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Roll of Honour 1914-18 Tynedale Rugby Club





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NY 991636

Original Location

The plaque was erected in the Tynedale RFC clubhouse at Dene Park, Hexham. It was removed to Corbridge when the new clubhouse was built there in 1974.

Present Location

Tynedale Park, on south wall of entrance lobby.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 15th January 1921 by the Club President. Dedicated by the Rector of Hexham, Rev. J.V.C. Farquhar.

Memorial Description

Plaque, 920 mm high x 610 mm wide. Down both sides is an enamelled Union flag topped by a laurel wreath. Between the dates are the figures of two rugby players, one tackling another, the dates on either side tapering in size away from them. The lettering is in Roman and sans serif capital lettering in black with some red. The bottom line is all in red. The names are listed in three columns, divided by vertical lines.

Materials used

Brass in a thin plain wood frame.


European War / 1914-1918 / Tynedale Rugby Football Club / Roll of Honour / to perpetuate the memory / of those who laid down their lives / for / King and Country / in the / Great War
No greater love


Who commissioned

Tynedale Rugby Football Club

How money was raised

A subscription list among the members

Present condition


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

John E. Hedley


1. "The then president of our local rugby club, Mr. Anthony Emerson, asked me to design the Roll of Honour for the members who had lost their lives in the 1914-18 war, which I did – and which I believe still hangs in the club house”. From the notebook, page 52, written in the 1970s by John E. Hedley, 1903-1982, photographer, Hexham.

2. The hut was also a memorial according to a page – unsourced – which tells that on the day the war memorial hut was opened, a game was played between Tynedale RFC and Mr. R. Hodgson’s XV at Hexham, proceeds in aid of Hexham Cottage Hospital.

3. The club had been dormant during the war years. When it restarted in 1919, it was as much to honour their fallen members who, it was felt, would love the idea. It was agreed to start practices with the idea of playing competitively.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown; C.N. Dallison

"Tynedale Rugby Club 75th Birthday Souvenir 1876-1951

Tyne and Wear Archives Paper mentioned in Note 2 above.

Hexham Weekly News 29/02/1919 reports proposals to restart the club.

Source of quotation
“No greater love”. Possibly a variation on “Greater love hath no man than this . . .” St.John 15 v 13.

Research acknowledgements

Colin Dallison; Janet Brown; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

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Roll of Honour 1914-18 Tynedale Rugby Club (C52.05)

   European War
   1914    1918
   Tynedale Rugby Football Club
   Roll of Honour
   to perpetuate the memory
   of those who laid down their lives
   King and Country
   in the
   Great War
   William Adamson      John Grierson         John W. Robinson
   William Alder        Noel F. Humphreys     George S. Robinson
   Benjamin Alexander   William Jefferson     Joseph W. Robinson
   Rollo E. Atkinson    Stanley H. Kent       John Robson
   John A. Bagnall      Drew Little           James Robson
   Ernest Batey         Frank O. Mail         William J. Robson
   William Braidford    Alexander Morrison    John R. Robson
   Percy Braidford      William Nanson        Andrew Snowdon
   John Brydon          Fred Nevison          Harry J. Spencer
   Thomas Burn          Norman Oxland         William Summers
   Thomas W. Burn       Arthur Patterson      William R. Thew
   Thomas Cathrae       Lionel D. Plummer     Arthur Thompson
   William Coulson      George Potts          David T. Turner
   William Elliott      Ryde Rayner           Ernest Walton
   John M. Emerson      Michael Reed          George P. Walton
   Bertrand D. Gibson   Andrew G. Richardson  Isaac Whittaker
                        Charles N. Ridley
Hexham Weekly News 28/2/1919 has variations and omissions and adds ranks and regiments:
Roll of Honour   
   Corpl. W. Adamson North Lancashires;
   Corpl. W. Alder, N.F.;
   2nd Lieut. R.E. Atkinson, D.L.I.;
   Lieut. Bagnall, N.F.;
   Lce. Corpl. E. Batey, Canadians;
   2nd Lieut. W. Braidford, D.L.I.;
   2nd Lieut. P. Braidford, M.C., D.L.I.;
   Capt. Bryden R.A.M.C.;
   Lce. Corpl. T. Burn, N.F.;
   Pte. T. Cathrae, N.F.; 
   Pte. W. Coulson, N.F.
   Lieut.Col. B.D. Gibson, D.S.O., N.F.;
   Pte. J. Grierson, N.F.;
   Capt. Humphreys, M.C., Tanks;
   Corpl. W. Jefferson, Canadians;
   Capt. S. Kent, M.C.;
   Lieut. Drew Little, D.L.I.;
   Capt. O. Morrison, Cameronian Highlanders;
   2nd Lieut. E. Milroy, Cameronian Highlanders;
   Sergt. F. Nevison, N.F.;
   Lieut. Oxland, Border Regiment; 
   Pte. A. Patterson, Royal Marines;
   Capt. L.D. Plummer, N.F.;
   Lieut. R. Rayner, N.F.;
   Capt. C.N. Ridley, Northumberland Yeomanry;
   Capt. J.W. Robinson, N.F.;   
   Pte. Robinson, Australians; 
   Pte. J. Robson, N.F.;
   Pte. R. Robson, N.F.; 
   2nd Lieut. W.J. Robson, Northd. Yeomanry; 
   Pte. Geo. Potts, N.F.; 
   Capt. H. Spencer, D.L.I.;
   Sergt. W.R. Thew, Northd. Yeomanry; 
   Capt. A. Thompson, N.F.;
   Pte. E. Walton, Canadians;
   Lieut. G.P. Walton, N.F.;
   Pte. I. Whittaker, N.F.
Died of Wounds:
   2nd Lieut. J.M. Emerson, M.G.C.;
   Pte. M. Reed, N.F.
Died of Illness:
   R.Q.M.S. A.G. Richardson, N.F.;
   Pte. J.R. Robson, N.F.;
   Pte. A. Snowdon, N.F.;
   Sergt. T.W. Burn, Canadians
   Capt. R. Allen, N.F.;
   Pte. T. Cooper, Royal Scots Fusiliers;
   Lieut. I.A. Patterson, Northd. Yeomanry;   
   Corpl. M. Walton, Australians.
Honours gained by players:  
   Late Lieut.Col. B.D. Gibson, C de G and D.S.O with bar, N.F.;
   Lieut.Col. F. Robinson, C de G and D.S.O. with bar, N.F.;
   Lieut.Col. Jas Ritson, C de G and D.S.O., D.L.I.;
   Lieut.Col. W. Robb, Crois de Chevalier, N.F.; 
   Major Wm. Anderson, D.S.O., Military Cross, N.F.; 
   Late 2nd Lieut. P. Braidford, D.S.O. and Military Cross, D.L.I.;
   Capt. Gibb, D.S.O. and Military Cross, N.F.; 
   Capt. H. Steele, D.S.O. and Military Cross & bar, N.F.; 
   Capt. U. Alexander, D.S.O. and Military Cross & bar, N.F.;
   Late Capt. S. Kent, D.S.O. and Military Cross and bar, Canadians;
   Lieut. T. Robson, D.S.O. and Military Cross & bar, Nland Yeomanry;
   Late Capt. Humphreys, D.S.O. and Military Cross & bar, Tanks;
   C.S.M. J.W. Smith, D.C.M. and Medal Militaire, N.F.;
   Pte. D. Forster, Military Medal, N.F.;
   Capt. Milne Robb, D.F. Cross, R.A.F.;
   Lieut. W. Amos, Military Cross, N.F.

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