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Roll of Honour 1914-18 Abbey





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NY 937642

Original Location

Priory and Parish Church of St. Andrew, Market Place. In the Lady Chapel.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Dedicated 2nd February 1936 at Evensong by the Lord Bishop of Newcastle.

Memorial Description

Roll of Honour 34 ins x 27 ins in glazed carved "massive oak frame". There is a wide border painted blue with raised carved flowers at regular intervals and painted gold. There is a gold rolled edge to the frame, which contains a glass front. The Roll has the words "Heroes of the Battlefield 1914-1918" painted in blue lettering. The rest of the lettering is in black, with certain initial letters painted red. The names are hand written in four columns. Painted up each side is a decorative blue and gold border, which at the bottom goes down to form a shallow "v", with a shield bearing the cross of St. Andrew at its central point. The initial letter of each verse at the bottom is illuminated.

Materials used

Oak frame with paper.


Heroes of the Battlefield / 1914-1918 / Hexham Soldiers and Sailor Heroes the Wide World Over / A noble company doth worship thee.
Let us remember with thanksgiving and with all honour before God and man these noble living & glorious dead, who went bravely / forth to conquer and to die for God, King, Empire, Home and the saving of humanity.


Who commissioned

The Rector, Rev. J.V.C. Farquhar, and the P.C.C.


Frame cost 9/10/=, donated anonymously. The Roll itself was a gift from Miss Charlton.

Present condition

Restored 1994

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Made and given by Miss Charlton.


1. The Roll was extensively renovated and remounted in Oct-Dec. 1994 by Miss Joan Bershas of Spital Tongues, and the frame restored by Hedleys of Hexham.

2. Two lists were printed showing the lists of casualties from August 1914 to July 1st 1917 in two columns and a list of those from August 1914 to November 11th 1918 in three columns.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C.N. Dallison; Philip Thirkell; photos of plans: James Pasby

Hexham Abbey Archives Two sheets bearing lists of names, one only half the length of the other (photocopies on file)

Hexham Parish Magazine March, April, July, 1936.

Tyne and Wear Archives: Ralph Hedley Plans No. 2089

Additional Research documents (click to download)

Research acknowledgements

The late Ken and Dorothy Southern; Colin Dallison; Philip Thirkell; James Pasby

Research In Progress

Alan Grint has researched the names on the Hexham memorials in his book The Faith and Fire Within, 2006, Ergo Press ISBN 0955275814 Contact:-Cogito books 01434 602555

Roll of Honour 1914-18 Abbey (H51.06)

  Heroes of the Battlefield
  Hexham Soldiers and Sailor Heroes the wide world over
  A noble company doth worship thee

