B.        23 Leafield Rd.           Sergt. 411 5th D.L.I. 
Robinson, H.O.          45 Cartmell Tce.          1417 2nd Northumbrian F.A., A 5 Section R.A.M.C. 
Robinson, Isaac V.      35 Pease Street           2nd Lieut. R.E.
                        Killed at Poperhinge July 14th 1917
Robinson, J.A. 
Robinson, John          51 Freeman’s Place        58420 28th Brigade R.F.A.
Robinson, John Denton   11 Langholme Cresc.       Lieut. R.A.F. 
Robinson, J.G.          24 Mount Street           Pte.  A Coy. 12th Batt. N.F. 
Robinson, J.W.                                    Pte. 739 8th Batt. Canadian Infantry 1st Canadian Contingent. 
                        Killed in action
Robinson, James         4 Regent Street           Pte. Green Howards
Robinson, R.            Park Street               1550 5th D.L.I. 
Robinson, R.A.          52 Louisa Street          Pte. 1481 5th D.L.I. 
Robinson, Samuel        88 Whessoe Lane           A.B. Nelson Batt.  
                        Wounded Dardanelles June 16th 1915
Robinson, T.A.          24 Mount Street           Pte. C Coy. 11 Service Batt. D.L.I. 
Robinson, T.N.          Stanhope Rd.              Sec Lieut. R.F.A. 
Robinson, T.W.          8 Oaklands Terrace        Sergt. 388140 2nd N.F.A., R.A.M.C.
Robinson, Thos. Neville                           W.R., R.G.A. Yorks
Robinson, W.            66 Borough Rd.            Pte. 204369 5th D.L.I. 
Robinson, W.            52 Louisa Street          Sapper 19420 25th Field Coy. R.E. 
Robinson, W.S.          52 Louisa Street          Sapper 101255 R.E. 
Robinson, William Hollox 31 Dickinson Street      2015 Battery 68 Brigade R.F.A. 
Robinson, Wm. Stanley   11 Langholme Cresc.       Cadet R.A.F. 
Robson, C.J.                                      L/Cpl. 1481 2nd Northumbrian Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. 
Robson, Ernest          Grange Rd.                2nd Lt. 3/5th D.L.I. 
Robson, J.              10 Chestnut St.           Pte. 2214 5th D.L.I. 
Robson, James           76 Westmoreland Street    Chief Artf Engineer H.M.A.S. Pyramus
Robson, Joseph William  26 Columbia Street        B Sub section 171st Batt. R.F.A.
Robson, J.              11 Charles Street         Driver 157073 R.F.A. 
Robson, J.N.            34 Salisbury Terrace      Pte. 2531 D.L.I.
                        Missing since May 24th 1915 and presumed killed
Robson, John Robert     9 Hollyhurst Rd.          Pte. 38757 Lewis Gunner 9th K.O.Y.L.I.
                        Presumed killed on April 26th 1918 in France
Robson, T.H.            12 Wycombe Street         Sergt. 279 5th D.L.I. 
Roote, Leslie           26 Marshall Street        Staff Sergt. D.L.I. 
                        Severely wounded in France. Died in Yarm Rd Hospital from pneumonia
Round, I.               39 Post Office St Spennymoor Driver 6608 151st R.G.A. 
Russell, D.                                       18th D.L.I. 
Rutherford, George Albert 7 Backhouse Street      A.B., H.M.S. Vernon
Rutherford, Lewis E.    110 Easson Rd.            Pte. 422376 R.A.S.C. 
Rutherford, Thomas Wm.  7 Backhouse Street        Gunner 90197 R.F.A. 
Robinson, –             Belgrave Street           Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Robinson, –             2 Leafield Rd.            Sergt. 5th D.L.I.
Rodgers, Charles        85 Park Place             Gunner 6635 151st Battery R.G.A. 
Salmon, Alfred Ward     24 Waverley Terrace       L/Cpl. 8928 1/5th Yorks. Regt. 
                        Died of wounds and gas poison
Salt, T.                Peel Street               Pte. 1372 5th D.L.I. 
Sanders, E.R.           11 Bracken Rd.            Trooper 5th Northumbrian Hussars Yeomanry
Saul, Rupert            18 Harris Street          Cpl. 33023 R.E. 
Scaife, E.              23 Beaconsfield St.       Pte. 1535 5th D.L.I. 
Scurr, F.               21 Mildred Street         Section D Reserve 1st West Yorks. Regt.
Scaife, F.              39 Queen Street           Pte. 15116 6th Batt. Yorks. Regt.
Scarfe, Philip          25 Wesley Street          R.F.A. 
Scarlett, Ernest        18 Willow Rd.             Rifleman 5th Batt. London Rifle Brigade. 
                        Killed in action in France Sept.22nd 1918
Scarr, J.H.             21 Mowden Terrace         Pte. 1493 2nd Northumbrian F.A., R.A.M.C. 
Scarr, Walter James     Beaumont St.              Driver 5th D.L.I. Transport Section
Scott, Edgar            40 Napier Street          Cpl. 2015 10th Royal Hussars. 
                        Killed in France at La Fere March 23 1918
Scott, J.               17 Branksome Terrace      Pte. 2168 5th D.L.I. 
Scott, Thomas           11 Peel Street            5th D.L.I. 
Scruton, J.H.           11 Forcett St.            9th D.L.I. 
Searle, J.              46 New Model Place        Sergt.  1st Batt. Kings Royal Rifles 6th Infantry Brigade
Sedgwick, James E.B.    1 Russell St East         Pte. 64579 R.A.M.C.
                        Drowned on his way to Egypt on May 4th 1917. 
                        Interred at Linola Italy
Seton, J.               11 Gurney Street          Pte. 22962 2nd Batt. K.O.Y.L.I. 
Seton, James            67 Harrison Terrace       Pte. 3rd Durham L.I. 
Sewell, William         Stanhope Rd.              Pte. Bedfordshire Regt. 
                        Missing since Apl 23rd 1917. Presumed dead
Seymour, Alfred         13 Harding Street         Artf H.M.S. Sapphire 
Sharpe, Frank           82 Thornton Street        2509 5th D.L.I. 
Shaw, C.                45 Brinkburn Rd.          Pte. 1588 5th D.L.I. 
Shaw, E.                Fern Street               Pte. 13th Batt. N.F.
                        Killed in action Sept.26th 1915 at Loos 
Shaw, Percy             Tower Rd.                 Pte. R.A.M.C. 
Shepherd, J.            Polam Avenue              Yorks. Hussars
Sheridan, G.            Bowes Street              Pte. 1626 5th D.L.I. 
Sheridan, P.            Bowes Street              Pte. 2126 5th D.L.I. 
Shields, R.             5 Wooler Street           Pte. 2242 5th D.L.I. 
Shields, W.                                       Stoker H.M.S. Southampton R.N.R. 
Shillaker, T.H.         27 Elmfield Terrace       Pte. 94721 5th D.L.I. 
Shipley, B.F.           28 Surtees Street         Pte. 1522 5th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action Dec.12th 1917 in Belgium
Shipley, B.             24 St Lukes Terrace       L/Cpl. 8598 2nd West Rider Duke of Wellingtons Regt. 
                        Died of wounds in France on July 9th 1916
Shipley, E.F.           28 Surtees Street         Driver T1, 1619 Field Survey Coy. R A.S.C. 
