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Stained glass window & Plaque 1914-18 Northern Cyclist Batt. St. Barnabas




JESMOND (N'castle/Jesmond)

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NZ 260654

Original Location

St. Barnabas Church, Centre window, west end.

Present Location

See Note 2 below.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 10th April 1920 by Maj.Gen. Sir R. Kerr Montgomery. Dedicated by the Bishop of Newcastle.

Memorial Description

Stained glass window of 3 lights with tracery. The theme of The Resurrection is carried on all three lights. At the foot of each light is depicted (1) Christ appearing to Mary Magdalene in the garden; (2) three Marys at the tomb; (3) two travellers taking supper with Jesus at Emmaus. In the tracery are angels bearing emblems of victory and glory. Also depicted is the Battalion badge.
A white marble plaque on a red marble pattress bears the dedication and names. There is a shallow dome at centre top in which the Northern Cyclist battalion badge is raised in half relief. The names are listed in four columns. All lettering is incised and reddened using sans serif upper case throughout. The letters of the names are of lead.

Materials used

Marble plaque


Pro deo rege et patria / In memory of the following Officers, NCOs and men of the Battalion who fell in the / 'Great War’ for Justice and Freedom / (Names) /
This west window and tablet were erected by the Officers, W.Os, NCO’s and / men of the Northern Cyclist Battalion with Relations and other Friends.


Who commissioned


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

(Window) G.J. Baguley, Newcastle; (Plaque) D. Morrison, sculptor, Gateshead.


1. The Battalion ceased soon after, and was merged with the Gunners.

2. This window was in St. Barnabas' Church. St. Jude’s united with St. Barnabas’ Church and became St. Barnabas and St. Jude. This church was later demolished and the church now meets in the former church hall.

3. Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail 07/04/1920 reports proposal and says the tablet will be of white statuary marble with a rouge marble border. On the top will be a moulded canopy with the badge of the Northern Cyclist Battalion cut out of the solid marble. The tablet will rest on a white statuary marble base resting on two rouge marble brackets.

4. Two men: J. Smith and E. Gays are both mentioned in Richard Holmes book 'Tommy' page 299. They were originally mentioned in 'They called it Passchendaele' by Lyn Macdonald 1978 ISBN13978014016509. 210103 Cyclist Jim Smith, of 'C' Company was best pal to Ernie Gays, Ernie was killed on Hill 60 in a working party, and Jim got picked by the sergeant and two others to bury him. Jim said 'Oh, I felt bad, being detailed to bury my own pal. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do', page 167. 'They called it Passchendaele'. Jim later wrote to Ernies Gay Mother at 44 Milligan Road, Leicester to tell her what happened to her son. His body was never found.

5. The original territorial battalion consisted of eight companies in Northumberland and Durham, with headquarters at Hutton Terrace Drill Hall. St.Barnabas’ was the regimental church, and its vicar the regimental chaplain.

6. See also N.C.B. Batt. C Coy Memoir.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo of plaque: J.A. Crozier; Old postcard: Dorothy Hall

Northumberland Record Office Newcastle Diocesan Faculty Books No. 658

Newcastle Daily Journal 13/03/1920 reports proposal to erect memorial; 09/04/1920 reports proposed unveiling "tomorrow"; 12/04/1920 reports unveiling, but describes the tablet as being of "white statuary marble with rouge marble border, with moulded canopy with badge of NCB cut out of solid marble, resting on white marble base with 2 rouge marble brackets". The names are inscribed in "imperishable lead letters".

Illustrated Chronicle 13/03/1920 reports proposals; 07/04/1920 reports proposed unveiling; 09/04/1920 carries photos of memorials to be unveiled; 12/04/1920 reports unveiling.

Northern Echo 12/04/1920 reports unveiling.

North Mail 27/03/1920 reports decision to have a window; 07/04/1920 reports proposed unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 17/04/1920 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 12/04/1920 reports fully on the unveiling.

Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail 07/04/1920 reports proposal and give details of plaque. (Available on The British Newspaper Archive)

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Research acknowledgements

Sally Bird; J.A. Crozier; Tony Harding; Dorothy Hall

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Stained glass window & Plaque 1914-18 Northern Cyclist Batt. St. Barnabas (J1.35)

Jesmond   St. Barnabas' Church. 
Pro deo rege et patria 
In memory of the following Officers, NCOs and men of the Battalion who fell in the
'Great War’ 1914-1918 for Justice and Freedom 
  Capt.  Arrowsmith J.        L/Cpl. Hinson, O.E.      Cyc. Fellows J.       Cyc. Oliver  S.A.
  “      Balfour F.D. M.C.    “      Bell E.  M.M.     “    Forrest J.       “    Ormston J.
  “      Brunskill J.H        “      Dixon M.H.        “    Forster ?B. ?S   “    Potts N.
  “      Deuchar A.C.         “      Hogg R.W.         “    Fairless R.L.    “    Patterson J. 
  “      Hamer A.D.           “      Hughes J.         “    Frankland J.     “    Parker J.
  Lt.    Angles R.            “      Hannay R.         “    Gallon J.        “    Potter G.R.
  “      Blyth A.F.           “      Hearst A.         “    Gays E.L.        “    Prudhoe R.
  “      Cotteril L           “      Potts J.          “    Gibson G.        “    Reinecker P.
  “      Little H.W. D of W.  “      Pyper             “    Clasper A.       “    Richardson M.
  “      Lynch C.E.  R.I.R.   “      Shepherdson W.N.  “    Gray W.M.        “    Robinson J.
  “      Newsam H.S. T.Cpr.   “      Smith J.          “    Gregory R.       “    Roper J.
  “      Pearson W.H.         “      Swan G.           “    Hadden E.C.      “    Scott G.
  “      Smith G.             Cyc.   Anderson C.N.     “    Hamilton J.      “    Scott J.
  “      Saunders C.E.        “      Anderson W.       “    Harris H.        “    Scurfield N.W.S.
  “      Ridley P.R.  M.C.    “      Armory J.H.       “    Hatwood G.       “    Shiel R.D.
  2/Lt   Booth                “      Barnes J.E.       “    Henderby A.      “    Smith A.R.
  “      Bryson J.    N.F.    “      Birtwistle ?S     “    Herron R.D.      “    Smith G.W.
  “      Harrison L.F. D.L.I. “      (Armory C.F.)     “    Hogg G.          “    Smith R.
  “      Richards J.  N.F.    “      Blyth D.          “    Howey G.         “    Smith W.
  “      Ross G.      N.F.    “      Bound L.          “    Harrison R.      “    Sowerby R.R.
  “      Row W.S.     W.Y.    “      Brown H.          “    Isherwood W.R.   “    Spratt R.P.
  “      Taylor I.C.  R.S.    “      Buckie J.         “    Iley G.G.        “    Spoore A.E.
  Sergt. Box J.C.             “      Burrell R.P.      “    Jackson M.       “    Stephen J.
  “      Cowens E.            “      Birkett R.        “    Jacques W.       “    Stevens W.
  “      Henderson J.L.       “      Carruthers J.R.   “    Jenner A.E.      “    Sunderland J.
  “      Norman D.            “      Charlton R.       “    Johnson J.D.     “    Sykes O.
  “      Robertson C.         “      Cockburn M.       “    Joy E.           “    Thompson W.
  “      Sheldrake W.N.       “      ?Capson C.        “    Keppie W.        “    Todd E.D.
  “      Thaxter E.           “      Counter T.A.      “    Lever J.         “    Todd T.
  “      Welch J.F.           “      Cowley W.T.       “    Lumley G.G.      “    Turnbull R.
  “      Young R.             “      Creswell C.G.     “    Maddison J.R.    “    Tweedie D.
  Cpl.   Allsopp A.           “      Crozier F.G.      “    Mallaby W.       “    Tyrell
  “      Aldridge W.W.        “      Currey W.         “    Matheson J.      “    Usher R.A.
  “      Brown R.W.           “      Dance T.          “    Maughan J.S.     “    Watson J.H.
  “      Skelton R.           “      Davidson T.       “    Mawer H.         “    Wilkinson T.E.
  “      Swannick             “      Darling R.        “    McGuiness G.     “    Willie M.
  “      Thrupp E.            “      Donkin G.         “    Midgley          “    Willis C.
  “      Tuff J.J.            “      Duncan            “    Mullen J.W.      “    Wilson D.
  “      Turnbull S.          “      Dunn C.           “    Nealings J.T.    “    Wren G.
  “      Warden               “      Elliott G.        Sgt. Newman H.R.      “    Young W.
  “      Witherspoon H.       “      Erswell G.G.      Cyc. Nubley J. M.M.   “    Wright E.
  “      Wood W.C.            “      Fawcus J.         “    Oliver F.        “    ?Sands ?Lands ?E.A.
  This west window and tablet were erected by the Officers, W.Os, NCO’s and
  men of the Northern Cyclist Battalion with Relations and other Friends.      

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