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Old photo: Mrs. Philipson


Plaque 1914-18 Colliery





Original Location

Colliery, on front of new stone lamp-house.

Present Location

Building demolished.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 16th July 1922 by Lt.Col. Shakespear, C.M.G., C.B.E., D.S.O. of 13th NF. Dedicated by Rev. Father Costello

Memorial Description

Plaque approx. 4 feet high in stone classical setting approx. 8 feet high with pedimented top and flat fluted columns on each side. In the pediment is a wreath raised in half relief. On the plaque, the names are incised in three columns.

Materials used

Bronze plaque in stone setting.


Present condition


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Erected by High Heworth Working Party


1. More men from the colliery had served in the 13th NF than in any other unit.

2. There were 2,033 men and boys at the colliery. There were 860 between the age of 18 and 40, and 788 joined the colours. The other 72 were all permanently unfit.

3. The two children in the photograph taken in 1962 are the son and daughter of Mrs. Philipson, now the Verger of St.Albanís, Heworth.

4. The names on this transcript have been compared with the GENUKI website, and some discrepancies found. These are (our name list first, with GENUKI names in brackets:
Hedley Patrick Pte (Bradley, Patrick Pte);
Cue? James L/C (Case, James L/C);
Clark J.R. (A.B.) (Clark, R.H. (A.B.):
Greenhall M. Pte (Greenhalf, M. Pte);
Harle Benjamin Corpl. (Hails, Benjamin Corpl); Homes John Pte (Humes, John Pte):
Lunard Adam Pte (Lunam, Adam Pte)

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Old photo taken after unveiling in 1922, and one of two children standing in front of the memorial.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 22/07/1922 reports unveiling.

Illustrated Chronicle 17/07/1922 reports unveiling with photos.

Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; John and Mavis Dixon; Mr. Reay, local historian; Mrs. Philipson; Anthea Lang; Dorothy Hall; Richard Jennings

Research In Progress

If you are researching this memorial please contact

Plaque 1914-18 Colliery (H92.04)

Heworth Colliery

The layout of this memorial is not known.  
The photograph shows the names in three columns, 
but is completely unreadable.
The names below have been extracted from a newspaper report.
   Pte.   Joseph Adams         AB      William E. Knights   
   L/C    William Arnell       Pte.    William Laws           
   Pte.   James Ashcroft       Driver  John Liddle          
   Pte.   Thomas Ashcroft      Lieut.  J. Long              
   Pte.   J.E. Atkinson        Pte.    Adam Lunam                
   Pte.   T.P. Barker          Sapper  Joseph Marshall     
   Pte.   James Bell           Pte.    William Maughan        
   Pte.   James  Berry         Pte.    John McGuire            
   Pte.   R.T. Bickerdyke      Pte.    James A. Milling       
   Pte.   W.C. Blythman        Sapper  Robert Mitchell        
   Pte.   James Brannen        Pte.    A.D. Morrison         
   AB     T.B. Brown           Pte.    Andrew Mortimer       
   AB     Robert Brown         Pte.    R. Morton             
   Pte.   Thomas Bruce         Pte.    John Mulligan         
   AB     Frank Burn           Sergt.  J. Murphy           
   Pte.   Edward Burnham       Driver  George Musgrove      
   Pte.   Robert Carson        AB      Samuel Newsome          
   Sgt.   John Carter          Pte.    F. O’Neil             
   Pte.   John E. Carter       L/C     W. Potts               
   L/C    James Case           Pte.    James Purdy           
   AB     R.H. Clark           Pte.    James   Quinn           
   Pte.   Thomas A. Clough     AB      Jas. R. Robinson        
   AB     Ernest Coltman       Pte.    Edward Ritchie        
   Pte.   William Crawford     Pte.    Thomas Robinson       
   Pte.   Thos. Cuthbertson    Pte.    Martin Rogan          
   Pte.   F.A. Dixon           AB      J.T. Ross               
   Pte.   M.B. Dixon           Driver  T. Rowland          
   Pte.   Jas. C. Dorman       Gunner  Edward Saynor        
   Pte.   Frank Eales          AB      B.S. Scott              
   Pte.   Robert Elliott       L/C     J.R. Short             
   Pte.   Matthew Evans        Pte.    William Simpson
   Pte.   William L. Evans     Pte.    J.D. Spoors
   AB     John Fleming         Pte.    Thomas Stephenson
   Gunner Thomas Fleming       Smith   G.S. Stephenson
   Gunner Robert Foster        Gunner  John Story
   Pte.   George E. Freeman    Sergt.  J.T. Story
   Pte.   J.J. French          Pte.    J.T. Stott
   Corpl. Peter Gaffney        L/C     William Suggett
   Pte.   James Gooding        Pte.    John Sutherland
   Pte.   Richard Gofton       Pte.    William Taylor
   Driver John T. Graham       Pte.    Fred Thompson
   Pte.   Edward Grainger      Pte.    George Thompson
   Pte.   M. Greenhalf         Pte.    T. Thompson
   Pte.   Alfred Greenwell     AB      John Tinkler
   Pte.   Hilton Gustard       Pte.    J.W. Tippett
   Pte.   Thomas Gustard       Pte.    William Towers
   Pte.   Thomas Guy           Pte.    J.S. Usher
   Corpl. Benjamin Hails       Pte.    George Wardle
   Stoker Thomas Hall          L/Sergt.Thomas Wardle
   Pte.   Robert Hall          Pte.    William Wardle
   Pte.   Henry Heckels        Pte.    J.K. Watchman
   Pte.   Patrick Hedley       AB      F.F. Watson
   Pte.   N. Hindmarsh         Sapper  Robert West
   Pte.   Robert Holmes        Ldg.    Stoker  John Wilson
   AB     James W. Hopper      Pte.    J.R. Wilson
   AB     W.E. Hughes          Stoker  John Wilkinson
   Pte.   John Humes           L/C     John Winwood
   Pte.   J.G. Jewitt          Pte.    Andrew Wood
   Pte.   Thomas Keenam        Pte.    George Wood
   Pte.   Thomas Knight        Pte.    Thomas Wood 

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