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ROH Served 1915 Hebburn Quay School





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Hebburn Quay School

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Published 1915

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Roll of Honour. This is a newspaper article listing former pupils who were serving in 1915.


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Jarrow Express and Tyneside Advertiser 30/07/1915 contains list.

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James Hoy Archives

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The names on this memorial are being researched by Peter Hoy. Contact:

ROH Served 1915 Hebburn Quay School (H93.42)

This list has been compiled from the 
‘Jarrow Express and Tyneside Advertiser’: Friday 30 July 1915
The JHA references are the unique references to the 
James Hoy Archives.
Killed in Action	*
	                                 Left School
   Adams, William  DLI                        1898
   Alnwick, John  RFA
   Appleby, William  RE                       1901
   Armstrong, Frank
   Armstrong, John
   Baird, Matthew Brown  2/DLI [3rd 
      Battalion Tyneside Scottish (sic)]    * 1908
   Barnshaw, John                             1891
   Barratt, Peter  RGA
   Barrell, John  TRND                        1908
   Barron, James  DFR                         1890
   Barron, Peter  RE
   Battman, Edwin  RFA                        1906
   Beasy, Joseph  TRND                        1906
   Beck, Thomas  RFA                          1911
   Bell, George  RFA
   Bell, William  RFA                         1890
   Bennett, John  RE
   Bennett, John  RE
   Bennett, Thomas  DLI                       1898	
   Black, David  RE
   Bowman, Jack  RFA
   Brown, Bert  RE
   Brown, Frederick  RE                       1892
   Brown, James  RE                           1909
   Brown, William  NF                         1902
   Bruce, George  RFA                         1891
   Bruce, William  Royal Army Medical Corps  
      [(R)AMC (sic)]
   Bruce, William Crisp  RFA 
      [94th Brigade RFA]                    *
   Burk, Patrick (Paddy)  RFA
   Burnham, George  NF                        1907
   Bushel, John  RFA                          1907
   Byers, James  Royal Army Medical Corps     1892
   Byers, Peter  TRND
   Campbell, James  2/DLI                   * 1898
   Cameron, Alexander  
      King’s Own Scottish Borderers
   Cameron, John  
      King’s Own Scottish Borderers           1892
   Carmichael, John  NF                       1891
   Carr, Charles  NF
   Chenery, Thomas  Royal Army Medical Corps
   Colby, Sydney  Royal Army Medical Corps    1909
   Collins, John  RE                          1894
   Cook, Daniel  18th Hussars                 1897
   Corsie, Samuel  NF                         1903
   Davison, Henry  Royal Naval Division
   Davison, Robert  RE
   Dempster, Thomas  DLI
   Dobson, William  RE                        1906
   Driver, Christopher  RFA                   1910
   Duggan, Andrew  RFA
   Duggan, Henry  RFA
   Duncanson, Joseph  RNVR
   Dunlop, Joseph  DLI
   Edger (sic), William  Coldstream Guards
   Evans, Thomas  Gordon Highlanders
   Fairweather, Daniel  RFA                   1896
   Falconer, George  RFA                      1898
   Farries, Thomas  RFA
   Fox, William  RFA                          1909
   Francis, William  RN
   Fraser, Percy  RFA                         1900
   Gardener, Joseph  NF
   Garrow, John  Royal Naval Division         1902
   Gibson, William                            1895
   Gidney, George  DLI                        1897
   Gidney, Percy  RFA                         1898
   Gilbertson, Joseph  Royal Naval Division   1910
   Giles, James  West Yorkshire Regt.
   Gordon, Alfred
   Gordon, William  RE                        1902
   Greaves, Joseph  DLI
   Greenwood, John  20/DLI	              *  
   Hall, Thomas  NF                           1895
   Halliday, William  9/NF                    1906
   Harbison, Robert  RFA
   Harbison, William  RFA
   Henderson, David  Royal Naval Division
   Henry, Archibald (Archie)  RE              1892
   Hind, Alfred                               1904
