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Photo: R.W. Laverick


Plaque Fallen 1939-45 Lamson Paragon





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Original Location

Lamson Paragon (Closed)

Present Location

Royal British Legion HQ, 87 Bentinck Rod., Newcastle on Tyne, NE4 6UX

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Plaque, very plain. The names of those killed in active service are listed in the left hand and centre columns. Civilians killed in air raids are named in the right hand column. Lettering is in Roman capitals.


Lamson Paragon Employees who lost their lives / in the Second World War 1939-1945



1. This looks as though it was once set in a frame.

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Photo: R.W. Laverick

Additional Notes

1. Lamson Paragon was established in London in 1889 by amalgamation of the Paragon Check Book Co. (established 1886 in the City of London) and the Lamson Store Service Co., with rights to salesbook patents and manufacturing know-how throughout Europe and Australia. It built a factory in Canning Town in 1893 and factories elsewhere in England and overseas. (Victoria County History: Essex, vol. 6). In 1955 it became Lamson Industries Ltd and in 1977 it merged with the Moore Corporation.

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R.W. Laverick (R.B.L.)

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Plaque Fallen 1939-45 Lamson Paragon (NUT183)


   Lamson Paragon Employees who lost their lives
   in the Second World War 1939-1945
   Killed on Active Service                              Civilians Killed
                                                         in Bombing Raids
   Benjamin     Arkwright    Thomas A.  Hughes           Ivy M.     Bedford
   Alan         Brookes      Bernard    Johnson          Sydney G.  Crowder
   Maurice      Bryan        Walter A.  Lack             Hilda M.   Freeman
   Archibald P. Caskie       William M. Leedham          Doris E.   Frogley
   George  G.   Courtney     Ronald L.  Measor           Mary       Kubilius
   Terrance     ?Crasten     Edward A.  Percival D.F.M.  Winifred   Kubilius
   Herbert H.   Francis      George F.  Reeve            Edward     Martin
   Edward ?F.C. Francombe    Eric A.    Rundell          Edgar      Sargent
   Stewart  ?M. Godfrey      Percy R.   Rutter           Gladys W.  Sargent
   Ronald A.    Green        Ernest     Scott            Lily A.    Walker
   Leonard H.A. Harper       Ronald     Steed            Roy        Woodbridge
   Edgar C.     Hill         Henry F.   Wood
   James L.     Hodgson      Ernest R.  Wright.

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