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Photo: Tony Harding


Crucifix 1914-18 St. Lawrence's Churchyard





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NZ 276646

Original Location

St. Lawrence Churchyard

Present Location

Brian Roycroft Court, St. Silas Churchyard.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 23rd July 1922.
Rededicated on new permanent site 4th May 2005 when it was unveiled by Lord Mayor, Mrs. Belle Nixon.

Memorial Description

Crucifix 10 feet high with a "roof" over the crucified figure. The shaft stands on an octagonal pedestal which is decorated at top with an outward sloping panel bearing flowers carved in half relief. The whole stands on three octagonal shallow steps. The dedication is borne on one face of the plinth. The names are listed in two columns on the other seven sides in Roman capitals.

Materials used



In memory of / those who / brought honour / to this District / by giving their / lives in the / Great War / 1914-1919.


Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee


£368. 9s 11d including erection and fencing.

How money was raised

Public subscription

Present condition

Totally restored in recent years.


1. A proposal was to have a font for the memorial, but the majority of the members preferred to have an outside memorial. “The threatened deadlock regarding the site of the . . . proposed war memorial . . . has been removed . . .committee unanimously agreeing to support the original scheme . . .erection of the memorial in the grounds of St.Lawrence’s Church.

2. The St.Lawrence site has now been given over for housing. It was hoped to dismantle the memorial and put it into storage until it could be re-erected again in another place. Reports that the memorial was in danger of total collapse and could not be moved were found to be groundless.

3. The memorial was to have been placed in St. Michael's Churchyard, but this too was part of the £65m redevelopment. The cross was transferred by Bowey Construction to a new temporary site at St. Silas churchyard, Shields Road where it was rededicated on 4th May 2005. It has since been transferred to a permanent site in Brian Roycroft Court.

4. Peter Giles, Pte, N.F. was shot for desertion in August 1916. His name was added to the memorial in July 1999. See "Every Name a Story" Page

5. The Evening Chronicle launched an appeal to have the name of Pte. Joseph Murray added to the memorial.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown, Tony Harding

Newcastle Daily News 11/08/1920 reports £51 received, and that people preferred an outside monument to the font proposed; 25/08/1920 reports agreement to erect a Calvary cross; 04/09/1920 reports agreement to have the memorial in the grounds of the church (Note 1 above)

Evening Chronicle 16/10/1995 reports proposal to move the memorial; 19/10/1995 reports the memorial is crumbling and cannot be moved; 23/11/1995 reports dismantling of memorial and proposal to rebuild it another place. Article (undated) reports proposal to add James Murray’s name.

The Journal 07/08/1997 reports proposed rededication on Sunday; 20/03/1999 reports proposals to add the name of Pte. Giles; 03/07/1999 reports that the name of Peter Giles, shot for desertion in 1916 had been added to the memorial and a service of reconciliation would be held the following Sunday; 04/11/2000 reports refusal of Newcastle City Council to add name of Thomas Murray to the memorial; 06/11/2000 reports change of heart by Newcastle City Council to have Joseph Murray name added.; 05/05/2005 reports the re-dedication at the new permanent site.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 03/07/1920 reports on proposal for a font; 24/03/1923 reports on balance sheet.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 29/06/1920 reports proposed meeting to discuss the font; 01/11/1921 reports fund raising concert; 12/07/1922 reports fund raising jumble sale & whist drive

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Research acknowledgements

The late R.W. Gould; Michael Newrick; J. Brown, James Pasby; Tony Harding; Dorothy Hall

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Crucifix 1914-18 St. Lawrence's Churchyard (B95.09)

BYKER, St. Lawrence's Churchyard.
Panel 1.                          Panel 2.                        

                                     Alexander C.   Black T.         
   In memory of                      Allen J.F.     Blackett T.H.    
                                     Allison W.     Blackett R.      
   those who                         Anderson H.    Bone A.          
                                     Anderson T.    Boyd J.T.        
   brought honour                    Atkinson G.    Boyd J.          
                                     Avison T.      Bram T.          
   to this District                  Aiken R.J.     Brennan R.       
                                     Bacon C.       Briten J.R.      
   by giving their                   Bacon A.J.     Briten T.H.      
                                     Bailey W.A.    Brittain W.M.    
   lives in the                      Barrie J.R.    Brittain W.D.    
                                     Bax A.         Brogdon W.       
   Great War                         Bell G.B.      Broughton J.     
                                     Black R.       Bulman A.        
                                                    Bulman W.        
                                                    Broderick R.     
                                                    Byrne A.H.       
Panel 3.                          Panel 4.

