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Plaque 1914-18 1939-45 St. Stephen





Map ref

NZ 232633

Original Location

St. Stephen's Church, bordering on Scotswood Road, Clumber Street and Brunel Terrace.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 7th October 1917

Memorial Description

Roll of Honour set behind glass in a very wide frame which has a shallow domed top and extended corners.
In the dome at the top is carved a crown in half relief, and below this is a cartouche carved out bearing the name of the church with the letters carved to stand proud.
The main panel itself has a border of red, white and blue with various regimental badges superimposed at intervals. At top right are the Greek letters "Alpha" and "Omega" intertwined, and at top left is the letter "P" superimposed on the saltire. Between these is the quotation from Isaiah, in black Gothic script. The names of those who served are listed in 8 columns, with the first initial of each new letter illuminated. Beneath these are the words "Faithful unto Death" in archaic red capitals, followed by a quotation from Revelation in a blend of black, red and blue Gothic script.

The names of those who died are listed in eight columns; those from 1914-18 are in the left hand four columns, those from 1939-1945 are in the four right hand columns. At the bottom is another quotation in Gothic script in various colours.

Materials used

Paper behind glass in wood frame.


At beginning
I heard the Voice of the Lord saying “Whom shall I send, and / Who will go for us?” Then said I, “Here am I, send Me”.
In middle
I heard a voice from Heaven, saying unto me, "Write, from henceforth blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, Even so, saith the Spirit, for they rest from their labours."
At end
"The Souls of the Righteous are in the Hands of God".


Ownership and maintenance

The Churches Conservation Trust


1. For an identical memorial, see Byker St. Mark's, B95.01

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Illustrated Chronicle 08/10/1917 reports unveiling.

A Gathering of Eagles, Robert Dixon, PublishAmerica, 2004 ISBN 1 4137 3498 7 contains an account of the service of Sergeant Joseph Pearson Morrison in pages 207-211

Sources of quotations
“Then I heard the Voice of the Lord . . .” Isaiah 6 v 8;
"I heard a voice from Heaven, saying . . ." Revelation 14 v 13;
“The souls of the righteous . . .” Wisdom of Solomon 3 v 10

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Research acknowledgements

A.D. Walton (West Newcastle Local Studies Group); Tony Harding; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

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Plaque 1914-18 1939-45 St. Stephen (E35.10)

ELSWICK, St. Stephen's Church.



   I heard the Voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send, and
   Who will go for us?" Then said I, "Here am I, Send Me."
Column 1           Column 2          Column 3          Column 4   

