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Photo: Ralph Gould


Roll of Honour 1914-18 St. Mark





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NZ 272649

Original Location

St. Mark's Church, 285 Shields Road./St. Mark’s Road. West end of Church. (Closed)

Which war


Memorial Description

Roll of Honour set in a plain wood frame, on which the corners are extended. In the spaces thus created are a simple flower motif in half relief.. The name of the church is carved into the top border below a crown raised in half relief. The quotation from Isaiah is at the top inside a curlecued semi-circle. There is a plain blue border and two lines drawn right round on the blue. The names of those who died are indicated by a cross beside the name. The names are listed in 10 columns, written in black with the initials in red.

Materials used

Oak (?)


St. Mark's Church / Byker / Roll of Honour.
I heard the voice of the Lord / saying, whom shall I send, and who will go for us? / Then said I Here I am, send me. Isaiah 17.8



1. For a similar memorial, see Elswick, St. Stephens Church, E35.10

2. St. Mark’s Church was Koko’s Children’s Activity Centre and is now the Newcastle Climbing Centre.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: P. Thirkell; Tony Harding

Diocese of Newcastle Faculty No. 716 10/12/1920

Source of quotation:
I heard the voice of the Lord saying, whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I Here I am, send me. Isaiah 17.8

Research acknowledgements

Sally Bird; P. Thirkell; Tony Harding

Research In Progress

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Roll of Honour 1914-18 St. Mark (B95.01)