Stallard, George Alfred 20 Dundee Street          Pte. 111226 1st Batt. D.L.I.  
Storey, Jack            47 York Street            L/Cpl. 75450 20th D.L.I. 
Stephenson, A.          24 China Street           Cpl. 612266 11th West Yorks
Scullion, John          24 China Street           Stoker K44676 H.M.S. Glory
Sowerby, W.C.           8 Cleveland Terrace       A.B. (N) J.40276 H.M.S. Empress of India
Shaw, Harry B.          The Manse 6 Leafield Rd.  Capt. North Lancashire Regt. (Special Reserve)
Short, William          32 Vancouver Street       Driver A.S.C. 
Shutt, J.               20 Reid Street            Pte. 2169 5th D.L.I. 
Shutt, V.               72 Hargreave Terrace      Gunner 11445 R.F.A. 
Shutt, W.               Brunswick Street          Pte. Royal Naval Division. 
                        Killed in action
Sidgwick, E.            Nestfield Street          Pte. 1613 5th D.L.I. 
Sidgwick, H.            25 King William Street    Pte. 1865 5th D.L.I. 
Simonson, S.            11 Foster Street          Cpl. 5th D.L.I. 
Simpson, Charles        1 Bridge Terrace          Driver 33387 No 4 Coy. A.S.C. 
Simpson, F.             5 Bartlett Street         W.R. 290028 266 Railway Construction Coy. R.E. 
Simpson, George         16 Park Place             Pte. 1445 19th D.L.I. 
Simpson, G.H.           5 Ada Street              Petty Officer R.N.A.S. 
Simpson, J.             11 Kitchener Street       Pte. 1631 5th D.L.I. 
Simpson, James Watson   1 Bridge Terrace          R.F.A. 
Simpson, Matthew        1 Bridge Terrace          Pte. 6851 1st Batt. Lincoln Regt.
Simpson, William        1 Bridge Terrace          Pte. 9834 1st Batt. Coldstream Guards
Singleton, W.M.                                   Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Skipsey, Ernest         22 Larchfield Street      Gunner 295900 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Smailes, Charles        30 Brunton Street         Pte. 2nd N.F.
                        Killed in action Feb.18th 1915
Smailes, Harold         30 Brunton Street         Staff Sergt. R. Horse Artillery
Smedley, R.E.           Tasmania House Clifton Rd. L/Bdr. 189786
Smelt, S.R.                                       Pte. Lord Durhams County Battalion D.L.I. 
Smith, Alfred           Pendower Street           Pte. N.E.R. Batt. N.F. 
Smith, C.                                         Cpl. Bugler Lord Durhams County Batt. D.L.I. 
Smith, Wilfred Sutton   47 Salisbury Terrace      Pioneer 267908 R.E. Signals
Smith, C.               75 Barton Street          Pte. 1583 5th D.L.I. 
Smith, E.R.             Letbury Clifton Rd.       Pte. 289 Battery 93rd Brigade R.F.A. 
Smith, Fred             9 Dodsworth Street        Pte. 19764 12/13 N.F.
                        Missing presumed killed March 21st 1918
Scott, A.               6 Peaceful Valley         Pte. 20845 12th Batt. Yorks. Regt.
Smith, F.W.             37 Wycombe Street         Pte. 2548 5th D.L.I. 
Smith, Fred             9 Dodsworth Street        Pte. 16th Batt. N.F. Machine Gun Section
Smith, Fred             48 Park Street            Pte. 2nd Kings Liverpools
Smith, G.               13 Stewart Street         Pte. 7809 1st Batt. West Yorks. Regt.
Smith, G.F.L.           Cockerton                 R.G.A. 
Smith, G.H.             37 Wycombe Street         Pte. 2786. 
                        Died of wounds received in action Sept.1916
Smith, G.R.             Greenbank Cresc.          Trooper Northd. Hussars
Smith, Henry            63 Falmer Rd.             Blacksmith R.E. Army Ordinance Corps
Smith, J.R.             3 Model Place             Driver 23060 69 Battery R.F.A. 
Smith, J.               46 Nestfield Street       Pte. 1543 5th D.L.I. 
Smith, J.H.             Lodge Street              Pte. 2081 5th D.L.I. 
Smith, J.R.             16 Swan Street            Pte. 1610 5th D.L.I. 
Smith, Jas. Wm.         70 Lansdowne St.          A.B., H.M.S. Marlborough
Smith, Norman           Swan Street               Pte. 11th Batt. Aus Imperial Forces. 
                        Died from wounds received during operations in the Dardanelles May 1915
Smith, Percy Appleton   24 Orchard Rd.            Pte. 36485 2nd Batt. D.L.I. 
Smith, Ronald M.                                  Pte. A Section R.A.M.C. 
Smith, Sydney           14 Milton Street          Gunner 6551 151st R.G.A. 
Smith, T.                                         Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Smith, T.               11 Havelock Street        Pte. 1880 5th D.L.I. 
Smith, William Roy      4 Mulberry Street         Pte. 6th D.L.I. 
Smurthwaite, J.         25 Acacia Street          Pte. N.F. 
Smythe, F.              Cleveland Terrace         K.O.Y.L.I. 
Sorby, J.G.             3 Croft Villas            Pte. 7452 R.A.M.C.
                        Died of wounds received in action Oct.14th 1918. 
                        Buried at Delsanse Farm Cemetery Benguy
Soutar, Robert William                            Trooper 1248 B Squadron Scottish Horse
Spearpoint, Griffith    Lorne Terrace             Sergt. Northd. Hussars
Spence, Arthur          146 Bedford Street        Pioneer 144352 R.E. Postal Section
Spence, J.              Ridsdale Street           Pte. 1624 5th D.L.I. 
Spence, J.              23 Herbert Street         Pte. A Coy. County Batt. D.L.I. 
Spence, P.J.            40 Stanhope Rd.           Pte. 5555 6th Northd. Fusiliers
Spencer, A.             Melville Street           Pte. 2179 5th D.L.I. 
Springhett, W.          Back House                Pte. 1609 5th D.L.I. 
Stabler, George         3 Railway Terrace         Pte. 4th Coy. 10th N.F. 
Stabler, Charles        3 Railway Terrace         Trooper 82553 1st Dorset Yeomanry
Stabler, Jack           Leadenhall Street         Q.M.S. 13th Batt. D.L.I.
Stabler, James          3 Railway Terrace         Pte. 8th Batt. Border Regt.
Stainsby, George C.     29 King William Street    Driver A.S.C. 
Stainsby, Thomas C.     Westbrook Villas          Trooper 1711 Northd. Hussars Imperial Yeomanry 
Stainsby, Wilfred       29 St Lukes Terrace       Pte. 2nd Northumbrian F.A., R.A.M.C. 
Scott, E.W.             23 Beaumont Street        Pte. Signaller 200529 9th D.L.I.Late of 5th D.L.I. (M.M.)
Smith, Harry            25 Model Place            Pte. 18401 7th Batt. Yorks. Regt. 
                        Killed at Albert Sept.12th 1916
Smith, E.               4 Leadyard                Pte. 41235 13th East Lancs Regt.
Smith, T.               27 Catherine Street       Pte. 14842 7th East Yorks
Stainsby, T.            36 Grey Street            Driver 471109 R.E. attached 49th Batt. M.G.C.
Sweeney, Edmund         51 Grey Street            Gunner 109th Batt. Heavy Artillery. 
