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Roll of Honour 1914-18 St. Paul





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NZ 252334

Original Location

St. Paul’s Church, Whitworth Terrace.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 21st October 1921 by Bishop of Durham.

Memorial Description

Plaque total height 7 feet 6 inches (2.28m) Long x 4 feet (1.21m) wide, in two parts. A rectangular panel bears the names in five columns in gold lettering. At the top is a rectangular panel with domed top which carries a crucifix carved in half relief, with the words “To the glory of God” in a semicircle above. The dedication is between the two main panels. At the bottom is a shelf 4 feet 8 inches (1.42m) long x 8 inches (204mm) deep. Below is a large panel which bears the names in five columns. Lettering is hand painted in gold using sans serif capitals for the dedication and lower case for the names.

Materials used

Oak panels. The Christ figure is of a darker wood.


To the glory of God / and in memory / of the men of this parish / who fell fighting for their country 1914-1918



1. The church was badly damaged by fire in 1953 but this memorial survived.

2. The name “J. Whire” should be “J. White”.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Simon Raine; C. Sanders; John Grainger; James Pasby

Durham County Advertiser 28/10/1921

Evening Despatch 22/10/1921 reports unveiling.

Northern Echo 22/10/1921 briefly reports unveiling.

Auckland and County Gazette 27/10/1921

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Additional Notes

a. Durham County Council have researched one of the names William Lionel Gerald Brown (1900-1918).

Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; John Grainger

Research In Progress

Jim and John Grainger are creating an archive of information about each person named on the local War Memorials and would like to hear from anyone with stories, photographs or memorabilia. Contact:-

Roll of Honour 1914-18 St. Paul (S131.03)

SPENNYMOOR   St. Paul’s Church.
   To the glory of God 
   and in memory 
   of the men of this parish 
   who fell fighting for their country 1914-1918
   F.W. Cummins                         R. Tweddle                        W. Linsley
   E.W. Anderson      W.L.G. Brown      G.P. Hunter      J. Rose          R.B. Welford
   W. Angus           W.H. Brown        T. Hodgins       J. Rhodes        J.M. Woodhall
   G. Alderson        J. Brooks         H.E. Hamilton    T.F. Roper       G.P. White
   M. Alderson        J. Cowens         R. Holland       T.L. Rowland     R.C. Willis
   C. Barker          W.H. Close        H.D. Howe        E. Ramage        J. Wilkin
   A.E. Bottoms       J. Cunningham     W. Jones         W.F. Randall     T.A. Welsh
   W. Bamlett         T. Claughan       R. Jones         W. Roseman       A.R. Walters
   J. Bannister       A. Cowley         S.G. Jones       E. Sanderson     J.T. Whire
   J. Barrett         D. Cummings       F. Kenmir        J.W. Stephenson  A. Walsh
   F.A.T. Butterfield J.F. Cheesewright G.H. Kendall     F.W. Snowball    W. White
   T. Barlow          W. Coulthard      A.T. Kitching    A.D. Sharp       H. Williams   
   W. Bullen          G.E. Curry        R.R. Lowery      S. Scurr         W.L. Ward
   H. Bundy           J.R. Davison      H. Lawson        J.W. Simpson     M. Woodhall
   J.W. Broadley      J.L. Dodshon      J. Lawrence      P.B. Smith       J.J. Wind
   W. Banks           J.H. Dodds        J. Molloy        R. Sugden        C.T. Wilson
   R. Brown           J. Davison        G.B. Miller      J.G. Seymour     J.W. Wilkinson
   C. Bainbridge      J.H. Evans        J.L. Mercer      T. Thomas        C. White
   J. Bonson          R.H. English      R. Mortimer      J.J. Thompson    C. Waugh
   N. Benson          J. Elliott        J. Nichol        J. Thomas        R. Waters
   J.G. Bell          J.J. Foxcroft     W.H. Northcote   S.A. Tolmie      J. Welsh
   F. Brunskill       E. Farthing       A.W. Orton       E.D. Tolmie      G.E. Wood
   G. Beal            E. Foster         J.A. Osguthorpe  R. Turnbull      J. Walsh
   W. Baker           R. Greenwood      A. Pearce        W. Thompson      W.C. Wilkinson
   W. Brown           J. Gash           T.P. Phillips    M. Vickerstaff   J. Walsh
   G.W. Brown         B.R. Graham       F. Prest         J.S. Watson      E.H. Walls
   T. Bainbridge      R. Garbutt        R.R. Pratt       G. Wilkinson     N. Waugh
   W.E. Bowman        A. Greenwood      J.E. Payne       W. Wilson        R.W. Wheatley
   A.J.T. Bussey      G. Hardy          J.R. Parrott     R. Wilkinson     A. Welford
   J. Hughes          G.W. Layton       H.L. Rex         J. Waters        J.G. Hamilton

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