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Photo: Dorothy Hall


Plaque 1914-18 North Road Wesleyan Methodist





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North Road Wesleyan Methodist

Present Location

Transferred to Northland Methodist Church.

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Unveiled 28th March 1920 by Rev. J.F. Stirling, C.F.

Memorial Description

Plaque. There is an elaborate border round the edge. At centre top is a sunburst with standards in front. Below this is an oval wreath with the words “Roll of Honour” at centre. At bottom left and right are pictures of two buildings, which cannot be made out from the poor photocopy. The names are listed in three columns divided by vertical lines. Beside some of them are letters which accord with the legend below. Additional names are added at the bottom. Lettering is printed with the title in grotesque style of printing, with the names and regiments in Roman capitals.

Materials used

Paper behind glass?


Roll of Honour
North Road Wesleyan Church and School.



1. This information is taken from the Souvenir Booklet (See D40.76) which contains a photo of the Roll of Honour.

2. Rev. Stirling, and Rev. J.T. Tunstall who gave an address at the unveiling, were both Chaplains to the Forces and both had passed through the North Road Sunday School and church.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall

In Darlington Library “Northland Methodist Church, Darlington. "This Book of Memory records /older memorials in the uniting churches / and new memorial gifts to Northland.”

Durham County Record Office Copy of Souvenir Booklet M/Da 948

Northern Echo 29/3/1920 reports unveiling.

Darlington & Stockton Times (South) 3/4/1920 reports unveiling

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C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall

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Plaque 1914-18 North Road Wesleyan Methodist (D40.077)