BYKER, St. Mark's Church.
   I heard the voice of the Lord
   saying, Who shall I send, and who will go for me?
   Then said I, Here am I, send me.
   Isaiah 17.8
Column 1           Column 2         Column 3          Column 4
   Ashton, A.        Bowey C.         Colqhoun A.       Forster R.      
   Atkinson A.       Burnip R.        Crozier E.        Forster J.      
   Adams J.A.        Bennett B.       Corman L.G.       Frankland J.    
   Adamson M.        Braithwaite W.   Cummings G.       Franklin W.G.    
   Adamson S.M.      Buck H.          Clelland J.       +Fenwick W.     
   Alexander A.      Burke C.         Calderbank J.T.   Fenwick S.      
   Able H.           Burrill J.                         Featherstone W. 
   Albert T.         Burrill W.                         Fawcett J.      
   Angus G.          Burrill J.A.                       Fleming T.      
   Armstrong H.      Bell H.                            Flack G.        
   Armstrong W.E.    Blake W.                           Flack T.        
   Addison F.        Bridge H.                          Forster P.      
   Adamson J.        Bell U.                            Fair J.W.        
   Alexandra J.      Blake G.         Dockerty C.       Forster        
   Aitken H.         Blake J.         Dockerty J.       France A.       
   Ainsley R.        Blake W.         Duforir W.        Fenwick T.W.     
   Arthur W.H.       Blake D.         Douglas J.        Fenwick T.P.     
   Arthur A.H.       Braithwaite W.   Douglas T.        Fiddes R.       
   Alexandra T.H.    Black W.         Day R.            Ford T.         
   Aitcison J.       Blackett V.      Duke A.L.         Forster J.      
   Atkinson R.       Blackett J.      Downing J.                    
   Atkinson G.W.     Bowman J.R.      Daglis W.                     
   Allcock W.H.      Bowman H.        Dixon J.W.                     
   Armitage G.       Bruce R.         Dixon R.W.                     
   Anderson W.       Bowman J.        Drummond T.       Gill W.         
   Atkinson W.       Bain R.W.        Doyle T.          Gunn W.         
   Algar G.          Bowman T.        Dawson D.         Gale F.         
   Aitchison H.      Bowman J.        Dixon             Grant D.        
   Arthur C.W.       Bowey D.         Dixon J.G.        Gales A.        
   Arthur F.         Bolam W.H.       Ducros W.P.       Gales C.        
   Arthur S.C.       Bolam G.O.       Downie D.         Gay J.W.         
   Arthur A.G.       Bolam G.E.       Downie P.         Gardner J.D.     
   Arthur H.         Brown G.A.       Dobell W.         Goodyer J.H.     
   Anderson W.       Brown M.         Davidson J.       Guthrie J.      
   Armstrong I.      Brown G.         Davidson A.       Grant G.        
   Audas F.          Brown G.W.       Davis J.W.        Gilfillon G.    
   Adams H.          Birkett W.       Davis J.          Gilfillon W.     
   Adams T.          Bolt P.T.        Dorward R.        Glaholm A.      
   Allen W.T.        Bruce R.         Dorward H.        Godfrey W.      
   Adamson J.        Bruce W.S.       Dorward F.        Godfrey P.E.     
   Adams E.          Bywell T.        Dickinson A.      Geeling P.      
   Adams A.          Barker G.A.      Dinsdale J.E.     Gardner G.B.     
   Adams V.          Bruce N.         Dodds M.          Gunning J.      
   Aby D.            Bruce R.         Dodds A.M.        Gunning        
   Aby L.            Brown R.         Dowsland          Glancey J.      
   Anderson S.       Brown T.         Douglas T.        Garnon F.       
   Arthur W.H.       Clarkson G.      Douglas W.        Grey J.         
                     Casher W.T.      Douglas A.        Gibb F.G.        
                     Casher R.M.      Dewar C.          Griffin A.F.     
                     Carlysle.        Davison W.        Gibb H.         