   Bushell P.      Couley W.         Falcus R.F.    Griffen D.
   Couley F.       Curry R.          Fallon J.      Guthrie R.
   Carter J.W.     Crawford S.       Fallon E.      Hatley J.W.
   Carr C.T.G.     Craggs A.         Fallon H.      Harrison J.
   Carson I.       Crickmay A.       Fletcher M.F.  Harrison J.
   Chesser E.      Cuthbertson T.G   Fletcher A.    Harrison T.
   Christie J.     Dent A.           Fletcher R.U.  Harding J.W.
   Christie W.     Dickinson C.      Fletcher W.    Hartle J.
   Clark E.        Downey W.         Fowler A.      Harwood G.G.
   Clark J.        Douglas D.        Gibson H.      Harkness G.
   Colson A.W.     Draper A.         Gee E.M.       Hawkins A.H.
   Cooper A.       Dring S.J.        Gibson E.      Head W.C.
   Cottenham J.    Dunn H.           Gordon J.      Hearne W.
   Coulson D.W.    Dunn J.E.         Graham J.H.    Henzell T.H.
   Coulson H.      Dunwiddie F.      Grant T.       Heppell R.
   Charlton M.     Devoy J.          Falcus W.      Robson R.
   Cartwright J.G. Dilworth W.       Fellows T.J.   Robson T.
   Charlton J.     Dodgson W.        Murray J.
Panel 5.                          Panel 6.                        

   Heslop C.       Jobling W.        Lockhart R.    Meek S.          
   Heslop R.       Jobe G.           Long R.        Millar J.        
   Hill H.         Johnson T.        Longstaff J.W. Miller W.        
   Hogg W.         Jordan H.         Longworth W.   Minto A.E.       
   Hodgson N.S.                      Lucas F.R.     Monrow R.        
   Hood G.         Keir J.           Murray A.      Moorhead J.      
   Howett R.       Kellie W.S.       Maughan J.     Mundy B.         
   Humphrey R.     Sheilds  R.       Maughan M.H.   Newman H.R.      
   Hunter T.H.     Lackenby W.H.     Martin G.      Nichols G.       
   Hutley R.       Lambton P.        Mayne G.W.     Noble M.O        
   Hannon J.       Lawler J.         McCartney H.   Nunn R.          
   Ife G.          Leach M.          McDougal A.    Musham J.C.D.    
   Ions J.         Leadbitter A.     McElhone J.    Orr T.C.         
   Jamieson W.     Lindsay H.        McGuirk W.     Pattison W.      
   Jeffrey J.      Lindsey J.        McKay H.       Patterson W.                                                         
Panel 7.                          Panel 8.

   Pavey W.        Robson J.W.       Simpson C.     Thirlwell J.T.
   Pears G.C.L.    Robson W.         Simpson C.     Thompson C.
   Pearson G.W.    Robson S.         Simpson C.     Thwaites R.W.
   Phillipson J.   Robson J.R.       Simmons J.     Turnbull H.
   Pigg J.W.       Robson J.         Siree T.       Walker A.
   Potter J.       Robertson T.      Small T.       Walker J.W.
   Purvis T.       Robertson W.      Snowball T.    Warrener T.
   Proud J.        Robertson J.J.    Stephenson A.  Watt J.  
   Redpath F.      Robertson E.      Stephenson J.  Waterson C.E.  
   Reed C.E.       Rowntree R.       Stewart R.     Westgarth J.
   Reeve F.C.      Scott E.          Sundin H.L.    Wishart T.
   Rhodes J.       Scott T.          Sweeney A.F.   Willis T.
   Rivett G.W.     Severs M.         Taylor W.      Wood T.
   Roberts (?)     Shane E.          Taylor P.      Wright B.
   Robson (L?)     Simpson J.T.      Tester F.      Wright G.
                   Smith E.          Temperley J.   Young A.
                   Stanger W.M.      Taylor J.T.    Thoburn H.
                   Smith N.          Taylor J.      Giles. P.

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