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Photo: C. Sanders


Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Roadside





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NZ 204348

Original Location

On south side of A690 from Crook, at the entrance to Willington Park.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 8th November 1924 by Earl of Durham, Lord Lieutenant of Durham; dedicated by Rev. J. Duncan, O.B.E., Rector of Willington.

Memorial Description

Cross of St.Cuthbert style on tall tapering column, total height 22 feet. Large rectangular base with two steps, 6 feet x 6 feet 8 inches. The dedication is on the front face. The names from Willington for both wars are on the right and back faces, those for Oakenshaw and Page Bank are on the left face. The lettering is raised and blackened, using Roman capitals for the dedication and sans serif capitals for the names.

Materials used

Creetown granite


a. To the glory of God / and in sacred memory of the gallant men / of / Willington, Oakenshaw and Page Bank / who sacrificed their lives in the Great War / 1914-1918
b. And the World War 1939-1945.
“They died that we might live”.


Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee, Chairman Mr. R.L. Weeks.

How money was raised

Public Subscription; RBL “Mile of pennies” scheme raised £25.10s;

Present condition

See Note 1 below.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed and made by Wm. Allison & Son, Bishop Auckland.

Ownership and maintenance

The memorial was accepted by Cllr. W. Hateley at the dedication “to be kept for the inhabitants for all time”. Cllr. Hateley was Chairman of the Willington Urban District Council.


1. In 1922 ”over 3,000 people attended an open air meeting in Albion Square Willington. The Willington Silver Prize Band were present, and the Willington Church Lads’ Brigade buglers sounded the ‘Last Post’ and ‘Reveille’. Messrs. Strakers and Love, owners of the local collieries, erected a temporary wooden cross upon which wreaths were laid by Willington British Legion and C.L.B. and poppies by relatives of men who fell in the war”.

2. A public meeting called in October 1919 to discuss the commemoration of the Armistice and the raising of a war memorial had only 20 people attending.

3. "The sculptor Messrs. William Allison & Son, Bishop Auckland, in designing the cross head have followed as near as possible the original cross of St. Cuthbert, the patron saint of Durham, which is now deposited in the library at Durham."

4. Mr. David Hodgson, who unveiled the 1939-45 memorial, a Willington disabled ex-serviceman, had been wounded in that war. He lost his right arm, eye and part of his right leg while crossing the Rhine. His father had been killed in 1914-18.

5. The area around the memorial has been landscaped into an open brick pavement, with stainless steel seat. There is also a flat hemisphere supported by two ?marble blocks. The hemisphere has at top a pierced design of laurel leaves with the word “Peace” beneath in several languages, viz:- on the front 'Friede' 'Peace' 'Paix'; on the rear: 'Mir', 'Peace', 'Shalom.

6. Major landscaping in 2005 was carried out by Groundwork, West Durham, with the war memorial as the focus for restoration.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Simon Raine, C. Sanders; old post card Frith WTN 3: Tony Harding; photo of unveiling: Andrew Brooks

Durham County Advertiser 04/11/1924

Illustrated Chronicle 10/11/1924 reports unveiling with photos.

Durham Chronicle 15/11/1924 reports unveiling of 1914-18 memorial; 19/08/1949 reports unveiling of 1939-45 memorial.

Northern Echo 13/11/1922 reports erection of temporary wooden cross in Note 4 above; 08/04/1924 reports that the tender of
Messrs. Wm. Allison and Sons, sculptors, has been accepted; 10/11/1924 page 5 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 04/10/1924 reports proposed unveiling; 15/11/1924 reports unveiling.

Sunderland Echo 10/11/1924 page 5 reports unveiling.

Auckland and County Chronicle 30/10/1919 reports poor attendance at a meeting; 11/01/1923 reports fund raising; 13/11/1924 reports unveiling; 12/02/1925 reports successful fund raising with very little left outstanding

"Willington in old Picture Postcards"; Olive Linge. Dewey classification 942.864. ISBN 902886083 5/CIP carries a picture of the unveiling and a reference to Sgt Thomas Venn 6DLI, who was killed in action.

