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Photo: Tony Harding


Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Green





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NZ 410528

Original Location

The Village

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled October 1924 by Col. T.G. Taylor of Kelso, dedicated by Rev. P.Y. Knight, Vicar of Ryhope.

Memorial Description

Cross of Doric type on octagonal pedestal, 30 feet high, rather like the Blomfield design. It stands on two steps, which in turn stand on two other very shallow steps set on a cobbled octagonal pavement. On the lower of the two steps are the words “Pro Patria / Great War 1914-1918” incised in large letters and leaded.
The sides of the pedestal bear bronze plaques bearing the names in a single column on each listed according to regiments, with the appropriate regimental badges raised in half relief around the edges.
On the upper of the two steps are bronze plaques bearing the names from 1939-45.

Below the main pedestal (i.e. on the riser of the top step) eight more bronze plaques each 3 feet 2 inches long x 11 inches high have been added for 1939-45. Names are listed in three columns on each. Lettering is raised.
Added later is a plaque in memory of Cyril Joe Barton VC. See R52.07
“The monument is surrounded by a neat iron fence, and the enclosure is paved with stones from the beach”.

Materials used

Cornish granite with bronze plates.


a. To the glory of God / and in honoured memory of those who, at the call of King and Country, / left all that was dear to them endured hardness faced danger and / finally passed out of the sight of men by the path of duty and self-sacrifice / giving up their own lives that others might live in freedom. / Let their names be not forgotten.Pro Patria 1914-1918
b. Pro Patria 1939-1945



Estimated at £1,400

Present condition

Vandalised in 1990. Panels covered in verdigris.

Ownership and maintenance

The memorial was formally handed over to Ryhope Parish Council at the unveiling.


1. “Police are hunting vandals who attacked a war memorial. Regimental badges were removed and a granite support pillar dislodged from the memorial in Ryhope Village, near Sunderland. The vandals also tried to removed the engraved nameplates of villagers who died in two World Wars”. Northern Echo 03/08/1990

2. The description given in the Sunderland Daily Echo is that this is in the form of “a Doric cross in grey Cornish granite and stands 30 feet in height. Bronze tablets carry the names of all regiments or units with their badges and the names of the fallen."

3. The Illustrated Chronicle bears a photo of a cenotaph, 28 feet high, also suggested, and designed by Mr. Herbert Cook, architect, Ryhope, costing £1,400.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders, Simon Raine; Dorothy Hall

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 18/10/1924 reports unveiling

Sunderland Echo 09/10/1924 page 6 carries the description in Note 2; 13/10/1924 page 3

Illustrated Chronicle 28/11/1921 carries photo of proposed cenotaph; 13/10/1924 reports unveiling with photos.

Northern Echo 28/11/1921 reports proposed memorial

Seaham Weekly News 17/10/1924 reports unveiling.

Auckland Chronicle 16/10/1924 reports unveiling.

Source of quotation
"Those who, at the call of King and Country" On certificate sent to all bereaved families by King George V

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; Jean Machell; Dorothy Hall; Jennifer Morrison

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Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Green (R52.01)

RYHOPE   On village green

Lower pedestal
      To the glory of God
      and in honoured memory of those who, at the call of King and Country,
      left all that was dear to them, endured hardness, faced danger and
      finally passed out of the sight of men by the path of duty and self-sacrifice
      giving up their own lives that others might live in freedom.
      Let their names be not forgotten.
      Pro Patria 1914-1918
Panel 1                                   Panel 2

