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Frederick Street Memorial 1914-18 Laygate Presbyterian Church grounds





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NZ 359657

Original Location

In the grounds of Laygate Presbyterian Church.

Present Location

In Patrick Cain House.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 4th Aug. 1921 by Mr. Richard Thornton of Gosforth

Memorial Description

Plaque, 2 feet 6 inches high x 4 feet 6 inches wide (762 mm x 1.37 m) set in a narrow frame. There is a border of knot design, with the name of the street raised in a sunken oblong with black background into it at centre top. A similar device at the bottom bears the words “For Home and Freedom”.
At the centre is a smaller panel bordered with an edging of laurel leaves which contains the names of the dead under the sphere of service. The names of those who served are in three columns on each side with some underneath. All lettering is in Roman capitals for the headings and sans serif capitals for the names.

Materials used

Oxidised brass plaque.


Frederick Street / Roll of Honour / 1914-1918


Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee (Hon. Treasurer, Mr. W. Graham, 320 Frederick Street. Hon.Secretary Mr. G.H. Smith, 269 South Frederick Street).

How money was raised

Residents of Frederick Street


1. This memorial was seen in the 1980s in the James Mather Reading Room at Laygate. It was moved out of there and mounted outside in a covered way. It was in danger of being scrapped or being vandalised, and somebody in authority thought it should be moved somewhere safer.

2. The Patrick Cain Residential Care Home, Eldon Street, was opened by Mr. Patrick Cain in 1984. It is thought the plaque was placed in this building around the same time.

3. The man who unveiled the plaque, Mr. Richard Thornton, who was the impresario who built and owned a lot of theatres, including the Sunderland Empire, his favourite. The chain later became Moss Empires.

4. The memorial was unveiled on the 7th anniversary of the outbreak of the war.

5. The brass plaque was originally encased in a 4-inch (102mm) black granite frame with plate glass protection, and mounted on a pedestal of freestone upon a base stone 8 feet long x 2feet 6 inches (2.43m x 762mm) wide. The whole structure stood about 8 feet 6 inches (2.59m) high.

6. The third photo shows where the original location of the War Memorial circa 1951. Note it was above a granite stone with an inscription, {wording which is unknown}.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Alan Johnson

Shields Daily News 04/08/1921 reports unveiling

Illustrated Chronicle 05/08/1921 reports unveiling with photos.

Northern Echo 05/08/1921 reports unveiling.

South Shields Gazette 13/07/1921 reports details in Note 6 above; 05/08/1921 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 05/08/1921 reports unveiling.

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Research acknowledgements

The late R.W. Gould, Alan Johnson, C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall; Michael Mulhern: James Pasby; Norman Dunn

Research In Progress

The names on this memorial are being researched by Peter Hoy. Contact:

Frederick Street Memorial 1914-18 Laygate Presbyterian Church grounds (S86.009)

   Frederick Street
   1914   Roll of Honour   1918
   Centre Column 4
   Pte.   Appleton R.
   Gnr.   Allan G.H.
   Cpl.   Bainbridge Wm.
   Pte.   Boad C.
   “      Briston T.
   “      Brown R.G.
   “      Davison R.
   Pionr. Fyfe P.N.
   Pte.   Harrison J.
   Gnr.   Hewitt T.
   Pte.   Hogg R.
   Gnr.   Hurren G.W.
   Sgt.   McClelland G.
   Pte.   Murphy O.
   “      Sanderson J.
   “      Tracey J.P.
   “      Weetman W.
   “      Youll G.E.
   A.B.   Blythe T.
   “      Brown J. 
   Stkr.  Gibb W.L. 
   Mercantile Marine
   Stwd.  Chipchase C.
   Engr.  Ferguson W.
   Mate   Johnston T.
   Stwd.  Polson Wm