   Angus, A.         Cryle, E.         Ford, J.G.        Hodgson, A.     
   Allan, J.         Calder, W.        Forster, E.       Horne, J.       
   Armstrong, C.L.   Cotterel, W.H.    Forster, T.       Holmes, E.R.    
   Armstrong, H.S.   Coates, H.        Ford, E.          Helsdon, T.     
   Armstrong, W.     Cown, V.          Freeman, C.F.     Hewison, J.A.   
   Armstrong, J.     Cowling, F.       Forster, J.D.     Hall, D.        
   Armstrong, E.     Clark, W.         Forster, W.       Heppell, J.E.   
   Armstrong, E.     Clegg, J.T.       Forster, G.       Harrison, T.    
   Armstrong, G.     Clark, A.         Fisher, T.        Hamilton, R.H.  
   Armstrong, J      Cummings, W.      Forster, T.       Horn, J.        
   Armstrong, W.     Cummings, J.      Fenwick, J.       Holmes, T.A.    
   Atkinson, W.      Carlaw, W.        Fail, N.          Hayton, J.G.    
   Ashman, J.        Corby, J.         Franklin, T.E.    Hayton, J.I.    
   Atkinson, J.J.    Chapman, J.B.     Franklin, J.H.T.  Hawthorn, J.    
   Atkinson, S.      Colter, A.        Fortune, A.       Hind, F.        
   Atkinson, T.      Cameron, C.A.     Fenwick, G.       Hermiston, W.E. 
   Atkinson, L.      Crowther, J.      Forster, R.       Harvey, T.      
   Almond, T.        Clarke, W.        Forster, H.       Herdman, G.     
   Alexander, R.     Connell, J.       Fearnley, H.      Hodgson, W.C.E. 
   Alexander, L.     Craig, J.         Fearnley, W.      Hodgson, R.     
   Ayers, S.         Cassillis, R.     Ford, W.          Halliday, W.M.  
   Arrowsmith, G.    Carden, F.J.      Forster, W.       Halliday, G.    
   Arrowsmith, J.J.  Collins, J.       Finlayson, W.     Hutchinson, C.  
   Allman, J.E.      Cassidy, T.       Fairbridge, A.    Hope, J.        
   Archer, E.        Cant, J.          Fairbridge, T.    Horsley, T.M.   
   Archer, J.        Cant, R.          Fairbridge, J.    Horsley, W.F.   
   Anderson, T.H.    Callender, W.E.   Fee, H.           Hunt, A.        
   Ash, G.S.         Charlton, G.R.    Foster, E.        Hood, R.        
   Archbold, J.      Christie, W.      Foster, B.        Hall, J.        
   Allen, T.         Clelland, J.      Foster, C.        Hood, Rt.       
   Anderson, R.      Cathey, G.        Fagin, J.         Houston, W.     
   Anderson, H.W.    Cowing, R.        Fraser, W.        Horne, J.       
   Avery, J.W.       Connor, N.        Fletcher,         Horne, J.A.     
   Archbold, J.      Carroll, W.       Forbes, H.P.      Heath, T.E.     
   Archbold, W.G.    Crowther, R.      Freeman, C.F.     Heath, W.       
                     Cummings, Wm.     Frankland, W.     Hall, G.        
                     Cameron, D.       Fleming, W.       Heslop, J.W.    
   Beattie, R.W.     Cotton, R.                          Heslop, W.      
   Blanch, G.H.      Craig, J.                           Heslop, A.      
   Blanch, A.        Cowen, R.                           Harm, G.        
   Bennett, C.C.     Coppin, G.                          Hutchinson, C.  
   Bolam, T.         Cartner, R.       Gordon, J.        Hull, J.E.      
   Bailey, J.        Conway, C.        Gordon, T.        Henderson, W.   
   Bumfrey, H.       Chisholm, J.      Gunning, J.       Hardman, J.G.   
   Barnett, T.H.     Cross, A.         Graver, C.F.      Hurd, Rev. F.   
   Brebner, R.       Crawford, J.      Green, J.                         
   Bulman, A.E.      Coates, W.G.      Green, G.H.                       
   Brown, W.         Cousin, T.A.      Graham, R.G.                      
   Batey, C.         Carlaw, P.        Gallagher, M.                     
   Brown, J.W.       Clark, A.         Grey, J.                          
   Bolam, A.H.       Croucher, R.C.    Glendenning, A.                   
   Britton, J.H.     Corby, A.E.       Grant, R.                         
   Britton, A.       Croucher, J.A.    Graham, R.        Ingram, J.      
   Bromley, W.G.     Carr, F.          Graham, J.T.      Irving, W.A.    
   Blackett, F.      Carruthers, S.    Graham, G.        Ismay, J.       
   Boyd, A.          Carnegie, G.B.    Goodwin, F.G.     Ismay, J.R.     
   Boyd, R.          Carey, F.         Green, A.         Ingram, P.R.    
   Bannon, J.        Charlton, J.W.    Graham, J.        Irwin, R.       
   Birkley, H.       Carver, J.        Gordon, W.        Irving, R.      
   Brebner, J.       Caulfield, W.     Goldsborough, E.                  
   Barnfather, P.    Collin, J.E.      Gillon, R.P.      Johns, F.       
   Brumwell, W.      Coulson, P.       Graham, W.        Johnson, H.G.   
   Bunyan, J.                          Gallon, M.        Jeffrey, J.W.   
