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Photo: J. Brown


Plaque 1914-18 1939-45 St. Mary





Map ref

NZ 210794

Original Location

St. Mary the Virgin Church. South wall of nave.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 16th January 1921 by Major the Hon. Jasper Ridley.

Memorial Description

Plaque, total height approx. 5 feet 6 inches x 2 feet 6 inches wide. The top and sides form a framework of brown and white marble, which is topped by an elaborate pediment in which are incised the words "Their names live for evermore". Inside this is a narrow border of green marble. This is bordered by a frieze of cast bronze decorated with oak leaves and acorns. At the centre is a rectangular plaque of cream alabaster on which are inscribed the names in two columns. The final five names are those from 1939-45, with the last name incised into the green marble. Lettering is in Roman capitals.

Materials used

Alabaster and marble with bronze embellishments.


This tablet is erected / to the Glory of God and in / loving memory of the men of / this Parish who gave their lives / in the Great War 1914-1919


How money was raised

Public subscription.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: P. Thirkell; Janet Brown

Morpeth Herald 21/01/1921 reports unveiling ceremony.

Illustrated Chronicle 17/01/1921 reports unveiling.

Northern Echo 17/01/1921 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 22/01/1921 reports unveiling

Diocese of Newcastle Faculty No.721, 31/12/1920

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Research acknowledgements

Janet Brown; Mrs. L. Marriott, Stannington Local History Society; Sally Bird; The late Miss Catliffe; Dorothy Hall

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Plaque 1914-18 1939-45 St. Mary (S52.02)

STANNINGTON, St. Mary the Virgin Church
   Their names live
   for evermore.            
   This Tablet is erected
   To the Glory of God and in 
   loving Memory of the Men of
   this Parish who gave their Lives
   in the Great War 1914-1919
   Anderson Daniel, N.F.            Green, Matthew, N.F.
   Brewis, William N.F.             Lumsden, Joseph C., N.F.
   Curry, Thomas, S.S.              Leppington, Robert, S.G.
   Foulger, Edward, R.F.A.          Moore, David, D.L.I.
   Germain, Harry, G.N.F.           Renwick, Joe, N.F.
                                    Simpson, Robert, N.F.
   Alexander Hyman, E.S.            Makepeace, Alfred, N.F.
   Chapman, Ralph, W.Y.             Marshall, Thomas, R.I.L.
   Cohen, Isaac, R.F.               Millar, Joseph, K.R.R.
   Dainty, William, R.N.            Mills, George, D.of C.L.I.
   Davis John, R.F.                 Myers, Harry, R.F.
   Errington, Ralph, G.G.           Oldfield, Harry, Y.& L.
   Evans, William, R.F.             Robson, John, K.R.R.
   Featherstone, Francis, D.L.I.    Ruecroft Lawrence, C.G.
   Gibbison, Thomas, D.L.I.         Smith, Leonard, C.G.
   Hill, John, E.S.                 Spence, John, B.R.
   Jamieson, William, S.L.I.        Wilson, John, E.Y.
   Lauder, James, R.F.              Woolfson, Sydney, R.W.

   Hedges, Harry            1939    Hully, Ronald
   Hine, Gordon             1945    McDougal, Ernest
                                    Frederick Stanbury

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