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Photo: Tony Harding


Book of Remembrance 1939-45 Rutherford College





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NZ 218648

Original Location

Rutherford Comprehensive School (former Rutherford College), Bath Lane / West Road. (Demolished).

Present Location

Tyne and Wear Archives.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 20th July 1949 in the School Hall, Bath Lane by Sir Alfred Watson, President of the Old Rutherfordians Association.

Memorial Description

Scroll, later bound in cream coloured leather into book form, 29 cm high x 38.5 cm wide x 2.8 cm thick, displayed in a glass topped wood case. The cover has the words “Roll of Honour” tooled on a black strip. Below this is the school badge, with the dates “1939” and “1945” on each side. The name of the school is below this. The pages have been sewn by hand into the cover.
The whole document is calligraphed. When a new initial letter is introduced, and at the top of each page, the letter is gilded and enlarged to cover two names. The names are listed in a single column on each page in black. Beside the name is the rank and regiment in blue. To the right of this are remarks in black; or a red cross and details indicate those killed in action.

Materials used

Vellum bound in leather.


1939-1945 / Roll of Honour / Rutherford Grammar / School.


Who commissioned


Present condition

Some pages are slightly damaged.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

J. Grant, art master at the Rutherford Grammar School. (“J.Grant scripsit” means “J.Grant wrote it”)


1. The scroll “contains the names of all Rutherfordians, so far as is known, who gave their lives and all who served in the 1939-45 war.”

2. The Rutherford College for Boys became Rutherford Grammar School in 1945. Rutherford College moved in 1956 to new premises in the West Road, and subsequently became West Gate Community College.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Tony Harding

The Story of Rutherford Grammar School W. Maw, 1964, Rutherford History Publication Committee, gives full details of the memorials in the school.

Tyne and Wear Archives Ref:ENC/14/225/2

Research acknowledgements

J. Brown; Tony Harding; Alan Glynn, Newcastle City Council; James Pasby

Research In Progress

If you are researching this memorial please contact

Book of Remembrance 1939-45 Rutherford College (NUT145)

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, Rutherford College.
Front Cover:
   Roll of Honour
   1939 [School Badge] 1945
   Rutherford Grammar School
Title page:

   1939 [School badge] 1945
   Roll of Honour
   Rutherford Grammar 
Page 1

   Anderson, J.A.    R.A.M.C., Lt-Col   + Died on Active Service
   Anderson, G.      R.N. Writer   
   Atkinson, A.S.    R.A.F.   + Missing: presumed killed
   Atkinson, G.M.    R.N. Lieut.
   Allan, H.         Army, Capt.   Mentioned in Despatches, 1944
   Adamson, M.       R.N.   + Killed in Action
   Armstrong, K.I.   R.N.
   Appleby, R.       C.M.P., Cpl.
   Adams, J.E.       R.A.F, P/O   + Killed
   Apedale           R.E.M.E., Pte.
   Ayrton, G.K.      R. Corp. Sigs.
   Adams, D.J.       R. Tank Regt.   + Killed on Active Service
   Aynsley, P.S.     R.A.   Died on Active Service
   Aynsley, H.       Army   Prisoner of War
   Atkinson, R.      R.N.
   Arthur            R.F. 2/Lt
   Aitken, R.        R.A.F.
   Annan, H.B.       R.A.F. Sgt/Pilot   + Killed in Action, Jan 1944
   Armstrong, J.S.   R.Corp.Sigs.   Mentioned in Despatches 1945
   Atkinson, T.R.    R.E., Sapper
   Alsopp, J.        R.A., L/Bdr.
   Addison, P.       R.A.F., Sgt/Obs.
Page 2

   Alexander, S.H.   R.A.S.C: Major
   Aynsley, M.       R.E: R
   Adamson, R.       R.A.F.
   Atkinson, R.      R.N. L/Tel.
   Anderson, J.C.    R.N.V.R./Lt-Comdr.
   Appleton, G.E.    R.A.F.   D.F.M.
   Anderson, L.A.    R.A: Capt.
   Aitchison, G.S.   R.A: Staff Capt.
   Bates, A.         R.A.F: Sgt.
   Bates, W.         R.A.F: W/O   + Killed in action
   Bell, E.          R.A.F: F/O   D.F.C, Jan 1945
   Brumby, W.        R/C/S
   Blakey, L.        Fleet Air Arm
   Brennan, A.       R.N.V.R. S/Lt.
   Brawn, H.         M Navy. Radio Off.
   Brown, A.R.       R.A.M.C: Cpl.   + Killed in action
   Brason, R.        R.N: P/Off.
   Blasdale, G.      R.A.F: Sgt/Pilot
   Bamburgh, H.      Major
   Brown, A.M.       Int: Corps: 2/Lt
Page 3

   Burn, O.          R.A.F; F/O
   Brownlee, T.      D.L.I./L/Cpl.   Missing in N. Africa
   Bollon, S.        R.A.F./F/Off.
   Browell, J.       R.A.F./W.O.
   Bosomworth, G.    R.A.F./F:O.   Mentioned in Despatches
   Brown, P.G.       R.A.F./F/O
   Brown, H.L.       R.N.V.R: Sub-Lt
   Bardgett, S.      R.A.
   Bennett, H.N.     R.A: Lt.
   Bowie             R.N.V.R: P/O
   Bulman            R.N.
   Blair             Commandos
   Barras, L.        R.A.F: S/Sgt.
   Brittain, N.H.    R.E.M.E: Capt
   Bullerwell, J.    Army/2/Lt
   Bullerwell, W.    Army: 2/Lt
   Buckle, R.        R.A.F.
   Best, J.          R.N: Wireless Op.
   Brook, A.         R.N.
   Bennett, J.       R.A.F: M/O
   Barnes, F.        R.A.F., Sgt/Obsvr.   + Killed in action
Page 4

