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Photo: Colin N. Dallison


Rugby Playing Field 1939-45 Broad Close





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NY 944640

Original Location

Broad Close

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Purchased 1949 from Murray family

Memorial Description

Rugby playing field. The field occupies an area approx. 1 acres.





Who commissioned

Tynedale Rugby Football Club

How money was raised

Tynedale Rugby Football Club fund raising efforts.


1. Broad Close was purchased in 1949 as an extension to the Club's ground. The field lay immediately to the west of their existing ground (see H51.20) which had
been considerably reduced in size when the new road to Corbridge was built across it in 1930. Later a small triangle in the south of the field was sold to the Local Authority to permit a road to be built to link White Cross and Bywell Avenue.
A brass plaque recording the names of members who gave their lives in World War II was erected in the Club house (see Corbridge C52.06).
Broad Close and Dene Park were both sold in 1974 when the club moved to Tynedale Park, Corbridge.
In 1976 the Clubhouse was sold to the National Coal Board (Opencast)

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

75th Birthday Souvenir 1876-1951 page 1.

Hexham Courant 23/04/1999 feature 50 Years Ago

Illustrated Chronicle 11/10/1920 reports opening of former Army Hut with photo.

Research acknowledgements

Colin Dallison; Dorothy Hall

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Rugby Playing Field 1939-45 Broad Close (H51.21)

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