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Plaque 1914-18 South Shield Boys High School





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NZ NZ 380647

Original Location

South Shields Boys High School, Harton.

Present Location

Harton Technology College. On north wall of corridor leading to classrooms. Lisle Road.

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Memorial Description

Plaque 62 inches high x 31 inches wide (1.57m x 77.5cm) with “incomplete” pointed top. There is a moulded border. Names are listed in two columns, lettering is in Roman capitals throughout. The quotation is at the bottom.

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Roll of Honour / 1914-1918. Dulce et decorum / est pro patria mori.


Who commissioned

South Shields Boys High School


1. There are errors on this Memorial Annand A. J. is actually Annand A. Y. See his Every Name a Story entry.

Peebles W. A. should be Peebles J. A. and Hall J. B. (who was also killed) is missing from the Roll of Honour.

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Photos: James Pasby

Source of quotation:
“Dulce et decorum est . . .” Horace, Odes Book 3, No.2, 1.13

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James Pasby: Mike Todd:

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The names on this memorial are being researched by Peter Hoy. Contact:

Plaque 1914-18 South Shield Boys High School (H104.06)


   Roll of Honour
   Annand W.M.        Milne, A.
   Adamson, F.D.      Morant, W.M.
   Allen, A.G.        Parlett, A.S.
   Annand, A.J.       Peebles, W.A.
   Archer, T.H.       Penney, R.H.
   Armstrong, F.M.    Robson, G.
   Bainbridge, R.     Robinson, G.
   Chapman, C.L.      Rutherford, T.H.
   Cockburn, E.A.     Scott, W.E.O.
   Crosthwaite, A.F.  Sieber, J.F.L.
   Coxon, G.T.        Smith, A.E.
   Dalziel, C.S.      Sopwith, F.W.
   Darling, A.H.      Snaith, H.
   Dingle, J.         Stokes, W.H.
   Edwards, J.H.      Varley, T.
   Fenwick, H.C.      Ward, T.
   Goudie, H.B.       Watson, J.L.
   Graham, J.S.       White, S.A.
   Gray, S.           Wilkin, W.W.
   Hedworth, W.A.     Woods, P.H.
   Jacks, H.          Wylie, W.S.
   Jarah, C.          Wylie, W.G.
   Keatinge, E.G.
   Dulce et decorum
   est pro patria mori.

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