   Hope, Benjamin  NF                         1909
   Hopper, James  Royal Naval Division        1899
   Hurrell, Peter  Royal Naval Division
   Irwin, Harry  1/DLI	    
   Ives, Ambrose  Royal Naval Division        1905
   Ives, Andrew  HMS Ettrick
   Jewel, Thomas  RFA
   Johnson, Joseph  Army Service Corps        1903 (or 1908)
   Junor (sic), Robert  HMS Harrier           1886
   Ketchen, Frank  Royal Naval Division       1909
   Ketchen, Robert  Royal Naval Division      1898
   Kinross, Andrew  RFA [155th Brigade RFA] * 1909
   Lacey, William  Royal Naval Division
   Lamb, Edward  RFA
   Langlands, Harry  RFA
   Lee, John  NF                              1894
   Lee, William  RN
   Logan, James  RFA                          1913
   Lomax, George  RFA                         1897
   Lutford, Jessee  NB (sic)
   Lynch, James  RE
   Lynch, William  NF                         1899
   Martin, James  DLI                         1907
   Martin, Peter  DLI                         1897
   Martin, Richard  HMS Sapphire
   McAulay (sic), James  Gordon Highlanders   1893 (or 1898)
   McIntosh, Thomas
   McIntosh, William   Royal Naval Division   1893
   McInytre, Robert  RFA                      1896
   McLacklan, Alexander  RFA                  1904
   McLacklan, James  NF
   Mitcheson, Robert  King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry  [KOY (sic)]
   Mitcheson, William  RFA
   Moderate, Joseph  HMS Iron Duke
   Morris, Robert St John’s Ambulance Brigade 1887
   Munro, Hugh  HMS Assistance
   Munro, James  DLI
   Munro, John  HMS Assistance                1896
   Neave, Frederick  Drake Bn 
      Royal Naval Division                  * 1909
   Nelson, Robert  RFA                        1911
   Nesbit (sic), James  RFA
   Nesbitt, Robert  RFA                       1911
   Newton, Robert  Royal Naval Division       1913
   Nickett, George  RE                        1904
   Nodwell (sic), James  RN                   1909
   Oliver, Daniel  HMS Otranto                1902
   Oliver, Martin  RFA
   Oliver, William  RFA                       1893
   Owens, Alexander  ‘C’ Company 25/NF  
      (Tyneside Irish)                      * 1910
   Patterson, Thomas
   Picken, Thomas  RFA
   Porteous, William  RGA                     1895
   Pratt, Harry  RFA                          1897
   Pratt, Matthew  2/DLI  [3/DL (sic)]      * 1891 (?)
   Pratt, Thomas  RFA                         1901
   Prentice, Andrew  1/West Yorkshire Regt.
   Purdy, William  Gordon Highlanders
   Railton, James  9/NF                       1910
   Rainnie, Alexander  HMS Conqueror          1905 (?)
   Renton, William  RFA                       1912
   Ritchings, Charles  Royal Naval Division
   Robb, James  RNVR                          1910
   Robinson, Edward  RFA                      1901 (?)
   Robinson, Stuart  Royal Marines  [RM]
   Rodger, Albert  HMS Natal                  1905 (?)
   Roxborough, Robert  RE                     1910
   Sanders, Robert  RFA
   Saunders, William  RFA
   Scott, Angus Jameson  
      3/Royal Irish Fusiliers               * 1900
   Scott, Charles  1st/5th NF  (Territorial)  1909
   Scott, John  RN                            1888
   Scott, William Jamieson  
      527th (Durham) Field Company RE	    * (?)
   Shan (sic), William
   Shand, Hugh  NF
   Sharpe, James  Royal Naval Division
   Shearer, James  NF
   Simpson, George  NF                        1891
   Simpson, James  3/NF                       1896
   Simpson, Peter  NF
   Sinclair, James  RN                        1907
   Smyth, Matthew  RFA                        1903
   Snell, Benjamin  Royal Naval Division      1910	
   Snowball, George  RFA                      1908
   Sterling, Edward  Royal Naval Division
   Swift, Allan  HMS Viknor                 * 1895
   Swift, Thomas  HMS Brilliant               1895
   Symonds, Frederick  NF	                1902
   Symonds, William  RFA
   Taylor, John  NF                           1908
   Taylor, William                            1887 (?)
   Telford, Alexander  1st/9th DLI  (Territorial)
   Telford, Robert  1st/6th DLI (Territorial) 1905
   Thom, James  13/Gloucestershire Regt.  
      (Forest of Dean Pioneers)               1890