   Brown, A.         R.A: (AA): Cpl: Bdr.
   Bell, Arthur      R.A.F: L.A.C.
   Bell, Alan        R.N: Apprentice
   Blyth, Alex.      R.N:L/Seaman   B.E.M.
   Butterworth, J.   Army
   Brown, P.K.       R.A.F: P/O
   Batey, F.W.       R.A: Major   + Killed in Italy '44 M.C. & Bar
   Brodie, I.        Lt-Col.   Chief Jewish Chaplain
   Barbour, A.       D.L.I.
   Boyd              R.A.M.C.
   Burrill, K.       R.A.F: Apprentice
   Brough            R.A.F.
   Bailiff, K.       R.N.F: Pte
   Burrows, J.A.     R.A.F.
   Browitt, P.A.     M.N: Captain   M.B.E.
   Burrill, P.       R.N.
   Byers, E.V.       R.E: Lt.   M.C.
   Burnip, J.        R.E.M.E: 2/Lt.
   Boyd, S.          Army
   Beal              R.A.F. Sq/Ldr.
Page 5

   Barker            Army
   Burns, S.         R.A: Lt.
   Barras, G.        R.A.F: Sgt.
   Bates, W.F.       Army
   Boyd, J.          R.N.F: Sjt/Major
   Bell, R.          R.A.
   Bainbridge, G.    R.A.F: Flight-Sergeant   + Killed in Italy '44
   Barton, C.S.      R.E: Major   MBE: Mentioned in Despatches
   Bullerwell, J.    R.A: Major
   Burton, W.        R.C.S: Signalman   + Died P.O.W. Siam.
   Blair, R.         3 Recce Corps: Cpl.
   Bulman, J.M.      R.N.
   Black, H.         R.A.F: LAC
   Bell, E.R.        R.C.S: L/Cpl.
   Bell, A.          R.N: E.R.A.
   Burn, T.E.        R.N: P/O Telegraphist.
   Bell, J.          Admiralty: Capt.
   Brayn, A.         3 Armed Bde: Trooper
   Bryce, J.H.       R.A.F. Cpl.
   Brandon, S.       R.A.F. Cpl.
Page 6

   Clark, A.S.       D.L.I: Lt.
   Carey, B.         R.A.F: P/O.
Cummings, H.T. R.A.F: LAC.
   Carmichael, N.    R.C.S.
   Curry, L.         R.N: Petty Off.
   Currie, A.C.      R.A.F: P/O.
   Curry, G.W.       R.A.F: P/O.   D.S.O and Bar: D.F.C. and Bar
   Chance, J.        R.C.S: Cpl.
   Craven            R.N: Writer
   Cowan             R.A.F.
   Carr, A.          R.N: L/Teleg.
   Cowell, E.S.      R.N: A.B.   + Killed 1943
   Cordner           R.A.F: P/O   Missing 1944
   Cairns            R.A.F.
   Croudace, J.      R.E.
   Crane, J.P.       A.P.T.C./S.S.I.
   Collett, A.W.     R.C.S: Signlmn.
   Compton, D.H.     R.A: S/Sgt.
   Chapman, D.       R.N.
   Cassie, D.B.      F/O, R.A.F.
Page 7

   Craggs, B.        R.A.F: Sgt.   + Missing over Germany
   Crawford, A.      R.A.P.C.
   Cook, J.          Border Regt.
   Coleby, R.        R.A.F.
   Carr, H.          R.A.F.
   Cottrell,         M.N.
   Carpenter         R.N.F.
   Charlton, G.      R.N.   + Missing: presumed killed '42
   Cawthorne, R.G.   R.A.F./P.O.
   Carr, R.J.        R.N.V.R: Surgeon/Lt.
   Cook, G.          M.N.
   Cranshaw, D.      R.A.F.
   Coates, G.        R.A.F./L.A.C.
   Cummings, J.      R.A.F.
   Craggs, D.        R.A.F.
   Cowie, R.         R.A.F: Sgt. Air Gunner   + Killed in action, '42
   Cuthbertson, J.   R.A.M.C. Sgt.
   Carverhill, A.    R.A.F.
   Collins, J.R.     R.A.F./Sq/Ldr.   D.F.C, + Killed in action, '44
   Cuthbertson, J.   R.A/Gunner
Page 8

   Cuthbertson       Cpl./Border Regt.
   Coulson           Commandos: Maj.
   Currey, J.I.      Fleet Air Arm
   Chilvers, H.      R.A.F: Sgt. Air Gunner   + Killed in action
   Chipchase, O.
   Chipchase, W.D.   R.A.M.C./Staff Sgt.   M.M.
   Carr, J.          R.A.F.
   Cairns, E.M.      R.A.F: L.A.C.   Mentioned in Despatches   
   Croudace, Wm.
   Cranston, C.G.    R.A.
   Clegg, A.         R.A.F.
   Clement           R.A.F: W/O.
   Cowan,            Army
   Cowan,            Army
   Clasper, H.       R.E.
   Cook, A.          R.A.M.C.
   Cook, H.          R.A.F.
   Charlton, W.R.    R.N/P.O.
   Collins, W.E.     Mil. Govt: Lt/Col.      
   Chillingworth, H.A. R.N.V.R.: Lt. Comdr.
Page 9

