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Photo: Dorothy Hall


Cross 1914-18 Roadside





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NZ 126515

Original Location

Durham Road

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 24th April 1921 by Rev. W.H. Coney, M.A.

Memorial Description

Cross of Celtic type, total height approx. 14 feet high with encircled head. Made of rough granite which has been smoothed on the front to the tapering cross shaft to bear the dedication. It stands on a tapered pedestal on a tapered step on a square step. The names are carried in two columns on the front face of the pedestal and single column on each side. The lettering is sans serif capitals.
The whole is set in square garden site within a low wall. There may formerly have been railings.

Materials used

Grey granite


To the glory of God / and in memory of / the following men / of the Urban Area / of Leadgate, / who fell in the war of / 1914-1918
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.


Present condition

Cleaned 2007

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

W Ayton & Sons, Blackhill


1. This was reported to have been erected at the entrance to Leadgate Park football ground.

2. McGrahan has been mis-spelt, and should be McGraham.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Simon Raine; C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall

Shields Daily News 28/04/1921

Illustrated Chronicle 25/04/1921 reports unveiling with photo.

Northern Echo 14/04/1921 reports proposed unveiling; 21/04/1921 reports proposed unveiling; 25/04/1921 reports unveiling.

Consett and Stanley Chronicle 29/04/1921 reports unveiling.

Stanley News 28/04/1921 reports unveiling.

Blaydon Courier 30/04/1921 reports unveiling.

Source of quotation
“Greater love hath no man . . .” St. John 15 v 13.

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Additional Notes

This Memorial File is sponsored by:-
Leadgate Community History Club

Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

The names on Leadgate Memorial (L65.02) have been researched by Steve Davidson Contact:

Cross 1914-18 Roadside (L65.02)

LEADGATE       Roadside.  
On shaft of cross
     To the glory of God 
     and in memory of 
     the following men 
     of the Urban Area 
     of Leadgate, 
     who fell in the war of 
Front face of pedestal
     Donnelly Thos.        Doyer Albert 
     Dunning Geo.          Ford Basil 
     Fowler Robt.          Gallagher Wm. E. 
     Gardiner Geo.         Goody Cecil 
     Haughey Michael       Hart Jas. R. 
     Hebdon Chas.          Hebdon Norman 
     Hooper Geo. H.        Howard Jos. 
     Irwin Geo. Hy.        Jackson Wm.    
     Kirsop Thos.          Ledger Thos. 
     Lee Edward H.         Lee William    
     Liddell Thos.         Maughan Ed. 
     Mawson Matthew W.     McGlen Thos. 
     McGrahan Jno.         McGrath Thos. 
     Milburn Jas.          Oxley John    
     Parker Robt.          Parkin Thos. W. 
     Pearson Edwin P.      Pearson Robt.    
     Perry Matthew         Postle Geo. 
     Reddy Patrick         Redshaw George 
     Reed Matthew          Ringer Walter 
     Robinson John M.      Robson Wm.       
     Rowland Thos. E.      Shield John
                           Slane Peter
Front face lower plinth
     Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his 
     life for his friends.
Left face             Right face
     Allison Wm.           Snaith Andrew T.
     Allinson Robert       Stafford John R.
     Anderson Norman J.    Tait Robert W. S.
     Ballentyne Adam F.    Telfer Thomas M.
     Barron Frederick      Tinkler Isaac
     Barron John Wm.       Turner Francis J.
     Bessford Wm. A.       Turner Jos.
     Best John G.          Veitch George
     Best Thos. C.         Walker Jas.
     Birtley Chas. E.      Walker Thos.
     Brannigan John        Wanless Robt. F.
     Brown Geo.            Warburton Herbert L.
     Burns Felix           Watson John F.
     Carr George A.        Wilson Bennie R.
     Chambers James R.     Wilson Thos.
     Coombe Samuel T.      Wilson Henry
     Craig Wm. R.          Wilson Henry
     Croney Jos. F.        Woods John G.
     Croney Thos.          Williamson Sydney C.
     Cullen Thos.          Young Robt. W.
     Dinning John T.             
Left hand lower plinth           Right hand lower plinth
     Alderson John   Porter Robert    Brown Stanley     Kirkpatrick John W.
     Edgar John      Redshaw Oliver   Hughes John       Luck Stephen H.
     Mawson Robert   Scott John       Kingstone William Pogue Norman C.
     Vipond John E.  Gill James D.
     Research notes indicate the following:
      ‘McClen’ should be ‘McGlen’
      ‘McGrahan’ should be ‘McGraham’
      ‘Doyer’ should be ‘Dover’


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