         Coldstream Guards                   Durham Light Infantry
      Private   H.     Murphy             Private   R.     Larkman
      “   “     R.     Stormont           Corporal  D.     Lemon 
      “   “     J.     Watson             Private   J.     Lewins 
         Northumberland Fusiliers         “   “     P.     Loftus
      Private   J.     Ashbridge          “   “     B.     Malcolm
      “   “     T.     Bradford           “   “     J.     Mercer
      “   “     J.G.   Corrigan           “   “     A.     Middleton
      Corporal  M.     Davison            “   “     J.A.   Moir
      C.S.M.    C.T.   Dixon              “   “     R.     Mulvenney
      Private   J.     Dowell             “   “     J.B.   Nicholson
      L/Cpl.    P.     Eyre               “   “     R.     Norton
      L/Cpl.    C.     Ferguson M.Mil     “   “     W.     Patterson 
      Private   R.     Gray               Sergeant  G.     Pearson
      “   “     H.     Hall               Private   J.     Pescod
      “   “     T.E.   Langton            “   “     J.G.S. Pescod
      “   “     A.     McGeever           L/Cpl.    C.     Pooley
      Corporal  J.     Marriner           Private   J.     Price
      Private   J.     Martin             “   “     J.     Purnall
      “   “     T.     Martin             “   “     R.     Rackstraw
      L/Cpl.    G.     Morgan             “   “     R.     Reed
      Sergeant  W.B.   Morton             “   “     J.     Reynolds
      Private   F.J.   Morton             L/Cpl.    W.J.   Robertson
      “   “     F.J.   Nee                Private   J.W.   Robson
      “   “     W.     North              “   “     M.     Robson
      Corporal  J.J.   Reynolds           “   “     W.B.   Robson 
      Private   G.     Rought             “   “     R.L.   Rochester
      Sergeant  D.     Seath              Sergeant  R.     Roundsley 
      Private   A.     Seymour            Private   R.I.   Russell 
      “   “     T.     Simpson            Corporal  J.H.   Scratcher MM
      “   “     J.     Surtees            Private   H.B.   Seath
      “   “     J.G.   Tate               Captain   N.R.   Shepherd 
      “   “     J.T.   Taylor             Private   R.A.   Sheraton
      “   “     J.E.   Thompson           “   “     G.W.   Sly
         Royal Fusiliers                  “   “     G.W.   Smith
      Private   J.M.   Lauder             “   “     Rich.  Smith
         King’s Liverpools                “   “     Robt.  Smith
      Private   J.     Smart              “   “     P.     Solan
         Lincolns                         “   “     P.W.   Sollas
      Private   J.R.   Glaister           “   “     W.     Stafford
      “         M.     Murphy             “   “     J.S.   Sutherst
      “         W.R.   Penk               “   “     W.     Thompson
      Sergeant  N.     Smith              “   “     R.     Tones      
         Somerset Light Infantry          “   “     J.J.   Trewick  
      Private   S.     Avery              “   “     W.     Trotter
      Signaller T.D.   Benney             “   “     E.     Walton    
      Private   M.B.   Bones              “   “     J.     Walton
      L/Cpl.    A.     Brown              “   “     T.     Walton  
                                          “   “     B.     Watson   
                                          “   “     I.     Watson     
Panel 3                                   Panel 4

         Durham Light Infantry              Royal Inniskillings              
      Private   R.     Welsh              Private   T.     Devlin             
      “   “     M.W.   Williamson         “   “     O.     Keegan             
      “   “     P.     Young                Gloucester Regiment         
         Seaforth Highlanders             Private   R.     Thompson           
      Private   J.     Rennix               East Lancs.                      
         Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders  Sergeant   G.    Clark              
      Private   G.     Green              Corporal   S.T.  Syddall            
         Army Cyclist Corps                 East Surrey Regiment             
      Cyclist   J.     Watson             Private   W.     Walker             
         Machine Gun Corps                  Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry
      Private   J.     Crake              Private   R.     Vincent            
      “   “     W.     Croft                Duke of Wellington’s Regiment    
      “   “     W.     Dawson             Private   W.     Dove               
      “   “     W.A.   Dodd                 Border Regiment                  
      “   “     R.     Lewins             Private   R.     Bradley            
         Army Service Corps               “   “     J.H.   Saville            
      Private   T.W.   Bateman            “   “     A.     Walker             
      “   “     J.     O‘Brien              Dorsets                          
      “   “     R.     Shields            L/Cpl.    L.     Bellhouse          
         Royal Army Medical Corps         Private   J.     Godfrey            
      Private   T.     Mullaney L/Cpl.    R.     Robson             
       “   “     T.W.   Walsh               Notts and Derbys                 
         Royal Defence Corps              Private   W.E.   Cambrook           
      Private   J.Y.   Pallin             L/Cpl.    W.     Lumley             
      “   “     H.     Scratcher          Private   J.     Williamson         
         Labour Corps                       King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry  
      Private   J.     Atkinson           Private   J.G.   Bennett            
      “   “     J.     Williamson         “   “     S.     Hough              
        South African Heavy Artillery     Sergeant  H.     Rayne MM           
      Bdr       J.     Neilson            Private   G.     Robson             
         South African Infantry             King’s Royal Rifle Corps         
      Private   F.P.   Williams           Sergeant  T.     Liddell  MM        
         Overseas Battalion                 Manchesters                      
      Private   G.F.   Moses              Private   J.G.   Lorraine           
         Australian Infantry                North Staffords                  
      Private   J.     Smith              Private   J.M.   Hanson             
        Mercantile Marine
      3rd Engineer  R. Foster 
Panel 5                                   Panel 6