   Bell, W.                            Gallon, H.        Jones, J.H.     
   Black, A.                           Gartland, J.      Jamieson, R.    
   Beange, A.                          Glendinning, J.   Jefferson, J.   
   Bruce, J.                           Graham, W.        Jackson, W.     
   Bruce, R.                           Graham, T.        James, T.S.     
   Bryson, J.N.                        Graham, H.G.      Jeffrey, P.     
   Batey, J.F.       Dunn, A.          Graham, T.S.      James, A.       
   Batey, J.T.       Dunn, T.          Graham, W.F.      Jefferson, T.   
   Bell, F.          Doolan, T.W.      Gordon, Wm.       Jones, W.       
   Bennett, J.G.     Dickson, G.       Guest, H.         Jameson, G.B.   
   Blackie, J.W.     Davis, W.I.       Gordon, R.        Jameson, R.W.   
   Blyth, J.         Davis, J.         Gibson, J.J.      James, W.S.     
   Brebner, Wm.      Dixon, W.J.       Gettins, W.                       
   Brebner, W.       Dickins, J.H.     Goodwin, A.                       
   Brett, Jos.       Duffy, J.P.       Gallagher, J.W.   Kilpatrick, R.  
   Brett, J.         Douglas, J.W.     Gallagher, H.     Knight, A.      
   Bright, H.        Dixon, I.C.       Gallagher, G.     Keen, D.J.      
   Bates, A.H.       Dixon, W.         Guymer, M.        Kane, D.        
   Beech, J.H.       Davidson, W.      Guymer, W.        Knox, G.        
   Blayloch, C.E.    Douglas, J.       Gibson, A.        Kerr, S.G.      
   Blayloch, T.G.    Deans, E.         Gray, A.          Kennaway, J     
   Brumwell, A.      Dixon, R.W.       Gee, E.R.         Kirkley, A.G.   
   Brumwell, H.J.    Davidson, J.G.    Geldard, J.       Kilpatrick, W   
   Birnie, J.J.      Davison, R.                         Kilpatrick, R.  
   Boyd, R.          Drummond, H.                        Kilpatrick Jos. 
   Boyd, A.          Dawkins, R.C.                       Kilpatrick J Sen 
   Bagnall, J.       Dodds, J.R.                         Kilpatrick, J.  
   Bell, J.          Dobson, J.        Horsley, J.       Knights, W.J.   
   Bell, T.          Dunbar, T.        Heal, A.          Kirk, T.H.      
   Burn, J.          Duffy, J.         Henry, H.         Kiney, C.J.     
   Burns, P.         Dobson, E.        Hudspith, E.      Knott, R.C.     
   Brown, A.         Duprey, J.        Harvey, W.        Knott, A.B.     
   Brown, K.         Dees, J.          Harvey, J.        Kay, W.E.       
   Burns, J.R.       Dinning, J.       Hall, J.M.        Kent, W.E.      
   Bolam, J.R.H.     Dinning, Jas.     Hawdon, J.                        
   Brown, G.         Dawson, L.        Hawdon, N.                        
   Brennan, C.O.     Dunbar, J.H.      Heal, E.          Lyon, J.W.      
   Bewley, W.F.      Dunbar, E.J.      Heal, O.W.        Lynam, J.W.     
   Bell, G.          Davison, E.H.     Hails, J.         Laidler, J.     
   Brebner, R.       Deans, J.W.       Hall, W.          Laidler, A.F.   
   Brebner, J.       Dodds, J.L.D.     Horn, J.          Little, F.J.    
   Brebner, D.       Dickinson, J.     Henderson, W.     Laws, J.R.      
   Bainbridge, N.    Dobbie, W.P.      Hogg, H.          Lowes, F.E.     
   Bootes, G.        Dodd, E.P.        Hedley, J.        Lowley, S.      
   Brewster, W.                        Harris, R.J.      Lowson, W.      
   Brewster, A.                        Heard, J.         Loraine, N.     
   Bayley, P.J.                        Hollyman, J.G.    Loraine, J.W.   
   Blue, D.                            Hunter, J.        Leslie, R.W.    
                     Elliot, P.        Hutchinson, A.    Leslie, W.      
                     Exley, T.         Hogg, R.A.        Little, T.      
                     Ewart, W.         Hartley, J.R.     Little, A.      
                     Elliot, J.W.      Hazel, W.         Lawson, R.      
                     Ervin, P.         Hardy, A.         Luke, R.        
   Campbell, A.      Ellerby, J.       Hamilton, R.H.    Laws, R.S.      
   Cryle, R.         Easton, T.F.      Harrison, J.      Laws, J.        
   Connell, J.       Etherington, F.D. Harrison, R.L.    Lawson, W.      
   Cobb, A.          English, F.       Harrison, T.N.    Lyons, R.       
   Coulson, A.       Edwards, A.       Harrison, J.K.    Lamb, J.T.      
   Campbell, J.      Elder, E.S.       Harkus, G.        Langstaff, J.   
   Cain, C.          Elder, H.         Howey, W.         Lee, A.         
   Clennell, J.      Ewen, C.          Hollingsworth, D. Lamb, C.        
   Clennell, T.                        Hutchinson, R.    Livingstone, A.S.
Column 5           Column 6         Column 7          Column 8   

