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Plaque 1939-45 A.J. Dawson Grammar School





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NZ 4014 3757

Original Location

A.J. Dawson Grammar School

Present Location

Wellfield Community School Moved 1997

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled February 1948 by Mr. J. Ingram, former headmaster; dedicated by Dr. Alwyn Williams, Bishop of Durham.

Memorial Description

Plaque in wood frame 4 feet 1 inch high x 1 foot 9 inches wide which has a shallow dome at centre top inside which is a shield with a cross on a blue background. The names are listed in a single column.
Below this is the dedication inside another frame 2 feet 9 inches high x 1 foot 4 inches wide with a shelf below.
Lettering is raised gilded Roman capitals.

Materials used

Bronze plaques in oak frames.


“They have gone the second mile”
Erected by the / Old Students Association / in memory of our fellow / students who fell during / the Second World War.



1. The school had been the A.J. Dawson Grammar School in the 1930s, and spread over two sites. It later became Comprehensive.

2. The two sites were condensed into one in 1996-7, the other site being sold for housing development.

3. Mr. Ingram had been headmaster of the school from its opening until his retirement in 1946.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders

Durham Chronicle and Seaham Weekly News 06/02/1948 reports unveiling.

Durham Chronicle 21/11/1947 reports progress;

Source of quotation:
“They have gone the second mile”: Possibly based on Matthew 5:41: “And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain”.

Joyce Newton says: "The school's motto was 'Go the second mile.' There was a school song that incorporated this."

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C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall

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Plaque 1939-45 A.J. Dawson Grammar School (W121.06)

WINGATE		Wellfield Community School



   Colin A.G. Armstrong        R.A.F.
   George A. Atkinson          R.A.F.
   Richard A. Berry            R.A.F.
   Leslie Burrell              R.N.
   John W. Cook                D.L.I.
   Thomas Dobson               R.A.F.
   Martin Duddin               R.N.
   William English             R.A.F.
   Eric Fletcher               R.A.
   George Gascoigne            R.E.
   Allan T. Grainger           N.Hants Rgt
   George W. Gray              R.A.F.
   Robert Heads                R.A.F.
   Thomas Lee                  R.N.
   Ralph Lemmon                R.A.F.
   James H.B. Lister           R.A.F.
   Charles R. Long             R.A.F.
   Stanley Mason               R.A.F.
   Ronald McGlen               R.A.F.
   George Mitchell             R.N.
   John Parker                 R.A.F.
   William Rutter              R.N.
   Frederick J. Stamper        F.A.A.
   Rex Stewart                 R.A.F.
   Francis O. Stoney           R.A.F.
   Guy Trevor                  R.A.F.
   Ralph Wilkinson             R.N.
   John W. Williams            R.A.F.
   Archibald Young             R.A.

   They have gone the second mile
On lower plaque

   Erected by the
   Old Students Association
   in memory of our fellow
   students who fell during
   the Second World War

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