Column 1                         Column 2
  Fred Abbott                      Thomas William Edwards 
  Harry Abbott                     Robert Elliott 
  Tom Abbott                       John Miller Emerson 
  William Alder                    John Evans 
  William Allen                    Ernest Falla 
  Bertram Allgood                  John Alder Ferroll 
  John William Archer              George Dodds Fewster 
  Ernie Armstrong                  Edward Allan Fletcher 
  Arthur Atkinson                  Adolph Forster 
  Surtees Atkinson                 Frank Forster 
  James William Banks              John C. Forster 
  Nevison Charles Barnfather       John James Forster 
  Victor Bathgate                  Joseph Forster 
  Edward Baty                      Harry Gibbon 
  James  Baty                      Bertram Dees Gibson 
  Ernest Baty                      Fred G. Gibson 
  Ernest Temperley Baty            R. Gibson 
  John Joseph Baty                 John William Gilhespy 
  Henry Hogarth Bell               John Grierson 
  John Bell                        Fred Hall 
  Walton Bell                      James Halliday 
  John Joseph Birnie               James Hardy 
  Edward Blackburn                 Brian Charles Harrison 
  Robert Blackburn                 Cecil Harrison 
  Joseph Boswell                   Fred Harvey 
  George William Boustead          Reginald Head 
  Richard Brooks                   John Heenan 
  Harry Brown                      Richard Henderson 
  Thomas William Brown             William Henderson 
  William Collins Brown            Harold Brown Hetherington 
  Thomas Burn                      Thomas Christopher Hill 
  Thomas William Burn              William Henry Hill 
  Denis Cathrae                    Robert Hudson 
  George Fenwick Hesley Charlton   Samuel Robert Hutton 
  J.E. Charlton                    George Irwin 
  Louis Charlton                   Michael Irwin 
  William Anthony Charlton         Frank Taylor Jobson 
  Thomas Chrisp                    James Henry Jobson 
  William Irwin Cooper             Wilfrid Jefferson 
  Charles Conketon                 John Johnson 
  Robert Malcolm Conketon          James Kelly 
  Ronald James Walter Corden       John Kirkland 
  William Coulson                  William Kirsopp 
  Thomas Craig                     Arthur Victor Knox 
  Joseph Cunningham                Dudley Ogilvie Laing 
  James Harold Cuthbert            Gerald Laing 
  Arthur Davidson                  Athol  Laing 
  Melvin W.P. Dent                 Ernest Alfred Leather 
  T.J. Dinet                       Frank Priestman Lees 
  George Dodd                      Jean Smith Lee 
  John Dodd                        Robert Ernest Benthian Lisle 
  John Robert Dodd                 Drew Little 
  Paxton Dodd                      Henry King Lockhart 
  William Dodd                     Archibald Long 
  Frederick Dodds                  Guy Long 
  John G. Dodds                    William Charles Love 
  William Donnelly                 Arthur Lees Lowes  
  John Dunwoodie                   William Lynch 
  Reginald Samuel Eaton            Thomas T. McAdam 
                                   William MacLaughlan 
Column 3                         Column 4
  Thomas Henry Marsh               Edward Rookes
  William Ernest Marshall          James Rowell
  Charles E. Mason                 Wilkinson Rowell
  William Percy Maughan            David Salkeld
  John McIntosh                    Cuthbert Farrar Savage
  Philip McMahon                   Victor E. Scott
  Henry Meins                      William Scott
  William Metcalf                  W.C. Sherman
  Percy S. Milburn                 Charles Smith
  Greenwell Miller                 Cuthbert Smith
  Nichol Mitchinson                George Smith
  William Mitchinson               Henry Smith
  Samuel Bennett Morrison Morris   James Smith
  George Moss                      Robert William Smith
  Robert Moulding                  Thomas William Smith
  Fred Nevison                     Walter Henry Smith
  John Nevison                     Charles Edward Snowball  
  Fred Newman                      John Snowball
  Ralph Newton                     Errol Sparke 
  John Edward Newton               James Murray Spedding
  Alfred Noble                     Harry Spencer
  John Oliver                      Joseph Stewart
  Richard D. Oliver                John Traquair Strang
  William Oliver                   William Summers
  William Oswald                   David Sword
  John William Oxley               Richard D. Telfer
  Arthur Patterson                 William Richard Thew 
  Gerald Edmund Pattinson          John Edward Thompson
  John Alexander Pattinson         John William Thompson
  Anthony Pearson                  Joseph Thompson
  George Pearson                   Richard Latimer Tully
  William Gilles Pattinson         Walter Turnbull
  John Pencott                     Alec Urwin
  Thomas Pigg                      Godfrey Raymond Vickers
  Sidney Plant                     Charles J. Darley Waddilove
  Lionel Davey Plummer             Ernest Wallace
  George Potts                     John Wallace
  Thomas Potts                     William Wallace
  Isaac Reay                       Ernest Walton
  James Thomas Redpath             George Pears Walton
  Charles Reed                     Harold Forster Walton
  Michael Reed                     H.P. Dalzell Walton
  Andrew G. Richardson             John Walton
  Arthur Riley                     William Watt
  Ernest Riley                     George Watson
  Francis Riley                    Joseph Watson
  James Riley                      Geoffrey Wear
  Mark Riley                       Robert Matthew Welch
  George Sydney Robinson           Isaac Hopper Whittaker
  John Wilfred Robinson            John William Norman Wilkinson
  Joseph William Robinson          William Wilkinson
  Frederick Walter Robinson        Harry Lowes Willey
  James Robson                     John Wilson
  John Robson                      Robert Wilson
  John Robson                      William Wilson
  John Robson                      W. Wilson
  John Robson                      Percy Wollaston
  Joshua Benjamin Robson           Ernest William Woodman
  Percy Robson                     Ivatt Weight
  Robert Ramsay Robson             Frank Young
  Thomas William Robson            Joseph Young
                                   Robert Young
At foot
  Let us remember with thanksgiving and with all honour before God and man these noble living and  
  glorious dead, 
  who went bravely forth to conquer and to die for God, Empire, Home and the saving of humanity.


  Holy Father, in Thy keeping                     For their lives of brave endeavour.
  Now beyond the veil                             Willingly laid down
  Live our dear ones, where no evil               Grant them in the life supernal
  Can prevail.                                    Deathless crown.
  Give them, Lord, Thy rest eternal
  Everlasting light,
  Let Thy peace and joy surround them
  Lord of Might.
  August, 1914, to November 11, 1918             E.S. Savage
                                                 Hexham Abbey
Names H51.06

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