   Lawson, T.                          Robson, R.        Taylor, G.
   Luke, W.G.                          Robinson, G.F.    Taylor, T.
   Lyman, Ste.                         Richardson, S.    Taylor, G.
   Lynam, S.                           Robinson, A.C.    Taylor, R.
   Little, G.         Nicholls, J.R.                     Taylor, J.
   Little, J.R.       Neil, T.                           Taylor, Jas.
   Leddy, J.          Newton, J.                         Taylor, G.
   Lee, A.            Nolan, J.                          Taylor, G.
   Landreth, T.W.     Nevison, G.H.    Surtees, J.       Taylor, R.
   Landreth, G.H.     Neale, A.        Simpson, R.       Taylor, John.
   Lennox, J.         Newell, R.       Shea, R.          Taylor, H.M.
   Livingstone, R.    Norman, T.       Shield, W.P.      Taylor, W.S.
   Livingstone, J.    Neal, V.         Smith, E.         Taylor, M.S.
   Livingstone, Jos.  Nichol, G.W.     Spark, G.         Taylor, R.
   Lewington, R.      Newton, E.       Sweeting, W.H.    Taylor, G.
   Little, T.         Nassworthy, M.   Scott, W.         Taylor, E.
   Laws, G.           Nockles, F.      Smeaton, W.       Trainer, W.
   Lumley, W.         Nockles, L.      Swan, J.J.        Tennant, J.
                                       Stoot, J.W.       Turnbull, H.
                      Olley, J.R.      Saddler, G.       Tempest, R.
                      Oliver, N.       Sced, R.          Thirkeld, J.A.
                      Oliver, R.       Sced, B.          Tait, F.A.
   Mole, A.           O'Neil, B.       Sced, W.          Thomas, A.E.
   Moody, J.R.        Owens, E.        Sced, H.          Thomas, H.V.
   Machin, T.         O'Reilly, G.W.   Sced, A.          Thoburn, T.
   Mewse, J.          Orange, H.       Simpson, C.       Thwaites, W.A.
   Morrin, J.         Oliver, J.       Simpson, E.       Tate, N.
   McNamara, J.       Osterman, R.     Simpson, R.       Tate, L.P.
   McGourn, T.        O'Beirn, C.      Simpson, W.       Toward, E.
   Milburn, W.        O'Reilly, F.     Stower, J.G.      Thorborn, R.
   Miller, E.         Phimister, G.    Spence, J.        Turner, J.
   McCoola, W.        Pickles, J.S.    Shepherd, W.      Teasdale, R.
   Mackenzie, D.      Patterson, J.T.  Shea, J.          Todd, H.
   Morrison, J.       Pearce, A.       Smart, J.         Turner, C.S.
   Munro, G.          Peart, R.        Smart, W.         Turner, A.
   Morrison, A.       Pyle, G.         Slipper, E.E.     Thwaites, R.J.
   Moss, W.           Pattison, H.     Slipper, G.E.
   McCormick, H.      Philipson, F.    Shaw, H.
   Manners, W.G.      Philipson, W.    Sanderson, A.
   Moat, T.           Plimmer, W.      Sandy, J.W.
   Moody, J.          Pickering, J.T.  Skelton, W.       Urwin, N.
   Moore, J.          Pearson, W.      Stewartson, A.W.  Usher, F.
   Miller, R.         Pentland, C.G.   Sweeting, G.
   Mackenzie, L.      Perkins, A.      Seatree, H.       Varty, R.
   Maughan, T.        Pattinson, D.    Slipper, G.H.     Varty, H.C.
   Moriarty, W.E.     Potts, M.J.      Spinks, N.        Vardy, W.
   McManus, R.        Pearson, J.P.    Storey, A.        Vardy, S.
   McElderry, J.      Pearson, W.      Skillen, R.       Venus, W.
   McElderry, B.      Porter, A.E.     Short, J.N.       Veitch, T.
   Munn, T.A.         Porter, W.       Storey, W.
   Morrison, J.       Pyle, E.W.       Storey, E.
   Murthwaite, R.     Pyle, J.R.       Storey, J.        Watson, N.O.
   Murthwaite, H.     Penman, T.       Storey, Jos.      Wanless, E.J.
   Murthwaite, W.     Petrie, G.C.     Slipper, F.W.     Wilkin, J.
   Mitchinson, R.     Penn, H.         Slipper, E.       Wilson, R.
   Money, J.          Penn, W.         Smith, A.W.       Wilson, R.D.
   Moody, Wm.         Penn, A.         Shea, P.          Watkin, R.
   Moody, J.T.        Park, J.         Smith, G.H.       Wilson, L.W.T.
   Moody, W.          Palmer, C.       Shell, R.         Wardle, T.
   Manning, T.        Purvis, A.       Scott, J.R.       Wallace, J.
   Macauley, W.       Pinkard, J.      Shannon, J.       Wilson, J.
   Moore, S.          Punchon, T.H.    Sullivan, A.      Wevers, K.