   Coulson, L.N.     Commandos: Maj.   Military Cross: Croix de Guerre
   Currey, J.T.      R.N.V.R: Lt.
   Grey              R.A.F: Fl/Lt.
   Clarkson, T.      R.A.A.F: Fl/Lt.
   Dobson, K.B.      R.A: Capt.
   Dowell, W.G.      R.E.M.E: Staff/Sgt.
   Dale, J.W.        R.A.F./Sgt.   + Killed in action
   Dalrymple, G.     R.A.F.
   Davies            R.A.F.
   Davidson, R.      R.N./A.B.
   Dodds, D.         R.N.
   Darling, W.       R.N./Sub/Lt.
   Dennison, J.G.    R.A.F./Cpl.
   Doughty, W.       R.C.S.
   Davidson, L.      Army: 2/Lt.
   Dawson, E.T.      R.A.F: S/Pilot   + Killed in accident
   Dodds, A.A.       Tyneside Scottish: 2/Lt.
   Dodds, H.         R.A.F.
   Deeds, S.V.       R.A.F: Sgt. Nav.   + Missing: presumed killed
   Davidson, H.      R.N.
Page 10

   Dodd, H.          Sgt-Pilot: R.A.F.
   Davison, R.L.     Sub-Lt: R.N.
   Dunleavy          Sgt: R.A.M.C.
   Davison, G.       Sb/Lt: R.N.
   Dale, J.A.        Fl/Sgt: R.A.F.
   Dale, T.C.        Army
   Davison, N.       Army
   Dodgson, F.       P.O: R.A.F.
   Davies, A.H.      Sgt. Pilot: R.A.F.   + Killed in action '42
   Davidson, J.      P/Off: R.A.F.   D.F.C.
   Davidson, N.      A/C: R.A.F.
   Darling, G.W.     Fl/Lt: R.A.F.   D.F.C.
   Darling, P.       R.A.F.
   Davidson, A.F.    Lt.
   Dodds, M.         F/O: R.A.F.V.R.   + Killed, 1944
   Davies, A.        R.A.M.C.
   Davison, G.       R.N.
   Devlin, J.D.      Sgt: R.A.F. 
   Davis, S.         Lt: R.A.
   Davies, C.T.      Lt: R.N.
Page 11

   Davies, W.H.      W/O: R.A.F.
   Dixon, H.         R.N.
   Earl              Army
   Ellis, G.         R.A.F.
   Evans, P.         Army
   Erskine, D.B.     F/O: R.A.F.
   Elliott, A.       2/Lt: R.E.M.E.
   English, J.P.     A/C: R.A.F.
   Evans, B.         Army
   Ellis, W.         Sgt: R.A.F.   D.F.M.
   Elsdon, R.        P/O: R.A.F.   + Killed, accident '44
   Edmunson, R.      Sgt: R.A.F.
   Eltringham, R.    A.M.(E): F.A.A.
   Eden, J.          D.L.I.
   Edmondson, R.     Fl/Sgt: R.A.F.   + Killed over Jugoslavia
   Fender, E.S.      Fl/Sgt: R.A.F.   Missing, (Libya), '41
   Forbes, A.        Lt./Royal Marines
   Florance, J.      R.A.
   French, N.        R.A.F.
   Farlam, B.G.      F/O: R.A.F.
Page 12

   Farlan, V.E.      L/Bdr./R.A.   + Killed  N. Africa,
   Fettes, A.        2/Lt. Army
   Fletcher, S.      S/Ldr. R.A.F.
   Ford, W.J.        L/Cpl: R. Corps Sigs.
   Foggan, D.        A.B: R.N.
   Fisher, A.        Army   + Killed in action
   Foggs, J.         R.N.
   Fyfield, C.W.     P.O: R.N.
   Fennell           W.O: R.N.
   Forster, G.P.     Sgt./R.A.F.   + Killed over Essen '42
   Fawcett,          Lt: R.A.
   Fitzwilliam, H.   F.O: R.A.F.
   Fairlamb, F.B.    Fl./Sgt. R.A.F.
   Fairlamb, J.E.    Major: R.E.
   Fishkin, H.       Sgt./Inst: R.A.E.C.
   Fairlamb, R.W.L.  Sgt. R.A.F.   + Killed o.a.s 1941   
Page 13

   Glass, R.         S/Ldr: R.A.F.
   Grimshaw, R.E.    Fleet Air Arm
   Gilhespie, F.     Army Dental Corps
   Gunderson, H.     Merchant Service
   Germain           PO: R.A.F.
   Grecian, H.       L.A.C: R.A.F.
   Grieves           Army
   Grey, A.A.        Sb/Lt: R.N.
   Godfrey           Sub. Lt.
   Graham, K.        R.A.F
   Graham, Wm.       R.A.F
   Groves, A.        A.C.1: R.A.F.   + Killed at Salerno, '43
   Groves, L.        Lt., Punjabi Regt.
   Gleadon, R.       R.A.F.
   Green, K.         P/O: R.A.F.
   Gordon, A.        Midshipman. Fl. Air. A.
   Grice             R.A.F.
   Galbraith, J.W.   L/Cpl.   + Died in Thailand '43
   Gee               L/Ac: R.A.F.
   Grimshaw          Army
   Grant, J.         Major, R.A.   Mentioned in despatches
Page 14

   Gilroy, W.        R.A.F.
   Gray, R.          Army
   Garratt, D.A.     R.A.F.
   Graham, G.        R.E.
   Graves            Royal Eng.
   Gardner, R.       S/M: R.E.M.E.
   Gibson            R.A.F.
   Galloway, R.      Major: D.L.I.   + M.C. Killed in Normandy '44
   Green, L.         Sub Lt: R.N.
   Gibb, A.          L/Ac: R.A.F.
   Greenfield, H.    D.L.I.
   Gowland, V.F.C.   Fl/Lt - R.A.F.   Mentioned in Despatches
   Gardner, K.       Army
   Graham, T.        F/O: R.A.F.   D.F.C.
   Gilhespie, A.     R.N.
   Gregory, A.J.     A.C.1: R.A.F
   Greaves, J.A.     Cpl: R.C.S.
   Greig, R.E.       L/Ac: R.A.F.
   Gregg, R.P.       3rd Off. M.N.
Page 15