                     Carr T.          Dixon W.          Grant C.        
                     Chapman W.       Davidson J.       Gitsham A.      
                     Cruddas T.       Davidson G.       Grice N.        
                     Clarke S.        Davidson D.       Gilroy P.       
                     Chappell C.      Douglas J.W.      Griffin A.C.     
                     Chappell J.      Douglas           +Godfrey E.     
   Burns R.          Croucher G.      Day G.            Harrison W.T.   
   Barker C.         Croucher S.      Day L.            Heron D.        
   Barker C.         Clifford W.      Dover A.          Horking A.G.     
   Briggs J.         Chaytor A.       Dover F.          Haland H.       
   Blanchflower T.   Crest T.A.       Dean Wm R.        Huxon H.        
   Blanchflower J.   Caber F.         Davison R.        Hill J.         
                     Calvert G.       Davison L.S.      Henderson              
   Bell T.W.         Cook S.          Devon             Hall W.         
   Bruce A.C.        Cook T.          Davis E.W.        Henderson J.    
   Bell R.W.         Cook L.          Dunn J.           Hetherington   
   Bunting W.        Cariline A.      Dale              Hixon J.        
   Bailes J.         Cook R.D.        Davison G.        Hepplewhite R.  
   Bendelow J.       Curry F.C.       Dobson G.         Haggerty R.     
   Bendelow S.       Canham G.        Davidson C.M.     Haggerty J.     
   Bendelow F.       Canham J.        Dawson A.H.W.     Hudson H.       
   Bendelow W.       Curry J.         Dawson J.         Hunter C.F.      
   Bendelow P.       Currie J.A.      +Dick J.T.        Helm W.V.        
   Bendelow J.       Cullis J.W.                        Herrington G.   
   Bendelow G.       Cullis J.                          Harrison P.     
   Bridger W.        Cullis R.                          Hansell J.J.     
   Bristow J.        Charlton T.      English D.        Hardgrieves F.  
   Billson W.        Crawford J.A.    Elliott J.W.      Hardgrieves A.  
   Bywell D.         Crawford D.      Elliott F.C.      Hagon G.        
   Best R.           Crawford R.E.    Elliott J.        Hewitt H.       
   Best T.           Cooke A.W.       Elliott J.        Hill A.                
   Burn G.           Capstaffe E.     English J.        Harper W.       
   Bell M.           Cooke J.E.       Elliott J.        Harper W.                
   Bell W.D.         Cooke W.         Edwards W.H.      Hutchinson W. 
   Blake J.          Cavaliere H.L.   Edwards G.        Hodgson W.      
   Bryce J.          Coats G.         English E.H.      Hutton H.       
   Bates W.H.        Clifford E.      Ellis J.          Handyside R.    
   Buchanan D.       Colman E.        Eltringham J.     Harvey N.       
   Barker T.         Chilvers G.W.    Eltringham W.     Hansell A.E.     
   Brierley T.       Crosby           Emmerson T.       Hagan H.       
   Blair P.          Crosby J.        Ebdin J.          Harris R.       
   Bell J.R.         Cromerty G.      Elliott S.        Hall M.                
   Best G.C.         Clarke E.T.      Elliott W.        Hargraves W.    
   Best D.           Cummings R.                        Hope W.         
   Buckham R.        Cummings A.                        Hetherington R. 
   Buckham C.        Campbell C.                        Haining J.      
   +Biesterfield W.  Campbell Ian S.                    Harrison A.     
   Biesterfield O.   Cameron L.                         Henderson J.    
   Biesterfield J.E. Colquhourn A.                      Hall W.         
   Boulding A        Colquhoun A.                       Hall J.         
   Bryce M           Colquhoun W.                       Hall T.R.        
   Bowey W     
Column 5          Column 6          Column 7          