                        Killed in action Dec.17th 1917 
Steavenson-Townsend, F.E. Greenbank Rd.           2nd Lieut. 5th D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action
Stephenson, A.          24 China Street           Pte. 61226 11th West Yorks. Regt.
Stephenson, Walter      15 Duke Street            Sapper 300593 130th Coy. R.E. 25th Division
Shepherd, A.G.          8 Chestnut Street         Pte. 170742 2/1st Sussex Yeomanry
Spratt, W.              19 Wooler Street          Cpl. Tank Corps
Sheridan, James         11 Bowes Street           Pte. 284040 1/5th D.L.I.
                        Killed at Ypres on October 27th 1917
Sheridan, Peter         11 Bowes Street           L/Cpl. 200165 1/5th D.L.I.
                        Killed April 21st 1917 at Arras
Sanderson, George Frederick 38 Dodds Street       Bugler 3261 2/5th Yorks. Regt. 
                        Died of fever June 21st 1915 at Cramlington
Scott, T.               18 Cleveland Parade       Cpl. R.A.M.C.  
Scott, W.               18 Cleveland Parade       Capt. C.L.C. 
Scott, J.               18 Cleveland Parade       Pte. London Scottish
Scott, D.               18 Cleveland Parade       L/Cpl. Australian Infantry
Scott, R.               18 Cleveland Parade       Lt. R.F.C.
                        Missing on May 3rd 1918
Scott, J.F.             40 Napier Street          Cpl. 6838 6th Batt. ‘The Buffs’ East Kents
Shaw, Bert              17 Forcett Street Cockerton Pte. 67588 7th Royal Fusiliers. 
                        Killed in action August 21st 1918 at Achet Le Petite near Bapaume
Smith, Harrison         60 Cumberland Street      Pte. 164 18th D.L.I. 
Scott, M.H.             3 Cleveland Terrace       Sergt. 42700 15th Royal Scots
Simpson, John Marshall  11 Kitchener Street       L/Cpl. 1631 5th D.L.I.
                        Died of wounds on April 29th 1916 at Boulogne
Simpson, Thomas William 11 Kitchener Street       Pte. 9459 12th West Yorks. Regt.
Spencer, W.             Cockerton                 11th N.F.
                        Killed in action 7 July 1916
Skilbeck, H.            230 Thompson Street West  Gunner 16389 R.G.A. 
Skilbeck, G.            230 Thompson Street West  9th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action Sept.14th 1918
Smith, H.B.             13 Powlett Street         205206 20th K.R.R. 
Serginson, F.P.         Larchfield Street         Lieut. R.A.F. 
Serginson, H.           Larchfield Street         Captain N.F.
                        Killed in action Feb.27th 1918 (M.C.)
Simpson, E.             6 Chapel Street           Pte. 4961 B Coy. 9th West Yorks.  
                        Killed in action
Simpson, G.H.           Chapel Street             K X 498 Hood Battalion R.N.D. 
Simpson, T.W.           19 Chapel Street          Stoker 3537S H.M.S. Inflisible
Soulsby, B.             26 Dickinson Street       Pte. 200540 5th D.L.I. 
Stainsby, T.E.          30 Leafield Rd.           Pte. 73428 3rd D.L.I. 
Stainsby, C.S.                                    J46165 Mess 21 H.M.S. Repulse
Slater, A.              8 Jane Street             Drummer 12879 The Border Regt.
Smith, W.R.             4 Mulberry Street         Lieut. Lancashire Fusiliers (M.M.)
Smith, R.M.             4 Mulberry Street         Sapper R.E. 
Swinden, Harold         57 Lansdowne Street       Pte. 96419 20th D.L.I. 
Savage, W.F.            40 Craig Street           Pte. 32954 D Coy. 1st West Yorks
Savage, W.              40 Craig Street           Bdr. 32962 Irish Brigade R.F.A. 
                        Croix de Guerre
Stokes, Cecil George    18 Pierremont Cresc.      2nd Lieut. N.A.C.B.
Simpson, A.             5 Cricket Field Row       L/Cpl. 19560 1st Bn Gordon Highlanders
Simpson, W.H.           2 Dublin Street           Art 309220 Tank Corps
Simpson, A.             2 Dublin Street           Pte. 31419 5th Border Regt.
Scaife, A.              2 Railway Cottages Haughton Rd. Bridge Pte. 20026 14th D.L.I. 
Shaw, Henry             17 William Street         Cpl. 306719 Tank Corps
Sherwood, H.            65 Bartlett Street        Rifleman 60496 8th West Yorks. Leeds Rifles. 
                        Killed in action July 28th 1918
Siddle, W.H.            73 Prescott Street        Sapper 470650 R.E.
                        Died of wounds received May 29th 1918 in France
Simons, S.W.            4 Dundee Street           Artificer H.M.S. Repulse R.N. 
Simpson, J.             44 Shildon Street         Pte. 1566 5th Batt. D.L.I.
Smith, Thomas           9 Bowe Street             Pte. ch19643 R.M.L.I.
                        Killed in action in France on Sept.27th 1918
Spark, Wm. Ambrose                                Pte. 18399 6th Yorks.  
                        Died of wounds in France Sept.12th 1916
Spark, Joseph B.        93 Kitchener Street       Sapper 477116 R.E. Signals (M.M.)
Spark, George R.        92 Widdowfield Street     Pte. 35696 D.L.I. 
Spark, J.J.                                       Pte.
Stainsby, William R.    8 Backhouse Street East   Pte. 13th Gloucester Regt.
Stairmand,-             65 Brunton Street         Gunner R.F.A. 
Stairmand, Thos G.      South Park and 13 Sun St. Cpl. 25845 13th D.L.I.
                        Died of wounds at 75th F.A. France 13 Oct.1917
Staley, –               100 Victoria Rd.          1622 L/Cpl. 5th D.L.I. 
Stallard, Albert        Vine Street               R.F.C. 
Stallard, Anthony       80 Westmoreland St.       Pte. 9th West Yorks
Stallard, R.H.          23 Reid Street            Pte. Northd. Fusiliers
Stallard, Septimus                                Cpl. R.F.C. 
Stallard, Wilfred                                 R.F.C. 
Standing, Arthur        Blackwell                 Pte. R.A.M.C. 
Standing, William       3 Hamsterley St.          Pte. R.A.M.C. 
Stephenson, M.          Piercebridge              4th Batt.  A.P.W.O. Yorks. Regt. 
Stephenson, Reginald    ‘Gazely’ Woodlands Rd.    Sub Lieut. Hood Batt.  R.N.D.
                        Killed in action near Hamel May 25th 1918
Stephenson, W.D.        Victoria Rd.              Sec. Lieut.
Stevenson, John         Milbank Rd.               Sergt.  A.S.C., M.T.
Stewart, F.W.           Haughton le Skerne        L/Cpl. 1558 5th D.L.I. 
Stobbs, –               3 East Raby Street        Pte. 2255 5th D.L.I. 
Stokes, A.                                        Pte. Lord Durhams Batt. D.L.I. 
Stokes, H.              6 King Edward Street      Pte. 2002 5th D.L.I. 
Stokes, J.E.            46 East Mount Terrace     Pte. 1629 5th D.L.I. 
Stokoe, R.              6 Union Row               A Coy. 6th Batt. Border Regt. 
