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Photo: C. Sanders


Two Rolls of Honour 1914-18 Victoria Working Men's Club





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Original Location

Victoria Working Men’s Club. In the entrance hall. (Closed)

Present Location

Glebe Community Centre

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Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 20th October 1920 by Cllr. Ross Williams

Memorial Description

Two Rolls of Honour of standard design, each 2 feet 3 inches high x1 foot 8 inches wide, both in wide rolled moulded frames approx. 6 inches wide but with very high ornate tops. At centre top, beneath the words “Roll of Honour”, is a wreath containing a flag, with a ribbon with the words “For King and Country”. The names are listed in five columns, each divided by a vertical red line.

Materials used

Dark oak surround, bronze plaque.


Roll of Honour / For King and Country / 1914-1919 Victoria / Workmen’s Club and Institute Ltd.,/ Murton Colliery / Members who served in H.M.F. in the Great War


Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Simon Raine; Dorothy Hall

Auckland and County Chronicle 21/10/1920 reports unveiling.

Northern Echo 18/10/1920 reports unveiling

Durham Chronicle 22/10/1920 reports unveiling.

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall

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Two Rolls of Honour 1914-18 Victoria Working Men's Club (M47.05)

MURTON    Victoria Working Men’s Club.  

First framed Roll
   Roll of Honour 
   For King And. Country 
   1914            1919 
   Workmen’s Club and Institute Ltd.
   Murton Colliery 
   Members who served in H.M.F. in the Great War
   Edwd. Abbott     John Butters     Rbt. Ditchburn   Thos. Graham     John Irving 
   Sam Abbott       Patrick Cain     Thos. Dixon      W.E. Graham      Geo. Jackson 
   J.W. Adamson     Austin Cain      Wm. Dixon        Rbt. Gray        E. Jackson 
   J.D. Adamson     Owen Campbell    Thos. Dodds      Wilf. Gray       Thos. Jackson 
   James Allen      James Carmichael Geo. Dunn        Thos. Greenfield Hy. Jeffrey 
   Jos. Anderson    Alex. Carver     Rich. Elliott    Jos. Grogan      John Jenkins 
   Wm. Anderson     James Chapman    Bart. Elliott    Jas. Hagan       J.J. Jobson 
   J.C. Anderson    Jos. Chapman     Thos. Elliott    J.W. Hall        Ben. Johnson 
   J.W. Andrews     Hy. Chicken      Thos. Elliott    Thos. Hall       A. Joiner 
   Edw. Armstrong   Rbt. Claburn     Wm. Elliott      Jas. Hall        Chris. Kenyon   
   Rbt. Armstrong   Rbt. Clough      Vince. Elwick    Geo. Hall        John King 
   Hy. Armstrong    Hy. Collins      John Elwick      John Hanby       John Knox 
   David Askew      Hugh Connelly    Lance. Emery     John Halliday    Hy. Knox 
   Robt. Atkinson   John Connock     John Etherington Henry Harding    J.W. Lamb 
   Thos. Bacon      Edw. Connock     Silas L. Farmer  Norman Harding   Adam Lashley 
   Thos. Bailey     Hy. Cook         James Farrell    Rich. Harland    John Lashley
   Wm. Barker       John Cook        Thos. Farrelly   Wm. Harris       Robt. Lashley
   Hy. Bartlett     Wm. Cook         Geo. Farrelly    Edw. Hart        Sam. Launder
   Chas. Bartlett   Wm. Cowley       Jos. Ferguson    Fred. Heslop     John Lee 
   John Bartley     Geo. Coxon       Geo. Ferguson    Wm. Hetherington Geo. Liddle 
   Wm. Bell         Ralph Coxon      Geo. Flynn       Arthur Heywood   Hy. Lindsay   
   Thos. Binnie     Wm. Crumbie      Dennis Flynn     Jos. Hills       Hy. Lightfoot 
   Geo. Blenkinsop  Alb. Crumbie     James Foggerty   Jos. Hills       J.M. Longdon
   Geo. Bousfield   Wm. Cummings     James Foley      James Hills      Wm. Lours 
   Wm. Bousfield    Rbt. Cummings    Clem Forster     Arthur Hindhaugh Fred. Lowerson 
   David Box        Thos. Cutler     Hy. Fowler       Jos. Hogarth     Thos. Luke 
   Hiram Brass      Geo. Daglish     Robt. Forster    Wm. Holland      Rbt. Luke
   Wm. Brass        John Daglish     Wm. Ganning      Hy. Holmes       John Luke 
   Stephen Brown    J.W. Davidson    Thos. Gibson     Thos. Holmes     John Luke 
   W.J. Brown       J.B. Davidson    Thos. Gilroy     Wm. Holmes       George Luke 
   J.T. Broxson     Rbt. Davison     Jos. Gott        Jas. Holmes   
   John Bullock     Wm. Davison      Wm. Gowland      Wilf. Hough
   Jos. Bullon      Wilf. Davison    And. Graham      John Hume
First framed Roll