   Hume J.           Lowden R.        Martin W.J.      
   Hume J.E.         Lawrence W.      Marton J.E.      
   Hughes J.         Leonard          Miller N.       
   +Hutson M.J.      Lambert D.       Melvin J.       
   Hopper R.         Lee H.F.         Moore A.        
   Haselhurst W.H.   Lowes F.         Maughan E.      
   Hutton J.         Lumley J.W.      Mutter T.H.      
   Hutton D.         Lucas C.         McArthur S.     
   Holmes C.         Lucas R.         McArthur L.     
   Henley J.         Lucas R.         McArthur J.     
   Hill H.           Lucas J.         McArthur R.     
   Henderson J.W.    Lamb C.          McArthur T.     
   Hall J.R.         Laverick J.      Miller J.W.      
   Harrison G.B.     Lawrence A.      Norice R.S.      
   Henderson O.      Lawrence J.      Nicholson J.    
   Hutchinson R.     Lacey R.J.T.     Nevin R.W.       
   Hutchinson H.     Longstaffe J.W.  Newcomb J.      
   Hamilton T.       Liddle T.W.      Nicholson P.    
   Harris T.R.       Lawson W.        Nesbit J.R.      
   Harrison T.       Lazzari G.A.     Nesbit W.       
   Hodgson R.        Lazzari P.       Nesbit J.R.      
   Howey R.W.        Long E.          Noble J.R.       
   Harvey A.         Lumley           Nicholson J.    
   Harvey G.E.       Lamb W.          Noble C.A.       
   Harvey M.C.       Lambert J.       Noble A.H.       
   Hixon J.T.        Lee W.           Nichol J.       
   Harrison G.       Large E.D.       Nesbit         
   Harmen J.         Large R.P.       +Nutt J.A.       
   Hogarth F.        Laing W.         +McMillan T.    
   Harrison W.R.     Lumley W.                       
   Hedley J.J.       Laverick Dr. F.R.H.                
   Harmen J.         +Marsh J.                       
   Harrison R.       Martin E.        Ord J.          
   Harrison W.       +McLeod K.       Ord P.          
   Hunter J.         +McLaod N.       Oman W.         
   Head R.           Miller S.        Ochiltra JW.    
   Head R.           McClelland N.                   
   Head W.C.         McClelland R.                   
   Halliday G.       Marshall W.                     
   Howell G.         Mason J.W.                       
   Howell W.         Matthewson D.    Pitt L.         
   Hunter J.         Martin C.        Paxton W.       
   Hermston G.       Mowbray E.       Peacock W.      
   Harrison F.       Miller T.        Peacock W.      
   Herschell J.R.T.  McCormack H.     Patterson W.R.   
   Hunter J.         McCormack J.     Potts W.        
   Hargrave W.W.     Mein J.B.        Plevin H.       
   +Habson E.E.      Maguire J.       Palmer J.       
   +Hindmarsh T.     Maughan J.S.     Purvis J.G.      
   Ions J.           Mitcheson R.P.   Proctor P.      
   Iddison R.        Mitcheson G.R.   Pinchard E.T.    
   Irving J.R.       Moffatt H.G.     Pinchard A.W.    
   Irving J.H.       Moffatt W.       Patterson W.    
   Irwin R.F.        Marshall T.W.    Patterson P.    
                     Miller J.        Patterson W.    
                     Marr L.          Petrie J.       
                     McQuillan H.     Paulin S.       
   Johnson S.        McQuillan G.B.   Paulin A.       
   Johnson J.        Morgan W.P.      Paulin G.       
   Johnson I.        Morgan J.W.      Punter R.       
   Jeffrey W.E.      Middleton G.     Pearson D.      
   Jeffrey L.        McClennen G.     Purdy A.           
   Johnson G.        Metcalfe A.      Purdy J.
   Jordison R.       Metcalfe J.      Purdy T.        
   Johnston J.F.E.   Metcalfe J.      Peterson J.W.    
   Jordeson          Metcalfe C.      Pearson R.      
   Joyce L.          Metcalfe         Pearson E.      
   Jobson W.R.       Metcalfe T.      Perkins T.W.     
   Jackson W.        Metcalfe H.      Perkins T.W.     
   Jackson W.M.G.    Mundy E.         Potter F.L.      
   +Jackson H.M.     Moor J.R.        Parslew R.B. Rev.
   Joyce T.          Moor W.          Pickles W.      
   James G.          McCullock J.     +Poppleton F.A.
   James R.          McCullock J.                    
   Jackson H.M.      McAdam W.                       
   Johnson J.        Melvin J.                       
   Johnson J.        Maughan J.                      
   Jones F.          Maughan J.J.     Ridley J.W.      
   Johnston J.H.     Musham P.        Robertson R.    
   Johnston H.       Musham J.        Ross R.         
   Jobson E.         Millar N.        Ross A.
   Jobson J.         Morrice F.       Ross J.         
   Johnson T.        Mason E.         Ross A.
   Johnson G.E.      McNamara A.P.    Ross D.         
   Johnson H.        Martin S.        Raynolds H.E.    
   Jeffs A.          Mitchell H.      Raynolds R.R.    
   Jackson W.        Mitchell J.      Rowell J.H.      
   Jobe G.           Maughan P.       Rowell W.       
                     Maughan J.E.     Rudd R.         
                     Maughan T.       Renwick L.      
   Kennedy J.        McCullock W.W.   Ridley W.       
   Knox T.           McMasters T.     Ridley R.
   Kennedy A.        Miller W.J.      Richardson C.   
   Kennedy J.        Morrow J.H.      Robson H.H.      
   Kemp W.           McVey            Robson G.S.      
   Kemp B.           Mitchell T.      Robinson W.G.   
   Kemp J.           McLellan G.      Rowe J.         
   Kirkup J.         McNorton J.      Russell W.R.     
   Kirkup            Matthewson A.    Robson F.       
   + Keedy J.        Malone B.J.      Robson B.       
                     Mullett P.       Robson L.
Column 8          Column 9          Column 10          

