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Book of Remembrance 1914-18 St. Lawrence





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NZ 273638

Original Location

St. Lawrence

Present Location

St. Silas' Church. On a prayer desk at the front of the church. Moved here August 1995.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Dedicated November 11th 1995 at 11 a.m.

Memorial Description

Book of Remembrance. 26 cm high x 19.5 cm wide. It has an outer skin of white leather.
The pages are handwritten in a single column on each page using black lettering with red initials.
The name "Byker" at the front is blocked in gold.

Materials used

Leather outer, paper pages.


Byker / In memory of those / who brought honour / to this district / by giving their lives / in the Great War / 1914 - 1919



1. This Book of Remembrance was commissioned in order to preserve the names which were on the cross formerly in St. Lawrence's Churchyard. See B95.09.

2. It was placed in St. Michael's. but when the cross was moved to St. Silas', and because St. Michael's is part of the area to be redeveloped, it was considered better to place the book at the same church as the cross.

3. It is hoped to be able to put the book into a display case in due course.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown

Evening Chronicle 23/11/1995 reports dismantling the St. Lawrence's cross and the dedication of the new Book of Remembrance.

Research acknowledgements

Mr. Rossman (F.A.L.L.); Tony Harding

Research In Progress

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Book of Remembrance 1914-18 St. Lawrence (B95.11)

BYKER     St. Silas' Church.
    In memory of those
    who brought honour
    to this district
    by giving their lives
    in the Great War

    1914 - 1919
    Alexander, C.
    Allen, J.F.
    Allison, W.
    Anderson, H.
    Anderson, T.
    Atkinson, G.
    Avison, T.
    Aiken, R.J.
    Bacon, C.
    Bacon, A.J.
    Bailey, W.A.
    Barrie, J.R.
    Bax, A.
    Bell, G.P.
    Black, R.
    Black, T.
    Blackett, R.
    Bone, A.
    Boyd, J.T.
    Boyd, J.
    Brennan, R.
    Briten, J.R.
    Briten, T.H.
    Brittain, W.M.
    Brittain, W.D.
    Brogdon, W.
    Broderick, R.
    Bulman, A.
    Bulman, W.
    Bushell, F.
    Byrne, A.H.
    Carr, C.T.G.
    Carson, I.
    Carter, J.W.
    Cartwright, J.C.
    Charlton, J.
    Charlton, M.
    Chesser, E.
    Christie, J.
    Christie, W.
    Crickmay, A.
    Clark, E.
    Clark, J.
    Colson, A.W.
    Cooper, A.
    Cottingham, J.
    Coulson, D.W.
    Coulson, H.
    Couley, F.
    Couley, W.
    Craggs, A.
    Crawford, S.
    Curry, R.
    Cuthbertson, T.G.
    Dent, A.
    Devoy, J.
    Dickinson, C.
    Dilworth, W.
    Dodgson, W.
    Douglas, D.
    Downey, W.
    Draper, A.
    Dring, S.J.
    Dunn, H.
    Dunn, J.E.
    Dunwiddie, F.
    Falcus, R.F.
    Falcus, W.
    Fallon, E.
    Fallon, J.
    Fellows, T.J.
    Fletcher, M.F.
    Fletcher, A.
    Fletcher, R.U.
    Fletcher, W.
    Fowler, A.
    Gee, E.M.
    Gibson, H.
    Gibson, E.
    Gordon, J.
    Graham, J.H.
    Grant, T.
    Griffen, D.
    Guthrie, R.
    Hatley, J.W.
    Hannon, J.
    Harrison, J.
    Harrison, J.
    Harrison, I.
    Hartle, J.
    Harding, J.W.
    Harkness, G.
    Harwood, G.G.
    Hawkins, A.H.
    Head, W.C.
    Hearne, W.
    Henzell, T.H.
    Heppell, R.
    Heslop, G.
    Heslop, R.
    Hill, H.
    Hodgson, N.S.
    Hodgson, N.S.
    Hogg, G.
    Humphrey, R.
    Howett, R.
    Hunter, T.H.
    Hutley, R.
    Ife, G.
    Ions, J.
    Jamieson, W.
    Jeffrey, J.
    Jobe, G.
    Jobling, W.
    Jordan, H.
    Johnson, T.
    Keir, J.
    Kellie, W.S.
    Lackenby, W.H.
    Lambton, P.
    Lawler, J.
    Leach, M.
    Leadbitter, A.
    Lindsay, H.
    Lindsay, J.
    Lockhart, R.
    Long, R.
    Longstaff, R.
    Longworth, W.
    Lucas, F.R.
    Martin, G.
    Maughan, M.H.
    Maughan, J.
    Mayne, C.W.
    McCartney, H.
    McDougal, A.
    McElhone, J.
    McGuirk, W.
    McKay, H.
    Meek, S.
    Miller, W.
    Minto, A.E.
    Monrow, R.
    Moorhead, J.
    Mundy, B.
    Murray, A.
    Musham, J.G.D.
    Nichols, C.
    Noble, M.O.
    Nunn, R.
    Oar, T.C.
    Pattison, W.
    Patteson, W.
    Pavett, W.
    Pears, G.G.L.
    Pearson, G.W.
    Phillipson, J.
    Pigg, J.W.
    Potter, J.
    Purvis, T.
    Proud, J.
    Redpath, F.
    Reed, C.E.
    Reeve, F.C.
    Rhodes, J.
    Riveet, G.W.
    Roberts, A.
    Robertson, W.
    Robertson, T.
    Robertson, J.J.
    Robertson, E.
    Robson, I.
    Robson, J.W.
    Robson, R.
    Robson, S.
    Robson, T.
    Robson, J.R.
    Robson, J.
    Rowntree, R.
    Scott, E.
    Scott, T.
    Sewers, W.
    Shane, E.
    Shields, R.
    Simpson, J.T.
    Simpson, C.
    Simpson, C.
    Simmons, J.
    Siree, T.
    Small, T.
    Smith, E.
    Smith, N.
    Snowball, T.
    Stanger, W.M.
    Stephenson, A.
    Stephenson, J.
    Stewart, R.
    Sundin, H.L.
    Sweeney, A.F.
    Taylor, W.
    Taylor, J.
    Taylor, J.T.
    Taylor, P.
    Tester, F.
    Temperley, J
Thirlwell, J.T.
    Thoburn, H.
    Thompson, G.
    Thwaites R.W.
    Turnbull, H.
    Walker, A.
    Walker, J.W.
    Warrener, T.
    Watt, J.
    Waterson, C.E.
    Westgarth, J.
    Wishart, T.
    Willis, T.
    Wood, T.
    Wright, B.
    Wright, C.
    Young, A.

    Giles, P.
    Murray, J.

    The Right Worshipful,
    The Lord Mayor of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
    Councillor Barney Rice
    Councillor George Allison
    Councillor Tom Marr
    Councillor Teresa Science Russell
    Major Bill Campbell
    Mrs Margaret Rutherford
    Mr T. Hawkings
    Mr Bill Ness

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