   Roll of Honour 
   For King And Country 
   1914            1919 
   Workmen’s Club and Institute Ltd.
   Murton Colliery 
   Members who served in H.M.F. in the Great War
   John Maddigan    Wm. Neasham      J.C. Ramshaw     And. Skeen       John Wallace 
   And. Maddigan    Thos. Nevins     John Reay        Alf. Smith       John J. Wallace 
   Dennis Maddigan  Alf. Newcombe    Jas. Reynolds    R T Smith        Rbt. Wallace
   Frank Maddison   Jos. Newton      Rbt. Richardson  Rich. Smith      Peter Ward 
   J.J. Manley      Geo. Noble       Thos. Richardson John Smith       Geo. Waters 
   Edw. Manning     Arth. Noble      Rbt. Richardson  Geo. K. Smith    M.H. Watkin 
   Mick Martin      Thos. Oliver     Rbt. Rigney      J.W.Steele       Nic. Watson 
   Rbt. Mason       Jos. Ord         Cth. Ritche      Robt Steele      Walt. Watson 
   Alb. Merchant    Thos. Orton      And. Robinson    Rbt. Stephens    Rich. Welsh 
   Wm. Metcalf      Jas. Parker      Jos. Robinson    Jos. Strong      Hugh White 
   Thos. Miller     Walt. Parker     John Robinson    Jas. Stobie      R.E. White
   And. Miller      Jos. Parkinson   J.H. Robson      Thos. Stobie     Wm. White 
   Amb. Moreland    Peter Parkinson  Ralph Robson     Hy. Sugden       Wm. Whitmore 
   Jas. Morris      Jas. Patterson   Hy. Robson       Jas. Surtees     Sam. Whitmore 
   Thos. Morrison   Rbt. Patterson   John C. Rowe     Geo. Swinburne   Edw. Williams 
   Rbt. Morton      Frank Penman     Arth. Rowlands   John Taylor      Ern. Williamson 
   Wm. Myers        Herbert Penman   Geo. Rutherford  Isaac Taylor     Ralph Williamson 
   Jas. McAllister  Arthur Penman    Thos. Rutherford Rich. Taylor     Hy. Williamson 
   Rbt. McCartney   Sam. Penman      Thos. Scorer     Walt. Thompson   Edw. Williamson 
   Arth. McCartney  Jas. Pescod      Jas. Self        Rbt. Thompson    John Williamson 
   Thos. McLaren    Wm. Peterkin     J.T. Sharkey     Wm. Thompson     John Wills 
   Wm. McNally      Sam. Pine        Wm. Sharkey      Hy. Thompson     Sam. Wilson
   John McNally     Ernest Place     Jas. Shaw        Wm. Tilley       J W Wilson 
   Wm. McNally      Geo.Pointer      John Sheppard    Wm. Treweeke     Edw. Wilson
   Thos. McPartland Thos. Porter     Arth. Sheppard   Mth. Trimberth   Waym. Wilson
   Rbt. McRoy       Hy. Potts        Wilfrid Shiels   Jos. Turnbull    Edw. Wiseman
   David McRoy      Wm. Potts        J.C. Short       Jas. Turnbull    Jos. Wotton
   Wm McRoy         Wm. Prest        J.W. Short       John Turnbull    J.W. Wough
   Thos. Napier     Thos. Punshon    Alb. Short       Rbt. Turnbull    Geo. Wright
   Hy. Napier       Rich. Purvis     Rbt. Short       Rowl. Tweedy     Thos. Wright
   Rbt. Napier      Jos.Purvis       Mat. Short       John Vest        Rbt. Young
   Jas. Napier      Edw. Purvis      David Siddle     Jos. Vest        Wm. Young
   Wm. Napier       Wm. Purvis       Rbt. Skeen       Jos. Vest   
                                                      Alb. Waddle

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