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Photo: James Pasby


Wall 1914-19 1939-45 Redheugh Gardens





Map ref

NZ 531337

Original Location

Redheugh Gardens, Promenade

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 17th December 1921 by Rt.Hon, the Earl of Durham, Lord Lieutenant.

Memorial Description

Wall of stone. The dates of both wars are carved in large figures and coloured black on the pillars at either side. The dedication is on the wall, both above and below the names. The names themselves are inscribed on five slate panels, each 2 feet 8 inches high x 1 foot 4 inches wide (812 mm x 406 mm), each bearing two columns of names. The first four panels are from 1914-18. The right hand fifth panel is for the Bombardment 1914. The lettering on the wall and on the panels is in Roman capitals.

Materials used

Whitbed Portland Stone and bronze panels.


On the wall:
To these Unconquered Dead
At top of panels :
Of the Navy / Army and / Mercantile / Marine /
On the wall :
Who fell in the Great War / and in grateful appreciation / of those who shared its dangers.
Fifth panel :
Bombardment. / The following / were killed in the / bombardment / of Hartlepool / December 16th 1914


How money was raised

Public subscription

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Mr. Philip B. Bennison, A.R.C.A.


1. This wall was damaged in the bombardment. Two further plaques have been placed on the rear. See H115.20.

2. From the Unveiling programme for H115.01, it is clear that this wall is part of the original grouping containing the "Triumphant Youth" column. It reads: "The accompanying stone screen carries five tablets incised with the names of the "Fallen" and those who lost their lives through the Bombardment. These contain 351 names of men of the Navy, Army and Mercantile Marine, and 52 men, women and children killed in the Bombardment."

3. Edward George Bartholomew and George Salthouse are the same person, therefore the name is repeated on some of the Memorials as two different men.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; John and Mavis Dixon; James Pasby

The Hartlepools and the Great War

Source of quotation:
“To the Unconquered Dead” (Not ascertained)

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; John and Mavis Dixon; Mr. Williams, Borough Council; Yorkshire Regiment Remembrance; James Pasby

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Wall 1914-19 1939-45 Redheugh Gardens (H115.09)