   Redpath J.F.      Stewart N.       Thompson C.
   Ross J.J.         Spivington J.    Taylor J.W.
   Rowe J.S.         Stewart A.       Thompson W.
   Rutherford R.     Steele J.E.      Thompson A.
   Rickelton R.      Steele D.H.      Tempest J.D.
   Robinson G.       Steppenbeck      Thompson P.
   Robson P.         Soulsby G.S.     Thompson G.
   Robson R.         Scott J.         Taylor R.
   Raynolds W.       Sutton W.        Telford J.
   Richardson W.     Shackleton A.    Thomas G.
   Robinson W.       Smith J.R.       Thomas J.G.
   Ruston G.R.       Shields W.C.
   Roll J.           Stokoe D. (?)
   Roll F.           Shelly G.        Urwin A.
   Richardson C.     Sanderson J.     Urquhart A.
   Ridley W.         Sanderson C.J.   Urquhart D.
   Ridley R.         Sanderson J.W.   Ure W.
   Robertson D.      Spearman R.G.    +Venus J.
   Robson J.         Spearman J.R.
   Robson G.         Spearman G.W.
   Robertson W.      Sanderson W.     Wakefield W.
   Robson J.         Seymour W.       Walpole W.R.
   Rutter T.         Storey W.        Wishart T.C.
   Ramsey            Skinner J.       Wishart A.
   Ramsey G.         Spinks J.        Weldon J.
   Raynolds P.       Spinks A.        Warwick A.
   Raynolds J.       Stewart W.       Wilson W.P.
   Raynolds W.       Stewart R.       Wears R.
   Reed W.H.T.       Stewart O.       Williams W.
   Rankin W.         Scott F.H.       Williams N.C.
   Rankin D.         Spivington G.W.  Wilson C.
   Robinson W.       Scott J.         Wilson R.A.
   Ramsay S.         Stephenson W.    Wilson J.P.
   Ramsay W.S.       Sholes G.        Wilkinson T.N.
   Ralbiz H.         Spencer T.       Wake E.J.
   Ralston N.        Sollitt A.G.     Wake E.
   Rallison H.       Sylvan H.        Watt D.C.
   Richardson G.     Stoke P.         Wilson P.
   Robson A.         Stewart W.       Waters C.W.
   Ross H.G.         Spencer W.       Wright C.R.
   Robinson W.       Sword N.         Walmsley W.
   Robson B.         Sword H.         Weddell C.
   Reay S.           Sword J.W.       Weir
   Ross D.           Sword W.E.       Whyte J.
   Ross G.           Sword T.S.       Weatherley N.
   Rudd R.           Stokes J.        Whitehead C.
   Reynolds E.       Stokes C.P.      Wake W.P.
   Robinson S.W.     Stokes C.        Wallace P.
   Robinson R.S.     Smith J.         Wylie A.
   Renwick S.        Simpson W.       Wallace D.
   Ridsdale G.E.     Simpson T.       Wyat T.
   Rickards J.W.     Simpson J.       Watson J.D.
   +Rowe J.          Simpson A.       Watson A.
                     Smoult W.        Winter C.
                     Starkey E.A.     Wilson J.
                     Sayer T.E.       Worhurst T.
   +Stuart R.        Sword E.W.       Worhurst W.H.
   +Stuart D.        Sales E.         Walker J.
   Sanderson C.      Steele V.        Walker F.
   Sanderson J.                       Wright R.
   Stewart W.        Togan W.H.       Walker J.W.
   Sanderson C.      Tiplady          Welsh R.
   Sanderson J.      Thompson T.      +Whiteford J.V.
   Smith J.A.        Tate W.          Whiteford R.
   Smith P.G.        Thompson A.      Whiteford J.
   Smith J.T.        Taylor T.        Westgate W.
   Short A.          Turner W.H.      Whittall J.
   Scott D.          Turner F.        Wilkin W.R.
   Scott H.          Teasdale J.R.    Walker B.
   Sanderson W.      Turner F.        Wheldon T.
   Sanderson T.      Todd J.R.        Whitehead C.
   Scanlon T.        Taylor J.        Wilson J.
   Stewart A.        Thompson H.      Walton J.
   Smith H.          Taylor R.H.      Watson R.
   Smith W.J.        Thomas H.        Weddell R.
   Stuart J.         Taylor J.        Weddell R.S.
   Stuart W.         Turner S.        Watson P.
   Shafto P.         Taylor C.        White W.J.
   Sudrich L.        Telford W.       Watson T.
   Swinburne T.W.    Taylor A.        Walton J.P.
   Soulsby R.        Taylor A.E.      Walton S.
   Steerment W.      Tulip J.         Walton L.G.
   Steerment T.      Temple T.Y.      Walton E.
   Sturment R.       Thompson C.      Wildgrase C.
   Smith J.          +Thomas W.H.+    Watson E.E.
   Smith R.          Thompson W.      Wilson J.
   Smith H.          Thompson C.      Wilson W.
   Smith P.          Tripp E.         Wake E.G.
   Swift H.          Taylor A.E.      Young T.
   Sanderson J.      Taylor H.        Young G.
   Starke A.         Taylor J.        Young P.
   Smith W.          Taylor T.H.      Young A.
   Sutcliffe A.      Thompson J.A.    Younger J.
   Sherrick W.       Thomson J.       Yates H.
   Sutton J.         Thomas J.        Young P.
   Scott J.          Thompson J.      Yellow D.
   Scott D.          Tate I.P.        Yellow.
   Scott H.          Tempest J.D.     Young W.R.
   Shield W.         Thompson C.
   Stewart T.        Thompson J.  

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