   Gilson, E.        L/Ac. R.A.F.
   Griffiths, J.G.   Sgt., R.E. & R.A.
   Hayes, G.         Surgeon Lt., R.N.V.R.
   Hayes, J.         Army
   Hayes, M.         Royal Artillery
   Harrison, F.      Leading Naval Airman
   Hazlewood, F.     AC2; R.A.F.
   Holmes, E.        Sgt. Pilot: R.A.F.
   Huskinson, D.     R.A.F.
   Hynes, K.         R.A.F.
   Hardy, R.         R.A. Survey
   Hasler, G.H.      Sgt. R.A.
   Hasler, R.P.      Sgt.
   Healy             R.A.F.
   Hunter, G.T.      Lt., R.A.M.C.
   Hall, M.R.        R.A.
   Hull, C.          R.A.
   Howe,             R.N.
   Hills, K.I.       Sub/Lt., R.N.V.R.   + Died of wounds,
   Henderson, C.     Sgt/Obs: R.A.F.   + Killed
Page 16

   Henderson, J.     Fleet Air Arm
   Henderson, A.C.   Sq/Ldr: R.A.F. D.F.C. and Bar: Mentioned in Despatches.
   Holmes, B.        Royal Tank Corps
   Harding, G.       Lt: R.N. (M.T.B.)   Mentioned in Despatches
   Heppell, J.C.     R.A.
   Henry, R.         Army
   Hetherington, J.  R.A.F.
   Hogarth, L.R.     Sgt., R.A.F.
   Heatley, W.G.     P/O: R.A.F.   + Killed, accident, 1944
   Hodgson,          R.C.S.
   Hogg, J.          R.A.F.
   Homewood,         R.A.F.
   Hopkinson, T.     Army
   Hall, S.L.        R.A.
   Heggie, W.        R.E.
   Hetherington, A.  R.A.F.
   Hetherington, R.  R.A.F.
   Hart, R.          Sgt. Nav. R.A.F.   + Killed, 1943
   Hastings          R.A.F.
   Hastings          R.A.F.
   Hassett, H.R.     A.I.F.
Page 17

   Hutchinson, J.    2/Lt., R.A.P.C.
   Hunter, W.        Cpl: R.A.F.
   Hudson, K.        Sgt/Pilot: R.A.F.   + Killed in action over Hamburg
   Hitchin, A.       Army Dental Corps.
   Hester, K.        F/O. R.A.F.
   Hogarth, P.       R.E.M.E.
   Hogg, R.          R.A.F.
   Henderson, T.     R.N.
   Harris, R.B.      R.N.
   Hardy, R.         Sgt., R.A.
   Head, W.          Royal Marines
   Hall, W.          R.A.F.
   Hodgkins, W.J.    Reece Corps
   Huskinson, D.     R.A.F.
   Harding, D.       Field Survey Co., R.A.
   Hoey, G.          Sub/Lt., R.N.V.R.
   Hewitson          R.A.F.
   Horsman           Army
   Hudspeth, J.      R.N.V.R.   D.S.C. Mentioned in Despatches
   Hetherington, E.  R.N.
Page 18

   Hudspith, H.      Army
   Howe, E.          Royal Navy
   Himson, J.J.      Capt., R.N.F.
   Hedworth, J.W.    Lt., R.A.S.C.
   Heslop, R.B.      Cpl., R.A.F.
   Hogg, V.          P/O., R.A.F.
   House, G.         Army
   Hall, R.M.        Sgt., R.A.   B.E.M.
   Hills, R.         R.A.F.
   Healy, B.         R. Corps Sigs.
   Hornsby, E.       Petty Off./R.N.   + Killed in action
   Haveron, A.M.     Lt., R.A.   + Died O.A.S. 1945
   Hodge, J.W.       R.A.F.   B.E.M.
   Huddlestone, J.N. Sgt/Obs., R.A.F.   + Missing over Cologne '41
   Hepher, L.        Capt., Army
   Hall, W.A.        F/Lt./R.A.F.
   Hepple, R.        F/Sgt., R.A.F.   + Killed in action '41
   Hall, C.          F/Lt., R.A.F.
   Highcock, J.R.    F/Lt., R.A.F.
   Harkness, K.
   Holmes, A.        Sgt/AG., R.A.F.
Page 19

   Innes, R.         Sgt. Pilot, R.A.F.
   Iddison, R.       Maj., Coldstream Gds.
   Johnston, O.      F/Lt/R.A.F.
   Johnston, W.L.H.  Sqn./Ldr., R.A.F.
   Jose, J.          LAC: R.A.F.
   Johnson, G.       Royal Artillery
   James, R.         Tpr., N.H.
   Jefferson, R.W.   Sgt., R.A.F.
   James, T.E.       Cpl; R.A.M.C.
   Johnson, L.       Army
   Jameson, R.       Midshipman, R.N.
   Johnson, J.F.     Sgt., R.A.F.   + Killed over Germany '44
   Jago, D.          Sgt., R.A.O.C.
   Jamieson, C.      R. Corps Sigs.
   Josephs, L.A.     Sgt., R.E.
   Jackson, K.       Fleet Air Arm
   Johnson, G.       R.E.
   Jameson, F.J.     R.E.M.E.
   Johnson,          Capt., R.W.R.
   Jobling, R.E.     P/O., R.A.F.   Missing over Aegean '43
Page 20