HARTLEPOOL      Redheugh Gardens, Promenade
Above the panels  
   To these Unconquered Dead 
First plaque                           2nd plaque                          
   Of the NAVY                           ARMY and  
   Adams Benjamin J.  Butler Harry       Dyer Thomas         Hildrick J.E.      
   Ainsley Samuel     Butler Edward      Eley William R.     Hodgson Thomas    
   Ainsley William D. Butler George Wm.  Elwin Arthur        Hodgson Robert    
   Aitken Thomas      Cairns Henry       Farrow Charles      Hoey James P.      
   Allen Alfred       Calvert Jonathan   Farrow Joseph H.T.  Hogan W.           
   Allison T.         Cannon P.          Fincken Luke        Hogarth James S.   
   Anderson Simpson   Carling Harold     Fisher T.           Holmes William    
   Andrews Joseph S.  Carrigan Charles   Forcer James        Holmes Samuel     
   Armitage Alfred    Carrigan Arthur    Forcer Percy        Hope John J. M.M.  
   Auckland Thomas    Carter Fred        Foster William      Hopper Robert E.   
   Barnard William P. Carter George Wm.  Frain Anthony       Horsley J.W.       
   Bartholemew G.E.   Carter William H.  Frain William       Horsley J.B.      
   Bastow Samuel P.   Carter Morris      Fryer Harry         Horspole John Wm.  
   Beattie William    Cato Edward T.     Fulligar J.W.       Houston Wm. S.      
   Beattie George     Cawley Joseph      Gaiety Robert       Hudson Thomas     
   Beha Joseph E.     Chadwick Chas.     Garbutt Tom         Hunter John Ed.    
   Bell John T.       Charlton A.C.      Gibbin W.           Jackson Henry     
   Bentley Wilfred    Christon J.W.      Gibson James        James David Wm.    
   Billsborrow Robt.  Clark J.           Gibson J.W.         Jelly Chris. Jas.   
   Birkbeck Jacob H.  Cleary D.          Gibson Preston      Jenkinson Herbt.  
   Black Ralph        Close Andrew       Gilchrist Gordon    Jennings Matthew  
   Blackett John      Conway John        Gilfoyle John       Jones John        
   Blair William      Conway William     Gilmartin John      Jones Tom         
   Boagey H.          Cook John          Glen John Edward    Keasey John       
   Boagey H.          Cooper T.          Goodwin Thos. N.    Kelly John        
   Boagey Robert      Cork Joseph C.     Gordon Walter M.    Kelly Charles     
   Booth Robert       Cornley Thos.R.    Gouldsbrough J.C.   Kelly William     
   Borthwick Geo.     Costello Patrick   Gowan William R.    Kennedy Robt. C.    
   Borthwick R.       Costello John      Graham George       King Robert       
   Boulton Harold W.  Coward William W.  Gray Thomas Wm.     Kingston Will J.   
   Bowes William      Coxon John         Gray Samuel C.      Laheney Michael   
   Boumphrey R.W.     Coyle William      Green Herbert       Lancaster Wm.      
   Bradley William A. Crossling John G.  Greenwell Herbt. H. Langdale F.        
   Bradley Joseph     Dalkin Robert  D.  Guy Robert          Laverick Geo. H.    
   Brighton Robt.W.   Davidson Hugh D.   Hall John F.H.      Laybourn John     
   Briggs John        Davison William    Hall R.             Leadley William   
   Briggs Alfred      Davison George     Hall George         Lee Darcy         
   Briscoe J.H.       Davison Benjamin   Hall James          Lee George Reg.    
   Broadhead John     Davison Mark       Handley Robert      Lee Edward W.      
   Broom J.T.         Davison Wilf.Hood  Hardy William       Little Arthur     
   Brown J.C.         Day Victor         Harrison Joseph     Livingstone D.     
   Brown William      Dixon Arthur       Harrison Thomas R.  Loach John H.      
   Brown James        Dixon Joseph       Hart Henry          Lobb Norman       
   Brown James L.     Dixon Thomas       Hartland John E.    Lockey Harry      
   Browning Thomas    Dobson W. M.M.     Hastings Matthew    Longmoor T.M.      
   Bryson J. Ormiston Donkin John G.     Hatch William       Lords Herbert     
   Burch Charles F.   Downes F.J.        Heal Edward         Loughborough E.    
   Burke Rupert       Duffy T.           Hedley Robt. Yeal   Lovell Herbert    
   Butcher George     Duffy Frank        Heweson R.          Lowe R.H.          
3rd plaque                            4th plaque                            
   MERCANTILE                            MARINE                                
   Lowery Thomas      Nichol Daniel      Sanderson John      Walker J.R.        
   Lowther Jos.H.     Noble John Thos.   Scott H.A.          Walker W.A.        
   Lupton Stephen G.  Oliver John H.     Scott Jos.H.        Ward William      
   Lynch Francis      Ord George Jas.    Scott Fred C.       Warnes Thos.R.     
   Lynch Frank W.     O’Rourke Bernard   Scott James         Waterworth G.W.    