   1st A.M. Adamson J.W. MSM
   2nd Lt.  Corkin T.  M.M.
   Lieut.   Martyn J.  O.B.E.
   Cpl.     Rathbone F.
            M.M. Croix de Guerre
   Cpl.     Russell J.  M.M.
   L-C      Smith Wm. M.M.
Column 1                  Column 2                  Column 3                  
         Army                     Army                     Army                    
   Sgt.   Adamson J.       Sgnr.  Duncan W.        Gnr.   Johnston R.      
   Pte.   Alexanderson H.  Cpl.   Duncan W.        Pte.   Lakey N.E.       
   L-C    Allen R.         Pte.   Dunn J.W.        “      Lamb F.E.        
   Pte    Angus G.         Spr.   Eden B.          L-C    Laws G.          
   Spr.   Armstrong R.     “      Elsey A.         Dvr.   Lowes J.         
   Dvr.   Armstrong R.     Pte.   Ferguson E.W.L.  Pte.   Lowes E.Elizh.   
   Pte.   Armstrong W.     “      Fisher J.G.Senr. “      Maddison H.      
   Spr.   Bainbridge Wm    “      Fisher J.G.Junr. “      Main A.          
   Pte.   Bainbridge R.    Cpl.   Forster J.H.     Dvr.   Martin B.        
   “      Bainbridge R.    Sgnr.  Fyall E.         Gnr.   Mavin T.W.H.     
   “      Bell J.E.C.      A.M.   Fyall A.         Pte.   McClelland A.    
   L-C    Black W.G.M.     C.S.L. Fyall Annie      “      Mearns J.        
   Pte.   Blythe T.        Pte.   Fyfe H.D.        Spr.   Melville W.      
   Bomr.  Bolingbroke G.E. Dvr.   Geddes Wm.       Pte.   Mordain J.       
   Pte.   Booth M.W.       Cpl.   Gibbons J.H.     Sgt.   Moss H.          
   Sgt.   Bristow T.       Spr.   Gibson C.        Pte.   Murrell R.       
   Spr.   Brown T.         Pte.   Glattbach C.     Dvr.   Nelson J.A.      
   Pte.   Brown J.J.       “      Gowans Jane      Pte.   Nicholls W.F.B.  
   Bomr.  Brown G.         Sgnr.  Graham E.        “      Nicholson A.G.   
   QMS    Brown W.H.       Dvr.   Grainger W.      “      Ogilvie D.       
   Cpl.   Buckham W.E.     Pte.   Harmer W.H.      “      Parker G.        
   Spr.   Campbell C.      Spr.   Handcock M.W.    Dvr.   Pearson S.       
   Pte.   Campbell R.      Cpl.   Harrison J.T.    Pte.   Peeps J.         
   Spr.   Carey W.A.       Spr.   Hayton H.B.      “      Polson A.W.        
   Pte.   Chipchase W.     Sgt.   Hazell F.J.      A.M.   Polson J.G.      
   “      Clark W.D.       SgtMr. Heddle W.N.      Dvr.   Porter J.A.      
   “      Clark W.R.       Bomr.  Hedley P.T.      Pte.   Potter G.W.      
   Gnr.   Clubbs J.        Pte.   Hitcham Wm.      “      Proudlock J.A.   
   Pte.   Cole J.          Spr.   Hodgson J.J.W.   Dvr.   Raffell J.F.      
   L-C    Conway R.        2ndMc  Holland G.R.A.   CQMS   Ramsey R.S.
   “      Conway F.        Pte.   Hunter P.        Pte.   Richardson A.
   Pte.   Coulson J.H.     Spr.   Huntley W.A.     “      Rickinson W.H.
   L-C    Crawford J.      “      Hubbard R.       “      Rickinson F.W.
   Spr.   Cullinan R.      Lieut. Hurren A.        Cpl.   Robertson H.O.        
   Pte.   Cummings J.C.A.  Bomr.  Irving J.        Pte.   Robertson O.     
   L-C    Dalton T.        Cpl.   Jackson G.H.     “      Robertson J.     
   Pte.   Davison P.       Pte.   Jackson A.       Gnr.   Robertson G.     