   Jackson, K.       Sub/Lt., Fl. Air Arm
   Johnson, M.       R.N.
   Jones, R.         A.C.2, R.A.F.
   Jones, B.         R.N.
   Jenkins, G.P.     P.O., R.N.
   Johnston, J.      Cpl., R.A.F.
   Jenkins,          Sgt., R.E.
   Joice, Wm.        F/Sgt., R.A.F.
   Johnson, M.       R.N.
   James, G.V.       Major, R.A.M.C.   M.B.E.
   Johnson, S.A.     Capt., 4 R.N.F.
   Johnson, L.R.     Sgt., 5 R.N.F.
   Kitchell, C.W.    Lt., R.N.
   Kirtley, G.       R.A.F.
   Kerr              Sgt., R.A.F.
   Kellie, R.H.      2/Lt., R.A.
   Kerr, J.D.        2/Lt., R.A.
   Kindred, E.       A.B., R.N.
   Kitchen, W.H.     R.E.
Page 21

   Kennedy, B.W.     Radio Off., M.N.
   Kinmont, W.       Commandos
   Kinmont, H.       R.A.F.
   Kirton, J.T.      Lt., R.N.
   Kinghorn, W.      Ft/Sgt., R.A.F.
   Kerr, A.          W/O: R.A.F   + Killed in the Mediterranean July '44
   Lillie, W.        Sgt./R.C.S.
   Lee, G.W.         R.A.F.
   Laws,             R.N.
   Lowes,            Lt., R.N.
   Leach, J.         M.N.
   Lattimer, A.B.    R.A.F.   + Killed in action,
   Lowery,           R.A.F.
   Lockey,           Fl/Sgt., R.A.F.
   Ledger, G.        A.B., R.N.V.R.   Missing '43
   Laing, H.         Fleet Air Arm   + Killed o.a.s.
   Longstaff,        R.A.F.
   Lamb, N.          2-Lt/Army
   Little, D.        Lt., R.E.M.E.
   Lee,              Army
Page 22

   Lishman, A.B.     Fl/Lt., R.A.F.
   Laidler, J.       A/C., R.A.F.   + Killed
   Lovell,           R.N.
   Landau,           R.A.
   Lees, E.M.        R. Corps Sigs.
   Leech, J.         R.A.F.
   Laidler, G.       A/C, R.A.F.
   Lane, B.          Pioneer Corps
   Leach, A.         R. Aus. A.F.
   Lloyd, M.         Capt., M.N.
   Lloyd, R.I.       Capt., Army   + Died at Basrah
   Law, H.           Capt., Army
   Leith,            R.N.
   Lamb, D.          Lt., Army
   Lessels, A.H.     Lt. (Elec.), R.N.
   Lomas, J.         LAC, R.A.F.
   Levy, L.          Fl/Sgt., R.A.F.
   Little, E.P.      Maj., Ind. S.Eng.
   Morrell, G.       P/O, R.A.F.
   Marsh, L.         F/Sgt., R.A.F.
Page 23

   Moffett, H.T.     Sgt-Pilot, R.A.F.   + Killed in N. Africa 1943
   Melvin, S.        P/O., R.A.F.
   Markham, S.       Cpl., R.A.F.
   Miller, W.        Cpl., R.A.F.
   Murray, T.H.      P.O., R.A.F.
   Maxwell, W.       Maj., R.N.F.   M.C. 1942
   Murray, D.        R.A.F.
   Mills, R.         Sgt., R.Tr.C.
   Miller, N.        Sgt., R.A.F.
   Milburn, H.       Sgt., R.A. Survey
   Milburn,          Army
   McIntosh, R.M.    Sgt., R.A.F.   Missing: presumed killed
   Moles, R.C.       Capt., Army
   Mills, A.         Sgt., R.A.M.C.
   Mills, T.W.       Lt., R.N.F.
   Moat, E.          Sgt., R.A.M.C.
   Miller, J.G.      LAC, R.A.F.
   Miller, C.        2/Lt., R.E.M.E
   Marshall, Wm.     R.A.F.   + Killed: Jan 1945
Page 24

   Milburn, S.       2/Lt., R.A.
   Milburn, J.       QMS, Canadian Army
   Milburn, R.       P/O, Royal Navy
   Milburn, E.       Sgt., R.A.
   Miller, G.        Sgt., R.A.F.
   Mitchell,         R.N.
   Mothersole        Sub-Lt., R.N.
   Moffett, G.L.     Army
   Mitchinson, F.G.  Sgt., R.M. (Engnrs.)
   Marley, W.A.      Cpl., R.A.M.C.
   Mooney,           Army
   Moffatt, L.       R.A.F.
   Marshall, Wm.     R.A.F.
   Marshall, V.      R.A.F.
   Mountney, K.      P/O., R.A.F.   D.F.C.
   Mitchinson, G.    R.M.
   Macaree, R.       P/O., R.A.F.
   Mason,            Cpl., R.A.F
   Marsh, S.         Gnr., R.A.
   Moffatt, A.       Flt/Sgt., R.A.F.   + Killed in action, '42
Page 25

   Mullen, A.E.      Commandos
   Muse, J.          R.A.F.
   March, G.         Cpl., R.A.F.
   March, T.         Sgt., Survey, R.A.
   Moffett, W.       Gnr., R.A.
   Moralee, G.       P/O., R.A.F.
   Marram, O.        Maj., Indian Army
   Magnay, H.        Master, M.N.
   Muitt, J.         Sgt/Maj., R.A.
   Miller, G.F.      Fl/Lt., R.A.F.
   Miller, J.        Pte., R. Corps Sigs.
   Milne, R.A.       R.A.S.C.
   Maxwell, A.R.     Cpl., R.A.F.
   Merrin, F.W.      Fl/Lt., R.A.F.   Czechoslovakian M.M. 1st Class
   Magson, W.        Major, R.E.
   Murray, D.        F/O, R.A.F.   + Missing: presumed killed 1943
   Mitchell, C.W.    R. Corps Sigs.
   Mainwaring, J.R.
   McKenzie, J.R.    AC1/R.A.F.
   McKay, A.         Lt., R.N.F.   + Killed in action, '44
Page 26   

