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Photo: J. Brown


Memorial 1914-18 1939-45 Roadside





Original Location


Present Location

Amble Town Square, Coquet Street/Lawson Street

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Rededicated 3rd November 2013

Memorial Description

Monument of ashlar with white marble panel. Two stepped base carries upright with moulded plinth and inscribed panel in moulded surround, with names and World War Two plaques below; flanking columns on square bases, set diagonally, carry moulded cornice and blocking course with raised centre-piece carved with wreath.
The plaques measure as follows : 1914-18 : 42½ inches high x 27½ inches wide; 1939-45 : 15½ inches high x 29 inches wide. The names are incised and filled with lead using elaborate capitals.

Materials used

Ashlar with marble.


a. In memory of / the men of Radcliffe / who fell in / the Great War 1914-1918.
Also of those who have since died / as a result of their war service.
Loved, Honoured, remembered.
b. In memory of / the members of H.M. Forces / who fell in the war, 1939-45.


Present condition

Names re-listed 1988 following County Architect's Survey.


1. Radcliffe was a pit-mining village 2 km south of Amble which was demolished in advance of open cast mining. In 1971 the memorial was moved to its present site in Amble, and the people rehoused in estates in Amble.

2. The whole garden at Amble in which this is situated was completely cleared of bushes and trees. New rose beds and a complete new layout were built for the year 2000, opened 2001.

3. The Chapel of the Good Shepherd was bombed in 1942 by a landmine. In 1955 new choir stalls were purchased by Radcliffe worshippers and dedicated as a memorial to the destroyed building.

4. The base of the former memorial in the village is still to be seen by the west side of the main road before entering Radcliffe. The memorial itself was removed to Amble and placed beside the Clock Tower.
Presumably this site was left simply because the main part of the village removed by the opencast coal workings was on the opposite - east - side of the road. The remains of the former memorial include the bases of the wing walls with wrought iron railings. It is surrounded by bushes.
Affixed to one gatepost is a plaque dedicated to Mr.Wade. He lived in Radcliffe, but moved abroad. When he died, he wished his ashes to be scattered at Radcliffe, not realising the village was no longer there. The family decided to scatter his ashes at the base of the former war memorial site. A local lady, a relative of the family, tends the site about four times a year. There are wreaths and cards dedicated to Mr. Wade, who died in 1996.

5. There are plans to restore this memorial in 2013.

6. The back of the postcard from George Nairn reads - The memorial is at the end of Leslie Row in the burn field.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown, P. Thirkell; Postcard of memorial in original position at Radcliffe: George Nairn

Morpeth Herald 15/05/1925 reports fund raising

Northumberland Gazette 23/12/2004 reports date of rededication at new site following research by local councillor Audrey Jones as being 5th May 1928 by Hugh Liddell in uniform following the resiting at Amble.

By the Green of the Spring – A tribute to the men of Chevington and Broomhill who served in the First World War. J.H. Hardy, published Amble Social History Group. (£7 inc. p&p Contact John Hardy 01670 760 378 or email

A Story of Amble. It’s Beginnings and Developments with a tribute to Radcliffe David Wilkinson and Paul G. Morrison B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. Amble Town Council, 1985.

The Ambler Amble’s Community Newsletter Issue 77 October/November 2012 reports proposal in Note 5.

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Research acknowledgements

David Wilkinson, East Coquet Local History Society; Janet Brown; George Nairn

Research In Progress

Warkworth web site includes details about the Radcliffe War Memorial names both WW1 and WW2. Contact via the Warkworth Website

Memorial 1914-18 1939-45 Roadside (R32.01)

RADCLIFFE    Roadside.
     In memory of
     the men of Radcliffe
     who fell in
     the Great War 1914-18
     Brown, H.            Rutherford, D.H.
     Brown, J.            Scott, H.
     Curry, G.            Scott, T.
     Douglas, W.          Shotton, H.
     Foster, J.W.         Simpson, T.
     Glass, W.            Smailes, R.
     Haliday, W.          Smith, W.
     Hedley, F.           Summerville, W.
     Jones, J.            Thompson, S.
     Marley, E.           Thompson, T.
     Mitchison, A.        Wallace, A.
     Nairn, W.            Wardrope, S.
     Pitchford, A.        Webb, E.
     Pitchford, E.        Weddell, W.
     Rutter, T.W.
     All of those who have since died
     as a result of their war service
     Loved, Honoured, Remembered.
Lower plaque
     In memory of
     the Members of H.M. Forces
     who fell in the War 1939-1945
     Bolton, J.           Glass, W.
     Baxter, G.R.H.       Johnson, J.G.
     Brodie, W.           Smailes, G.
     Darling, C.          Thompson, R.
     Davison, F.          Wallace, J.   


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