   Lynch Henry        O’Rourke John      Shingles Harry      Watkins Geo.       
   Lyth Harry         Outhwaite Jas.     Simpson John L.     Watling J.         
   McCarthy James     Parkes Joseph      Singleton Edwd.     Watson David      
   McClelland Geo.    Parsell H.         Slack Alfred        Watt Mattison H.   
   McClelland Oswd.   Paterson Fred.     Smith Joseph A.     Watt Thomas       
   McDonald Edward    Pearson R.W.       Smith J.            Watt Robert       
   McDonnell Michl.   Pearson James F.   Snaith George       Waugh George H.    
   McGregor J.A.      Pearson Charles G. Snowdon Henry       Weatherall John   
   McGregor W.        Pendlington R.A.   Spence Alex         Weatherhead J.T.   
   McIntosh James     Petty John S.      Spence Robert       Webber George     
   McLaughlin Jas.T.  Pilcher Fred T.    Spence John J.      Westhorpe Robt.    
   McMahon John       Potts Fred T.      Spence William      Wetherall John    
   McNally John J.    Powell John G.     Spence John         Whitehead V.M.     
   Malabar John T.    Prior Arthur E.    Staunch Henry       Whitford John     
   Maloney James      Proctor Mowbray    Stead John          Whitlock John S.   
   Marine William     Proud Fred         Stewart Thos. A.    Whittle Joseph    
   Marley J.B.        Pugh Ralph B.      Stewart James C.    Wilkin William    
   Martin William E.  Purves Richd.P.    Streets G.A.        Williams Thos.R.   
   Mason E.C.         Purvis H.S.        Sunderland H.       Willis Alex.       
   Massey John H.     Ranson Joe         Sweeting Jas.       Wilson George     
   Mayes Ernest       Ray Simpson A.     Sweeting Geo. Wm.   Wilson John       
   Mayes Richd Wm.    Redpath John       Temple George G.    Wilson Isaac      
   Mead C.            Redpath James H.   Thompson Richd.     Winspear Wm.       
   Megson George      Reed Walter        Thompson J.         Wombwell Fred     
   Meldrum Thomas     Ridsdale F.        Thornton W.         Wood J.T.          
   Metcalfe Ralph     Ritchie D.C.S.     Tickner A.          Worthy Robert     
   Miller Matthew     Robinson John H.   Tipp T.             Wright Frederick  
   Miller Robert      Robinson J.        Tolputt Edward F.   Young Ernest      
   Miller Robert      Robinson Thos.R.   Train William       Coulson Thos.S.    
   Miller Henry       Robinson Jasper    Tucker Wilfred      Humphrey Taylor   
   Mills John         Robson Fred        Tumulty Benjamin    Humphrey Henry    
   Milne Alec         Robson Thos.E.S.   Turnbull David      Carroll Edward    
   Milne Norman E.    Robson Regd.       Turnbull C.R.       Craggs William    
   Mooney John Robt.  Robson N.          Turner Adam G. M.M. Keasey John       
   Moore Ralph        Rodmell Thos.      Turner J.J.         Bates Mark P.      
   Moore Frank        Rolph Edward       Vasey George        Hardy Kenneth     
   Moore Coulson      Roper Clarence     Vasey Tom           Addison Verrill   
   Moralee William    Rowland John T.    Vasey Robert N.     Trufitt John Wm.   
   Moran Patrick J.   Rowland George     Waddington J.
   Morgan Walter      Rutledge H.        Waddington J.Wm.
   Morris George      Salthouse Geo.     Wake W.
   Mulvey Sidney      Sanders Geo.       Wale Joe
   Murray George F.   Sanderson Chas.    Walker William R.
   Murphy J.T.        Sanderson Geo.     Walker John H.  
5th Plaque 
   The following
   were killed in the  
   of Hartlepool
   Dec. 16th 1914
   Allen Annie        Staunch John
   Ambrose Robt.L.    Stewart Stanley
   Ashcroft Edward    Stringer Ethel
   Asquith William    Swales Matthew H.
   Avery William G.   Unthank Frank
   Backham Cuthbt.J.  Wainwright Freda
   Bunter James       Watson Mary E.
   Capeling N.        Watt Amy
   Chapple W.         Whitecross John M.
   Clark John         Whitecross Peter
   Cook James         Williams Ivy
   Corner Annie       Woods Samuel N.
   Cornforth Chas.    Wright William
   Cornforth Jane A.  Young Bertie
   Cornforth Polly
   Cox Thomas G.
   Crake John W.
   Dixon Albert
   Dixon George B.
   Dixon Margaret B.
   Geipel Ethel M.
   Hamilton Jessie
   Harper Elizabeth A.
   Harris Etta
   Healey John
   Herbert Selina
   Higham Thomas
   Hodgson John
   Horsley Hilda
   Hudson Chas.W.
   Jeffrey Thomas
   Kay Annie M.
   Kay Florence J.
   Lee Clementina
   Leighton John S.
   Marshall Cath.
   Measor Chris.
   Redshaw Margt. A.
Below plaques.
   Who fell in the Great War 
   and in grateful appreciation 
   of those who shared its dangers.
On Pillars
1914          1919
1939          1945
Names H115.09   


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