   McKay             R.A.F.
   McAllister,       2/Lt., R.A.
   McLeod,           R.S.M., R. Corps Sigs.
   McIlwain, F.      R.N.   + Killed in action
   McLennan, J.      Capt., N.F [sic]
   McVittie, J.      R.A.O.C.
   McLeod, A.G.      Midshipman, R.N.
   McDonald, J.      L/Cpl., R.E.
   McIntosh, L.H.    Sgt., R.A.F.
   McIlwain, J.      R.A.F.
   McEwan, J.        R.A. Survey
   McArthur, J.H.G.  F/Lt., R.A.F.   D.F.C.
   McNichol, G.A.    Army
   McLeod, W.N.      R.A.
   McLeod, A.S.      WO1, R.C.S.
   McKnight, J.O.    CQMS, R.A.S.C.   Mentioned in Despatches
   Noble, J.         Army
   Nendick           R.A.F.
   Norgaard,         Capt., Army
Page 27   

   Nicholson, T.L.   L/Cpl., R.E.M.E
   Naylor, R.        Sgt. R.A.F.   + Killed
   Nuttall           Sgt., R.A.F.   + Missing over Germany
   Nicholson, D.     R.N.
   Naylor, W.        M.N., R.N.
   Norman, S.        R.A.F.
   Nelson, T.J.      Sub/Lt., R.N. + Presumed killed: mentioned in despatches
   Otley, L.         R.N.
   Oxley, T.         W/O: R.A.F.
   Owen, A.G.        R.N.
   Pickering, F.     R.N.F.
   Pickering, S.     R.A.
   Picken, J.        R.A.
   Picken, James
   Popley, B.        A/C., R.A.F.
   Perry,            R.A.F.
   Pearson, J.G.     R.A.C.
   Parke, E.         Sgt., R.A.F.
   Parke, N.H.       Maj., R.A.
   Pigg,             R.A.F.
Page 28

   Purvis, N.        R.A.O.C.
   Pallister,        R.A.F.
   Parton, E.        Maj., R.N.F.
   Parton, D.        F/Lt., R.A.F.
   Peaston, G.       R.C.S.
   Plews, A.         R.A.
   Prince, R.        P.O., R.N.
   Parker, Noel      M.N.
   Parker, Neville   Ferry Command
   Portway, D.       Sgt., Army
   Pyle, C.          P/O, R.A.F.   D.F.C.
   Pyle, G.          Sgt., R.A.
   Potts, W.         Gnr., R.A.
   Paul, L.H.        R.A.   + Killed in action
   Peters, B.        Sgt., R.A.M.C.
   Patterson, N.     Royal Marines
   Parkins,          M.N.
   Potts, G.         Sapper, R.E.
   Priestly, W.
   Pearson, H.       L/Sgt., R.A.
Page 29

   Parker, W.        R.A.F.
   Pringle, E.       R.N.
   Pearson, G.A.     R.A.S.C.   + Killed in action
   Pattison, S.      R.N.
   Perry, J.T.       B.O.A.C.
   Perry, C.         R.A.F.
   Pearson, C.       R.A.F.
   Peart, J.         Maj., R.A.
   Phillips,         Lt., R.N.V.R.   Mentioned in Despatches
   Patterson, J.L.   F/Lt., R.A.F.
   Parker, H.        Lt., R.A.
   Parkinson, L.
   Pentney, J.D.     A/C., R.A.F.   Missing
   Phillipson, A.    AC1, R.A.F.
   Peart, R.         R.N.V.R.
   Patterson, G.E    Sgt., R.A.F.   + Killed on Active Service '44
   Purdy, R.         F/Lt., R.A.F.
   Pearson, F.       R.A.
   Pattison, W.      S/Maj., Canadn.
   Patrick, D.       Capt., R.A.   + Killed in Italy '44
Page 30

                     P/O., R.N.V.R.
   Pattison, S.      R.N.V.R.
   Peters, A.C.      Cpl., R.A.M.C.
   Robinson, T.      R.A.F.   + Killed: 1943
   Rush, J.          R.A.F.
   Roach, A.         R.A.F.
   Russell, J.F.     P/Off/R.N.   + Died in Japanese hands
   Reed, J.A.        R.A. (Survey)
   Reed, B.          Army
   Robson, A.        Fleet Air Arm
   Richardson, A.    Army
   Rutherford, R.    R.A.F.   + Killed in action
   Richmond, J.      R.A.F.   + Killed in action
   Rippon, L.R.      R.A.O.C.
   Robinson, K.      R.N.
   Rawson, A.        R.N.   + Killed in action
   Rogers,           R.A.F.
   Rubery, D.        Fl/Lt., R.A.F.   D.F.C.   
   Richardson, G.    Army
Page 31

   Robertson, R.G.   Army
   Ridley, J.G.      R.A.F.
   Reed, G.          2/Lt., Army
   Richardson, P.    Army
   Robins,           R.N.
   Ranson, S.L.      2/Lt., Radio Logn.
   Richley, F.       R.A.F.
   Russell, C.       F/Lt., R.A.F.   D.F.C.
   Rattray, T.       Sgt., R.N.F.
   Ridley            R.A.F.
   Robinson, W.      Maj., D.L.I.   + Killed in action
   Russell, W.       R.A.
   Russell, T.       2/Lt., R.A.
   Riley, R.         Sgt., S.A.F.
   Railston, W.      Lt. Cdr., R.N.V.R.
   Ratcliffe,        R.E.M.E.
   Rochester, S.B.   P/O., R.A.F.
   Richardson, A.    R.A.
   Robson, V.        A.B., R.N.
   Richmond          Sgt., R.A.F.
Page 32