Stokoe, Robert          6 Union Row               Cpl. 6016 6th Border Regt. 
                        Died on Aug.8th 1915 at Imbras Dardanelles
Storar, James           19 Chestnut Street        Capt. 19 Northd. Fusiliers
Storar, Robert A.       19 Chestnut Street        2nd Lieut. 19th N.F. 
                        Accidentally shot at Perham Downs Salisbury Plain Dec.16th 1915
Storey, J.G.            57 Cartmell Terrace       Sapper R.E. Signals
Stott, Arthur           11 Chelmsford Street      Pte. 2226 5th D.L.I. 
Sudron, T.T.            120 Eastbourne Rd.        Cpl. 14909 R A.S.C. 
Suffell, H.G.           40 Grainger Street        Pte. 36429 2nd D.L.I.
                        Killed near St Quentin Oct.11th 1918
Stringer, Calvert J.    34 Hargreave Terrace      Sergt. 46965 R.E. 
Stringer, Calvert F.    34 Hargreave Terrace      Cpl. 131331 R.E. 
Stringer, Joe           34 Hargreave Terrace      Sapper 140468 R.E. (M.M.)
Suddes, Thomas          14 Forster Street         Sapper 471361 R.E. 
Smith, Richard          25 St Paul’s Terr.        Pte. 19849 10th N.F. 
Smith, Norman           25 St Paul’s Tce          Cpl. T/232654 2nd Northumbrian Field Ambulance
Smith, Frederick        25 St Paul’s Terrace      Cpl. 36425 9th Yorks. Regt.
Sullivan, Joseph        31 Craig Street           Cpl. 2nd D.L.I. 
Sunley, Arnold          31 Elton Parade           Pte. 138680 9th H.L.I. and 332732 R.A.M.C. 
Sutherland, J.          3 Coronation Street       C.S.M. 5th D.L.I. 
Sutherland, Norman                                Driver 70th Brigade R.F.A. 
Suttell, R.J.           68 Brighton Rd.           Pte. 422 5th D.L.I. 
Suttie, Edmund Dodds    1 Westbrook Tce.          Pte. 166 Lord Durhams County Batt. D.L.I. 
Suttill, Frederick      19 Stanley Street         R.A.S.C. 
Suttill, T.W.           19 Stanley Street         Sergt. 101685 43rd Royal Fusiliers
Sutton, L.                                        Pte. Lord Durhams County Batt. D.L.I. 
Swainston, Michael      7 St Georges Square       Pte. 8349 3rd N.F. 
Swainston, A E.                                   Gunner 11521 R.F.A. 
                        Albert Medal
Swainston, J. Pte.                                33062 2nd Yorks. and Lancs Regt.
Swainston, R.W.                                   Pte. 214 22nd D.L.I. 
Swainston, H.J.                                   Trooper 1649 3rd/3rd Scottish Horse
Swallow, Henry          32 Westmoreland Street    375598 18th D.L.I., 
                        Died from wounds on Sept.16th 1918. 
                        Buried at Kreule British Cemetery
Swan, R.T.              14 Vaughan Terrace        Pte. 2082 5th D.L.I. 
Sweeney, John           51 Grey Street            Pte. 2nd D.L.I.
                        Killed Sept.20th 1914
Sweeney, Dennis         51 Grey Street            Cpl. 2nd N.F.
Swift, A.                                         Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Taber, Thos. Edgar      74 Harrison Terrace       Pte. 2nd Northumbrian F.A., R.A.M.C. 
Taber, William Arthur   74 Harrison Terrace       Pte. 2nd Northumbrian F.A., R.A.M.C. 
Tailford, J.            Cumberland Street         Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action May 1915
Tait, E.                77 Grainger Street        Pte. 1899 5th D.L.I. 
Tait, R.                30 Chandos Street         Trooper 3827 1st Life Guards
Taket, Jose             6 Bell’s Place            Pte. 178305 M.T., A.S.C. 
                        Killed in action October 19th 1918
Tallentire, J.          55 Gurney Street          Trooper 3rd Dragoon Guards. 
                        Killed on Nov.5th 1914
Tansey, J.              43 Brunswick Street       Pte. 43162 2nd D.L.I. 
Tarn, J.                7 Hawthorn Street         Gunner 366190 R.G.A. 
Tarn, R.J.              65 Surtees Street         19774 10th Batt. N.F. 
Tasker, F.              1 Dublin Street           Pte. 5067 1st Kings Royal Rifles
Tasker, F.M.            1 Dublin Street           Pte. 9th D.L.I. 
Tasker, James F.        Low Conicliffe            Driver R.F.A. 
Tate, Harry                                       H.M.S. Lord Nelson
Tate, Walter            8 Mount Street            Pte. 14th Coy. Coldstream Guards
Tate, Walter            8 Mount Street            Pte. 12749 3rd Coldstream Guards. 
                        Killed in action on Sept. 26th 1916 in the Battle of Glinchy
Taylor, A.              Pierremont Cresc.         Cpl. Northd. Hussars
Taylor, A.E.            48 Vancouver Street       Pte. 5th Batt. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Taylor, B.L.            Woodlands Rd.             Sec. Lieut. R.F.A. 
Taylor, C.              4 Louisa Street           Pte. 6th D.L.I. 
Taylor, C.H.            Pierremont Cresc.         Pte. 2393 1st/5th West Yorks
Taylor, Ernest          37 Hurworth Terrace       C.Q.M.S. 253517 R.E.
Taylor, G.M.            11 Craig Street           Pte. 203554 ‘Buffs’ East Kent Regt. 
Taylor, H.                                        Pte. Lord Durhams County Batt. D.L.I. 
Taylor, E.J.                                      Sergt. 28844 175th Brigade R.F.A. 
Taylor, H.                                        Stoker H.M.P.M.S. London Belle
Taylor, H.               6 High Row               Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Taylor, J.J.             42 Swinburne Rd.         Lieut. 11th Batt. Yorks. Regt.
Taylor, J.T.             44 Reid Street           Pte. 2482 5th D.L.I. 
                         Killed at the Battle of Hooge in May 1915 
Taylor, J.W.                                      Stoker S.S. 114426 H.M.S. Gipsy
Taylor, M.               10 Four Riggs            Pte. 9th D.L.I. 
Taylor, V.H.             Pierremont Cresc.        Bdr. 71306 R.F.A. 
Teasdale, J.G.                                    Sergt. B Coy. 8th D.L.I. 
Temple, T.H.             5 Katherine Street       Driver 672 A.S.C.
Temple, Thos. Henry                               433 A.S.C. 
Tennick, William         43 Brinkburn Rd.         Pte. 2nd Northumbrian F.A., R.A.M.C.
Theakston, Bertram       Brook Terrace            Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Theakstone, F.           19 George Street         Sergt. 988 5th Batt. D.L.I. 
Theakston, F.            19 George Street         Sergt. 988 D Coy. 5th D.L.I. 
Theakston, George W.     Brook Terrace            Pte. 2010 5th D.L.I. 
Theakston, H.G.          103 Craig Street         Cpl. S4/218338 R A.S.C. 
Theakston, Joe           Brook Terrace            Pte. K.R.R. 
Therby, William          7 Model Place            A.B., R.F.R.  H.M.S. Magnificent
Thirkell, W.             25 Powlett St.           2254 5th D.L.I. 
Thomas, R.               Hurworth on Tees         Pte. 176 5th D.L.I. 
