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Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Korea High Street





Original Location

High Street, on south side of the Moot Hall.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45
c. Korea 1950-53.

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 15th July 1921 by Lieut.Col. F.D. Urwick, D.S.O., dedicated by the Vicar of Yarm.

Memorial Description

Cross of Latin type with octagonal shaft and arms, total height 29 feet. The names are inscribed on eight highly polished black granite tablets arranged around the base of the memorial. Tubs of flower stand on steps at the base of the cross, and the whole ensemble is enclosed in a black metal fence.

Materials used

Red sandstone from Ham Hill.


a. To / the memory of / our glorious dead / The Great War / 1914-18
They are crowned / with the garland / of immortality
b. And / World War / 1939-45
c. 1950-1953 / The war in Korea


Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed by Mr. Wilfred Childs; made by Messrs. Appleby and Childs, monumental masons, Yarm.


1. The proposal for the 1939-45 memorial was a village hall but insufficient funds were raised.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 14/06/1920 briefly reports unveiling.

The War Dead of Yarm compiled by Peter Monck

Source of quotation:
“They are crowned with the garland of immortality”: Not ascertained.

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Research acknowledgements

Tony Harding; Peter Monck

Research In Progress

The Yarm 1914 Project is researching the names on this War Memorial Contact:

Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Korea High Street (Y1.03)

YARM	Moot Hall, High Street
   the memory of
   our glorious dead
   The Great War
   World War

   P.W. Adamson
   W. Allsopp
   R.H. Archer
   A. Bailey
   A. Barnsley
   B. Bell
   G.W. Campbell
   P. Cartmell
   R. Cartmell
   H. Cordingley
   E. Cordingley
   A. Danby
   R.T. Doughty

   W. Daniel
   J. Dawson
   M. Dawson
   R. Donnelly
   J.L. Doughty
   J. Easby
   T.J. Elcoate
   E. Elliff
   J. Fawcett
   F. Ferguson
   E.O.V. Hansom
   W. Harwood
   T. Hyland
   F. Johnson
   R. Johnson
   H.H. Marston

   J. Keighley
   W. Ness
      D. Overfield
   J. Peacock
   J.P. Page*
   A.H. Pinnegar
   J. Preston
   J. Reed
   J. Rose
   E. Smith
   C.E. Taylor
   C.H. Topham
   C. Waldy
   C. Scott

   A. Suggett
   R. Wallinger
   E. Walker
   H. Walker
   E. Ward
   J.T. Ward
   A. Wastell
   Jas. Watson
   J. Watson
   W. Watson
   R. Wilford
   G. Wilkinson
   A. Wilson
   W. Wilson
   J.C. Watson
   A. Webster

   They are crowned
   with the garland
   of immortality


   R. Blench
   V. Cass
   J.G. Clapham
   W.R. Elliff
   G.A. Fox M.B.E.
   R. Hedley
   W. Hodgson
   A. Hudspeth
   K. Keating
   L. McElroy
   H. Peirson

   P. Rees
   J. Suddes
   W. Tebbs
   H.J. Walker
   A. Wilstrop
   W. Woods

   The War in Korea

   J. Pinkney



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