   Rook, B.          R.A.
   Robson, L.        Maj., R.E.   M.B.E: Mentioned in Despatches
   Rutter, D.        WOII., R.E.
   Robson, N.        Sgt., 7 Armd. Div.
   Ritson, W.E.      Maj., R.A.
   Renny, S.         F/Lt., R.A.F.
   Robinson, R.K.    Lt., R.N.
   Robertson, D.     R.N.
   Robertson, A.C.
   Renshaw, C.S.     + Lost at Sea, 1941
   Stell, J.W.       Flt/Sgt., R.A.F.
   Stell, W.N.       W/O., R.A.F.
   Scott, G.         Sgt., R.A.M.C.
   Sinclair, E.N.    WO/1, R.A.M.C.
   Sinclair, W.      Cpl., R.A.F.
   Smalley, L.       Sgt., R.A.F.
   Seaman, H.        Sgt., Army
   Stoddart, J.      B.Q.M.S., R.A.
   Smith, T.P.       R. Corps Sigs.
   Smith, A.         F/O., R.A.F.
Page 33

   Richmond          Sub Lt., R.N.
   Robson, H.        Sgt., R.A.F.
   Richardson, G.    R.A.F.
   Robins, R.        R.A.F.
   Richardson, A.    L/Sgt., R.A.
   Richardson, R.R.  R.A.F.
   Rubery, A.        R.N.
   Rivett,           Pte., R.U.R.
   Rutherford, W.    R.N.
   Richardson, A.    Sapper, R.E.
   Ranson,           R.A.S.C.
   Rosburgh, A.L.    R.N.
   Ronaldson, D.S.B. Cpl., R.A.F.
   Rowell,           R.N.
   Rea, T.           R.N.
   Railston, W.      R.N.
   Ridley, J.G.      A/C., R.A.F.
   Robertson, W.     AC2., R.A.F.
   Robson,           Army
   Robson, P.        Cpl., Marine Comdos.
Page 34

   Stephens, W.J.    P.O., R.A.F.   + Killed: D.F.M.
   Simpson, R.W.     Rad. Mech., R.N.
   Simpson, G.       Bdr., R.A.
   Sissons, R.       P/O., R.A.F.
   Stephenson,       R.A.F.   D.F.C.
   Short,            Sgt., R.A.
   Sutherland, D.    Army
   Smith, K.         Cpl., R.A.M.C.
   Stoddard, D.      R.T.C.
   Seaton            Army
   Stephenson, W.J.  Sgt., R.M.
   Stephenson, G.    Sgt., Army
   Stewart, C.A.     Capt., R.E.M.E.
   Short             S/Sgt., R.A.
   Stuart, W.E.      Capt., R.E.M.E.
   Saggerson, E.P.   Lt., R.N.F.
   Smith, S.         M.N.
   Stephenson, R.E.  F/Lt., R.A.F.
   Simon             M.N.
   Shield, W.G.      P/O., R.A.F.
Page 35

   Schuil, A.E.      R.N.V.R.   + Killed in Action '43
   Shaw, J.D.        Maj., Army
   Stokoe, W.        R.A.F.
   Shaw, W.          Army Dental Corps
   Sanderson, R.R.   R.A.
   Snowball, R.      Army
   Salkeld, S.W.     Sgt. Nav., R.A.F.   + Killed over Sicily, '43
   Smith, A.C.       Lt., R.A. A.A.
   Surtees, F.       Cadet, M.N.
   Stokoe, W.V.      L/Sgt., R.A.
   Smith, W.         Capt., R.A.
   Sutherland, D.D.  Pte., R.A.O.C.
   Smith, J.         Sgt., R.A.F.
   Smith, A.L.       B.S.M., R.A.
   Shaw, J.G.        R.A.F.   + Killed in Action '44
   Scott, J.         R.A.F.
   Stewart, J.A.     Capt., Army
   Sawyer, E.W.      F/O., R.A.F.   + Missing, presumed killed, '45
   Shepherd, R.J.J.  R.N.   + Drowned '43
   Shepherd, J.W.J.  R.N.   + Died in Malta
Page 36

   Stone, F.         Lt/Cdr. S., R.N.R.
   Stone, R.J.       Fleet Air Arm
   Stone, A.J.       R.N.   + Killed in action
   Stobbs, G.        A.B., R.N.   
   Stephenson, R.    Telegraphist, R.N.
   Silver, E.        F.O., R.A.F.
   Singer, H.        R.N.
   Smith, S.         R.A.F.
   Scott, E.         AG/WO., R.A.F
   Swinburne, W.     Fl/Lt., R.A.F.   + Killed: Feb 1942
                     Chavelier (sic) of the Order of Leopold III 
                     with Palms; Croix de Guerre with Palms
   Signey, F.        Maj., R.C.S.
   Smith, R.S.       M.N.
   Simpson, C.       R.N.
   Swindale          Brigadier, R.A.M.C.
   Smith, P.C.S.     Capt., Home Guards
   Stothart, T.G.    R.A.
   Spoors, J.S.R.    R.E.M.E.
   Sturdy, N.L.      R.A.O..C.
   Sturdy, E.        M.N.   + Lost at sea. Lloyd's War Medal for Bravery
   Stephens, J.A.    R.E.M.E.
Page 37

   Tindall, J.W.     Sgt/Pilot, R.A.F.
   Thoburn, J.W.     R.A.F.
   Tuer, T.          R.A.F.
   Taylor, T.        Sgt., Army
   Telfer, J.        M.N.   + Lost at Sea: May 1942
   Thorman, D.L.     F/Lt., R.A.F.
   Thompson, J.S.    R.N.
   Toddie, T.R.      Maj., R.A.O.C.   Mentioned in Despatches
   Toddie, W.        Sgt., Tyneside Sc.+ Killed; 1940 Mentioned in Despatches
   Turnbull, A.      R.A.F.
   Tyson, E.         R.A.F.
   Tomlin, R.        R.A.F.
   Tindle, I.M.      P/O., R.A.F.
   Thompson          R.A.F.
   Thompson, G.B.    Lt., R.A.
   Taylor, N.        R.A.F.
   Thompson, F.      R.N.
   Thompson, F.      R.A.F.
   Todhunter         Pioneer Corps
   Tennant, D.       M.N.
Page 38