Thomas, William          48 Eastbourne Rd.        Pte. 1031 N.E.R. Batt. N.F. 
Thompson, A.             8 Harry Street           Pte. 1573 5th D.L.I. 
Thompson, A.             18 King William Street   Sergt. 242745 2/4 York and Lanc Regt. 
                         Killed in action July 27th 1918
Thompson, Albert         18 King William Street   Sapper 242020 R.E. 
Thompson, A.             3 Oakland Gardens        Pte. 1593 5th D.L.I. 
Thompson, Charles        95 Park Place            Sergt. 5th D.L.I.
Thompson, I.N.           7 Salisbury Terrace      Lieut. 126th Siege Battery R.G. 
Thomson, C.W.            31 Cobden Street         Pte. 1338 5th D.L.I. 
Thompson, H.             18 King William Street   Pte. 21694 23rd Batt. London Regt.
Thompson, J.B.           18 King William Street   Rifleman 1088 16th Batt. K.R.R. 
Thompson, J.G.           56 Surtees Street        Sapper 56 R.E. 
Thompson, John George                             Gunner 12419 R.F.A. 
Thompson, Robert         Westbrook Tce.           Gunner R.G.A. 
Thompson, R.G.           Coniscliffe Rd.          Sec. Lieut. 17th Batt. D.L.I.
Thompson, Robert William 40 High Northgate        Sapper 297104 R.O.D., R.E. 
                         Died in 63rd General Hospital Salonica Jan.9 1919 from Bronchial Pneumonia
Thompson, R.W.           57 Green Street          Pte. 1st East Yorks. 29175
Thompson, S.             8 Lawrence Street        Trooper ???????????????? Yeomanry
Thompson, T.N.                                    Gunner 151st Batt. R G ???
Thompson, W.                                      Gunner ????????????????
Thompson, W.             Coniscliffe Rd           ????????????
Thompson, W.A.           60 Thornton              ?????????
Thompson, -              17 Wycombe Street        ??????????????????
Thornton, T.             Piercebridge             4th Batt. A.P.W.O. Yorks. Regt.
Thornton, T.H.           37 Dodds Street          Pte. 2153 5th D.L.I. 
Thurlbeck, C.                                     13904 10th N.F. 
Timms, Roland Percy      ‘Harefield’ Neasham Rd.  Cpl. 71562 K.O.Y.L.I. 
Tight, W.                                         Pte. 1479 B Section 2nd R.F.A., R.A.M.C. 
Tindall, J.S.            15 Clifton Rd.           2nd A.M. 93670 R.A.F. 
Tinkler, Robert          1 Hawthorn Street        Pte. 094698 A.S.C. 
Tinklet, W.              6 Model Place            Driver 65691 126 Battery R.F.A. 
Todd, G.                 21 Gurney Street         Pte. 22073 13th N.F. 
                         Died of wounds received in action
Tobeman, W.              50 Brunswick Street      Pte. 03782 R.A.O.C. 
Todd, H.                 13 St Johns Crescent     Leading Stoker H.M.S. Achilles 
Todd, Arthur             15 China Street          Able Seaman J 81332 H.M.S. Britannia
Todd, J.R.               37 Harrison Terrace      Sergt. 1/5th D.L.I.
                         Died of wounds Oct.27th 1917
Tomlin, J.O.             6 North Terrace          L/Cpl. 36669 2nd D.L.I. 
Todd, R.W.               21 Gurney Street         T1/675 R.A.S.C. 
Tolson, Thomas           1 Beaumont Street        Pte. 16772 5th N.F.
                         Killed Sept.26th 1916. Buried near Pozier
Tomlin, J.               1 Maude Street           Pte. 3rd N.F.A., R.A.M.C. 
Tomlinson, J.            2 Bell’s Place           Rifleman 32700 1/5th Lancs Regt.
Tomlinson, J.W.          2 Bell’s Place           Sapper 242463 R.E. 
Toole, Fred              1 Grainger Street        Gunner 100th Battery R.F.A.
Toole, Thomas            37 Brunswick Street      Gunner R.F.A. 
Toole, Wm.E.             1 Grainger Street        Pte. 20031 12th D.L.I. 
                         Killed in action in France on June 1st 1917 
Towells, Alexander Robt  29 Zetland Street        Sergt. Major 90613 R.F.A. 
                         Killed in France June 12th 1917    
Towells, A.R.            3 Westbrook Terrace      Bdr. R.F.A. 
Towells, A.T.            3 Westbrook Terrace      Trooper R.H.A. 
Towells, -               3 Westbrook Terrace      Sergt. Major R.G.A. 
Towells, E.              3 Westbrook Villas       Driver R.H.A. 
Towlard, J.G.            87 Lewes Rd.             2nd Cpl. 201583 R.O.D., R.E. 
Train, S.                2 Denmark Street         Driver 8344 B Battery R.F.A. 
Trees, Walter                                     Pte. 20819 Labour Corps. 
                         Died on June 3rd 1918 in General Hospital at Boulogne
Tremewan, C.J.                                    Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Tremewan, L.                                      Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Trow, Henry              38 Eastbourne Rd.        Pte. 383 20th D.L.I.
                         Killed at Flers north of Albert Sept.17th 1916
Turnbull, A.             42 Montrose Street        1896 5th D.L.I. 
Turnbull, Arthur Edwin   43 Montrose Street        Pte. 200120 5th D.L.I. 
                        Presumed killed crossing German lines west of Rheims on June 23rd 1918
Turner, C.              10 Fern Street            Pte. West Yorks. Regt.
Turner, Edmund S.       Grammar School            Sergt. R.F.A.
Turner, J.              39 New Model Place        Pte. 12377 4th Coy. Border Regt.
Tweddle, J.             Vine Street               Pte. 1628 5th D.L.I.
Tweddall, W.H.          19 Japan Street           Bdr. 88887 T.M.B., R.F.A.
                        Died 19th Feb.1919 at War Hospital Warrington
Tweedy, C.W.            5 Danesbury Terrace       L/Cpl. 2nd D.L.I. 
Tweedy, Percy           Danesbury Terrace         20 Hussars
Tweedy, Percy           Danesbury Terrace         2nd Black Watch
Tweedy, R.?             5 Danesbury Terrace       Lieut. R.A.F. 
Tweedy, Sydney          5 Danesbury Terrace       Sapper 79th Field Coy. R.E. 
                        Died in France on Armistice Day 
Tyerman, Cecil Lawrence ‘Southfield’ Stanhope Rd. Lieut. 6th D.L.I. 
Tyson, John             Southend Avenue           2nd Lieut. R.F.A. 
Underwood, J.G.         57 Lucknow Street         Pte. 118032 7th D.L.I. 
                        Wounded April 26th 1918
Unitt, Dennis           4 Fairfield Street        Pte. 2316 1/5th D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action on June 23rd 1915 at Ypres
Unitt, Lawrence         4 Fairfield Street        Pte. 200390 1/5th D.L.I. 
                        Killed on October 28th 1917 in Belgium
Unitt, M.               4 Fairfield Street        Pte. 59078 4th West Yorks
Upshall, G.W.           3 West Terrace Cockerton  Sergt. 6081 R.A.V.C.
Urston, W.                                        Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A.
Varley, E.C.            8 Grosvenor Terrace       Pte. R.F.  
Varley, Edward C.       35 Stanhope Rd.           Cpl. R.E. 