   Thom, John Morton  ‘D’ Company 25/NF  
      (Tyneside Irish)                      * 1908
   Thompson, Charles  RE
   Thompson, John                             1901
   Toward, Robert  RFA
   Toward, Thomas  DLI                        1910
   Turner, Alexander  DLI
   Turner, George  DLI                        1906
   Turner, James  DLI                         1896
   Turner, James  4/West Yorkshire Regt.      1909
   Turner, John E  HMS Lanconia               1901
   Turner, Sydney  Durham Fortress Company RE  
      (Territorial)                           1909
   Tweddle, Thomas  RFA                       1904
   Waddle, Joseph  RGA                        1883
   Waddle, William  1st/5th NF  
       (Territorial)                        *
   Wall, Thomas  RFA                        * 1902
   Ward, George  Northumberland Hussars [NH]  1885
   Ward, Thomas  RN                           1890
   Ward, William  RNR                         1910
   Watson, Edward  RFA                        1909
   Watson, Samuel  West Yorkshire Regt.
   Watson, William  RE                        1892
   Waugh, Alexander  1/DLI                    1902
   Waugh, Andrew  NF  (Tyneside Scottish)     1901
   Waugh, George  RFA                         1902
   Waugh, John  2/DLI                         1898
   Waugh, Joseph  RE                          1909
   Waugh, Matthew  HMS Emperor of India       1895
   Weston, William                            1892
   Williams, William  Army Service Corps      1895
   Wilson, Frederick  Royal Naval Division    1908
   Wilson, Harry  NF                          1910
   Wilson, James  West Yorkshire Regt.        1902
   Wilson, John  Royal Naval Division         1885
   Wilson, Joseph  RFA                        1889
   Wilson, William  Scots Guards              1891
   Wrightson, Richard                         1909
   Wrightson, William  RNVR
   Young, Edward  RFA
   Young, William  NF                         1892
   Young, William  NF  (Tyneside Scottish)    1893
   Young, William  RGA
   Youngson, Colin  [Collin (sic)]  
      Royal Naval Division                    1902
From the School Staff:
   Hume Smith Cameron Lieutenant (sic) 
      3/Norfolk Regt. [1/Norfolk R]         * 1909
   Stanley Holmes  Lieutenant  1/DLI          1909
   Henry Hepple  16/NF  (‘Commercials’)       1914
Killed in Action	*
 [This list of 216 men’s names (213 ‘Old Boys’ of 
Hebburn Quay School and three former members of 
staff) was published in the ‘Jarrow Express’ on 
Friday 30 July 1915  It was set out with one name 
on each line and arranged roughly alphabetically  
It has been transcribed alphabetically here to 
make it easier to research]
   Private Matthew Brown Baird, 2/DLI, 
      11 July 1917, aged 23	         (JHA1779)
   Driver William Crisp Bruce, 94th Brigade RFA, 
      4 October 1917, age unknown (?)  (JHA2510)
   Captain Hume Smith Cameron, 3/Norfolk Regt., 
      4 September 1916, aged 26       (JHA3098)
   Private James Campbell, 2/DLI, 
      26 September 1916, aged 32      (JHA1792)
   Private John Greenwood, 20/DLI, 
      3 July 1918, aged 24            (JHA1841)
   Gunner Andrew Kinross, ‘A’ Battery 155th Brigade RFA, 
      2 August 1917, aged 22          (JHA2480)	
   AB Frederick Neave, Drake Bn RND, 
      29 June 1915, aged 20           (JHA3726)
   Private Alexander Owens, ‘C’ Company 25/NF (Tyneside Irish), 
      9 November 1916, aged 20        (JHA264)
   Private Matthew Pratt, 2/DLI, 
      9 August 1915, age unknown      (JHA1895)
   Acting Sergeant Angus Jameson Scott, 3/Royal Irish Fusiliers, 
      21 November 1917, aged 28       (JHA3347)
   Sapper William Jamieson Scott, 527th (Durham) Field Company RE, 
      2 February 1918, age unknown    (JHA1904)
   2nd Electrician Allan Swift, HMS Viknor, 
      13 January 1915, age unknown    (JHA508)
   Private John Morton Thom, ‘D’ Company 25/NF (Tyneside Irish), 
      1 May 1917, aged 19             (JHA649)
   Lance-Corporal William Waddle, 1st/5th NF (Territorial), 
      12 April 1916, age unknown (?)  (JHA2338)
   Gunner Thomas Wall, 5C Reserve Brigade RFA or 124th Battery, 
      29 May 1915, aged 25            (JHA3113)



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