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Photo: Lonely Tower


Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Bosnia Cemetery





Map ref

NZ 431441

Original Location

In the centre of the cemetery just south of the Colliery Disaster Memorial.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45
c. Bosnia

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 30th January 1926 by Col. Pickersgill.
b. New plaques unveiled October 1949 by Lt. Col. R. Telford, Chairman of Durham County British Legion.

Memorial Description

Cross of sacrifice of Blomfield design with bronze Crusader’s sword at the crossing. Set on octagonal base and four steps. On the front face the words “Our glorious dead 1914-1918” stand in half relief inside a wreath, with the dates “1939-1945” below.
The names are in a single column on six faces in sans serif capitals throughout. Those from 1914-18 are on the main pedestal, those from 1939-45 are on the risers of the two top steps.

Materials used

Grey granite


a. Our glorious dead 1914-1918
b. Our glorious dead 1939-1945
c. Died 1995 Bosnia.


Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee, Chairman Mr. E. Bourne.



Present condition

Some of the lettering is missing.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Mr. W. Pratt, (G.W. Pratt) sculptor, Easington.


1. Following the Second World War, new inscriptions commemorating the 63 men who died in that conflict were unveiled in October 1949 by Lt-Col R Telford, Chairman of the Durham County British Legion Branch. A further inscription was added to commemorate the death of a soldier in Bosnia in 1995.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall; Lonely Tower; Old postcard: John Grainger

Durham Chronicle 31/03/1922 reports proposals to discuss a memorial and set up a committee; 21/10/1949 reports dedication of 1939-45 plaques.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 14/11/1925 reports decision on memorial

Auckland and County Chronicle 04/02/1926 reports unveiling.

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall; Tony Young

Research In Progress

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Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Bosnia Cemetery (E52.01)

   Our            Side 2           Side 3         Side 4      
   Glorious       Allison W.       Clish W.       Fenwick G.     
   Dead           Armstrong J.R.   Clough G.      Ferguson R.H.  
                  Adams J.         Crawford E.    Fox G.         
   1914-1918      Appleby T.       Cummings S.    Fortune J.     
                  Brennan W.       Copley G.      Fletcher R.    
   1939-45        Brightwell F.P.  Coil S.W.      Ferguson J.    
                  Brooksbank L.    Cavanagh P.    Foster A.      
                  Brown H.         Cotton J.G.    Foreman W.     
                  Burn R.          Cockroft G.H.  Gerrish G.     
                  Brooke H.        Curry J.R.     Gerrish C.J.   
                  Bentley J.       Davey T.W.     Giles T.       
                  Bradley J.       Dowling J.     Green R.T.     
                  Bamborough J.W.  Ducklin J.     Grey J.        
                  Barrett J.       Duncan R.      Griffiths J.   
                  Baker W.S.       Dodds W.F.     Gunn W.        
                  Barker W.        Dalkin S.      Gleghorn S.    
                  Burton W.        Dickson J.A.   Gray A.        
                  Birkbeck T.      Dean E.        Haley T.       
                  Butt T.          Denny          Hargrave F.    
                  Boddy W.E.       Ellison J.     Harle R.       
                  Brown S.         Eilbeck W.     Hodgson A.     
                  Brennan A.       Elliott J.     Holmes A.H.    
                  Caygill A.       Egan A.        Harper J.      
                  Coldwell R.      English E.     Hutchinson J.  
                  Carter W.        Emony M.       Hewitson T.    
                  Clark J.         Farrar J.      Hogg A.        
                  Clifton W.       Farrar Jn.     Johnson W.     
                                                  Hall J.        
                                                  Jones G.       
                                                  Jones L.   
Lower step  (1939-45) 
   Side 1         Side 2           Side 3         Side 4
   Allen R.P.     Cairns T.S.      Grey T.P.      Hall J.E.     
   Atkinson J.L.  Cole G.          Green S.       Hayes S.      
   Brown J.       Donnini D.–VC    Gilmore J.W.   Jackson L.    
Bottom step  (1939-45) 
   Side 1         Side 2           Side 3         Side 4
   Booth L.W.H.   Edwards R.       Huitson N.     Johnson R.E.L.
   Barnes D.M.    Fitches W.       Humphreys H.   Jackson K.     
   Binnie C.W.    Graham S.J.      Hunter T.      Kemp J.W.      
   Close F.       Gibson, G.B.     Hall R.        Knapper G.W.   
   Berry T.L.     Enwright, N.     Kelly J.       Jarvis A.      
                                   Holmes, G.M
   Side 5         Side 6           Side 7         Side 8
   Jones J.T.     Morris S.W.      Rose F.        Spoors T.W.
   Jefferson E.   Metcalfe J.T.    Rose G.        Spoors G.E.
   Keith J.W.     Miller W.        Roberts J.D.   Taylor T.E.
   Kell R.        Minto W.         Ridley E.      Thompson R.
   Knight S.G.    Moore J.W.       Robertson J.   Thorpe G.
   Kyle J.G.      Neasham G.       Reid J.        Turnbull T.G.
   Kell T.        Nesbitt M.       Simmons J.     Tymon M.
   Lamb J.W.      Nesbitt J.       Saxby C.       Trenwith H.
   Leach L.       Neil N.          Sayers W.      Teasdale A.
   Leonard J.     Neil J.          Scott W.       Tweddle J.G.
   Lodge G.       Nicholson W.     Shepherd J.H.  Vinsome J.
   Logan T.       O’Brien J.       Shepherd J.R.  Vincent J.
   Luke J.        Owens E.S.       Smart Nurse L. Waistell J.
   Liddle W.      O’Donnell T.     Smith W.R.     Waistell G.
   Lee J.         Phillips T.P     Smith W.       Warlow J.
   Mackin T.      Powell A.        Snaith A.      Whitfield E.
   Marr J.        Parkin N.        Snelling T.    Wilson Js.
   Martin T.      Pattison J.J     Solan P.       Wilson G.
   Mason W.       Peel N.          Soulsby R.     Wright T.
   McAndrew O.    Phoenix G.       Stephenson J.  Wright E.
   Maughan W.     Pickering G.H.   Stubbs W.      Wright R.
   Marron F.O.    Porter J.        Storey W.      Wright A.
   McGowan J.     Potts I.L.       Suddes J.E.    Wood J.
   McGowan M.     Parkin N.        Seed A.        Wilson J.
   McGurk J.      Price H.         Sutherland H.  Walker S.
   McNaney P.     Pratt J.         Simpson W.H.   Youerr T.
   McPherson J.M. Ramsay J.        Simpson G.I.   Young W.S.
   Bulman J.      Robinson N.G.    
   Armstrong F.   Roberts J.G.    
   Tate L.        Robson R.M.    
Front lower step (1939-45) 
   Side 5         Side 6           Side 7         Side 8
   Kelly W.       Nelson H.        Reid A.        Smith J.
   Lowther J.G.   Parkin W.        Roxby E.       Stockburn R.E.
   Lancaster H.   Price A.E.       Robinson A.    Stewart R.
Bottom step (1939-45)
   Side 5         Side 6           Side 7         Side 8
   McGuire O.     Price E.         Robinson H.    Thornhill R.
   Martin, T.     Price D.L.       Routh R.A.     Vest A.V.
   Musgrove, J.   Ruane C.C.       Scurr C.       Watt E.
   Mosey, W.      Martindale W.W.  Stephenson J.  Wright H.
   McCluskey, A.  Morgan G.                       Ovington A.
                                               Died 1995 Bosnia.

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