   Sgnr.  Dawson J.        Spr.   Johnson W.M.     L-C    Robinson J.H.    
   Dvr.   Dick C.S.        Gnr.   Johnson R.W.     Sgt.   Robson R.T.      
   Sgt.   Dixon W.H.       Sgnr.  Johnson W.L.     Capt.  Rutherford A.    
   “      Douglas W.       Pte.   Johnson T.       Pte.   Rutherford Wm.   
Column 5                  Column 6                  Column 7.
         Army                     Army                     Navy
   Pte.   Rutherford J.    Cpl.   Wright T.        Engr.  Wood J.J.
   2nd AM Ryder S.L.             Navy                 Mercantile Marine
   Pte.   Sanderson G.     A.B.   Bainbridge J.    Mstr.  Anderson J.
   Spr.   Sanderson J.     E.R.A. Bell A.G.        Eng.   Anderson J.R.
   BrMr   Seales M.J.      A.B.   Bell J.B.        “      Bamber J.
   L-C    Sewell J.        A.B.   Besford F.W.     “      Blakeman J.
   Bomr.  Short F.W.       Cook   Black J.         “      Carter G.W.
   Pte.   Smith A.         Stkr.  Brannen W.       “      Catley H.
   “      Smith J.         A.B.   Bristow H.       “      Catley E.
   Cpl.   Smith W.         A.B.   Cheyne R.G.      “      Cockburn W.
   Lieut. Smith J.A.       Mstr.  Christie G.      Carp.  Dodds F.W.
   Cdt.   Stein J.W.       Sig.   Clark L.         A.B.   Elliott W.
   Spr.   Steel G.         E.R.A. Couch S.         Eng.   Hedley J.G.
   Pte.   Stephenson W.    Stkr   Davies R.M.      “      Hogg R.B.
   A.M.   Stephenson T.    C.P.O. Dorward J.       “      Jackson F.G.
   Sgt.   Storey R.F.      A.B.   Fyfe R.          “      Lloyd E.
   Cpl.   Storey J.        P.O.   Gibson R.        1stOfr.Lyons J.
   Pte.   Storey J.M.      Stkr.  Greenwood W.H.   Eng.   Maddison J.
   “      Storey J.        A.B.   Heddle W.S.      “      Mulcahy J.T.
   Sgt.   Tate T.          C.P.O. Hubbard F.M.     “      Napier J.
   Pte.   Taylor G.R.      Stkr.  Johnson J.       “      Nelson P.F.
   “      Thompson T.      A.B.   Johnson W.       “      Nelson T.A.
   “      Thompson G.      Pte.   Laws W.          Mate   Nelson P.F.
   Sgt.   Thompson M.R.    A.B.   Mearns R.        A.B.   Parsons A.J.
   Pte.   Tracey R.        Stkr.  Murray S.        Stwd   Polson W.
   “      Tracey G.W.      Lieut. Nordburg C.W.    Eng.   Ramsey W.
   “      Upsall T.H.      Gnr.   Nordburg J.R.    “      Richardson C.
   “      Vasey W.         W.O.   Nordburgh A.R.   “      Russell A.
   Spr.   Walker H.        A.B.   Randle H.R.      “      Rutherford G.R.
   Pte.   Wallis W.N.      Stkr.  Russell W.       “      Schranz A.F.
   Sgt.   Waters P.        A.B.   Rutherford V.    “      Sinclair W.
   Pte.   Waugh W.H.       Mate   Upsall T.H.      Mstr.  Sybenga G.W.
   A.M.   Waugh G.H.       A.B.   Upsall J.W.      Eng.   Wilkinson W.S.
   Pte.   Weetman R.       GunLr. Wallace J.A.     A.B.   Wilkinson J.W.
   L-C    Whitfield J.H.   P.O.   Watson W.        N.S.P. Wright J.W.
   Pte.   Wilkinson B.     Stkr.  Waugh R.H.
   “      Williamson J.    Gnr.   Weetman H.G.
   Cpl.   Williams H.W.    A.B.   Whitfield W.
   Pte.   Wilson H.        A.B.   Whitmore N.B.
   “      Witts E.H.       Stkr.  Williamson T.
   “      Wright R.W.      Eng.   Wood J.S.

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