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Roll of Honour 1914-18 Bagraw County School





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Northumberland Records Office, Woodhorn.

Memorial Description

Roll of Honour set in a wood frame. The name of the school is at the top with the words “Roll of Honour” in a shallow arc and the Lain quotation. Below this is the Royal crest with flags. To the left is a soldier pointing his bayonet. To the right are the allied flags, and below this are the dates “1914-191-“ with the last date incomplete.
The names are listed in three columns headed “Names”; “How serving” and “Remarks. All is written by hand.

Materials used

Paper in wood frame.


Bagraw County School / Roll of Honour Pro Deo, rege at patria.



1. Bagraw School was built in 1830 in Lowgate outside Hexham and later became Lowgate County First School closing in the mid 1980s.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Tom Gillanders

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Tom Gillanders

Research In Progress

Alan Grint has researched the names on the Hexham memorials in his book The Faith and Fire Within, 2006, Ergo Press ISBN 0955275814 Contact:-Cogito books 01434 602555

Roll of Honour 1914-18 Bagraw County School (H51.53)

This is list the typewritten copy behind the picture.
The photograph is not readable.  
   Bagraw County School
   Roll of Honour
   Pro Deo rege et patria.   1914-191
   Surname      1st Name  Regiment/service             Remarks
   Green        Ralph    Australians
   Caudle       Charles  Durham Light Infantry
   Porteous     Neville  Australians
   Pearson      Jno. T.  Yeomanry
   Porteous     Oswald   Motor Transport
   Sanderson    Jno.     Commercials
   Clark        James    London Scots
   Davies       Fred     Australians
   Scott        Geo.     Canadians
   Tindale      James    Black Watch
   Bell         Jos. W.  Canadians
   Tindale      Alex.    Black Watch
   Porteous     Adrian   4th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Smith        Thomas   Indian Service
   Lamb         Harry    Durham Light Infantry
   Gilhespie    Harry    4th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Porteous     Ulric    Motor Service Despatch Rider
   Thompson     Edwin    4th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Thompson     Adrian   Durham Light Infantry        Killed
   Purvis       Norman   4th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Parker       Thomas   Life Guards
   Irwin        Arthur M Northumberland Fusiliers     Drowned
   Parker       George   Durham Light Infantry
   Thompson     James    Durham Light Infantry
   Glendinning  Jno      Transport Service
   Glendinning  Nicholas Durham Light Infantry        Killed
   Thompson     John     Gloucesters
   Little       William  4th Northumberland Fusiliers  Killed
   Christie     Jno      London Scots
   Mitchell     James    Durham Light Infantry
   Metcalf      Matthew  4th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Dorin        Robert   Bantams
   Thompson     Thomas   Gloucesters
   Thompson     Norman   Gloucesters
   Hynes        Albert   Bandsman R H G
   Foster       Garvice  Canadians
   Fawcett      Harry    Artillery
   Johnson      Jno      Motor Service
   Johnson      William  Field Artillery
   Davies       James    4th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Welch        Robert   4th Northumberland Fusiliers  Killed
   Jawitt       George   Durham Light Infantry
   Hindmarch    Jos.E.   Northumberland Fusiliers
   Jackson      Fred     Northumberland Fusiliers
   Bell         Benj.    Black Watch
   Newman       Stanley  Northumberland Fusiliers
   Wilson       Stanley  Flying Corps
   Purchase     Percy    Royal Navy
   Thompson     John     4th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Scott        Stephen  Scottish Highlanders
   Mole         William  9th Northumberland Fusiliers
   Thompson     Thomas   OTC.



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