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Photo: J. Brown


Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Riverside





Map ref

NU 184003

Original Location

Riverside, near Felton Bridge

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 17th October 1920 by Col. E.P.A. Riddell, D.S.O.
b. Unveiled 10th July 1949 by John C. Riddell of Barrasford, Hexham.

Memorial Description

Cross of Celtic type 5m high with decorated slender tapering shaft standing in a railed enclosure, on a stepped base 1.70m. x 1.45m. The dedication is at the foot of the shaft, the names from 1914-18 on the front and sides of the plinth. The names from 1939-45 are on a stone which leans against the foot of the main monument. All lettering is of lead 25 mm high and attached to the surface using sans serif capitals throughout.

Materials used

Aberdeen granite


a. Pro Patria, / 1914-1919. / A tribute of / reverent remembrance to / our glorious dead.
b. 1939-1945


Who commissioned

a. War Memorial Committee
b. War Memorial Hall Committee


b. Estimated at 55 to raise 1939-45 plaque and to re-lead the names from 1914-18

How money was raised

a. Public subscription
b. House-to-house collection

Present condition

Good. Restored 1995 for the 50th Anniversary commemorations.

Ownership and maintenance

The Village Memorial Hall Committee accepted the responsibility of maintaining the memorial at the time of its proposed erection.


1. The Riddells had owned Felton for several generations, and were known as the Lords of the Manor. The man who unveiled the 1914-18 memorial was uncle to the man who unveiled the 1939-45 memorial.

2. During the 1995 trees were removed or judiciously pruned (rumour says that people were strategically placed around the area and indicating which branches should be moved). The area at the foot of the cross was cleared and reset.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown; P. Thirkell; old postcards: Tony Harding; F.A. Fletcher; John S. Perry

Illustrated Chronicle 18/10/1920 reports unveiling with photos.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 23/10/1920 reports unveiling with photos.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 18/10/1920 reports unveiling.

Morpeth Herald 06/06/1919 reports proposal to erect a monument as well as the hall; 15/10/1920 reports list of subscribers; 22/10/1920 gives full report of 1914-18 memorial unveiling ceremony; 04/05/1949 reports intention to raise 1939-45 memorial and to have a house-to-house collection throughout the parish; 27/05/49 reports the raising of 51/7/5d in house-to-house collections; 10/06/1949 reports proposed unveiling; 15/071949 reports unveiling

Alnwick & County Gazette 16/10/1920 reports proposed unveiling with list of subscribers; 23/10/1920 carries full report of unveiling.

Northumberland Gazette 17/02/1995 reports state of memorial and proposals to restore it for VE 50th anniversary. 01/09/1995 carries letter from Charles Dick about vandalism at the monument.

Felton War Memorial a paper by Roger Hawkins, Clerk to Felton Parish Council, about the state of the memorial and the improvements made.

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Research acknowledgements

Robin Esslemont, Felton & Swarland Local History Society; the late Charles Dick; P. Thirkell; the late R.W. Gould; George & Janet Brown; C. Hudson; Roger Hawkins; Tony Harding; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

The names on this memorial are being researched by Eleanor Hall Contact:

Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Riverside (F14.01)

FELTON, by roadside.


Centre panel


   A Tribute of
   reverent remembrance to
   our glorious dead.

   Frederick Lyons     
   Reginald Lord       
   Roland Lord         
   John Grey           
   Andrew Jeffrey      
   Joseph Holland      
   Leonard Short       
   Charles Yeaman      
   H. Ernest Robson    
   Martin Kelly        
   William Willis      
   Robert P. Wood      
   Michael Mallon      
   John W. Auldjo                           
   Joseph J. Tindall                        
   Robert Oubridge
Left hand side      Right hand side

      Thirston            Acton
   George Dixon        Thomas Campbell
   Thomas Bowie        Albert Smith
   Henry Smith            Eshott
   Thomas Wilson       T. Lindsay Bainbridge
   H. Norman W. Potts  Wilfred H. Bainbridge
   Wilfred Jeffrey     George Usher
   John Wilson         James Rutherford
   Arthur Cockburn     John Clough
   Robert J. Crisp     William Crisp
   Stanley Warham         Swarland
   Robert Gray         Douglas Aikman
   George C.B. Snowdon Albert Robson
   Joshua Graham       Francis P. Railson
In front of cross


   Edward Fenwick          
   John R. Oliver          
   Alex. D. Trotter         Swarland
      Acton              Tom Birkby
   Bernard C. Shewry     William M. Carrick
   Cyril J. Shewry       Norman Mason
      Eshott             Arthur J. Mitchell
   Robert F. Davison     Alex. Telfer
   John E. Guy  
The following list of men who served appeared in Alnwick and County Gazette, 13 March, 1915, p.5. and has been transcribed by Tony Harding.

   Roll of Honour.- The following is the list of young men who have
   enlisted from the parish of Felton:

  Felton: Sidney Lord, Roland Lord, Arthur Lord, Reginald Lord.
  Felton Park: Edward Welsh.
  Peth Foot: Lawrence Rochester, Frederick Lyons, Robert Mallon,  
     Michael Mallon, Geo. Douglas, John Douglas, John Kelly, 
     Andrew Jeffrey, Joseph Holland, - Richardson; William Archbold, 
     Edward Scott.
  West Thirston: Norman Potts, Laurence Potts, Matt. G. Dobson, 
     John Smith, Robt. Crisp.
  Fox Hemel:
  East Thirston: John Hine, Edward Thain, James Bateman.
  Wintrick: James Cowie.
  Bockenfield: William Turnbull, John Wilson.
  Eshott: William H. Bainbridge, T.L. Bainbridge, E.M. Bainbridge, 
     John Usher, George Usher, Frederick Ward.
  The Heugh: James Ferguson.
  S.E. Houses: Sam Ferguson, Robt. Ferguson, John Ferguson, 
     Ernest Sykes, Walter Kennedy.
  N.E. Houses; John Morgan.
  The Brocks:
  The High Moor: Christopher Graham, 
  North: John Graham, Henry Tate
  South: William Hutton.
  Swarland: C. Douglas Aikman, Robert Aikman, William Auldjo, 
     Robert Auldjo, Frank Jermie, Thomas Jermie, Andrew Lowery, 
     Dennis Merrick Robt. Robson.
  The Mill: John Robson.
  Burgham: Thos. Rutter.
  Shothaugh: Alexander Forsyth.    

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