         Yorkshire Regiment                  West Yorks   
      Private   J.     Cook               Private   R.M.   Bewick 
      “   “     I.     Cook               “   “     C.H.   Dixon
      “   “     J.     Connolly           “   “     G.A.   Reed 
      “   “     A.A.   Cornish            “   “     J.     Richardson
      “   “     R.     Coxon              “   “     M.     Rowlands   
      Sergeant  J.     Downing D.C.M.     “   “     T.A.   Taylor 
      Private   J.     Elliot             “   “     F.     Walker MM
      L/Cpl.    J.     Eltringham         “   “     J.N.   Wilcox
      Private   W.J.   Forster               East Yorks
      “   “     J.     Green              Private   T.     Baird
      Sergeant  E.H.   Laws MM            “   “     A.     Bell
      Private   C.W.   Millett            “   “     W.     Brewell  
      “   “     A.     Mulligan           “   “     E.     Brown   
      L/Cpl.    G.     Musgrove           “   “     J.     Coulson
      Private   J.     Patterson          “   “     G.E.   Coxon   
      “   “     J.     Ramshaw            “   “     P.     Douglas 
      L/Cpl.    T.     Robson             “   “     J.     Duffield 
      Corporal  W.     Rowland            “   “     T.     Elliot 
      L/Cpl.    J.T.   Scott              L/Cpl.    J.     Foster 
      Private   T.W.   Smith              Private   T.     Gratton 
      “   “     T.     Stephenson         “   “     T.     Harrison
      L/Cpl.    G.W.   Stewart            L/Sergt   G.     Havelock
      Private   D.     Stormont           Private   T.     Hopkins 
      “   “     R.     Trotter            “   “     W.D.   Hull    
      “   “     T.     Trotter            “   “     S.     Ibenson   
      “   “     J.     Tumilty            Corporal  G.W.   Lumsdon 
      “   “     J.W.   Watson             Private   G.     McGlashan 
      “   “     T.     Watson             “   “     G.G.   McKenzie 
      L/Cpl.    N.H.   Wheatman           “   “     P.     McVoy     
      Sergeant  W.     White              “   “     W.     Manuel     
         Lancashire Fusiliers             “   “     G.B.   Mather 
      Private   G.     Eagling            “   “     D.     Matthews    
      “   “     J.     Graham             “   “     W.W.   Moir   
         Cheshires                        “   “     E.     Parkin   
      Corporal  G.     Carter             “   “     J.     Rennix   
      Sergeant  B.     Foley              “   “     T.A.   Stanley
      Private   G.W.   Hall               “   “     E.     Tough
      L/Cpl.    R.     Holt               “   “     R.     Walton   
      Private   W.     Taylor             “   “     G.     Williamson    
         South Wales Borderers            “   “     J.     Yeaman    
      Private   J.W.   Gray               “   “     J.R.   Young     
      “   “     H.     Hanson                Yorkshire Regiment
      “   “     T.     Lumsdon            Private   J.G.   Allison 
      “   “     J.     McCormick          “   “     T.W.   Armstrong 
      “   “     W.     Wilson             “   “     T.W.   Barnes 
      L/Cpl.    J.     Wright             Corporal  T.     Blackett  
      “   “     J.     Young              Private   J.     Briggs   
                                          “   “     S.W.   Brown 
                                          “   “     J.W.   Churchill 
                                          “   “     H.     Colledge 
Panel 7                                   Panel 8