DARLINGTON      North Road Wesleyan Church and School.
 Roll of
 North Road Wesleyan Church & School
 Name                      Regt       Name                 Regt.     Name                     Regt.
 Alderson, Walter          ---        Gibson, Geo. H.      Seaman    Page, John Ed.           D.L.I.
 Allinson, Robert          H.L.I.     Gibson, Matt. G.     R.F.A.    Peacock, E. Vincent      R.E.
 Awde, Herbert (c)         R.E.                                      Peart, Jos. Arthur (a)   D.L.I.
                                      Halliday, Herbert    R.A.M.C.  Peart, Thos. Albert E.   D.L.I.
 Bainbridge, Spenceley (a) R.F.       Hammond, Wm.         ---       Peirson, Tom             R.F.A.
 Barker, George            R.G.A.     Harding, George      D.L.I.    Peirson Robt. V.         M.G.C.
 Barker, Thomas. E.        R.E.       Harding, Henry       D.L.I.   
 Bass, James J.            Y.& L.     Harvey, John H.      D.L.I.    Richardson, Hy.          D.L.I.
 Beckwith, Thos. Hy.       D.L.I.     Henderson, Robert R. D.L.I.    Rickaby J. Alf. W.       D.L.I.
 Beckwith, George J.       Yorks.     Heseldine Wm. (a)    E.R.A.    Robinson, Richard        R.F.C.
 Bell, Henry               D.L.I.     Hogg, Harold         R.E.
 Bell, Robert              D.L.I.     Hopperton, John R.   O.T.C.    Shinkfield, Percy R.     T.R.B.
 Bethell, George R.        R.G.A.     Howe, William Hy.    N.A.S.    Shinkfield, Bert M.      R.E.
 Bethell, J. Fred.         R.F.A.     Howe, Edward         R.E.      Shinkfield, Jas. P.      R.N.A.S.
 Bladen, Harold A.         R.G.A.     Hudson, Jas. Wm.     A.S.C.    Shinkfield Norman W.     T.R.B.
 Bramwell, John            R.E.       Humphreys, Albert    R.G.A.    Smith, Aubyn             R.E.
 Bramwell, Frank           W. Riding                                 Smith, Arthur  (b)       A.O.C.
 Bulmer, Chas. H.          N.F.       Keyworth, Alf. G.    R.A.M.C.  Smith, William           R.F.A.
 Bulmer, Albert J.         D.L.I.     Kitching, Robert     R.E.      Sowerby, Fred.           N.F.
 Burrell, Herbert          D.L.I.     Kitching, Walter     K.R.R.    Stirling, John F.        Chaplain
 Butler, Ernest J.         R.G.A.                                    Summerbell, John Wm.     R.N.D.
                                      Laing, Robert        R.G.A.   
 Chapman, Chas. C.         D.L.I.     Lancaster, John G.   Yorks.    Tailford, Jas. N. (a)    D.L.I.
 Cherrington, Wm. Geo.     A.S.C.M.T. Larman, Chas.        D.L.I.    Taylor, Herbert          D.L.I.
 Clark, Harry              A.S.C.     Lawson, Wilfrid      R.E.      Temple, Jos. Jas.        R.N.A.S.
 Coulson James             D.L.I.     Layton, Sam.         Hussars   Temple, William          Yorks.
 Craggs, Havelock          D.L.I.     Leigh, Herbert D.    ---       Theakston, Albert Ed.(a) D.L.I.
 Craggs, John B.           N.F.       Liddle, John Wm.     R.E.      Trowsdale, Thos. W.      A.S.C.M.T
 Curry, Wm.                R.A.M.C.   Lockey, Ernest       Hussars   Tunstall, Jas. T.        Chaplain
                                                                     Tunstall, Geo. M.        Yorks.
 Deas, Geo. Wm.            Y.L.I.     Mackenzie, Donald    R.F.A.   
 Dent, John Wm.            D.L.I.     McMain, Robt. Wm.    R.D.C.    Waite, Fred.             C.A.M.C.
 Dover, Thos.              Bor.R.     McMain, Ernest       ---       Waites, Joseph           R.E.
 Dover, Sydney             R.F.A.     McMullen, Thos. (a)  ---       Walker, William          W. Surrey
 Dover, Walter             N.F.       Marley, Tom  (a)     Bor.Rgt.  Walker, Joseph           D.L.I.
 Downs, Franklin           D.L.I.     Marley, Samuel B.    D.L.I.    Wanless, Wm. A.          N.F.R.P.
                                      Marley, Wm. R.       R.E.      Ward, Harold             D.L.I.
 Eastwood, Wm. R.          R.N.V.R.   Mason, Thos. H.      D.L.I.    Whinn, Oswald            Bor.Rgt.
 Elliott, John R.          S.H.       Midcalf, Wilfred     R.G.A.    Whittle, Herbert         R.E.
                                      Midcalf, Leamen      W. Riding Wilkinson, Angus         D.L.I.
 Fairless, John            R.E.       Miller, Fred         R.F.A.    Wilson, Fred. H.         A.S.C.M.T
 Fawcett, Sydney           Canadians  Miller Wm. Hy.       Ty.Scot.  Woodcock, Wm. H.         R.A.M.C.
 Forster, George T.        R.E.       Miller, Chas. E.     D.L.I.    Wright, Reginald         R.F.A.
 Foster, Chas. Wm.         Yorks.     Miller, Albert Ed.   A.S.C.   
                                      Monkhouse, Bart.     A.P.C.
 Garrett, Robt. A.         D.L.I.                                    Yates, Allan  (d)        Yorks.
 Geldard, Harold           A.O.C.     Nixon, Sydney        E.R.A.    Young, Tom               Y&L.
 Gibson E. Mansfield       N. Zealand      
  (a) Paid supreme sacrifice      (b) Died in hospital      (c) Military Medal      (d) blinded
 Allison, Joseph  Can        Atkinson, Matt.        Miller, George
 Gill, John       R.E.       Byers, Sam             Reid, Stephen     O.T.C.
 Kearton, Percy   ---        Beilby John Wm. (a)    Shinkfield, Glad.
 Mason, Joseph    Navy       Coatsworth, Geo.       Sowerby, Arthur
 Moses, Ant.      E.R.A.     Dobson, Henry          Thompson, Harry
 Peacock, C.      D.L.I.     Franklin, Norman

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