   McKay, J.W.D.      Perkins, J.      Sullivan, W.      Wright, H.G.
   McKay, J.G.        Plews, Rev.G.W.  Slingstone, G.    Wylie, W.
   McEwen, F.         Potts, H.        Smith, J.         Wylie, G.
   McEwen, T.W.       Pearson, F.      Scott, T.         Wylie, J.
   McFee, C.          Platt, J.G.      Smith, J.W.       Ward, W.
   Mitchell, G.       Palmer, J.       Smith, J.         Wilson, F.V.
   Mitchell, A.B.     Parkin, J.R.     Scott, V.A.       Wilson, T.D.
   Mooney, J.J.       Parkin, J.A.     Seers, J.         Ward, G.R.
   Main, J.W.                          Sanders, H.J.     Williamson, W.
   Murphy, W.                          Sedgwick, A.J.    Winter, W.
   Mains, J.                           Stephenson, H.    White, R.S.
   Murton, F.         Quinn, A.        Stephenson, G.    Willis, T.
   MacLaren, R.J.     Quinn, J.        Scaife, J.H.      Wood, J.
   McCabe, E.         Quinn, P.        Shaftoe, J.       Wilson, F.
   McCabe, D.                          Shaftoe, R.       Wilson, H.
   McDonald, D.       Reed, T.         Smith, W.         Wilson, R.
   Morrison, J.       Rudd, W.         Stobbs, J.        Watson, H.
   McNichol, A.       Renwick, R.S.    Summerville, C.   Woodbine, E.
   McCaw, S.          Richardson, J.W. Simpson, C.       Wetheril, T.
   Mulloy, J.         Russell, D.F.    Swindale, A.      Wells, W.
   Mills, F.G.        Reeson, E.       Scott, J.W.       Warwick, J.A.
   Muldoon, F.        Robinson, J.S.   Secker, H.G.      Walker, R.
   McLain, T.         Richardson, J.   Secker, R.W.      White, V.
   Miller, R.         Rice, P.         Steckles, L.      Wilson, L.
   Mohlin, T.         Ramsay, T.       Steckles, W.      Watson, J.H.
   Mawston, T.L.      Robinson, W.J.   Savage, S.        Wardle, J.H.
   Mawston, E.        Richardson, T.F. Savage, J.        Wardropper, T.
   Morrison, J.G.     Richardson, G.   Seymour, J.       Wardropper, J.R.
   Middlemass, T.     Richardson, J.   Scott, J.         Wilson, C.
   Menzies, F.        Robertson, P.    Stephenson        Willians, L.R.
   Murdy, G.T.        Reddy, R.J.      Smith, E.T.       Woolnough, J.G.
   McFadyen, W.       Robson, R.       Scott, C.         Welford, J.
   McDonald, J.       Robson, A.       Smith, Wm.        Watson, G.
   Machin, J.         Ross, F.         Smith, E.         Winter, W.
   Machin, K.         Robinson, W.     Simpson, A.       Wilson, J.
   Malia, J.          Routledge, J.    Short, G.         Wood, John
   McDermott, M.      Robson, T.A.     Smith, J.         Wood, J.
   Moses, R.          Reeson, E.                         White, J.A.
   Murray, J.         Redpath, J.                        Williams, G.
   Morrison, J.       Riley, T.                          Wallace, W.
   Mattison, J.       Riley, W.                          Wilson, G.W.T.
   Marr, J.           Robson, H.                         Wright, W.
   Marr, C.J.         Robson, J.J.                       Wilkes, W.
   Middleton, V.      Robinson, S.F.                     Whitfield, H.
   McConnell, R.J.    Robinson, A.E.                     Walton, S.W.
   McKeown, W.        Riley, T.        Taylor, H.N.      Wood, A.
   Murray, H.         Riley, J.        Tempest, E.A.     Wood, R.
   Melvin, D.         Routledge, R.    Thompson, L.
   McLeod, R.E.       Rafferty, J.     Thompson, T.E.
   Masterton, A.      Rix, A.W.        Thompson, L.
   Mills, S.          Richardson, S.   Thompson, J.
   McLeod, Wm.        Robson, J.       Thompson, H.
   Mains, M.          Ridley, K.H.     Thompson, J.      Young, J.B.
   Mains, J.F.        Ridley, P.D.     Thompson, H.      Young, J.C.
   Malone, B.J.       Ridley, S.G.     Thompson, T.      Young, J.W.
   Mole, W.           Ridsdale, H.     Thompson, Lance   Young, L.
   McCabe, R.         Ross, J.H.       Thompson, Thos.   Yarwood, F.T.
   McWilliams, P.     Race, R.G.       Thompson, G.E.
   Marsh, W.J.        Ramsay, R.       Taylor, W.
   McCaw, W.          Robinson, J.     Taylor, J.G.
   McCaw, J.          Richardson, W.   Taylor, C.
                      Robinson, J.     Taylor, E.
                      Robinson, J.H.   Taylor, T.C.