          Royal Navy                         Yorks & Lancs                          
      Stoker    J.     Darling            L/Cpl.    I.     Carlin 
      Signalman H.H.   Hewison            Private   J.     Ibinson            
      Stoker    W.     Lowery             L/Cpl.    T.     Musgrove
      “   “     A.G.   Myers              Private   T.     Thompson      
      “   “     S.     Rought                Durham Light Infantry
      “   “     C.M.   Russell            Private   H.     Bailey 
         Royal Horse Guards               “   “     E.     Baird
      Trooper   M.     Middleton          “   “     R.W.   Bamborough
         Royal Field Artillery            2nd Lieut A.S.   Barker
      Major     J.F.   Barker             Captain   C.W.T. Barker MC
      Sergeant  M.     Barras             2Lt. Act/Capt. A.G. Bell MC
      Gunner    G.     Bell               Private   F.     Bell
      Driver    B.     Brannon            “   “     J.W.   Benison 
      “   “     R.     Collings           “   “     T.     Bibby   
      Gunner    F.     Cornish            “   “     F.     Bickle
      “   “     W.     Coulson            “   “     M.     Brewer    
      Private   J.     Croft              L/Cpl.    E.     Britton MM
      Gunner    W.     Dobson             Private   W.     Brown 
      Corporal  G.     Dougherty          “   “     W.     Burnett 
      Driver    J.W.   Douglas            “   “     W.     Bushby
      “   “     J.     Gallagher          “   “     R.     Clark 
      “   “     G.     Green              “   “     D.     Collins 
      Bdr       J.G.   Greener            Signaller R.     Craig
      Driver    R.     Hall               Private   R.     Crake   
      Gunner    W.     Hall               “   “     J.W.   Cranmer
      Corporal  H.     Lamb               “   “     A.     Crute 
      Gunner    T.W.   Lemon              “   “     J.C.   Curry
      Act/Bdr   T.R.   Mangles MM         “   “     A.     Davison    
      Bdr       P.J.   Manning            “   “     R.     Davison
      Gunner    H.A.   Miller             “   “     H.     Drakesmith 
      Driver    I.     Price              “   “     H.     Duck 
      “   “     F.     Reynolds           “   “     A.G.   English
      Gunner    W.     Robinson           “   “     C.R.   Etchells 
      Driver    A.     Smith              “   “     D.     Forbes 
      Private   T.H.   Smith              “   “     G.S.   Forbes
      Corporal  I.     Willis MM          “   “     T.     Ford 
         Royal Garrison Artillery         “   “     J.T.   Frater  
      Gunner    J.     Adams              Signaller T.     Gallagher 
      “   “     W.E.   Burley             Private   W.     Giblin 
      Sergeant  W.M.   Cartner            “   “     J.A.   Graham 
      Gunner    J.     Moore              “   “     T.     Griffin
      “   “     T.     Snowdon            “   “     T.     Gurkin 
         Royal Engineers                  “   “     M.     Harrison
      Sergeant  J.     Bailey             “   “     T.E.   Harrison
      “   “     T.     Blaney             “   “     T.     Heaton 
      Sapper    J.H.   Kelly              “   “     A.     High 
      “   “     J.     Ramsey             Sergeant  R.     Hilton
      “   “     R.     Richardson         Act/Cpl.  A.P.   Hodgson MM
      “   “     H.     Ritchie            Private   T.     Holmes
      Corporal  J.     Thomas             “   “     W.     Hope
                                          L/Cpl.    M.     Hughes      
                                          Private   M.     Johnson
Lower Panel 1