   Telfer            Sub-Lt., R.N.
   Thompson, F.      R.N.
   Thompson,         2/Lt., R.A.
   Thompson, W.L.    R.A.F.
   Taylor            R.A.F.   Lost over Germany
   Thompson, A.      Army
   Townsend,         Sgt., R.A.F.
   Tate, H.          M.N.
   Tweddle, J.       R.A.F.
   Trueman, G.       Sub. Lt: R.N.V.R.
   Taylor, C.C.      R.A.F.
   Thompson, V.      LAC: R.A.F.
   Tytler, D.        LAC: R.A.F.
   Thompson, N.      BSM: R.A.
   Turnbull, N.      LAC: R.A.F.
   Tunnah A.K.       Capt., R.E.
   Tidey, G.L.       Maj. Indian Army   Mentioned in Despatches
   Tunnah, A.R.      F/Lt., R.A.F.
   Turner, G.        Cpl., R. Corps Sigs.
Page 39

   Turner, G.        Cpl., R.C.Sigs.
   Tomkins, A.G.     Staff Sgt., R.E.
   Utterson,         Cpl., R.A.F.
   Vineburg, R.      W.O., R.A.F.
   Varty, G.         R.A. Survey
   Vest, J.N.        F/O., R.A.F.
   Vineburg, A.J.R.**R.A.F.   Killed in action over Germany
   Wightman, D.      Sgt. A.G., R.A.F.   + Killed in action
   Wills, J.         Lt., The Buffs
   Wake, H.          Lt., R.A.
   Wemyss            Army
   Wyatt             R.A.F.
   Wardhaugh         R.A.F.
   Watson, C.        R.A.F.
   Watson, H.        Writer, R.N.
   Wood, K.          R.A.F.
   Wood, S.          R.A.F.
   Waugh, W.R.       P.O: R.A.F.   + Missing: presumed killed '44
   Wood, G.L.        Lt-Col., D.L.I.   D.S.O. and Bar: M.C.
   Wood, K.          Major, D.L.I.   M.C.

   **This name has a Star of David next to it.
Page 40

   Walton, D.        R.N.
   Whipp, K.T.G.     Sgt., R.A.F.
   West, R.          F/Sgt., R.A.F.   + Killed in action
   Welch, S.         F.O., R.A.F.
   Welch, W.R        Sgt. Pilot, R.A.F.   + Missing: presumed killed
   Wyatt, W.A.       R.A.F.
   Wyatt, W.A.       Middlesex Regt.
   Wilson, W.A.
   Wilson, J.        R.A.
   Walton, A.        R.A.F.
   Wright, G.        R.N.
   Wood, J.          P.O., R.A.F.   + Killed in action, 1942.
   White, A.P.       P.O., R.A.F.
   White, R.         R.A.F.
   Wright, T.        L/Bdr., R.A.
   Walton, R.        R.A.F.
   Walton, W.        Army
   Watson, J.        2/Lt., R.N.F.
   Wadham, D.        P.O., R.A.F.
   Watson, I.        R.A.F.   D.F.C.
Page 41

   Watson, I.
   Westgarth, D.R.   Capt., R.E.M.E
   Watt, A.          R.A.F.
   West, D.          R.E.
   Warne, F.J.       S/Pilot, R.A.F.
   Wilkinson         S/Pilot, R.A.F.
   Woodcock, W.      S/Ldr., R.A.F.
   Wilson, A.        R.A.
   Watson, G.G.      R.T.R.
   Watson            F/Sgt., R.A.F.
   Wilson, F.C.      L/A/C/R.A.F.
   Wise, E.G.        Lt., R.E.
   Wearmouth         Capt., R.A.
   Woodman           C.Q.M.S., R.E.
   Wood, J.          R. Corps Sigs.
   Williams, T.      Sgt., R.A.O.C.
   Wallace           R.A.M.C.
   Wilkinson         Sgt., R.A.F.   D.F.M., 1944
Page 42

   Wedderburn, J.    Lt., R.A.M.C.
   Wilson, C.        Cpl., R.E.M.E.
   Wilkinson, S.
   West, A.          Fleet Air Arm
   West, R.S.        R.A.A.F.   + Killed in action
   West, C.A.        Royal Marines
   Wilkinson, H.     W/O., R.A.F.   D.F.M.
   Wilson, B.        Sgt., R.A.F.   Mentioned in Despatches
   Wilkinson, I.M.   R.N.F.
   Waite, G.         Capt., R.N.   O.B.E. The Captain of the San Demetrio
   Walton, J.H.      R.N.
   Weightman, W.     Sgt. A/G., R.A.F.   + Killed over Cologne, '42
   Wendorff, B.      Cpl., R.A.S.C.
   Wendorff, H.      LAC., R.A.F.
   Walker, S.J.      Royal Hussars
   Wright, H.        Staff Capt., R.A.
   Wheldon, J.       Chief E.R.A., R.N.
   Watson, A.W.H.    W/O (Nav)., R.A.F.   + Killed Sept '44
   Watson, R.H.      Capt., R.E.
   Watson, M.F.      R.A.M.C.
   Wilson, T.        R.A.F.   + Killed, Jan '45
Page 43

   West, D.J.        Sgt., R.E.
   Walton, J.H.D.    R.A.F.   Mentioned in Despatches
   Young, J.         R.A.F.
   Yielder, J.C.     Sgt. Pilot, R.A.F.   + Killed over Germany '44
   Yielder, D.       R.N.
   Young, F.         R.N.V.R.


   J. Grant scripsit  













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