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Roll of Honour 1939-45 St. James and St. Basil





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NZ 226656

Original Location

St. James and St. Basil Church, Fenham Hall Drive. In south aisle, West of the Chapel.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Dedicated 6th June 1952

Memorial Description

Roll of Remembrance, set in a wood case, on a bed of mauve velvet, and rolled like a scroll. The name of the church appears on the outer roll of the scroll, written in gold letters. This partly obscures the coloured badges of the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and Merchant Navy, with the word "Remember" in blue capitals between them. The names are listed in four columns, hand-written in black ink. The quotation at the bottom is written in gold letters.

Materials used



The Church of S. James and S. Basil. / Remember / (Names)
The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth for evermore.



Estimated at £715 for the whole project outlined in Note 1 below.

How money was raised

Public subscription

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Edwards and Manby, Architects, Newcastle upon Tyne.


1. The petition for the Faculty requests permission ‘ . . . to install a communion table of stone and wood in the centre of the space under the tower at the south east corner of the Church, and two dwarf stone walls, one at either side (North and South) of the Western entrance to the larger space leading to the tower wall; and, upon a buttress projecting from the centre of the south stone dwarf wall and facing west to place a suitable glass and metal framed case containing a parchment or book bearing the names of the men and women of the Parish of S. James and S.Basil who gave their lives in World War 1939-45 . . .’

2. One of the names listed is a John Redman who was killed in Burma on the 20th April 1943. He was Canon Redman's son. The Revd. S. Redman, MA. 1928-1948.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo: Fenham L.H.S.

A Visitor's Guide to the Parish Church of St. James and St. Basil (photocopy on file)

The Parish Church of St. James and St. Basil, Fenham. A Guide Book, published 2000.

A History of the Knott Family. Joan R. Duckett, 2001.

Diocese of Newcastle Faculty Book 2, No. 1805, 02/04/1952

Source of quotation
“The Lord shall preserve . . .” Psalm 121 v 8

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Research acknowledgements

Fenham Local History Society; J. Brown; Joan R. Duckett; Tony Harding; Patrick Easen

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Roll of Honour 1939-45 St. James and St. Basil (F31.05)

FENHAM,  The Church of St. James and St. Basil.
The Church of S. James and S. Basil.

     Adams, J.E.      R.A.F.   Chisholm, W.P. R.N.     Hodgson, H.   R.A.F.   Robson, E.      R.A.F.
     Allen, J.F.W.    R.A.F.   Compton, D.H.  Army     Hunter, L.    M.N.     Rudling, W.G.   R.N.
     Anderson, J.     R.A.F.   Coulson, A.    Army     Ireland, L.   R.N.     Rutherford, C.  R.A.F.
     Anderson, J.W.B. Army     Davey, H.      Army     Jacques, J.C. R.A.F    Scaife, L.T.L.  M.N.
     Aynsley, P.S.    Army     Dowse, B.J.    R.A.F.   Kenyon, W.    Army     Scott, E.       R.A.F.
     Bainbridge, G.   R.A.F.   Dumont, H.     M.N.     King, F.      R.A.F.   Short, R.       Army
     Bell, W.         R.N.     Elder, D.C.    R.A.F.   Laing, H.V.   F.A.A.   Shotton, Eileen W.R.N.S.
     Bolton, A.       R.A.F.   Farlam, V.     Army     Law, M.       Army     Stewart, J.     Army
     Bonner, C.A.     R.A.F.   Fisher, A.     Army     Leach, G.N.   R.A.F.   Stubbs, S.M.    R.A.F.
     Briggs, G.       M.N.     Fraser, C.     M.N.     McNeil, R.    R.A.F.   Telford, L.C.   R.A.F.
     Brown, A.        R.N.     George, S.     Army     Meikle, R.    R.A.F.   Tunstall, J.    Army
     Brown, R.        R.A.F.   Gill, P.       Army     Morris, J.A.  M.N.     Walker, S.      R.A.F.
     Butler, B.       R.A.F    Grieves, R.G.  M.N.     Nicholson, K. Army     Welch, W.R.     R.A.F.
     Campbell, O.     Army     Groves, A.     R.A.F.   Old. T.       Army     West, C.R.      R.A.F.
     Cessford, W.     Army     Harkness, P.   Army     Parmley, T.   Army     Whillis, S.L.   R.A.F.
     Chilvers, H.     R.A.F.   Harrison, J.W. Army     Paul, L.H.    Army     Wood, S.        M.N.
     Chirnside, J.A.  Army     Hart, R.       R.A.F.   Reay, D.E.    Army
     Chisholm, R.     Army     Hobkirk, K.S.  R.A.F.   Redman, J.    R.A.F.
The Lord shall preserve thy going out, and thy coming in: from this time forth for evermore.


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