	  Pro Patria 1939-1945
Lower Panel 2


      Ann Maratty             Adam Wheatman           John Simpson
        Pte. A.T.S.             Dr.  R.A.S.C.           Sgt. R.A.F.
      John Martin             Matthew Davison         Gilbert Corner
        Sgt. D.L.I.             Tpr. R.A.C.             Ord Seaman M.N.
      Arthur Mason            William Richardson      Sydney Mason
        Pte P.C..               Pte. A.& S.High         A.B. R.N.
      George W.Stewart        Maurice Hull            Frederick E.Williams
        Tpr. R.A.C.             Sgt. R.A.F.             Sgt. R.A.F.
Lower Panel 3

      Sydney Richardson       James Harrison          John Walker
        Sea M.N.                Dr. R.A.S.C.            Stkr. R.N.
      Sydney Forth            William Walton Clark    Christopher Fishwick
        A.B. R.N.               Pte. W.Yorks            Pte. D.L.I.
      Charles Pollard         Ronald Hume             Norman Beddell
        Eng M.N.                Stkr. R.N.              Stkr. M.N.
      Thomas Raffle Fishwick  Reuben Booker           Thomas P Robson
        Spr. R.E.               Spr. R.E.               F/Sgt. R.A.F.
Lower Panel 4

      Frederick Hove Crawford David Cowell            Edward Robson
        Fsr. Lancs Fus.         L/Sgt. 7th Hus. R.A.C.  Sgt. Cold Gds
      Walton Richardson       William Hall            Mary Duffield
        App M.N.                Pte. R.A.P.C.           Civilian
      William Arnold          John Aitchison          John Walker
        Gnr. R.A.               Pte. 5th Black Watch    R.N. Stoker
      George Dodds Heads      John Atkinson           John Moody
        Civilian                F/Eng R.A.F.            Civilian
Lower Panel 5
      John Tennant            John Stewart Gillan     Reginald Smith
        Stkr. R.N.              Capt Sea High            Gnr. R.A.
      Robert Trewick          Thomas Conlon           William Hutchinson
        L.Cpl. D.L.I.           A.B. R.N.                Cpl. Som.L.I.
      George Cowey            John Mitcheson          Edward Terry Fishwick
        Dr R.A.S.C.             L/Cpl. D.L.I.            Pte. D.L.I.
      James Owen McGeever     William Read            Joseph Thompson
        Pte. Airborne Div       L.A.C. R.A.F.            Pte. P.C.
Lower Panel 6
      George Mason            Henry Hanson Taylor     Richard Henry Jones
        L/Stkr. R.N.            Fsr R.Fus.              Sgt. A/T Regt
      William Barrow          James W. Carlin         Albert V. Barkel
        Dr. R.A.S.C.            Gnr. R.H.A.             Sgt/P. R.A.F.
      William T.H. Reah       Thomas Thompson         Thomas Colledge
        L.A.C. R.A.F.           Pte. R.A.M.C.           Pte. Scots Gds
      Raymond Davison         George Blyth            Edith Wood
        Pte. D.L.I.             Pte. P.C.               A.C.W.1  W.A.A.F.
Lower Panel 7

      Aaron Bainbridge        Ralph Hewitt            William Moody
        Civilian                Sgt. R.A.F.             Pte. D.L.I.
      Joseph Fulton McLeod    John Green              John Walker
        Civilian                Sgt. R.A.F.             Gnr. R.A.
      Thomas Anderson         Percy Stoker            Thomas Thompson
        Pte. D.L.I.             Civilian                Pte. Airborne Div.
      Joseph Anderson         Ernest Taylor           John Maratty
        Spr. R.E.               L/S R.N.                Pte. S.L.I.
Lower Panel 8

      William A. McLagan      David Gibbons           Fred. Groundon
        Sergt Coldstream Grds.  Shoeing Smith R.F.A.    Sergt R.A.F.
      George W.L. Moore       Fred. Collins
        Gnr. R.A.                Civilian

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