Veitch, James           Cleveland Avenue          Signaller R.F.A.
Veitch, J.R.            6 Cleveland Avenue        Lieut. Hawk Batt. R.N.D. 
Veitch, W.M.            6 Cleveland Avenue        Pte. 2nd Lincolnshire Regt.
Verrill, A.                                       Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Verity, G.F.            9 Eastbourne Rd.          Sergt. 278182 R.G.A. 
Wade, John R.           10 Danesbury Terrace      Pte. 22nd D.L.I. 
Wade, Samuel            10 Victoria Street        Pte. 11th Batt. Yorks. Regt. 
                        Killed in action Nov.30th 1915
Waite, W.N.                                       P.O. 206462 H.M.S. Shannon
Walden, George Albert   46 Louisa Street          Pte. 1/6th D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action April 9th 1918
Walker, Arthur          68 Easson Rd.             Pioneer 6th Signal Coy. R.E. 
Walker, A.                                        Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Walker, F.                                        Sergt. 18th Yorks. and Lancs Regt.
Walker, Frederick Alfred 25 Queen Street          Pte. 2771 D.L.I. 
Walker, F.W.            16 Union Row              Pte. 8327 4th D.L.I. 
Walker, H.                                        Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Walker, Harold C.       3 Backhouse Street E.     R.N., H.M.S. Warspite
Walker, H.R.            58 Duke Street            Sergt. 178707 R.A.F. 
Walker, J.              37 Gurney Street          Pte. 15?4 5th D.L.I. 
Walker, James Richard   43 Lambton Street         Pte. 2569 5th D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action on Sept.15th 1916 Somme
Walker, J.W.            1 Greenwell Street        Flight Sergt. 212469 R.A.F. D.S.M., 
                                                  Medal Militaire, R.A.???
Walker, J.W.            3 Backhouse Street E.     Pte. 39110 9th East Yorks
Walker, L.                                        Pte. 19th D.L.I.  (M.M.)
Walker, P.              40 Havelock Street        L/Cpl. 9082 A Coy. 3rd K.R.R. 
                        Died of malaria in Salonica
Walker, Thos. W.        34 Windsor Terrace        Sapper 42744 73rd Field Coy. R.E. 
                        Killed in action at Battle of Loos on Sept.25th 1915    
Walker, Thos. W.        34 Windsor Terrace        Sapper 42744 73rd Field Coy. R.E. 
Walker, ???             3 Hill Street             TZ 11144 R.A. Controlled Mines 
                                                  R.N. Volunteer Reserves
Walker, T.H.            Hurworth                  Cpl. Signal Co R.E.
Wallace, C.             7 King Edward Street      Pte. 14th Platoon Depot Border Regt.
Wallis, Alfred          40 Orchard Rd.            Pte. 40649 8th N.F. 
Wallis, F.W.            8 Jane Street             Pte. 48369 4th West Yorks. Regt. 
                        Died on Oct.4th 1918 whilst P.O.W.
                        Buried in Glageon Cemetery near Trelon
Wallis, James           40 Orchard Rd.            Pte. 2709 5th D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action August 17th 1915
Walton, J.G.            19 Union Street           Pte. 6383 9th D.L.I. also 327320 in 2nd D.L.I. 
Wallis, Sidney          40 Orchard Rd.            Sapper 211490 R.E. 
Ward, Albert Wm.        11 Wycombe Street         Pte. 9405 1st Batt. P.A.O.W. Yorks. Regt.
Ward, Alfred Harry      16 Wycombe Street         L/Cpl. 200140 5th D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action March 22nd 1918
Ward, C.                8 King Street             Pte. 1978 5th D.L.I. 
Ward, Edward            Salisbury Terrace         4th Yorks
Ward, Ernest            30 Peel Street            Cpl. 2239 1/5th D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action April 23rd 1917 at Wancourt
Ward, George Harold     22 Rockett Street         Pte. 1317 17th N.F. 
Ward, George Herbert    16 Wycombe Street         Pte. 456 7th Army Cyclist Corps
Ward, Harold            24 Whessoe Street         Pte. 13th D.L.I.
Ward, Marshall S.       North Rd.                 Gunner 6539 151st Heavy Battery R.G.A. 
Ward, Robert            1 Haughton Rd.            Pte. ?5416 Duke of Wellingtons Regt.
Ward, William           140 Craig Street          Sapper 101075 225 Coy. 225 R.E. 
                        Died of wounds received at Ypres
Ward, W.C               42 Columbia Street        Sapper 104026 Z Special Brigade R.E. 
Warwick, J.H.           Honeypot Lane
Warwick, P.A.           77 North Rd.              A/Cpl. WR271573 R.E. 
Waters, Ernest                                    86th Field Ambulance 28th Division. 
                        Died in hospital on Sept.18th 1916
Waters, Herbert         78 Cartmell Terrace       Pte. 242307 1/5th Yorks. Lewis Guns. 
                        Died in hospital from wounds October 21st 1917
Waters, J.R.            14 Hopeton Lane           Cpl. 19397 8th Yorks. Regt.
Waters, James           68 Grey Street            Sergt. 2nd Kings Liverpool Regt.
Waters, Joe S.          68 Grey Street            Sapper Durham Fortress R.E. 
                        Died from effects of gas Oct.11th 1918
Watkins, Norman         Victoria Embankment       Pte. 4th Yorks
Watling, John William   15 China Street           Pte. 1702 5th D.L.I. 
                        Died in Yarm Rd. Hospital on March 3rd 1919
Watling, Robert         15 China Street           Shoeing Smith 18992 R.F.A. 
Watt, A.                19 Kensington Terrace     Cpl. 19718th D.L.I. 
Watt, J.T.              19 Kensington Terrace     Cpl. S40 R ? P S 
Watson, George          9 Russell’s Yd. High Row  Stoker H.M.S. Agamemen. 
                        Killed 30th April 1915
Wattenburgh, W.         16 Eskdale Street         Pte. 19637 11th Batt. Yorks. Regt.
Watson, A.C.            94 Lowson Street          Air Mechanic 165176 239th Squadron R.A.F. 
Watson, G.              7 Gibson Terrace          Pte. 1775 5th D.L.I. 
Watson, J.F.            94 Lowson Street          Sapper 42651 R.E. 
Watson, John William    30 Rockingham Street      A.B. 08257 H.M.S. Prince of Wales
Watson, Percy           9 Russell’s Yd High Row   Pte. 11th Batt. Hampshire Reg. 
                        Killed in action March 30th 1918
Watson, Robert          30 Rockingham Street      A.B.  J5397 D  H.M.S. Ajax
Watson, R.              Pierremont Cresc.         N.H.I.Y.
Watson, R.                                        E Coy. D.L.I. 
Watson, S.              10 South Terrace          Engine Room Artificer H.M.S. Hibernia
Watson, J.              4 Kendrew St.             Captain Gas Services R.E. 
Watson, J.              15 Chapel Street          36733 2nd D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action April 9th 1917
Watson, T.              Rosebank                  Sec. Lieut. D.L.I. 
Watson, W.W.            26 Pease Street           Pte. 315902 R.A.S.C. 
Watterson, Ernest       7 Albert Street           Driver 219180 R.F.A. 
Watts, Joseph Owen      6 Green Street            A.B., H.M.Submarine G7. 
