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Youth Column 1914 Redheugh Gardens





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Original Location

Redheugh Gardens, in the centre of a triangular park between Cliff Terrace, Radcliffe Terrace and the Promenade at the Headland.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 17th December 1921 by the Earl of Durham, dedicated by Rev. D. Patterson. Plaques unveiled by Mrs. C.T. Watson.

Memorial Description

“Triumphant Youth” column, 25 feet (7.62m ) high. A tall square column on a square pedestal with plain quoins and stones standing proud as decoration surrounded by circular, crazy paving walk. At the top is a dramatic bronze winged figure with arms aloft.
Underneath the figure on all four sides is a bronze panel featuring:
a) arms of Prince Bishops of Durham, of which Hartlepool was part;
b) arms of the Brus family, who were overlords of Hartlepool;
c) Town Seal, representing the incorporation of Hartlepool;
d) Lighthouse 1914, representing the bombardment.

Materials used

Whitbed Portland stone with bronze figure and plaques.


East side:
For us they died.

West side :
Live thou for England.



Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee.



Present condition

New walls, railings and gates around memorial c2002

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Mr. Philip B. Bennison, A.R.C.C. designed the memorial and made the sculpture. Mr. R.H. Machin made the bronze panels.

Ownership and maintenance

The memorial was handed to the town at the dedication ceremony.


1. From the Unveiling Programme:
“Four bronze panels upon the sides of the column represent respectively epochs in the history of Hartlepool.
The arms of the Prince Bishops of Durham are appropriate to the time when Hert o’ Hertnesse (now Hartlepool) were under the Holy See of the County Palatine at Durham. The Bishops of Durham were associated with Hartlepool as early as Saxon times.
The arms of the Brus recall the time when that family were for many generations overlords of Hertnesse. It was one of the family who built the Town Wall.
The representation of the Town Seal is appropriate to the historic incorporation of Hertelpol.
The striking representation of the Lighthouse and gun brings Hartlepool’s history up to the memorable bombardment of 1914.
The winged figure of “Triumphant Youth” which crowns the column, symbolizes a spiritual freedom and regeneration which comes through pain and sacrifice.
The architectural structure of Whitbed Portland Stone is reminiscent of the Gothic stonework of Hartlepool. The whole rises sheer from the ground as a crowned column enriched with traditional heraldry.
The accompanying stone screen carries five tablets incised with the names of the “Fallen” and those who lost their lives through the Bombardment. These contain 351 names of men of the Navy, Army and Mercantile Marine, and 52 men, women and children killed in the Bombardment. (See H115.09 for description of the screen)

2. “The Memorial will take the form of a Lay-Out in Redheugh Close . . .(which) comprises three shrines on the edge of a pool with a central monumental feature, carrying four cartouches, two of them (north and south elevations) in the form of "achievements of arms"with one of them (eastern elevation) showing the Lighthouse Battery with the inscription FOR US THEY DIED and the date 1914 and another (western elevation) the historic coat of arms of the town Hartlepool, later transformed in a different fashion for the amalgamated local authorities under the same name, but already reflected in the arms of West Hartlepool. The estimated sum is at least £3,000. The Memorial is in accordance with the designs submitted by Mr. C.H. Parkinson.”

3. 'The Hartlepool Corporation convened a public meeting of townspeople, at which it was manifest that a consensus of opinion favoured a distinctive and appropriate memorial and accordingly a committee to consider this matter was appointed. This committee constituted and deputed a sub committee to bring forward definite recommendations. They decided unanimously to recommend that a monument, on the lines of the design submitted by Mr. C. H. Parkinson, to be erected in Redheugh Close, and that a subscription list should be opened forthwith'. This eloquent description was made by Councillor C. T. Watson Mayor of Hartlepool 1917 to 1919. He mentions further 'That the scheme is the outcome of conferences and consultations with the highest authorities in the country and of visits to and exhaustive inquiries at the War Memorials Exhibition, South Kensington Museum.'

4. In 1966 the bronze figure at the top of the column was painted which diminished much of its symbolic value.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Simon Raine; Reg. Hornsby; John and Mavis Dixon; James Pasby; old postcards Tony Harding

Northern Echo 10/10/1919 reports proposals in Note 2 above; 26/01/1920 reports decision to erect a central column in Redheugh Close; 19/12/1921 reports unveiling.

Darlington and Stockton Times 24/12/1921 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 24/12/1921 reports unveiling.

Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail 14/12/1921 reports proposed unveiling; 17/12/1921 reports unveiling.
(Available on The British Newspaper Archive)

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 19/12/1921 reports unveiling.

'The Hartlepools and the Great War' by Frederick Miller Printed in 1920 by Chas. A. Sage, Lynn Street, West Hartlepool carries a dedication on page 5. Note 3 above is taken from this book.

Unknown newspaper 02/04/2007 reports proposals to restore the monument, but there is disagreement about whether it should be cleaned, regilded or coated with resin.

Sources of quotation
a. “For us they died.” From “Pro Patria Mortui” in Marching Men: War Verses by Helena Coleman (1860-1953).
b. "Live thou for England”. Not ascertained, but other memorials have “True love by life - True love by Death is tried. / Live thou for England! - We for England died.”

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Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; Reg Hornsby; John & Mavis Dixon; Mr. Williams (Borough Council); Dorothy Hall; James Pasby

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