   I heard a voice from Heaven, saying unto me, "Write, from henceforth    blessed are the dead which
   die in the Lord, Even so, saith the Spirit, for they rest from their   labours."
Column 9           Column 10          Column 11          Column 12   
Below Columns 1-4
   Armstrong, C.L.         1914 - 18                     Renwick, R.S.   
   Atkinson, W.                                          Richardson, J.W. 
   Armstrong, H.S.                                       Riley, W.       
   Blue, D.           Dixon, R.W.      Lynam, J.W.       Spark, G.       
   Blanch, G.H.       Dodds, J.R.      Lyon, J.W.        Shield, W.P.    
   Blanch, A.         Dunbar, T.       Little, F.J.      Shea, R.        
   Bennett, C.C.      Foster, E.       Moody, J.R.       Sweeting, W.H.  
   Brebner, W.        Fee, H.          Machin, T.        Surtees, J.     
   Brebner, R.        Ford, J.G.       Mewse, J.         Storey, E.      
   Brebner, J.        Gordon, T.       Morrin, J.        Simpson, R.     
   Bryans, T.         Gordon, J.       Mole, A.          Smith, E.       
   Bell, J.D.         Haggerston, R.   Miller, R.        Scott, W.       
   Bell, T.E.         Houston, W.      McDonald, W.C.    Sced, H.F.      
   Bernie, J.         Henry, R.        Marsh, W.         Taylor, H.N.    
   Beattie, R.        Heal, A.         Morrison, Jno.    Tempest, E.A.   
   Cryle, R.          Hope, J.         Morrison, Jos.    Thompson, L.    
   Cummings, J.       Hartley, J.R.    Newell, R.        Thompson, H.    
   Connell, J.        Horsley, J.      O'Beird, C.       Thompson, J.    
   Campbell, A.       Harkness, A.     Phimister, G.     Watson, N.O.   
   Clark, A.          Jewitt, W.       Petrie, G.C.      Wilson, R.      
   Charlton, J.W.     Knott, R.C.      Porter, W.        Wanless, E.J.   
   Coulson, A.        Kilpatrick, R.   Pickles, J.S.     Wilkin, E.J.    
   Deans, J.W.        Kilpatrick, J.   Robinson, W.J.    Wood, R.        
   Dunn, A.           Laws, J.R.       Reed, T.                          
   Dunn, T.           Laidlaw, J.      Rudd, W.          Young, J.B.     
   Davis, W.          Laidler, A.F.    Ramsay, D.
Column 13           Column 14          Column 15          Column 16   
Below Columns 5-8

   Allan, H.                 1939 – 45                   Palmer, J.
   Armstrong, R.                             
   Auchterlonie, M.
                                       Jaffray, R.W.     Robinson, T.J.
                                                         Robinson, S.
                                       Kennady, W.       Ronald, R.S.
                      Davies, J.T.
                      Dobson, R.A.
                                       Leach, G.J.
                                       Legdon, J.W.      Sillender, J.
   Blanch, O.J.
   Bolam, J.W.
   Bowles, F.G.       Edmondson, J.J.
   Brown, A.
   Brown, P.S.                                           Turner, A.
   Bryson, J.J.                        Maitland, G.S.    Thomas, H.
                      Ford, A.         Maule, H.         Thirkeld, R.
                                       Morrison, J.P.    Thirkeld, W.J.
                      Gilmour, W.
                      Graham, H.T.
   Collins, J.R.                       Nicholl, A.       Walmsley, J.
   Carey, B.                                             Wilson, E.
   Cummings, W.W.     Hepher, G.                         Wipper, J.
                      Hind, W.
   "The Souls of the Righteous are in the Hands of God".

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