                        Died at sea on Nov.1st 1918
Wawn, C.N.              National Prov Bank        Lieut. 6th Batt. D.L.I.  
Wawn, H.C.              National Prov Bank        Australian Contingent
Weatherhead, Lewis      1 Close Street            Cpl. 1337 2nd Northumbrian Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. 
Weaver, Thomas Albert   20 Outram Street          A Coy. County Batt. D.L.I. 
Webster, E.                                       Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Webb, George                                      Cpl. R.F.A. 
                        Killed in action on Oct.19th 1917
Wedge, B.               Russell Street            Pte. 2027 5th D.L.I. 
Wedgewood, James        Thornton Street           Trooper Scottish Horse
Weeks, Albert           3 Simpsons Bdgs.          Pte. 18541 N.F. 
                        Killed in action September 26th 1916
Weeks, Walter           23 James Street           A.B. 237447 H.M.S. Hyacinth
Weeks, William          23 James Street           Pte. 16th Plat D Coy. 10th Batt. N.F. 
Welsh, Frank            1 Foundry Street          Cpl. 1/5th D.L.I. 
                        Died of wounds April 26th 1917
West, T.                                          Sapper WR/254932 R.E. 
Weston, S.              16 Jane Street            Pte. 8301 2nd D.L.I. 
Wetherell, Richard      1 Hamsterley Street       F-Sergt. W4885 R.A.V.C. 
Wetherell, Vincent D.   1 Hamsterley Street       Cpl. 376593 3rd D.L.I. 
Wharton, A.H.           58 Beaconsfield Street    Pte. 2842 5th D.L.I. 
                        Died of wounds Sept.16th 1916
Wharton, J.W.           45 Hargreave Terrace      Gunner 161 Battery R.F.A. 
Whattam, Herbert        3 Drinkfield Rd.          Pnr 12010 R.E. 
Whattam, William        3 Drinkfield Rd.          Pte. 145987 A Coy. 6th Batt. Machine Gun Corps
Wheeler, R.             2 Denmark Street          Driver 33864 A/69 Battery R.F.A. 
Whinn, E.               1 Redvers Terrace         Pte. 301729 8th D.L.I.
                        Died of wounds received in action near Ypres Feb.16th 1918. 
                        Buried at Elm Tree Cemetery Poperhinge
White, Charles          7 Lucknow Street          L/Cpl. 23868 4th Yorks.  
                        Reported missing and now presumed killed
White, G.B.?            Haughton le Skerne        Sergt. 856 5th D.L.I. 
White, O.W.             33 High Northgate         Pte. 18th Service Batt. D.L.I. 
White, R.H.             7 Lucknow Street          Sapper 101070 225th Coy. R.E.
White, W.M.             33 High Northgate         Airman 225240 R.A.F. 
Whitfield, P.?          25 Queen Street           Pte. R A.S.C. 
Whitehouse, J.          14 Fry Street             Pte. 104639 D.L.I. 
Whitfield, George Edwin 13 Barron Street          Driver 40733 R.F.A.
Whitfield, E.           2 Neasham Rd.             Pte. 1807 5th D.L.I. 
Whitfield, L.J.M.       23 King Street            Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Whitfield, Raymond Victor 13 Barron Street        Pte. 146919 R.A.S.C.
Whitfield, Sydney Harold 13 Barron Street         Pte. 10288 2nd Yorks. and Lancs Regt.
Whitelock, J.E.L.       90 Victoria Rd.           Pte. Grenadier Guards. 
                        Missing on April 13th 1918 and presumed killed on that date
Whittle, Herbert        39 Wales Street           Sapper R.E. 
                        Killed on Aug.20th 1917. 
                        Buried at Brandhoek Cemetery near Poperhinge
Whyte, C.               7 Silver Row              National Reserves attached 9th D.L.I. 
Widdowfield, Charles Stuart 77 Stanhope Rd.       Captain R.E. 
Widdowfield, C.S.       Stanhope Rd.              Pte. 2257 5th D.L.I. 
Wigham, Harry           79 Brighton Rd.           Driver 5319 No 3 Coy. A.G.C. 
Wigham, William         19 Russell Street East    Pte. 95821 5th D.L.I. 
Wilkinson, A.           22 Bridge Street          1st Air Mechanic 138827 R.F.C. and R.E. 
Wilkinson, A.G.         52 Borough Rd.            Driver A.S.C. 
Wilkinson, Ernest       48 Crosby Street          Pte. 34670 9th Yorks. and Lancs Regt. 
                        Killed in action October 1st 1917
Wilkinson, H.           41 Hollyhurst Rd.         Pte. 2212 H Coy. 5th Batt. D.L.I. 
Wilkinson, J.W.         48 Crosby Street          Gunner 6488 14th Heavy Battery
Wilkinson, J.C.         24 Archer Street          Pte. 1545 5th D.L.I. 
Wilkinson, W.H.         8 Pease Street            Sapper 311825 R.E. 
Wilkinson, Thomas       8 Four Rigg               Pte. 1521 25th N.F. 
Willans, F.             Lansdowne Street          Pte. 2nd Kings Own Yorks. Light Infantry
Willans, G.             7 Dickinson St.           Pte. 1809 5th D.L.I. 
Williams, H.            67 Grey St.               Pte. 2250 5th D.L.I. 
Williams, J.A.          2 Rydal Rd.               Sapper 58793 71st Field Coy. R.E. 
Williams, J.A.          2 Rydal Rd.               Sapper R.E. 
Williams, J.A.          Myrtle Cottage            2nd Lieut. A.P.W.O. Yorks. Regt.
Williams, T.            37 Marshall Street        Signaller 656120 3/2 Lowland Brigade R.F.A. 
Williamson, Edward      11 Stanley Street         Gunner 113th Battery R.G.A. 
Williamson, Harry       132 Cumberland St.        Pte. 2nd Northumbrian Field Ambulance R.A.M.C.  
Williamson, John        11 Stanley St.            Farr/Sergt. 14th Kings Hussars
Williamson, Wilfred     11 Stanley Street         6th Yorks. Regt.
Willis, Thomas          10 Welbeck Street         7940 2nd Leinster Regt.
Willsden, J.T.          41 Brunswick St.          Pte. 18071 Green Howards. 
                        Killed in action Dec.1st 1915 at Dardanelles
Wilson, A.              62 Dodds St.              Pte. 8849 2nd D.L.I. 
Wilson, D.R.            ‘Pensbury’                Lieut. 2nd Batt. Royal West Surrey Regt. 
                        Killed near Ypres Oct.30th 1914
Wilson, Edward A.       119 Beaconsfield Street   Cyclist 22842 A.C.C.
                        Died of wounds Oct.9th 1918 at St Quintin
Wilson, F.              29 Bracken Rd.            Sapper 253977 93rd Brigade R.F.A. 
Wilson, Francis         17 East Raby Street       Gunner 166482 69th B Batt. R.F.A. 
Wilson, H.R.            Langholme Cresc.          Captain 5th Durhams
Wilson, John            10 Forcett St Cockerton   Pte. 1/6th D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action at Estaires France April 11th 1918
Wilson, J.              Church Street             Pte. 8685 2nd D.L.I. 
Wilson, Joe             Church Street             Pte. 32924 74 Yorks. and Lancs Regt. 
                        Killed in action August 25th 1918
Wilson, J.A.            2 Greenbank Rd N.         Pte. 45845 D Coy. Leicester Regt. 