Source of quotation
“They died that we might live” "Hail! and Farewell" John Oxenham 1915

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; Tony Harding; John and Mavis Dixon; Dorothy Hall; Andrew Brooks; Yorkshire Regiment Remembrance; Mr. C. Glendenning

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Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Roadside (W120.02)

WILLINGTON    Roadside.
On pedestal  
   To the glory of God 
   and in sacred memory of the gallant men 
   Willington, Oakenshaw and Page Bank 
   who sacrificed their lives in the Great War 
   And the World War 1939-1945
   “They died that we might live”.
First side (1914-18)
   Adamson M.       Douglas J.W.      Lucas E.P. 
   Adamson T.W.     Elliott P.        Marsden M.
   Alder E.A.       Emmerson M.       Minns R.A.
   Allan G.         Ferens F.         Mitchell R.
   Allan J.         Ford C.  Firth L. McGrath P.
   Arkley J.H.      Ford T.W.         McNiff J.
   Barton J.        Foster G.W.       Naisbitt W.T.
   Bell A.W.        Freeman J.        Nicholson T.M.
   Bell C.          Galley F.         Parker J.S.
   Bell H.D.        Gatiss T.W.       Paylor J. 
   Bell J.H.        Gill D.           Plumpton W.H.
   Bennett R.       Glendenning J.    Purvis F.
   Bird J.          Gott J.           Richards H.W.
   Blackett C.      Graham J.         Robinson J.
   Blenkinsopp G.   Hird H.N.         Robinson J.B.
   Booth G.         Hird R.           Robson A.J.
   Bousfield T.     Hodgson D.        Rutherford G.
   Brown G.W.       Hope R.A.         Sayer E.
   Brown J.         Hopkinson W.      Sayer H.
   Brown J.H.       Hopper M.         Small S.W.
   Buckley A.       Jackson R.        Smithson F.
   Charlton J.      Jackson H.        Snowball J.R. 
   Clarke L.        Jopling J.R.      Stonehouse A.E.
   Cook T.          Kennedy J.W.      Stout W.
   Cook W.          Kidd T.W.         Tobin P.J.
   Cooper G.W.      Lamb J.           Todd G.W.
   Craggs J.H.      Larnach A.C.      Towers H.
   Cross J.         Laws J.           Turner W.
   Dale T.H.        Laws R.           Venn T.
   Daley F.         Lawson J.         Walker F.
   Daley J.         Letby A.H.        Walker W.A.E.
   Davison J.W.     Lister A.E.       Waller G.
   Defty W.         Little H.         Ward T.W.
   Devine S.        Littlewood H.     Watkins J.S.
   Dinsley J.       Longstaff J.W.    Weir S.R.
   Dodds J.         Lowes E.          Young W.
Second side
   Burns F.        Fenwick H.         Martin J
   Dodds R.L.      Foreman T.W.       Walker F.
   Adamson A.S.    Dent L.            Pallister F.      
   Adamson C.R.    Dinsley J.W.       Perkins W. 
   Alderson H.A.   Fletcher J.G.      Plews W.S. 
   Aspinall E.W.   French M.          Richards F. 
   Banister N.     Glasper J.         Robinson C.S. 
   Barron T.       Glendinning J      Robinson F. 
   Blackburn J.W.  Hardy F.           Rutter J
   Blackett H.     Harland A.         Simpson J.W.
   Blackett R.J.   Harle N.           Simpson P.N
   Bond J.         Hutchinson W.      Slack J.
   Brown E.        Jackson E. WAAF    Stephenson A. 
   Burton E.R.     Jackson S.         Stonehouse J.
   Carolan T.      Jopling J.R.       Suffield S
   Casey J.        Larnach C.         Watson H.H.
   Christon J.     Lee D.             Watson L.M. WAAF
   Clark G.W.      Letby R.E.         Weir S.R.
   Cockerill A.    Nicholls W.        Young O.L.
   Cottrell P.C.   Palliser J. 
   Carlton J
Third side
   Armstrong W.G.  Elsbury E.         Middlemass J.
   Barker A.       Ferguson J.L.      Murphy J.P.
   Barrass N.S.    Gilpin J.          Nattrass S.
   Brooks J.       Grundy R.          Payne G.
   Brown D.        Henderson R.       Robinson G.
   Carpenter S.J.  Hewitt J.          Sides E.
   Castle J.J.     Kyle G.            Stephenson R.
   Collin W.       Longstaff E.W.     Wilson R.
   Coulson R.      Marr J.W.          Snowdon F.
   Howe R.L.G.     Ramshaw J.G.       Smith V.
   Johnson J.      Rowlandson S.R.    Snowdon F.
   Lomax H.                           Tones W.
   Lowes E.                           Wearmouth A.   
                   PAGE BANK
   Bowes G.        Gould R.           Ramsay H.M.
   Brentley G.W.   Hall J.T.          Stringer H.
   Evans E.        King W.E.          Thompson G.
   Fletcher J.G.                      Johnson F.

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