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Photo: Dorothy Hall


Plaque McNally V.C. 1914-18 Roadside





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NZ 388470

Original Location

Village green

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

The original memorial was unveiled in 1978.

Memorial Description

Plaque 3 feet 3 inches high x 2 feet 11 inches wide set into a wall surrounding a garden with paved floor and railed wall. There are benches on either side. The plaque bears the Victoria Cross at the top and underneath is the regimental badge of the Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howards).

Between them, in an arc are the words “To the sacred memory of”. The rest of the dedication is underneath. All lettering is carved using sans serif capitals throughout and gilded.

Materials used

Central plaque is made of marble. The wall is of stone.


The central plaque reads:
To the sacred memory of
William McNally, V.C., M.M. & Bar
who by his courage and unselfish
devotion to duty during the Great War
1914-18 brought honour and glory to this
village and his regiment.


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1. When the area containing this memorial and the cenotaph was refurbished 2007-8, ornamental planting was introduced to flank this memorial.

2 His medals are on display at the Green Howards Museum, Richmond.

3. See additional information M47.14

4 See Every Name A Story

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall

Durham Chronicle 03/11/1978 reports unveiling with photo.

Murton Parish Council Newsletter Issue 10 Winter 2007/8 reports the refurbishment of the memorial.

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Research acknowledgements

C. Sanders; John and Mavis Dixon; Murton Parish Council; Dorothy Hall

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Plaque McNally V.C. 1914-18 Roadside (M47.03)

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