                        Killed in France March 16th 1918
Wilson, J.A.                                      Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Wilson, J.G.            96 Whessoe Lane           Pte. 57894 4th East Yorks
Wilson, J.W.            12 Eastbourne Rd.         Pte. 1st K.R.R. 
                        Killed in France Oct.26th 1914
Wilson, R.              Church St.                Pte. 8809 2nd D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action March 10th 1915
Wilson, T.              Church St.                10533 10th D.L.I. 
Wilson, Thomas H.       96 Whessoe Lane           19101 7th Batt. A.P.O.W.O. Yorks. Regt.
Winn, Norman            Haughton le Skerne        Pte. 1563 5th D.L.I. 
Winn, R.H.              13 Gibson Terrace         Pte. 2273 5th D.L.I. 
                        Killed at Martinpuich on Sept.17th 1916
Winter, C.I.            44 Brunswick Street       Guardsman 3147 Welsh Guards
Winter, Matthew         44 Brunswick St.          Gunner H 77361 139th Siege Battery R.G.A. 
Winter, T.R.            44 Brunswick St.          Pte. 102765 Sherwood Foresters
Wiseman, G.             17 Dundee St.             Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Wishart, George         19 Ann’s Terrace           Q.M.S. 2742 R.E. 
Wood, E.C.                                        Gunner 151st Batt. R.G.A. 
Wood, F.                13 West Raby St.          Pte. 1980 5th D.L.I. 
Wood, J.G.M.            12 Church St.             Stoker H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth
Wood, J.B.?             Cleveland Terrace         Cpl. R.A.M.C. 
Wood, J.W.              8 China Street            Sergt. 3rd Batt. K.O.Y.L.I. 
Wood, John W.           8 China St.               Sergt. 76 2nd Batt. K.O.Y.L.I. 
                        Wounded at Hill 60 May 8th 1915
Wood, L.S.              Linden Avenue             3rd Northern General Hospital R.A.M.C. 
Wood, Percy             Victoria Rd.              Captain 5th D.L.I. 
Wood, Robert            33 Howard Street          Pte. attached 9th D.L.I. National Reserve
Wood, Robert            1 Foundry Street          Pte. 4936 9th D.L.I. 
Wood, R.T.              8 Woodlands Terrace       Pte. E Company 6th Batt. Gordon Highlanders
Wood, S.E.              44 Nestfield Street       Cpl. 7190 R.G.A. 
Wood, Stafford                                    Pte. 19798 A.V.C. 9th Veterinary Hospital B.E.F.
Wood, T.                13 Raby Street            Pte. 1541 5th D.L.I. 
Wood, W.                12 Church Street          750 1 G.B. Northd. Fusiliers
Wood, W.                13 Raby Street            Pte. 1895 5th D.L.I. 
Wood, Wm.               8 Woodlands Terrace       Pte. 8th Batt. Border Regt.
Woodcock, James T.      69 Nestfield St.          Pte. 1642 5th D.L.I. 
Woodcock, W.H.          76 Gurney Street          Pte. North Field Ambulance
Woodward, G.            Drinkfield                Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Woodrow, Charles Dixon  17 Orchard Rd.            Sergt. 29946 Leicestershire Regt.
Wootten, Albert         3 Sheraton St.            Pte. 9562 F Coy. 3 Res Batt. Yorks. Regt.
Wormald, T.L.           Coniscliffe Rd.           Lieut. R.A.M.C. 
Worth, E.               Ada Street                Pte. A.S.C. 
Worth, Henry Moses                                Pte. 325829 9th D.L.I. 
                        Killed Sept.12th 1918
Worth, P.               40 Barron Street          Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Worth, W.G.             Aldam Street              Pte. R.G.A. 
Wragg, C.H.             3 Louisa Street           Pte. 1676 5th D.L.I. 
Wrangham, A.P.          Brighton Rd.              Gunner R.F.A. 
Wrathall, Frederick H.                            145 Batt. R.G.A.
Wray, Charles E         20 Winston Street         Pte. 14th D.L.I.
                        Killed in France Sept.18th 1916
Wray, Harry             20 Winston Street         2nd Lieut. 10th Yorks. Regt. 
                        Killed in France Dec.29th 1917. 
                        Buried at Hendicourt South West of Cambrai
Wray, J.                                          Pte. 2nd R.F.A., R.A.M.C. 
Wray, Percy             16 Stewart Street         Pte. 1 / 4 York and Lancs Regt. 
                        Killed in Aulney Nov.2nd 1918
Wray, Alf               15 Pensbury Street        Pte. 1466 18th D.L.I. 
Wray, Thomas            15 Pensbury Street        Pte. 51635 H.L.I. 
Wray, W.L.              15 Pensbury Street        L/Cpl. 270623 R.E. 
Wright, Bertie          55 Zetland Street         Pte. 587 N.E.R. Batt. N.F.
Wright, B.K.            21 Westmoreland Street    Pte. 2011 5th D.L.I. 
Wright, C.              Cockerton                 Pte. 1620 5th D.L.I. 
Wright, H.              63 Borough Rd.            L/Cpl. 207486 R.E. 
Wright, John            89 Vine Street            Pte. 1810 5th D.L.I.
                        Killed on the Somme Sept.15th 1916
Wright, Lancelot H.     4 Leonard Street         Pte. 5th D.L.I. 
Wright, R.              Westmoreland Street      2011 5th D.L.I. 
Wright, W.              20 King William Street   Driver 14910 A.S.C. 
Wright, W.H.            63 Borough Rd.           Pte. 511 20th D.L.I.
                        Killed in action on the Somme August 6th 1916
Wrightson, H.           52 Louisa Street         Stoker Petty Officer H.M.S. Canada
Wytcherley, Alfred Ernest 3 Harry Street         Pte. 50540 12th West York. 
                        Killed May 11th 1917 in Battle of Arras
Wytcherley, William     15 Brinkburn Rd.         3rd A.M. 165846 R.A.F. 
Yarwood, A.             9 Stanley Street         C.S.M. 203667 D Coy. 5th D.L.I. 
Yates, Allan            3 Stewart Street         Pte. 12th West Yorks.  
                        Blinded in the Battle of Loos 1915
Yates, W.               65 Belgrave Street       Sapper R.E. 
                        Died of wounds received in action Oct.23rd (1915)
Yeates, George          49 Charles Street        Pte. R.F.A. 
Yates, Walter           65 Belgrave Street       Sapper 63rd Field Co R.E. 41578. 
                        Died of wounds at Boulogne Oct.23rd 1915
Young, Charles Albert   Southend Avenue          Cpl. Yorks. Hussars
York, J.J.              17 Gurney Street         Staff Sergt. 363 2nd/2nd N.F. A 50th Division
Young, Edwin            Corporation Rd.          Pte. 4th Yorks
Young, H.               Lowson Street            Gunner 315501 Tank Corps
Young, J.W.                                      L/Cpl. 2nd D.L.I. 
                        Killed in action December 14th 1915
Young, W.G.?            Southend Avenue          Trumpeter 2636 Yorkshire Hussars
Zeller, A.              33 North Lodge Terrace   Pte. 41104 17th Royal Scots
Zeller, C.W.            33 North Lodge Terrace   Pte. 332734 c2/9th Batt. H.L.I. 
Zeller, H.              42 Brunton Street        Pte. 31137 30th 


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